Saturday 29 January 2022

'The Word of God'


"In Azuripan, on the banks of the Euphrates, she bore me in concealment; she placed me in the box of reeds, sealed my door with pitch, and cast me upon the river, which conveyed me on its waves to Akki, the water-carrier. He took me up in the kindness of his heart, reared me as his own child, made me his gardener. Then Ishtar, the daughter of the King of Heaven, showed fondness for me and made me king over men."

This tale is told of Shargani-shar-ali (Sargon I), who lived in the third or fourth millennium BCE. The obvious feature of this is the similarities to the story told of 'Moses' in the Old Testament; Moses is not a Hebrew name but is Egyptian, as in Tuthmoses etc. We could here have an Archetypal Myth which features a child that is abandoned, placed in a reed-casket, and cast into a river, to be found at one point and brought up by the finder. Or, in view of the many parts of the Old Testament that can be found from Babylonian or Egyptian (as well as others) scripts, this could have been taken up and used to suit the authors of the book. 

It is not well known that the idea of the seventh day of the week as a rest-day stems from ancient Babylon, and was obviously worked into the Old Testament. The 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th days of every month were set aside for the days of rest, and this was strictly adhered to. In one sense we can see the point in this, since at one time no-one worked on a Sunday (or at least very few) which gave everyone a day of rest with their families. Since the waning of Christianity this has now ceased to be the case and everyone is expected to be able to work on a Sunday when necessary. There is no one single day that everyone has off, which is rather a step backwards than forwards, since if most have the same day off it puts families together for at least one day a week. The family is not high on the agenda though, and is being slowly broken apart in our era.

There may, of course, be a secret hidden in the above Babylonian text, since we find that Sargon is driven on the waves to Akki - the 'water-carrier', and when grown up becomes his gardener. I cannot imagine there being a job for a 'water-carrier', not as a full-time thing anyway; so maybe this actually hints at the Age of Aquarius - the 'Water-Carrier'. Maybe that thought is going too far, but it is possible, since the Third Sargon appears at the start of the Age of Aquarius.

The origins of the flood found in the Old Testament seems to have come from the story told of Xisuthros who received a message from the god of the watery deep to build a ship of certain dimensions, coat it with pitch, and put in this his family and the 'seeds' of all living things. This is cast adrift onto the waves of the seas where it eventually gets stranded on a mountain called Nizir in the Armenio-Medean mountains. Then follows a bible-like tale of how a dove was released but returned, a swallow followed, and then a raven was loosed and did not return. The story of the Flood can be found in the Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic. 

From Babylon we have also the Dragon-Slayer Myth which forms the basis of their Creation-Myth. Here Tiamat - Dragon of Chaos - is slain by the Spear of Marduk; he cuts the monster in half, from which are made the heavens and the earth. This was stolen from the Babylonians and the heroic dragon-slaying attributed to Yahweh. Marduk has the 'far-seeing eye, the far-hearing ear and the powerful arm'. What the Old Testament scribes did was to use the tale but leave out any overtly mythological elements. 

"Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of Yahweh; awake as in the days of old, in the generations of ancient times. Art thou not it that cut Rahab in pieces and pierced the dragon?" Isaiah li:9

"He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smitteth the dragon." Job xxvi:12

An ancient cylinder-seal from Babylon shows a Sacred Tree bearing fruit, and woman seated to the left, reaching out towards the tree, a serpent coiled around the tree, and a horned-helmeted man seated to the right. This is no doubt the origin of the tale of Adam and Eve. There is even a Babylonian seal marked in cuneiform letters - Ia-ah-ve-ilu : Ia-hu-um-ilu which can be seen as Iaahve (Yahveh) - God, so perhaps even the name of the Old Testament God has been taken from another source. We must look carefully at this since the vowels were often omitted in ancient languages so this would be I-H-V rather than the IHVH of 'Yahweh'. It may thus have a totally different meaning.

These few examples show that the Old Testament is 'older' than we are being led to believe, and has its roots in other cultures. When Nebuchadnezzar sacked the First Temple in Jerusalem he carried off some of the Jews into Babylon, and this is likely where their rabbis picked up these texts and used them to create their own 'history'. An example of how certain words mean one thing in one language, but can mean a totally different thing in another language is the name Belili who was a Sumerian Goddess. The root of her name - bel - would be the same as Bael-Daeg which means 'Light', 'Bright' or 'Fire'. In Hebrew this became Beliiy ya'al which meant 'Sons of Destruction' - a totally different concept. 

Since these texts were taken from various sources and written down as a 'history' of one small tribe they cannot possibly be said to be the 'Word of God', which allows a small priesthood to interpret the texts how they wish to do so, and not have any form of opposition to their interpretations. This statement makes these texts unquestionable, which no texts really are; the need to question leads to the truth in the end. This is why Folkish Wodenism has no 'Sacred Texts' which cannot be questioned; even if there are texts that are 'sacred' to us, they are open to being questioned. This goes for all texts, even such ancient texts as the Vedas, which were written down by 'Seers' originally, but which have since no doubt been open to mistaken alterations and mistaken interpretations. An example of this are the Laws of Manu which seem to have far too many 'rules' as to be an original Divine Text. The essence may be there, but the form is most likely to have been altered to suit those who wrote these down. Everything has its peak from which it begins to decline, and a civilisation is in decline when it has too many petty 'rules', as we can see happening today. 

Monday 24 January 2022

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

If we take a single stick and try to snap it it does so easily; if we tie a number of sticks into a bundle and do the same they will be much harder to break, if it can be achieved at all. The same basic Natural Law applies to us, one person working alone can achieve much, but more can be achieved by a group of people working towards the same end. 

The Fasces was a symbol used by the Roman Empire, an Axe around which are tied a bundle of sticks; this has the same meaning in that strength in numbers can achieve great things. In this era when fear and terror are being used to subdue and enslave our Folk, what we need to do is to turn this fear around in order to use it as a driving-force which will unite our Folk, which, when achieved, would make us invincible. There may come a time when we shall be forced to abandon our lives as they are now and move into the wilder parts in order to survive - which would be a very hard move for most. Unity is Strength! United we Stand - Divided we Fall!

This is why we do what we do, we try to prepare ourselves for such a drastic change of life in case we are forced to do so. The choice between one of their 'quarantine camps' and throwing ourselves into such a drastic change seems to be rather obvious. I don't think it is a good idea to ignore what could happen, which in itself is a sign of fear; better to go on as we are in preparing for anything drastic that could change our lives. If it does not come about we have lost nothing, since we will be better off for what we have done. 

This is why we need to create small, strong groups that work locally together, since this will form the basis of a future Folk-Community. The Global Elite have managed to divide our people over and over again, and today the job they have done is even better - our Nation is now split asunder. Long before 2020 these people had almost stopped any outlet for 'right-wing extremists' on YouTube; hundreds of sites were pulled down. 'Right-wing' organisations were at the same time diverted from their ideology into being a counter to 'Islamism', which is a symptom and not the cause of our problems. This is why we saw a great rise in numbers in 'right-wing' demonstrations; this was obvious in the thousands that turned out whilst Antifa and the Left mustered a handful against these demos. Money and organisation had been poured into the other side, to use them like they had used the Left. This has now petered out again, now we have a new weapon used against us - a virus. But the result was that there is now no really effective opposition from either Left or Right. 

I was talking with my younger son in Leicester about the 'old times' when I took him to demos; the one noticeable thing was that both Right and Left were not afraid to get stuck into each other in those times (1970s, 1980s, 1990s). This was because back then more people had conviction and a fanaticism that seems to have waned today. This was not only the youth but people of all ages; but today we see little more than mild conviction and a great lack of fanaticism. If we are to get anywhere we need to generate conviction and fanaticism.

A Folk-Community is a 'Tribe', made up of those of Blood-Kinship, necessary for a bond to be made between individuals. In my own view I would like to see a return to some form of Tribalism but even with this view of a more decentralised form of society there is something we should never overlook. We cannot live in the past, nor can we revive the past, but we can learn from the past. A unified and centralised army such as that which William of Normandy brought over has a distinct advantage over scattered tribal groups. This is but one example, and an even better one is that of the Romans in Germania. The Germanic Tribes were always warring and fighting for territory, plunder or women (as men did then), and were thus open to attack from the Romans. Arminius (Hermann) had been an officer in the Roman Army and knew well of their tactics, so he was in a position to take up arms against Varus and his Roman Legions. The Germanic Tribes - including the English Tribes - had local kings or chieftains, mainly fighting each other. Arminius sought to unite the warring tribes, and they eventually came to realise that this was the only way to counter the Roman advance into Germania.

A number of Germanic Tribes united under Arminius and Varus' Legions - some 15,000 men, women and children - were swiftly defeated at the Battle of Teutoburg Wald. A resounding victory due to the tactics of Arminius in not taking the Roman Legions with a frontal attack - which would have been disastrous - but of drawing them into the heart of the forest and into a carefully prepared trap. soon as the victory was over, and despite the warnings of Arminius, the tribes then split asunder again, and Arminius was 'stabbed in the back' (not literally) by his own people. If these tribes had accepted a leader-figure for a while longer they may well have been much better off, but they did not and the Romans managed to gain a further foothold into Germania - though they never subdued it.

This is something that seems to be important in this argument; I would like to see a more decentralised Tribal Order, but in view of the overwhelming odds we face, and the fact that the Nations must in some way be united if we are to stand against this tyranny, then the need for a strong leader may well be inevitable. One point here is that these Germanic Tribes chose a strong leader in times of war, accepting the need for a single Will. Our situation today is a war against tyranny and oppression, and with the state of our own people a 'kick up the arse' may well be needed! For the time being I would think that the next stage would be that of our being forced into a form of Tribal Order. 

"When Hemp is spun - England's done!"

For all intents and purposes the English Nation has been destroyed; the above quote is from the time of Queen Elizabeth I. A couple of decades ago Linda McCartney started up a business making handbags and other good by spinning 'hemp' from the cannabis plant - effectively bringing true this prophecy. We should not mourn for England, since everything goes through the same Natural Cycle - Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth. The only way now is upwards. 
In am not a 'nationalist' in the political sense, but I strongly believe in a 'Europe of the Nations' (not the EU), and a Unity of the Nations on a worldwide scale. Since 'Brexit' we have seen a subtle move towards more of a unity between the English-speaking nations, which suggests this may have been a deliberate move, and the whole 'Brexit' thing a smoke-screen to do so. Maybe a new grouping speaking a common language seems better for their New World Order - who knows what they think. Strangely enough this was the aim of British Nationalism a few decades ago, and was ruthlessly fought against by The System - but times change and they are always open to changing their plans, as long as it keeps them in control.

I have no time for 'Civic Nationalism' or 'State Nationalism', but the true form of national unity is through Folk-Nationalism, a grouping of peoples of the same blood-kin, culture and origins. The Folk-Nation is the key to a uniting of the different tribes that will grow out of the disorder and chaos that is coming - this is for the future though. We first need to build in microcosm that which will become a reality in the macrocosm - a New Order. If we accept that a future Avatar will arise - the KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS - then we must accept that there will be a new Aryan Imperium. We have already witnessed enough to know that any nation or country that stands against the New World Order is ruthlessly crushed. This we have to take as a lesson that this can not be done alone, only through a Unity of the Folk. 

The one thing that can unite a people, and that can be of the greatest strength is a religion - in our case a Folk-Religion that springs from our roots and grows in an organic way. Judaism keeps the Jews together as a people, Islam keeps the Muslims together as a people; a religion bridges politics, and the 'Right-Left' divide is overcome. Since the 'Right-Left' divide is breaking down somewhat already, due to a common purpose in the fight for freedom, then going along with this, like following the current of a stream, is going to make things much easier. This will become even more obvious when the mass of people begin to see what idiots we have in charge today - of all parties. There is a growing divide today, and not one that is negative, and that is between the Globalists and the People. The latter are showing great contempt for the people, and this can only end in bitter anger against them. This may well push people together.

"It would seem fitting for a Northern Folk, deriving the greater and better part of their speech, laws and customs from a Northern Root, that the North should be to them, if not a holy land, yet at heart a place more to be regarded than any part of the world beside, that howsoever their knowledge widened of other men, the faith and deeds of their forefathers would never lack interest for them, but would always be kept in remembrance." - William Morris. (*)

(*) I would recommend 'House of the Wolfings' by William Morris, which is a tale based upon the Battle of Teutoburg. In this William Morris tries to use an English based upon the true Germanic Roots where he can do so but still making it understandable. William Morris wrote a series of books on similar subjects, each using this 'archaic tongue'. I bought some second-hand and do not know how readily available they are today. 

Saturday 22 January 2022

ALU-ULA Spiritual Exercise.


This was put up on an 'Ar-Kan Rune-Lag' some time ago, but I would like now to show how this is done on this blog, together with further notes and comments. Refer to the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag Blog whenever you wish because there is a lot about this on there. The exercise -

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, relax the whole body for a minute or two. 

Make a closed fist with the Right Hand over the centre of the chest (Sun-Symbol); now curl the Left Hand over the curled Right Hand (Moon-Symbol). This makes the Sun-Moon Symbol which represents the balance of Light and Darkness. 

Place the hands, palms upwards, over the Hara-Centre (Base-Centre, two fingers below the navel - belly button). The fingers of the right hand cover those of the left hand, so that the hands are conjoined. Now pull the hands upwards towards the chest (Heart-Centre) whilst breathing in slowly; at the Heart Centre turn the hands over so that the palms point downwards and then push the hands downwards back towards the Hara-Centre - breathing out slowly. This part should be done three times, at a slow pace. 

This breathing exercise helps to get rid of tension and put you into a kind of Relaxed Awareness. (A tip here - this whole exercise can be done with the eyes closed, once it has become familiar enough to do. Before doing this close the eyes, roll the eyes back in the head, and this should put you into an Alpha State of Consciousness.)

ALU-ULA Exercise.

Hold the hands across the Hara-Centre with the forefingers and the thumbs making a Trikona (Inverted Triangle). The hands will be flat against the body with the fingers pointing downwards. Intone the sound URUZ in a deep voice, at the same time visualising the Ur-Rune in Black; do this slowly and deeply. Visualise a Black Bull. This is the Bodn Energy Centre (Earth).

Bring the hands upwards towards the centre of the chest, to the Heart-Solar Plexus Centre, at the same time slightly opening the hands to form a 'Double-Laguz' Rune with the thumbs now apart slightly. The hands will be flat with the fingers pointing away from the body. Intone the sound LAGUZ in s slightly higher pitch than 'Ur', at the same time visualising the Laguz-Rune in Red. Visualise a Red Deer. This is the Son Energy Centre (The Golden Sun).

Bring the hands upwards again, pushing the thumbs together as you start to make a Triangle over the Third-Eye (Head-Centre) with the fingers this time pointing upwards. Intone the sound ANSUZ in a higher tone again, at the same time visualising the Ansuz-Rune in White. Visualise a White Swan at this centre. This is the Odroerir Energy-Centre (Wod-Roarer).

***When chanting the rune-name the 'z-sound' at the end should be prolonged as long as you can, making this a 'buzzing' sound - zzzzzzzzzz. You should try to place the sound at the centre being opened, feeling the vibration of the sound in that centre. This will open the centre and its energy.

Now start at the top - the Head-Centre - and do the same exercise from A-L-U down to the Base-Centre again. Thus we have ULA-ALU. You can do this once, or even three times if you like, and maybe as time goes on progress to nine times. 

These three Energy-Centres are the three centres of human consciousness -

The Hara-Centre - The gut, where we have 'gut feelings' which are intuitive ideas - Centre of Intuition.

The Heart-Centre/Solar-Plexus Centre - The heart has always been associated with the 'emotions' and this is the Centre of Emotions.

The Head-Centre - The head is the centre of logical thinking (left-brain) and intuitive thinking (right-brain), so it is the centre of the 'marriage' of Intellect-Intuition or HE-SHE. The 'gut-centre' is connected to the 'brain-centre' as some scientists are now finding out. 

There are also more correspondences between these three centres -

URUZ - Hara - Niflheim.

LAGUZ - Heart - Midgard.

ANSUZ - Head - Asgard.

'Niflheim' is the 'Mist-Home' or 'Mist-World' and we find a variation of the Uruz-Rune with a 'mist' inside the rune-stave. There are references to the Three Cauldrons, even though they are sometimes vague -

Urda magn

Svalkaldr saer

Sonar dreyri.

Wyrd's strength,

Cool-cold sea, 

Son's Liquid.

'Wyrd's Strength' is found in the Well of Wyrd (Well of Urd) which is Odroerir. 'Son's Liquid' is from the Well of Mimir at the Cauldron of Son - the Heart-Centre. The 'Cool-Cold Sea' must be Hvergelmir, and this is where the Fire-Serpent lays dormant - 'Fire-in-Water'. The three liquids from the Sacred Wells are contained in the Auroch's Horn (Urarhorn or Ur-Ar-Horn) and the Help-Horn has the Mythical Serpent Fann engraved on it. 

There are also some interesting ideas around these three Energy-Centres -

Hara Centre - Physical Fire or Friction-Fire (Ned-Fire) - Nyd-Rune.

Solar-Plexus/Heart Centre - Solar-Fire - Sig-Rune.

Third-Eye - Spiritual Fire - Ken-Rune.

*** Please note - The 'Three Cauldrons' exercise was not thought up and created by me; this was originally the work of Steve McNallen who created the Asatru Folk Assembly, and went on later to found the 'Witan Network' on YouTube. Steve used the Irish 'Cauldron of Poesy' as the basis for equating the Three Kettles - Bodn-Son-Odroerir - with this. I equated this with the ALU-ULA Formula and thus created my own version of it, together with the exercises used here. This can be found on the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag Blog from some time ago, and also in more detail and put together in my early book Ar-Kan Rune-Lag : The Secret Aryan Way (for those who have the book, it is no longer available I am afraid, unless you can get a copy second-hand). 

Thursday 13 January 2022



Woden's Folk now has a channel on Telegram if you wish to look us up and keep up with the latest news. This will be used for short posts that will try to get our message out to more of our Folk. You can also contact WULFINGA through Telegram if you wish to do so. This is the official WF Site and we have  number of WF Activists who use Telegram

These blogs will, of course, continue as usual, and I would like to sincerely thank those who support us by reading them. It is also always good to receive comments, even if I do not check them enough! Thanks and keep up the struggle for the Freedom of the Folk.

Tuesday 11 January 2022

The Dark Crystal


The Dark Crystal was a film that came out in 1982, which has a sequel in a Netflix Series, Series One having already been shown, and Series Two was for some reason stopped in its tracks. Not having as yet seen the Netflix Series I would not like to comment upon this as yet, but this may form part of another post in the future. Here I am going to concentrate on the original film, which is more of a children's tale but is quite interesting for adults. 

The heroes of the film are two Gelflings - Jen and Kira; Gelflings, as the name suggests (G-Elflings) are a kind of Elven Race that has been almost destroyed except for these two. It is Jen who has been chosen by the dying Mystic Leader to find the Crystal Shard, broken off a thousand years before, and return it to the Dark Crystal held by the evil Skeksis. The Mystics and the Skeksis were originally one - the Ur-Sheks - but when the Dark Crystal was broken they broke into two parts. They will be reunited if the Gelfling Hero returns the shard to the Crystal as the Three Suns merge into one in a conjunction. 

"A girl made of fire steals a shard of a legendary crystal in hopes of re-igniting the dying Sun."

The quest to return the shard to the Dark Crystal is to reignite the dying Sun. This is a point that I had not noticed before, although I have seen the film a few times, having it on a DVD. 'To reignite the dying Sun'. This reminds me of the Black Sun which is the 'Dying Sun' (or was the 'Dying Sun') and which, when rekindled, will give strength to the Aryan Struggle as the Age of Aquarius dawns. The Dark Crystal is the Crystal of Truth. Of interest The Mystics were called the Ur Ru, and each of them had Ur in their name. 

This is as far as I will go in giving details of the original film, because in a sense this is not the core of the post. I have done a post in the past describing how a fellow Odinist from the Bedford area came to Woden's Folk after having a strange dream in which he was told to - 'Seek the Pale Dragon and the Wolf' - which was a dream back in 2012 that one of his fellow Odinists in his group had at the same time. He came to one of our Folk-Moots after this but after a while we lost contact with each other. The point that I made in the post was that after he attended the Folk-Moot I was asked by another fellow Odinist to undertake a 'quest' to the Scottish Highlands to find a 'Crystal'. He had undertaken 'Psychic Questing' in the past but had lost contact with those who did it, and so asked me to do the 'quest' with him. 

Because of the long journey to the Scottish Highlands, and the lack of cash at the time, and because it was not clear where exactly the 'crystal' was supposed to be, given that the Scottish Highlands cover a wide mountainous area, I was not sure what to do about this. I came up with the idea of contacting the Odinist from Bedford, whom I knew did a lot of meditation work, and ask him to meditate upon a 'crystal'. Since I had met him once and been in contact only a couple of times, he would know nothing about this, and thus the best person to get an answer from. I sent an email to him asking if he would do this for me, giving no details whatever of the 'crystal'. 

What happened then I described in the previous post, but for the sake of ease I'll go through this again. He took a totally different direction than I had imagined, thinking that by a 'crystal' I had meant the Hexagonal Crystal (Krist-All) of the famous Armanen Master, Guido von List. On a second attempt at the meditation a Listian Crystal came into his mind, together with the Armanen Runes placed around the Crystal, as they should be. But the vision he had also contained something else inside the Crystal, something that he could not see clearly enough to know what it was. The next day he did a second meditation and inside the Hex-Crystal was a Diamond-Crystal, with flaming-red symbols around this. He undertook a third meditation the following day and they appeared clearly as 33 Runes, blazing in a red light. He jotted down the rune-staves. The following evening he again meditated on this and he was given a set of rune-names to match these runes. Assuming that because I had asked this of him these runes were meant for me, and sent them on - this was in 2012.

What I have is 33 rune-staves which match the 33-Rune English Runes, but most are very different, and they are mad up of 'directional runes' (with an 'arrow-point' upwards, downwards, or sideways) or contain the Germanic Ing-Rune (Ing-Diamond). When they first appeared to him inside the Hex-Crystal this seems to indicate these have somehow 'evolved' from the 18 Armanen Runes, maybe for the English Folk in particular, especially since 11 runes contain the Diamond Ing-Rune. 

Going back to the Dark Crystal, which triggered this whole thing of back in 2012, it was a very strange and vivid dream that brought this back into the light of day. In this a young girl named Kira gave me a key to a black open-top BMW car, which was standing out in the pouring rain with the top down, and was a bit of a 'banger'. The name 'Kira' and the the black open-top car were the main symbols in the dream. It was so vivid that it had to be of importance, and I pondered this all day but nothing came to light. The next day it was pouring with rain but had eased a bit so I took the dog for a walk to the local woodlands; on the way I noted a child's car left outside a house, an open-top black car! This was too much of a coincidence! 

My first thoughts on this were that the dream was some kind of 'premonition' of seeing the child's car in the rain, so I dismissed it as that. However, through the day I thought more and more of the dream, and began to wonder why the name 'Kira' had cropped up. Then I remembered the Dark Crystal which featured the Gelfling Kira; I had bought the DVD back in 2012 after what had happened. Looking back through some notes I made in book at the time I came across the bit about the 'Rekindling of the Dying Sun', which immediately brought the Black Sun into mind. 

The above crop-formation which features the Black Sun appeared at a place called Ox Drove, at Bowerchalke in Wiltshire on August 8th 2015. If we use numerology on this dating we get 8 - 8 - 8, the extension of 88. I have covered this crop-formation before so will not go into it again, but it has significant changes to the Black Sun Symbol, and appears to suggest some form of movement, i.e. it appears to be active in its symbolism. The X-Cross made by the four small circles (dots) on the Second Ring suggest the Precession of the Equinox into the Age of Aquarius. 

It seems reasonable to assume, after these 'coincidences', that the 33-Runes are associated with the Black Sun. According to Nigel Pennick, using Greek Gematria the Number 888 means 'Jesus', which connects the number with Krist or Kristos. In view of the connection made by Aelfric Avery, that between Kristos and the Black Sun, this may be something to consider. When we go back to the statement - 'A girl made of fire steals a shard of a legendary crystal in hopes of re-igniting the dying Sun' - this seems to link the whole thing with 'Fire', and thus Ingwe-Krist (Agni). The 33-Runes were Fiery-Runes as seen in the meditation, and around the edges of an Ing-Rune. 

The name Kira is usually seen as the feminine version of Kiran or Kieran, and stems from Sanskrit, meaning 'Beam of Light'. There are other meanings proposed from different cultures, but this one seems to be the most used. Another 'coincidence' here is that at one of our Folk-Moots held at Wayland's Smithy a young lad called 'Kieran' sat with us for a social, and the next morning he asked me about three runes he had 'seen' in the tree-shapes. These were Anglo-Saxon Runes, though he had little knowledge of the runes; on his journey around the country he had come across a Black Dragon (Scotland), Green Dragon (East Anglia), Red Dragon (Wales) and then the White Dragon Flag we had raised. I believe this was around November 9th 2009. 

The Netflix Series is called The Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance which, as I said, I have as yet no seen. I hope to do so now and will get back on that sometime, since there may be more stuff of interest. Until then I am going to leave this post as it is, hoping for more ideas on this later.

Monday 10 January 2022

Krist & The Black Sun

"Kristos is 'the Son', the messenger, the good creator who animates the material world with spirit, and who resides in the Black Sun. The sacrifice and death of Kristos is the cooling and 'death' of the Black Sun, the energy of which was spent to give new life. The real solar deity of Kristos is connected to the Black Sun, not to the Golden Sun. Kristos represents the People of God, the Elder Goths. The concept of the People of God as found in the Old Testament in reference to Israel originally did not refer to the Hebrews, who only took this idea from the Aryan Hyperborean tradition. The real People of God were the Hyperboreans and their Aryan descendants who have also been sacrificed and have declined in the Age of Pisces. Now in the Age of Aquarius the Black Sun will be reborn. This coming event corresponds to the Myth of the Second Coming of Christ, and will result in the Aryans being restored as we evolve into the 6th Root Race."

"Armanen Runes and the Black Sun" (Volume I) - Aelfric Avery.

This is the concept held by Esoteric Folkish Wodenism whence the 'Hanged God' is transformed into the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun'. This mystery is held within the Ear-Rune and the Cweorth-Rune.

We can actually find this in the Prophecies of Nostradamus with the Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999 which was symbolic of the Black Sun; this event 'resurrected' the god Ingwe who, as we have shown before, is the Solar Krist or the Son of the Sun. For myself I do not see the Age of Aquarius as having started yet, but feel more inclined to the idea that the period we are today living through is a kind of transition-period between the two world-ages, and could be called the Age of Ing or the Age of the Hero (Ingwe is the 'Hero-God', the usual meaning given to the Ing-Rune, though I have seen no-one yet explain why this is so). The mystery here is that the Golden Sun and the Black Sun are always changing roles, one being in it ascendence, the other descending. Thus, as the power of the Golden Sun now wanes, the power of the Black Sun waxes. 

It is often said that the Black Sun symbol is used because the Swastika symbol has become taboo after World War II; this, as usual is too simplistic, and indeed shows ignorance of the truth. The Black Sun has become more and more popular because it is today renewed of its ancient power, or at least this power is growing stronger as we move through this transition period. Once a symbol becomes 'alive' by its use spreading it grows in power and strength; indeed, once it has been 'named' it becomes 'alive' and thus more powerful. (*)

(*) It would seem that by actually giving the symbol a 'name' it then takes on a life of its own; it was, of course, known to the ancients, but we do not hear it being called the 'Black Sun'. This should also be a lesson to us, since it is well known that by naming something it does take on a life of its own, hence the names given to ancient swords and weapons. But this also applies in our times when everything new that crops up is given a 'name', and example being 'woke' or 'social justice warrior' or 'eco-warrior'; by using these names they gain power, hence why such movements spread rapidly. This is why I try not to use them because they are not only 'New-Speak' or 'System-Tongue' but we can ourselves give power to their terms by using them often. If you think on this, it is why the Global Agenda embraces the concept of taking certain words out of the language, because when the word does not exist neither does the concept. George Orwell recognised this in his Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

Saturday 8 January 2022

Ar-Kan Order

In past times the Esoteric Truths were sometimes held back from the masses, not always due to the power-hungry priests, but often because they were deemed suited only to this who could understand them, and use them for what is good and right. We can see the validity of this today, when some 'runic scholars' have totally distorted the runes; an example is that of Ralph Blum whose contribution has been to attribute the Rune of Woden - Ansuz - with the Joten-Trickster, Loki. But, from my own perspective, this will do less harm that first appears. This is because only those who can feel the Call of the Blood will be able to understand and use the Sacred Runes properly, and understand the Ancient Wisdom and be able to use it wisely. In modern times there are many who turn to the spiritual and esoteric but who feel nothing for the 'Inner Truths' that can only be felt in the Sacred Blood.

For this reason it is now feasible, nay, necessary to spread the Ancient Wisdom so that those already on the journey of awakening can make use of it for themselves in this journey. Those with no interest will pass this off as 'rubbish' or 'superstition', and will thus not bother studying it deeply, and can thus do no harm to the ancient teachings. This is what happened at different times and eras throughout history, and with the spreading destruction of our identity, culture, tradition and Folk it is now even more important to spread the Ancient Knowledge to our Folk. The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag is a kind of continuation of the Armanen Tradition, but is tailored to suit the English Folk in their struggle. Rather than the 18 Runes we use 33 Runes; but from past knowledge we know that this system developed from the Armanen, as shown with the 'Hidden Runes' which were revealed in 2012. We have two sets of 33 Runes which run parallel to each other in our work. 

One thing must be pointed out, and that is the Folkish nature of our work, both at an exoteric level (Folkish Wodenism) and esoteric level (Ar-Kan Rune-Lag). We do not condone race-hatred which is not only futile but self-destructive, and we recognise that the 'New World Order' affects every nation, people and race worldwide. But, as with the Armanen Masters, we recognise that our struggle has to be based upon a love, support and work for the survival and betterment of our own European Folk. The present sufferings of the European Peoples (wherever they have settled in the world) make this Armanen Teaching as important today as it was some one hundred years ago. 

Materialistic science has replaced spirituality and religion; transcendence has been eroded by the replacement of Cyclic Time with Linear or 'historical' time. Linear time sees everything moving in a straight line, and thus death is an ending, whereas Cyclic Time moves through Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth, so there is no beginning and there is no end. This has led to the misconception that the catastrophic changes today are leading to the 'end of the world', whereas the truth lies more in a death-to-rebirth of the Earth, as has happened many times through the Cycle of the Ages. (*)

Myths are symbolic representations of a Higher Truth, but today the word has been distorted to mean a 'lie'. This is how the Dark Powers work their evil, through lies and distortions. By enforcing linear time we are unable to work the true rites, since in order to do so it is necessary to create a Magical Time that takes the Initiate into the First Time or Time of the Gods. This is naturally of a cyclic nature. Enacting the Archetypal Myth invokes the Archetype. 

We should here distinguish between the exoteric religion and the esoteric spirituality. Judaeo-Christianity looks to a form of transcendent 'God' who is in 'Heaven', and thus aloof from Man and the Earth. Heathen Wisdom teaches a very different view of 'God'; God cannot be found in some 'Heaven' but is to be found within. The True Krist taught this when he said 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within'; this is a Heathen Teaching. The connection between Man and the Divine is through the Blood, and this is why the Armanen Masters taught of the importance of purifying the Blood. They fully recognised that the Sacred Blood was today much diluted and impure, but taught that through spiritual training and spiritual exercises (and through the use of the Sacred Runes) the blood can be purified. 

There were two distinct paths to the Aryan Religion; in Germany there was Wuotanism (Right-Hand Path) and Armenism (Left-Hand Path), the former being based more upon ritual, the latter in spiritual exercises and magical work. Today we still define our work in terms of the Right-Hand Path (Folkish Wodenism) and the Left-Hand Path (Ar-Kan Order). The latter will naturally be for those who delve deeply into the exoteric side and the magico-mystical aspects. Both of these fuse together naturally as part of a natural whole - a Haeldom. The Left-Hand Path seeks Immortality through Truth and Right Order. This too is one of the teachings of the True Krist when he stated - 'To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life' - something strictly denied to Man by the 'God' of the Old Testament. The Krist offers Man the gift of Immortality through his own efforts to overcome the human restrictions. This too is a Heathen concept, and a Left-Hand Path concept too. 

The Ar-Man is the 'Sun-Man' or the 'Noble and Honourable Sun-Man'; Armanism is a Solar Spirituality. The term we use is Ar-Kan which means exactly the same as Aryan, and thus puts our work firmly rooted in the ancient Aryans. It has other esoteric meanings too -

  • Ar = Sun; Kan = Serpent (Fiery-Serpent or Solar Serpent). This relates it to Ingwe-Agni. 
  • Ar = Sun; Kan = Knowledge. Thus 'Sun-Knowledge'.
  • Ar = Eagle; Kan = Fire. Thus, the 'Fire-Eagle' or Phoenix. The White Eagle must be resurrected from the ashes of its destruction in order to avoid the destruction of our planet Earth. 
  • Ar = The Black Sun; Kan = Light/Torch (in the Barrow). Thus the 'Hidden Light of the Black Sun'. 
The term Ar-Kan Rune-Lag means the 'Aryan Secret Way' and is based upon the Left-Hand Path. We have not rejected the Armanen Runes since these are certainly a valid runic system, despite what the 'traditional Odinists' may feel about them. This is especially true since Guido von List rediscovered them whilst blinded after a cataract operation - he took on the Wotan Archetype when he rediscovered the 18 Runes. We use the Armanen System as well as the Ar-Kan System, though ensuring they are used in their own unique form. The Elder Futhark is also valid, and forms the basis of the 33-Rune system. 

In today's world, ruled over by the 'Covid Corporation', we are bombarded with nothing else but negative press and media, full of distortions and lies aimed at terrorising the masses into submission and into willing slaves of the Global State. At this time it is easy to neglect the esoteric side of our mission, to spread the Ancient Aryo-Germanic Wisdom to those who are on the path of True Awakening (not 'Woke' which is a sick parody). 

Just as Friedrich Nietzsche predicted, man is now separating into two distinct species, the Ultimate Man (The Slave) who is slowly degenerating and dying, and the Superman (The Over-Man) whose heralds are today the solitaries who are being forced out of society at every level (strangely enough by the simple technique of discriminating against anyone who has not accepted 'vaccination'). Both Nietzsche and the ancient Babylonian Princess and Seeress - Sajaha - predicted that those loyal to the Spirit of Man would become 'solitaries' in a world of collectivism and mediocrity. 

What is happening today has happened over and over again in the Cycle of the Ages. Each time that mankind forsakes the All-Father and the Gods, falls into degeneracy and evil, and takes on the worship of the Forces of Darkness and Chaos (even when not recognising that they do) there comes a point in time when the Gods or All-Father intervene and bring upon the Earth great catastrophe that destroys Mankind. Some Odinists see this as a natural process rather than an intervention by All-Father or The Gods. However, maybe we should look at the figure of the so-called 'Fire-Giant' - Surt - in a different light. Guido von List saw the figure of Surtur (S-Ur-T-Ur = from Ur to Ur) in a different light, and maybe the term 'Giant' is here misleading. Surt's Fire is a Fire of Destruction but it is also a Fire of Cleansing and Re-Creation. The Old Gods are destroyed, but the Sons of the Gods come out on top and rule the New Earth; mankind is destroyed but Life and Lifthrasir arise from the Bole of Iggdrasil to populate the New Earth. The losers in the struggle are the Forces of Darkness and Chaos who are destroyed in the cataclysm. This is done by the Wielder of the Flaming-Sword when the Nine Worlds are cleansed and resurrected. 

Both the Christian Bible and the Sajaha Prophecies clearly state that these Evil Forces are destroyed and thrown into the 'abyss'; but they will arise again for the Final Conflict after a thousand years, when they will then be destroyed fully. These are the Shaitanic Forces that rule the world today through 'The Beast' and the 'False Prophet'. This is why our esoteric work is even more important today, since we face overwhelming odds in this Sacred Blood Struggle, and we cannot win by playing by the rules of the Global Elite and being pulled into the struggle at a purely physical level. This battle must be fought at many levels at the same time, and it is our duty and responsibility as Folkish Wodenists to create a new Folk-Religion that will unite our people wherever they are. (**)

(*) The Sajaha Prophecies, through the Tale of the White Bird, suggest that were the White Race to be destroyed then all peoples would eventually be destroyed, and maybe even the Earth too. We should keep this in mind and not just think that a catastrophic change will save us. Even though we herald the coming of Wid-Ar, we wait for no-one and have to take on the overwhelming forces ourselves at this time. 

(**) It should be noted how, as others have already seen, the Covid Pandemic has become somewhat of a 'religion' today, together with its 'prophets', its 'temples' and its 'martyrs' ('Prince' Charles even suggested a 'memorial avenue' of trees for those who have died of the virus). Life today revolves around this, and this is not a healthy situation for us since it revolves around the negative


The 'outer' path is taken up by the WF-C which is based around Folkish Wodenism of the Right-Hand Path. This is a loosely-knit 'Folk-Community' based upon the most ancient Aryan Religion which is of a Folkish nature because it is designed to help our own Folk through these troubled times. This is today a very small group, but with a good deal of support from outside; but it is a group or community which is the real point. Even though our Folkish Activists and Folkish Supporters are scattered around this land (and outside) nevertheless it is a community of like-minded folk who all know each other and have known each other for many years - some from the creation of Woden's Folk in 1998. The idea of a Folk-Community must be based upon personal relations between individuals who know and trust each other, and this will become rarer and rarer as the world of 'Virtual Reality' takes even more hold upon the people. But it is the basis for a real working community which must come about in time if we are to survive this destructive onslaught

Since we have the 'Covid Religion' we have the need for a counter-religion that will serve the interests of our Folk in the realm of survival and the fulfilment of their Divine Destiny rather than serve those whose sole aim today is the destruction of our Folk. I have put in this last bit to show that the WF-C is of great importance, together with WF and the Esoteric Path. They run parallel to each other in this great struggle for freedom and survival.