Saturday 10 September 2022

The Island Dragons


These islands, it was said by Gildas the Monk, are the point of the balance of the whole world. Through the Welsh Mabinogian we find the eternal conflict between the Red Dragon of the Britons and the White Dragon of the Saxon English. How far back the Red Dragon goes as a Welsh (British) symbol I do not know, but would guess that this originates as a Symbol of Rome. This is the 'Great Red Dragon' mentioned in Revelation, the symbolism here clearly referring to the Roman Empire. This is the Shaitanic Dragon, symbolic of the Serpent of Evil, and to Shaddein - the Lord of the Shadows. Going back as far as ancient Persia we find that the figure of what became Shaitan was seen as a Dragon-Serpent. Thus, in studying this we need to understand that when we refer to the 'Red Dragon' this has nothing to do with the modern Welsh. 

"There are two Messiahs: one went down into the pit for the salvation of the world; this was the Sun shorn of his golden rays, and crowned with blackened ones (symbolising this loss), as the thorns: the other was the triumphant Messiah mounting up to the summit of the arch of heaven, and personified as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.....He being Jehovah."

This is the Coat of Arms of Charles, Prince of Wales, who is now to become the 'King of England'. At the top, 'mounting up to the summit of the arch of heaven' is the Lion of Judah - the Lion stands upon a crown, the top of which is arched. The helmet below the crown on top of the shield bears 10 horns; the image to the left has the 'mouth of the Lion', 'the body of a Leopard', and the 'feet of a bear'. All of this description fits that of 'The Beast' in Revelation. 

The Flour-de-Lys at the bottom left could represent 'Three Kingdoms' as suggested here, and the 'Ich Dien' motto means 'I serve'. This appears again on the scroll at the bottom 'Ich Dien', under the Fleur-de-Lys and the Red Dragon. This 'Beast' is said to be wounded by a sword, and miraculously lives; it is said that his head is 'wounded to death'. It is unclear as yet what this means.

When Charles went through his inauguration as the 'Prince of Wales' he sat upon a throne that had a large Red Dragon emblazoned on it. This is a transcript of some of what was said -

Queen Elizabeth - "This Dragon gives you the power, your throne and your authority."

Charles - "I am now your Liege man and worthy of your earthly worship."

This 'inauguration' begs a few questions -

1. This was not a crowning as such, since he is being made 'Prince of Wales', but he sits upon a throne bearing a Red Dragon.

2. What the Queen says here is that the Red Dragon gives Charles his 'power', his 'throne' and his 'authority'.

3. To which Charles replies that he is the 'Liege man' and that he is thus worthy of 'your earthly worship'. What a strange thing to say. 

Charles spoke of the work of Rene Guenon, a very strange thing to do, and one in which he spoke of 'the sacred' as opposed to 'modernity'. This does not fit in at all with his speech at DAVOS when he was invited by Klaus Schwab to do so; in this he shows himself to be a true 'Eco-Warrior' with a crusade to implement the main planks of the 'Great Reset. But, maybe this talk of Guenon is not so strange, since one of his major works was the 'King of the World' where the 'Universal Monarch' is the subject. 

"The Jews identify the spiritual centre with Mount Zion....'The Tabernacle of the Holiness of Jehovah, the residence of the Shekinah, is the Holy of Holies, that is the heart of the Temple, which is itself the centre of Zion (Jerusalem) just as Holy Zion is the centre of the Land of Israel, and as the Land of Israel is the centre of the world.'"

'King of the World' - Rene Guenon (quoting P Vulliaud), noting that Guenon stated that this was a 'secondary centre' and not the 'Primordial Centre' in Hyperborea.

Whether this is a 'secondary centre' or not matters not a jot, since it is seen as the 'Primordial Centre' in the drive to establish world domination of the 'Chosen People', with the 'Spiritual Centre of the World' in Zion - Jerusalem - at the rebuilt Third Temple. Once again, this is a sick parody of the true Primordial Centre of the Golden Age. 

I have said before how, at some particular stage, there should be a shift from the 'Marxist-Communist' drive towards a religious drive to set up a World Religion. Seemingly, the materialistic confusion and mess, suffering and death, and the absolute lunacy of the decisions made by the present rulers around the world, will have the desired result of driving the people into the hands of a new religion based around the coming of 'The Messiah'. In Revelation 'The Beast' is set there that the masses will worship him and his 'image'; this is not going to happen with the present 'world leaders' so must refer to a another figure. 

In the past I have covered topics on the subject of these islands being under the sway of the Dark Forces in very ancient times; it may be that certain of the so-called 'Druid' sects were not Aryan Priests at all, hence some of the Dark Practices that have come down to us. Some versions of the Ogham Script are similar to Hebrew, and North Wales has a high proportion of Old Testament names. The anti Anglo-Saxon writer, Robert Graves, in 'The White Goddess', traces the 'Holy Name of God' found on the dolmens by using the Ogham Script to a name so similar to JEHOVAH as to be no coincidence. I'll not go into this here, but the fact that William Blake also suggests that Zion arose here in Britain in ancient times, and the 2012 Olympics were clearly the 'Games of Zion', makes it clear that there is something in this. The Hebrew word Brit means 'covenant' and ain means 'eye', 'fountain', 'spring'. Thus 'Britain' means 'Covenant of the Eye', or 'Eye of the Covenant', or even 'Spring of the Covenant'. 

There is an Eternal Struggle between the White Dragon of Germania and the Red Dragon of Judah-Rome, and this takes place here in these Islands of the Mighty. Are these the 'Unshaped Isles' where the Last Battle will take place? Who knows, and maybe that does not matter, but whatever the case the English have been singled out for destruction and this is going apace these days. We shall see how this 'new king' fits into what is going on within the Global Agenda.

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