Sunday 8 July 2018

The Wyrd of AEtla

Now was winter gone and a New Dawn beginning to appear, though yet shrouded in mist, on the horizon, throwing feint rays of Golden Light upon the Islands of the Mighty. Hengest, the great Lord of the Engel-Kin, did not refuse the 'world-rulership' when the mighty Hun-Sword, bearing the Wyrd of AEtla, the 'Scourge of the One-God', was placed on his lap as symbol of his now bearing the Hun-Sword. Hunlafing Hildeleoman - 'The Hun-Bequest - Battle-Flame of the White Dragon' passed from Germany over to England, now to be wielded by the new Hengest, the new Lord of the Engel-Kin. 

Just like in ancient times, when these islands were under the yoke of the new Joten-Religion through the Romans, again the Joten were in control of the Islands of the Mighty. Once more the time had come for the Hun-Sword to be passed from Germany to the Engel-Kin, and Hengest, the bravest of heroes, did not refuse his Wyrd, but takes up the Sword of Light, the 'Battle-Flame of the White Dragon' against the Red Dragon of the Joten. The Sword of Light will be the bane of the Joten, as foretold in ancient times. 

The Wyrd of AEtla is borne within the blade of the 'Battle-Flame'; this ancient sword was wielded by Herman, the first Germanic Leader to halt the power of Rome in Germania. AEtla wielded it as the 'Scourge of God', and it passed to Hengest who wielded it once more against the growing power of the Joten in the Islands of the Mighty. The sword passed to Cynric who wielded it for the West Saxons. Today the Eternal War between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon is taken up once more, as the White Dragon arises once more after 500 years. 

The statesmen that should rule the realm
Course demagogues displace; 
The glory of a thousand years
Shall end in foul disgrace......

The footsteps of the invader
Then England's shores shall know,
While home-bred traitors give the hand 
To England's every foe.....

But not for aye - yet once again
When purged by Fire and Sword,
The land her freedom shall regain
To manlier thoughts restored.

Taught wisdom by disasters,
England shall learn to know
That trade is not the only gain
Heaven gives to man below.

The greed for gold departed,
The golden calf cast down
Old England's sons shall rise again
The Altar and the Crown....

The blood of the invader
Her pastures shall manure,
His bones unburied on her fields
For monuments endure.

Again in hall and homestead
Shall joy and peace be seen
The smiling children raise again
The maypole on the green....

The Fox's Prophecy (already in print 1871).