Sunday 7 April 2024

Press Liars & Deceivers.


Yesterday I visited Wayland's Smithy with a few friends and comrades, and whilst I was there decided to take a look at the famous 'Swastika' that some of the low-life newspapers accused 'Far-Right' groups of carving into the trees. This was even taken up by one of the so-called 'pagan' groups in England. 

This notice has now appeared on the site of the Long Barrow, which is something new since the newspaper smears. It seems strange how most of the graffiti there, i.e. carving of names, has been there many years if not decades, and yet nothing whatever was said about this before. This alone tells us that the National Trust is less concerned about the welfare of the trees (which it tries to tell us) and more about making something out of the downright smears and lies of the British Press.

"Neo-Nazis hold rituals on National Trust land and carve swastikas into trees.' 

The Mirror.

"Far-right fanatics perform masked torchlit rituals and carve swastikas on trees to take back 'ancient land'."

The Telegraph.

"Far-right groups vandalise ancient monuments."

The Wild Hunt.

The 'swastika' can be seen here, and looks nothing like the clear carving of someone's initials below it. Indeed, it is not quite clear whether this is actually man-made at all. Whatever the case it looks very much older than most of the stuff carved on the beech-trees, and there are lots of carvings I am afraid. This seems to have been a great opportunity to smear our Movement through false accusations of something no Folkish Heathen will ever do - damage trees. We regard these as sacred sites, so why would we do such things. 

Some years ago we cleared up three large dustbin-bags of rubbish from the site of Wayland's Smithy, not quite as much as the average clear-up of some 30 tons a year from Stonehenge. The same type of 'eco-pagans' use Wayland's Smithy as use Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice. Do English Heritage or the National Trust contact the police every time the 'eco-pagans' use the site? We all know the answer to that, and we all know why. These are all part of the corrupt, lying, deceiving system that we have to put up with in our time, and which will get worse and worse if we do not stand up against such a system.

The Truth Will Set Us All Free!