Sunday 23 September 2018

The Mead of Inspiration

I am going to take another look at the subject of the Mead of Inspiration and in particular the Myth of Knit Mountain where Woden lays with Gunnlod for three nights and thus wins for the Gods the Mead of Inspiration. A re-reading of Viktor Rydberg's 'Teutonic Mythology' gave up some of the ideas which I have expanded with my own ideas. 

Firstly, we need to understand something that is quite simple but not often understood. We have various 'pairings' of the Gods with 'Giants' (Joten-Thurs) such as Hama and Loki (Fire) for example. It is usual to see the Forces of Nature as 'natural forces' behind which are the Gods. This is not quite right, because there are two sides to this, for the Gods are the good and benevolent forces that aid mankind and the Earth, whilst the 'Giants' are the destructive forces that harm and hinder the work of the Gods. But, they both use the same forces, for example, lightning (Thunor) can be beneficial in that it releases nitrates into the soil, but it can also blast an oak or a grove, or a human being at time. It can be creative or it can be destructive - the first is the work of the Gods the latter the work of the Joten. This explains something since at Ragnarok it is these same-opposing forces that clash and bring ruin upon the worlds. From this we can see that these forces negate each other in the end, and are both responsible for Ragnarok. With this in mind we go on.

To gain the Mead of Inspiration Woden has to get into Knit Mountain and to do so he uses an auger named Rati. The word 'Rati' actually came to mean 'traveller', from rata meaning 'to travel' or 'to move about', and Hama is referred to as Stigandi which also means 'traveller'. However, it seems that the original word was vrata which meant something like 'to twist' or 'to 'turn', and which sheds a different light on this Aryan Myth. The idea of 'twisting' obviously refers to the auger used by Woden, but since he shape-shifts into a Serpent then the idea of 'to twist', 'to turn' or 'to coil' refers also to the Coiled Serpent or Kundalini. But we can go further than that.

Since we can see in this a link between Rati  and Hama we can extend this to Scef-Ing since these are related to fire and the fire-borer through the links to Agni of the Vedas. Thus, Agni-Inga is the Fire-Serpent that bores into the Sacred Mountain, rises through the spinal column of the mountain, and is transformed into the Eagle - the bird of the skies and the Divine Realms. As Rydberg suggests, we do seem to have Hama-Ingui as aiding Woden in this process of gaining the Mead of Inspiration. We seem to have further proof in that the Vedas tell us that the Sacred Mead was hidden in the womb of the mountain with the Dasyus (hostile forces like the Joten) but Agni split the mountain open with his tongue, his Ray of Light penetrating into the darkness and through this act the Sacred Mead was gained by the Gods. This was not before Trita ('Third') slew a Serpent-Monster and found the stolen cattle (as in the Aryan Cattle-Raid). 

Rati and Ratatosk are much the same symbolism; Rati is the 'borer' and the name 'Rata-tosk' can mean 'rata-tusk' or 'rata-tooth', the 'tusk' being a 'tooth'. It is thus 'Rati's Tooth' that bores into the mountain. The Ratatosk that runs upwards and downwards along the trunk of Yggdrasil is in fact symbolic of the 'twisting' and 'turning' movement of the Coiled Serpent, that becomes an Eagle when it reaches the top, or alternatively becomes a Winged, Coiled Serpent. This is the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini. 

'Rati's Mouth' (Havamal) and Rati (Bragaraedur) are thus one and the same, both related to Hama-Heimdall in a subtle way. When we consider this, and that Scef-Ing and Hama are also part of the same Archetypal Myth we can see the link between the Inga-Fire and the Fire-Serpent. This also suggests that the Kundalini-Force moves upwards and downwards, as some Indian Sages have suggested. Hama, we should point out, is the son of Mundilfori or Waendal, and thus connected to the World Mill (the Nine Giant Maidens turn the World-Mill), and thus to the Precession of the Equinoxes. Hama is the son of the fire-producer (Fire-Twirl) Mundilfori as Agni is the son of Mataricvan (also the Fire-Producer). Rydberg gives a very strong argument that Mundilfore is also named Lodhur. 

This is just a short post which clarifies certain points about the myths concerning the Mead of Inspiration. But it also gives a pointer to some of the ideas around the Three Cauldrons and the use of this in the ALU-ULA Formula. These exercises lead to the 'Alu' or 'Divine Inspiration' which is the Mead of Inspiration or Odroerir (Wod-Roarer). This involves the awakening of the Fire-Serpent and its arising along the spinal column until it reaches the Third Eye which is awoken. 

We should not confuse the 'Mead of Inspiration' gained through the Tantric Rite in the Sacred Mountain with the draft that Woden receives from Mimir in exchange for one of his eyes. The latter is gained from the Well of Memory (Mimir = Memory) and is thus the Blood Memory at one level. The Mead of Inspiration is in fact the 'Amber Nectar' or 'Nectar of the Gods' which is the end-product of the union of Woden and Gunnlod produced by this Tantric Love-Magic. 

One last point here and that is the link between Hama-Heimdall and Scef-Ing which also concerns the Nyd-Fire or 'Fire-by-Friction'. The root *nidh means 'the lower world' or 'subterranean world' and thus Nidhogg refers to a being from the subterranean world, as does Nidhad whose name means 'being of the lower world'; this is the figure who bound Wayland the Smith. Remembering that the word nyd used of the Need-Rune refers to 'death' originally, but which (as we see here) is more likely to have originated in words used of the subterranean world where the Land of Death was. We get our word 'nether' from this root, and hence why Holland is called by the name 'Netherlands' because it is below sea level. 

The Tantric act, according to the doctrines of the Left-Hand Path, are thus related to the sexual act and 'Fire-by-Friction' (*), which is the essence of this act. This is where the link between the Fire-Serpent and Tantra lies; it also links Agni-Inga with the 'Fire-by-Friction' and also the Fire-Serpent with its coiling motion. We may even have a confirmation of the change in role of Woden, who first appears a the Lord of the Dead or God of the Hanged (subterranean links) but who then becomes a 'heavenly' power as the All-Father or 'High One' - a transformation from the Serpent to the Eagle. Through his Occult Knowledge which he puts to good use, he becomes the all-powerful Leader of the Gods. This he gains through the knowledge of the Fire-Serpent and the transformation that occurs through the Tantric Rites. This he passes to us as the knowledge needed to regain our immortality and our divinity which we lost with the fall into matter.

The Aryan Avatar

The Aryan Avatar

'He returns as an Avatar, the incarnation of a God, Wotan, Vishnu, occupying momentarily and for short periods various bodies of Viras at the same time, even when only one among them is his favourite, his energy-centre. Someone who is carefully prepared to receive him. Thus the Avatar is a Kulku, who is more than one, being various and being many, each his own 'Furious Horde', his 'Ultimate Battalion.' 

Don Miguel Serrano.

Miguel Serrano is an Armanen Master (yes, 'is' because he still guides us from Valhalla) and we can see here a deep understanding of the meaning of the term 'avatar'. The word itself stems from a root meaning 'to descend' and 'to dive' from which we can gleam an insight into the manner in which The Krist became an Avatar on Earth, since this happened with his baptism by water when the 'Dove' descended into his physical body. 

'Someone who is carefully prepared to receive him.' This is a crucial point since when Hama-Heimdall descended into matter in order to recreate the Aryan Caste System within his Folk the Gods prepared him by giving him certain potions -

Hama-Heimdall is Scef-Ing who was born of Nine Wave Maidens; for his Divine Mission the child had to be prepared by being equipped with strength, endurance and wisdom. He was thus given to drink Jardhar Magn, Svalkaldr Saer and Sonar Dreyri. The last one is linked to Son which is one of the Three Cauldrons containing the Mead of Inspiration and Wisdom. Son is said to be Mimir's Fountain and thus related to the Blood Memory. Jordhar Magn is the same as Urdhar Magn and is the 'Earth Might' or 'Earth Power', the strength of which is found in Wyrd's Fountain - this is the power that sustains physical life. Svalkaldr Saer is the 'Cool Sea' coming from the River Sval which proceeds from Hvergelmir, the source of this particular power. 

 '...occupying momentarily and for short periods various bodies of Viras at the same time....' This tells us that not only is there one Avatar but also a number of individuals (Viras = Heroes) who are at one and the same time the Incarnation of Woden. In regard to World War II, which is our example of what this entails, we find that both Hama and Woden (Heime and Wotan) appear - one to recreate the Aryan Caste System and the other as the Wild Hunter-God waging war against the Joten. I have mentioned before how we have a 'pairing' of Wudga and Hama (Witega and Heime) which may link to these ideas. 

In one sense Ingui is Hama, but we must remember that they are archetypes and thus differ in form slightly, though they are of the same essence. We can now understand that when an Aryan Avatar appears, at the same time there appear various individuals who lead similar nations in the same struggle. But the same principle applies to the period before the return of the Avatar, for in the same way a number of Woden Initiates appear, all as a part of the god himself, all in a sense being Woden-Hama and bearing their Divine Mission. 

Whereas Miguel Serrano uses the word 'Vira' I have used the English version which is 'Wera'; the word is almost always translated as 'man' but it really means 'hero' or 'Divine Hero', and originally in the sense of the individual as the offspring of a god and a human. The Viras are descended from the gods, light-beings who took on the flesh in order to wage this Holy War (according to Miguel Serrano). The word 'Wer-Wolf' (werewolf) would thus mean 'Hero-Wolf' and not just 'man-wolf' as it came to mean; under the Christian yoke this became an 'evil' being, whereas originally it referred to the Wolf-Warriors of Woden. 

We can now see why so many Woden Initiates have arisen at this time once more, each with a Divine Mission and sent by the Aryan Gods. Although they sometimes work alone or as an individual, they also come together as a 'pack' in order to strengthen their power. Their mission is many-fold, and part of this is prophecy, the prophecy given to the individual to 'materialise' upon the Earth so that the Avatar can incarnate at the right time. In our era it is also necessary that a new Folk-Religion be created to not only prepare the way for the Avatar, but to bring together those chosen to aid the Avatar and his Divine Struggle. 

Saturday 22 September 2018

The White Rider

The White Rider

I cannot stress this point more, the only way that we can achieve victory is through firmly implanting the new Aryan Archetype into the minds of the English Folk. 

The above image, and the 'negative' image shown being held up at the Avebury Stone Circle, is the image of the Last Avatar - Wid-Ar the Avenging Son. This shows certain symbolism of importance to our struggle -

  • The White Rider.
  • Rides a White Horse.
  • Bears a Flaming Sword.
  • Carries the White Dragon on his Shield; this is a 3 1/2 Winged Coiled Serpent - the Fire-Serpent.
  • Behind him is the Sacred Aryan Mountain with the White Peak - this is the Sacred Centre and the 'Triangle' through which the Last Avatar appears.
  • The Hale-Bopp Comet which is in the background; this relates to the sinking of At-al-land and the arising of At-al-land again from the deep.

This archetypal image must replace the 'Hanged God' image, whether that be of Woden, Krist or whatever; the new Aryan Archetype is the Warrior-God mounted upon a White Horse. Woden, the wily Old Wizard, gives way to the young, virile Warrior-God, the Woodland God, Wid-Ar. Basically, this is the new Aryan God for the Age of Ing, and Wid-Ar is indeed an aspect of Ingui as the 'Son of Man'. 

As shown in the Avatar Flag symbolism, the White Horse is active and thus symbolises energy, force and movement, the means to overcome against all odds. The horse is also symbolic of the movement between the worlds, just as Sleipnir is the Steed of Woden that moves between the worlds. The symbolism of the Eight-Legged Steed may also relate to the movement within two worlds, and anyone who saw the Hale-Bopp Comet must have noticed how it seemed to stand still for weeks on end. Indeed, it seemed to be 'in' this world but not 'of' this world. 

Wid-Ar is the Aryan God that rules over the Age of Heroes which is dawning at the end of the Kali Yuga or Warg Age. He is the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun'. The name Wid-Ar refers to 'He Who Returns' and is also the 'Woodland God' who is 'The Hooded Man' - the Wild Man that has to retreat into the forests awaiting The Awakening. He is the Silent God awaiting the time when the Silent Pool will rise - the sign for the appearance of the Last Avatar. The Silent Pool is near to Dorking in Surrey and is a pool with fresh spring water, and is not really 'silent' at all; neither is the legend of 'King John' true either. But it is a mystical place and worth a visit. 

The 'Long Man' is opening the 'Gateway to the Gods' and here also we have a hidden clue to the meaning of 'The Triangle' in Wulf's Prophecy. This hill-figure, as I have mentioned so often, is associated with Cygnus the Swan which is in the Summer Triangle. The star Deneb is positioned at the centre of the Dark Rift on the Milky Way, at the point of the 'Greater Wolf's Jaws' where in 2012 Woden (The Sun) was 'swallowed' to be 'reborn' as Wid-Ar the Son. The White Tree (Yggdrasil) here symbolises the Milky Way, with the Black Hole (Black Sun) at its centre. Also linked to this was the 1999 Solar Eclipse (the 'King of Terror', i.e. Ygg the Terrible) which brought back to life the 'King of the Angles' - Ingui.  

In order to advance the process of firmly planting the new Aryan Archetype in the minds of the Folk we shall be working on a new Wid-Ar Rite which will be used at our Esoteric Moots and then widened to the WF-C Folk-Moots. We have never actually dedicated a rite to Wid-Ar which is an oversight we must put right, and incorporate this into the Wheel of Woden maybe - this needs thinking about carefully. The more people that worship (i.e. emulate) Wid-Ar the more the 'gateway' will be opened for 'He Who Returns' to become manifest on Earth. 

Another thing that we all need to push is the concept that Ingui is the God of the English; this is still somewhat rejected in 'Englisc' circles and I am still seeing the usual establishment jargon about 'English' or 'Angles' coming from the word 'angle' because they lived in such an area - not convinced! We even say the word 'Inglish' and not 'English', still retaining the true sounding of the word. Ingui is the Divine Ancestor of the English and a kind of Manu or maybe the 'Son of Manu'. Only Tolkien, it seems, made the connection between Ingwe and the English Folk. 

We have built up our very own Folkish Wodenist Weltanshauung with very much our own Aryan Myth suited to the English Folk. As opposed to the Scandinavian 'Viking' image of Odin we have revived Woden as a far more ancient figure akin to Rudra of the Vedas. In doing so we have gone beyond the normal Asatru/Odinist work going further back to the lost land of At-al-land as the 'Racial Homeland' and the land from which the English Folk were led by Ingui as the 'Manu'. It is now the god Ingui who is guiding us from beyond - as Wid-Ar who is 'He-Who-Returns'. The Avatar Flag is the Banner of Wid-Ar which has been raised at our Folk-Moots and which represents the White Rider and the Last Avatar. 

The Hale-Bopp Comet

Woden - The Wolf-God

The horned figure shown is now being used on amulets and credited to be Odin/Woden; this figure is also far older than the time of the Norsemen who came out of Scandinavia in later times. It is a far more ancient figure of the Wolf-God who leads the Cultic-Warrior Bands. When Woden 'resurrects' as Wid-Ar he becomes the young Warrior-God connected to the wild-woods of England, as the Wodewose or Wuduwasa - the Wild Man of the Woods. It was not Odin  - the Hanged God - that has been resurrected, but Woden as Wid-Ar the Wild Woodland God of the Germanic Mannerbund. This Aryan Archetype has to be firmly implanted into the Soul of the English Folk. 

The Glory of our Fathers

When the glory of our fathers,
Was lost in an age of woe,
Then the heroes of our nation
Cast aside by every foe.

Then reigned the lowest of the low,
The greed for gold supreme;
The lowest rule, the highest serve,
The world a horrid dream.

Yet through the gloom a light doth shine,
A Flame of Freedom shining bright;
A hero bold he shall arise,
An Avatar - the Child of Light.

Sun-Child born in the Angle-Isle,
Of Wulfing-Blood, height Helgi named;
The Hooded Man in the forest dwells,
The beast in him shall not be tamed.

Wolf-Wild the Forest Warrior,
Fettered by the Raven-God;
Wid-Ar the Avenging Son,
Filled with the Raging Wod.

Now, change shall come across this land,
Shall English Dragon rise again;
Our freedom won by Fire and Sword,
Our enemies shall mock in vain.

The struggle for the Sacred Blood,
The gift was given by the gods;
Alone we stand against the world,
Yet we shall win against all odds.

A World in Flames

Wolf-Moon 8 - the Winter Feast,
The fires are reaching to the skies;
Trapped inside that blazing hall,
The Aryan Warrior-King thus dies.

An ancient tale comes back to life,
A myth renewed that ends this age;
The killing of the Warrior-King,
His spirit freed, new war to wage.

Mark this fitting Viking's death,
When flames are reaching to the skies;
The phoenix rising from the ashes,
As an old world falls and dies.

Awakened Saxon, hear the call,
The time has come to fight;
Woden beckoning to his kin,
His message - 'Might is Right!'

Waken now the Will-to-Power,
Within the Sons of Ing;
Avenge we now the wrongs we bear,
And the slaying of the King.

Rise now the Spirit of the Wolf,
This land engulfed in flames;
By Fire and Sword the old will fall,
A s-laughter no one blames.

Angry, hooded, masked and wild,
The English Youth shall rise;
Fettered by the Will of Woden,
Light the darkened skies.

Wolf-wild, Woden's Warriors,
Led by the Frenzied One;
Laughing as the world doth fall,
And victory is won.

Then shall we ne'er forget,
The brave who fought and died;
N'er shall their spirit ever die,
We hold our heads in pride. 

Wake The Wolf-God

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Chant we now the Words of Power

That will wake the ancient Wolf-Kin,

Chant the spells of mighty gealdor

That will wake the ancient Wolf-God.

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Woden wise, the ancient Wizard

Wanders wide the Middan-geard;

Waken, lead your Folk to freedom,

Waken now the Land of England.

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Let the Fire arise in fury,

Waters breaking o'er the worlds;

Worlds renewed as ages turning,

Wheel of Time revolving ever.

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Now the magic spells we utter,

Woden sing the spells for healing,

Help to heal the wounded Earth.

Sing the spells of mighty magic.

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Magic songs of re-creation,

From the earliest of ages,

Wisdom from the Primal Ages.

Waken now these Primal Forces.

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Waken now the ancient Wolf-God,

Forging now the ancient Wulf-Bund;

Cultic-Warriors dance the war-dance,

Wield the Spear and Broken Sword.

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Rising with the One-Eyed Wolf-God,

Now the Land of England wakens;

From the Folk-Soul of the English

Rides the Widu-Kind once more.

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR

Follow now the One-Eyed Wolf-God..........

Follow now the One-Eyed Wolf-God..........

Follow now the One-Eyed Wolf-God..........

Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR : Haiha-HariR


Wulf's Prophecy - Video


Rudra seems to be an early form of Shiva and three hymns are dedicated to him in the Rig-Vedas, as well as 70-odd references. There are various meanings given to his name -

rud - 'to cry', 'to howl' (suggesting a link to the wolf originally, a link that seems to have been lost in the mists of time). 

raudra - 'wild', 'untamed'.

rud - 'red'.

To decipher these roots in order to find the original form of Rudra we need to recognise him as 'The Archer', since he is depicted with a Bow and Arrow, as is the later Shiva. All of the above meanings can also be related to 'Robin Hood', the most famous English Folk-Hero. When we recognise this we can see the parallels, and that Rudra is the same as Woden as -

  • The Wild Hunter-God.
  • The One-Eyed God (rudrakshsa = 'Eye of Rudra')
  • The Archer-God (Woden as Robin Hood).
  • The Wild Man of the Woods. 
Another name for Rudra is Ugr which means 'terrible' and this is the same as Ygg ('terrible') a name of Woden. We can also notice that there is a Proto-Germanic Wuotani Ruoperath which would become Woden Hrothbeorth meaning 'Woden Rupert' or 'Woden Robert' both of which give the meaning 'Fame-Bright' related to Fire - Light. 'Rupert' or 'Robert' becomes 'Robin' and thus 'Robin Hood' means 'Fame-bright Hooden' or 'Fame-Bright Woden'. 

The Root *rud meaning 'red' gives us the hidden meaning of 'Fiery Nature' which we see in the figure of Shiva doing the 'Dance of Destruction'; here there are Tongues of Flame around the outside of the dancing Shiva, and as Hamasson once pointed out, this figure, when twirled around would most likely form the Swastika. (For those who do not believe this they should watch videos of the VW wheel being spun at a certain speed, this forming a Thulean Swastika.)

There are actually three distinct runes shown within the figure of the 'Dance of Shiva -

  • The Cweorth-Rune formed by two of the arms.
  • A reversed Ansuz-Rune formed by one arm and one leg.
  • A Kenaz-Rune formed by one leg.

We have two runes (Kenaz - Cweorth) connected to 'Fire', the latter to the 'Fire-Twirl' which is the Fylfot-Swastika. The Ansuz-Rune is the 'Rune of Woden' which again links the two figures. The serpents also link to Woden as I have shown before his relationship with the 'Hooded Serpent' (Cobra). The 'belt' or 'sash' marks this figure out as the God of the Mannerbunde since he is the Great Initiator who wears the Black Garb of the Cultic-Warrior Brotherhoods - Rudras in this case.

The Woodwose (Wudu-wasa) as shown above (as I have said in an earlier post) is a dim remembrance of Woden as the 'Wild Man of the Woods'. Again, the club is the weapon of the God of the Cultic-Brotherhood. This can be seen in the drawing of the Horns of Gallehus where in the third row from the top we see two Wolf-headed warriors, one with a club (Woden) and one with an axe (Thunor). 

The 'Wild Man of the Woods' is also the 'Green Man', and he can be seen in this figure from the Gundestrup Cauldron -

Since we find a figure very similar to this from ancient India this 'Lord of the Animals' or 'Horned God' is one and the same figure separated by thousands of years. This is the Stag-Headed God we know as Herne the Hunter, the name 'Herne' being a corruption of 'Herian' - Woden Herian

The same 'Horned God' can be found on the Horns of Gallehus but this time with Goat's Horns - the pose is the same except that the Gundestrup Cauldorn figure is in a 'Yoga Pose', which has actually been found on a 'Buddha' figure in Scandinavia. 

Rudra is said to be - 'Fierce, like a formidable wild beast' (R.V. 2.33:11). Again this can be seen of Woden too, at least in his aspect of the original 'Wild Man' before he was 'tamed' by the Christian Church, or made into the 'Devil'. The root of our word 'fierce' is IE Root *ghwer- which actually refers to a 'wild beast'. From this we get the Latin ferus meaning 'wild'. When we consider the Root *rud- as relating to 'Fiery Nature' we can see how Rudra and Agni were sometimes linked together, Agni being of 'Fiery Nature'. 

It is very often the case with some establishment scholars that Rudra is seen as being a pre-Indo-European God, and yet this seems totally disproven when we compare him to Woden. However, some Germanic scholars have dismissed Woden/Odin/Wotan as a non-Germanic God, one who was 'introduced' into the Germanic Pantheon (a ludicrous suggestion). Looking at the original role of Rudra we can find proof that Woden is a Germanic God of very ancient times, and also one of the most important gods of our time. The role of Rudra appears to be that of a fierce God of the Wild, the God of the Wildwood, the prime God of Wild Nature whose role is to counter and to destroy the forces that seek to overthrow the Natural Order - the Joten. As Rudra opposes the 'demons', so Woden opposes the Joten and the Serpent of Evil. This is why he leads us today in our Eternal War against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. 

Thursday 13 September 2018

"Europe belongs to the Europeans" - Dalai Lama

There is yet some sanity in this insane and dying world. The Dalai Lama has stated at a conference in Malmo, Sweden -

"Europe belongs to Europeans."

The Dalai Lama is one of the highest Spiritual Leaders in this world, far removed from the Judaeo-Christian 'archbishops', 'bishops' and the rest of the so-called 'spiritual leaders' of this country. He stated that there is a responsibility to help 'refugees' (some of whom are certainly not so) but that they should eventually go back to their native countries to rebuild them. He made similar comments concerning refugees in Germany in 2016 where he said -

"Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country."

and that -

"Germany is German".

This was related by the Daily Mail Online on September 12th 2018, and is a flash of light in an ocean of darkness and insanity. 

Dalai Lama & Don Miguel Serrano

As a High Spiritual Leader the Dalai Lama is in a far better position to know what is right and what is wrong than the gross materialists who lead Europe and the world today. He sees the Spiritual Truth which is beyond and above the physical world but forms the basis of the workings of truth in this world. He is an exile from his own lands, occupied by the Chinese, but no doubt wishes to return and to aid his own people some day. 

Buddhism, on the surface, is a purely pacifistic spiritual discipline, but there are hints of a far deeper side to it. It is quite well known that there were many ancient books hidden in the monasteries of Tibet, hence why so many Western Occultists went there, and why the Germans made so many expeditions to this land and in fact came back with hundreds of works whose teachings were incorporated into their own Weltanshauung. 

The Dalai Lama teaches the first seven initiations of the Kalachakra Tantra, meaning 'Wheel of Time' or 'Wheel of Destruction'. I am not conversant with these teachings but it has been said that this sees Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the opponents of Buddhism. There are also veiled teachings about those undertaking the Kalachakra Tantra being reborn as Shambhala Warriors, Shambhala being seen by some occultists as the ancient home of the Aryan Race, although there were said to be two places of such name, one physical and one a spiritual realm. 

There does seem to be an underlying 'force' moving hidden below the surface of world events that is today manifesting as a counter-movement to the Global Dark Empire. In simple terms there are five distinct 'arms' to this global 'Dark Empire' - 

  • Capitalism
  • Communism-Global Marxism
  • Judaism-Zionism
  • Christianity
  • Islam

This is an oversimplification but it will suffice to show that this is a world 'conspiracy' through both politics and religion to take control of the world, to destroy all nations and borders, and thus all peoples of the world. We could mention Masonry too which forms a large part of this, and also the various secret societies working within the System to control the masses. 

We oppose Capitalism because it is based upon materialistic economic consumerism, and the workings of this system are based upon usury, the loaning of money with interest, i.e. making money out of money rather than the earning of wealth through hard work. 

We are opposed to Marxist Socialism/Communism because it is the 'Revolt of the Slaves' and serves the purpose of destroying the Germanic Aristocracy of the European Nations and little else. It places the lowest in the highest positions which is a reversal of the Natural Order. 

We oppose Judaism-Zionism, Christianity and Islam because they are all religions that 'convert' through violence, terrorism, and murder (this can be clearly seen in the Judaic Old Testament, from the history of Christianity, and is clear from modern Islamic teachings) and are alien religions to the peoples of Europe. Zionism is a more materialistic form of Judaism which teaches world domination as much as Christianity did, and Islam does today. 'World Domination' means a World Government, and from the teachings of these religions, and from the past record of Capitalism and Communism these are certainly not going to rule as benevolent leaders or be there to serve the will of the peoples of our Nations.

Buddhism followed on from the ancient Heathen Religion of Tibet - Bon - whose prime symbol was the Fylfot-Swastika, as shown here having been incorporated into the later Buddhism. Bon was a 'Warrior Religion' for the 'Warrior-Race' of the Tibetans, since they were once a more warlike people. The Kalachakra Tantra forms part of the Vajrayana part of Buddhism, the term vajra meanings 'thunderbolt' or 'lightning-bolt'. 

The above is the vajra which is used in Tibet, but there is another form which makes it clearer what this symbol really is -

This form is clearly a double-ended 'trident' and is the 'Trident of Shiva', a symbol also shown in the hands of Odin in an old image by Snorri Sturlason. This indeed is the 'Thunderbolt' or the 'Lightning-Bolt' and is a very ancient symbol. 

As the highest Spiritual Leader of a spiritual discipline that goes way back into the mists of time (Buddhism followed from Bon) the Dalai Lama sees the world in a far different way from the materialism of the West. He is thus in a far better position to see what is right and good for a people, and what is wrong and bad (destructive), and he is not afraid to speak his mind on the subject. He has not been corrupted by the Judaeo-Christianity that Europe has endured for over a thousand years. 

Tuesday 4 September 2018

The Rise of the Light

The term Three Cauldrons is used for the three energy-centres or power-centres of the body, corresponding to the lower (abdomen), centre (heart) and higher (head). 

Lower - Bodn (Earth)

Centre - Son (Blood)

Higher - Odroerir (Mind's Eye)

The problem with equating these with the Norse 'kettles' lies in the fact that we think of a 'kettle' for brewing tea. The word 'kettle' stems from an Old Norse word for 'cauldron' which makes things much clearer. Thus - the Three Cauldrons.

We need to look at the functions of these three centres at a physical and mental level -

Head - seat of logic, planning, order, organising. (We say 'think things through' etc.)

Heart - seat of emotion, passion, compassion, love. (We say 'follow your heart' etc.)

Lower - seat of instinct, intuition, action. (We say we have a 'gut instinct' or 'he has guts' etc.)

We can see here how important all three of these centres are, and that being able to use all three would create a far better individual, more able to take up the struggle that we seek to undertake. It has often been said that the Europeans think too much with their head and not enough with their heart which may be true but in reality the ultimate aim must be to think with all three centres together. 

The aim of the exercises of the Three Cauldrons (ALU-ULA) is the 'Circulation of the Light', whereby the Vril Energy (Ki/Chi) is guided by the mind through these three energy-centres. This circulation requires that the energy follows the mind through the three centres - going upwards and downwards (ULA-ALU). This, of course, not only requires meditating on this light but also visualisation of this light moving between the centres. The true aim of this is to create the Immortal Spirit-Body ('Astral Body' or 'Body of Light'). 

ULA - The upward movement through UR-LAGU-ANSUZ is the purifying of the body's subtle energies so that when the 'Mind's Eye' is reached it will receive 'The Light' (energy and knowledge) which allows the mind to 'communicate' with the Gods and Spirits, and also gives the 'Language of the Birds' since it allows communication with Nature and the Cosmos. 

ALU - The downward movement through ANSUZ-LAGU-UR is the movement of the spiritual energy downwards into the lower levels which thus spiritualises these lower levels. 

The UR-Centre - this is the area below the navel and is the connection to the Earth/Midgard (Bodn - Boden); thus we symbolise this centre with a Black Bull connecting to Ur (Aurochs) and the Earth (Black). This area is connected with strength of will ('he has guts') which is the essence of the bull-symbolism (aurochs). This is a very important area to meditate upon and one that most of us should consider carefully. Too much emphasis today is put upon the intellect and rational thinking, pushing the emotions (heart) and the instincts (hara) aside in the process. All 'education' is geared to intellectual thinking, although the emotions are used to control the masses. 

The Lower Centre (Hara) is the 'Sea of Energy' and a simple exercise to 'energise' this centre is to stand in the runic-posture of the Eohls Rune ('Life-Rune') facing to the East (at dawn) and visualise the Golden Rays of the Sun entering the body through the outstretched hands, flowing through the arms, shoulders, and down into the Hara-Centre ('Calm Centre') where it becomes a 'Ball of Golden Light'). There are certain things to remember here -

  • The 'Golden Sun' is here symbolic, and in reality you need to recognise that what we are visualising is the 'Sun behind the Sun' or 'Spiritual Sun' which is the Ur-Source of Spiritual Energy.
  • The flow of this energy must follow the mind; in other words visualisation of this energy forces it to flow as the mind wills it to do. 
  • When this exercise is finished (if done rightly) you may find that you have an 'excess' which can be 'thrown off' by turning sun-wise a few times whilst shaking the hands, at the same time visualising the Light Energy being thrown out in all directions. It may also help to touch the bare earth below to 'earth' this energy. 

As an aside here, though perhaps not directly related to what is being said about the Three Cauldrons, the subject of 'Dark Matter' has been related to 'Astral Matter'. This is interesting in that 'Astral Matter' is seen as matter of a higher vibration, so is there any link here between 'Astral Matter' and the 'Astral Body'? This is a very hard question to answer since very little is known of 'Dark Matter'; but what we do know is that 'Dark Matter' must be a form of 'material substance' which is moulded by 'Dark Energy'. The link may be even subtler if energy and matter are one and the same as some scientists believe. 

Another question we may ask is whether 'Dark Energy' is linked to the concept of the 'Black Sun', and whether the 'Black Sun' is the 'Spiritual Sun' and the Ur-Source of Spiritual Energy. Some link the Black Sun with the Black Hole which is interesting in that the Black Hole seems to pull everything into it using a centripetal force, and then seems to become dormant; at some time it then starts to become 'live' again and emits an energy-force which is throw outwards. The sequence is rather simple in that a Black Hole is a collapsed star (death) which pulls matter into itself but which then emits energy and matter again (life), thus creating a life-death-life pattern. The Black Hole suggests an 'Implosive Science'. 

In occult circles the term 'Black Light' or 'Dark Light' has been coined which suggests a link to the Black Sun. We are, it seems, talking in terms of a Spiritual Sun in a different dimension or world - the 'Inner Earth' is seen thus and seen as a counterpart to our physical earth. 

I have mentioned this only because the idea of the 'Astral Body' is rather confusing to many. Miguel Serrano, an esoteric master, used the term 'Son of Man' for this 'Astral Body'. Modern researchers seem to see this as something that everyone has, but Serrano sees this as being one and the same as the physical body originally, but which has atrophied in the majority of humans, but which can be 'resurrected' through a process of rebuilding this, but this can only be done in the 'Vira' or 'Divine Hero. What seems to be the fundamental idea here is that it is through 'Light' that this is done - the term 'astral' meaning 'star' and being linked to 'light'. Thus also the term 'enlightenment' or 'illuminated' and the original 'Race of Light' or 'Shining Ones'.

We have here to consider terms such as 'The Illuminated Ones' or 'The Illuminati', who seem to be far from 'enlightened' in the true sense of the term. Julius Evola took the term 'Counter-Initiation' from Rene Guenon, and referred this to groups we today call 'The Illuminati'. We need to understand that light can 'illuminate' and bring knowledge, wisdom and understanding, but it can also 'blind' (create darkness) since a light-source, shining in the eyes, can 'blind' a person who then cannot see (even if this is temporary, though the Sun can cause permanent blindness). Thus, there are two distinct sides to light, the one that is positive, the other negative. The 'Illuminati' blinds people to the truth, and they have done so by stealing the Ancient Knowledge and twisting it so as to shine a light into people's eyes and blind them to the Truth. 

The concept of building or recreating the Astral Body is in effect done through the power of visualisation whence the Fiery-Energy is moved by the mind; the movement of this Fiery-Energy follows the movement of the mind. The Three Energy-Centres (or the Nine Chakras) are thus not physical in form but the subject of the visualisation. Through the power of the Will the Astral Energy is moved through these centres until reaching the Upper Energy Source (Odroerir) which produces the Amrita or Golden Nectar which floods the Astral Body and transmutes it, creating the 'Son of Man'. This is the key to the Three Cauldrons which are linked to the ALU-ULA Formula.

Ingui - The Sacral King (Part Two)

The earliest form of Shiva who, like Odin, seems to have been transformed into a more 'sedate' form in later times, is Rudra, whose name is linked to The Dagda of the Tuatha de Danaan through the title Ruadh Rofhessa ('Red of Perfect Knowledge'). Rudra can mean 'The Red One' and we are reminded of 'Rufus the Red' here too. In the English Nursery Rhyme of 'Cock Robin' every verse bar one concerns a bird, whilst the odd one out is a bull  - the very symbol of Rudra ('Red rag to a Bull'). Rudra in some versions rides a Boar. 

Shiva appears in seals of the Vedic period as seated in a lotus position (as the Gundestrup Cauldron) with great horns upon his head. We have seen how a Saxon Tribe in Dorset worshipped the 'Stag and the Snake' (symbols of this Horned God) and also the Saxon Irminsul. Some years ago Troy Southgate and I (and our families) did a hike along the North Downs Way in Kent, stopping for lunch at a place with three mounds topped by trees. The same night I had a vivid dream of these mounds (minus the trees0 one of which had an entrance with a Stag-Horned figure which was also symbolise by a Tiger. The dream told me this was Herne the Hunter (it was in fact near to 'Herne's Cave' on the North Downs Way which I did not know of until later). Somehow here I was given the symbolism of Herne as Rudra-Shiva one of whose symbols is the Tiger. 

The 'Wild Herdsman' is often portrayed as a great 'Black Man' which shows his 'dark side' or 'shadow-side' and there is a Grail Myth which seems to link this figure with the Long Man of Wilmington (we know his links to the Herne Giant) and thus to Waendal. The Dagda is obviously a variant of Woden as the god of magic and the dead. The name is probably merely 'dadda' (the 'g' being silent) which relates to the 'All-Father'. As the 'Don' ('The Don') his name is based upon the same letters (minus vowels) as (O) - D - (I) - N which are DN, which I have covered before in a post. The son of Don is Gwydion who is clearly Woden who has been taken up within the Welsh (Celtic) legends from a Germanic God, probably of the Belgae. Again, through the Dagda we have links between Germanic Lore and the Tuatha de Danaan 'from the North' who were great wizards and had great knowledge of Occult Lore and the Occult Arts. 

The figure of Merlin is also connected to the 'Lord of the Woods' and in some cases described as wearing a wolf-skin and bearing a club. This again is a dim remembrance of the god Woden in Celtic Lore. What we see here is the figure of the 'Wild Man of the Woods' (Wodewose) who escapes to the forests to become 'hermits' separated from the society they were in, just like the theme of the 'solitaries' of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. They are 'wargs' or 'wolf's heads' in a society that shuns them and to which they do not belong - as we are today in fact. 

Hamasson pointed out that the 'Dance of Shiva' would most likely take the form of a Fylfot-Swastika when revolved (*) and this is a Fire-Dance or 'Dance of Destruction' that is rarely equated with the figure of the Wild Huntsman (Woden) who destroys in order to recreate. 

I once saw a clip on YouTube showing the VW (Volkswagen) symbol on a hub-cap being revolved at a certain speed which created a Fylfot-Swastika. Taking this with a 'pinch of salt' I took no more notice until watching a documentary on the VW firm where the wheels of a VW were seen spinning, and actually did make a Curved Swastika. It is thus easy to see that Hamasson has a valid point here. 

Der Wild Jagde (German)

(Franz von Shuck - 1889)

The Wild Hunt (English)

(Franz von Shuck - 1899)

'Thereupon he became distorted. His hair stood on end so that it seemed as if each separate hair on his head had been hammered into it...he closed one eye so that it was no wider than the eye of a needle; he opened the other until it was as large as the mouth of a mead-goblet...The Champion's Light rose above his head.'

Here Cu Chulainn takes on the form of the Wild Hunter-God, the One-Eyed Wolf-God known as Woden. The nature of this 'Teuton Fury' is connected to Cu Chulainn through the Irish fearg which is a 'Wolfish Rage', the name fearg being the same as the Germanic wearg or warg meaning a 'Wolf of the Outside' i.e. an 'outlaw'. 'Culann' means 'hound' and he is the 'Hound of Ulster'. 

The 'Wounded King', as we have seen, is none other than Ingui who is wounded in the thigh, and whose wasting wound results in the Wasteland of Logres, where both Land and Folk are degenerating and dying - just as our Land and Folk are today. 

The figure of the Divine Twins holds a profound secret, for one of the twins is mortal, the other immortal. The 'Immortal Twin' is the hidden side of us, that which can be awakened and thus grant to us immortality. The mortal twin is our physical being, which we have to 'shed' in order to become immortal - and the symbol of the immortality is the Apple in Germanic Lore, granted by the Goddess Idunn. This immortal being is in fact a 'spark' of the original Divine Being which resides inside us, but which has to be awoken and brought back to 'life' in order to become 'as gods'. We have to eat of the Tree of Knowledge before we can eat of the Tree of Life and become 'as gods', and these have always been associated with the Apple Tree and thus to Idunn (in the Garden of Idunn). 

  • Parsifal's father marries a 'black-skinned Moor' - Nigredo.
  • He abandons her and marries Herzeloyde of the House of Anjou - Albedo. He is slain and thus Herzeloyde is the 'widow' and their son is Parsifal - 'Son of the Widow'. He slays a Red Knight and takes his armour and weapons to become that Red Knight - Rubedo.
Parsifal is the Warrior-Hero (The Wera) who has three swords -

  • With the first sword he slays the Red Knight.
  • He buries the first sword and takes the Sword of the Red Knight.
  • The third sword is the Memory of the Blood (Miming) which, on the second blow, is broken and repaired in the water of the Fountain 'Lac' flowing from beneath a Grey Rock. This is the 'Broken Sword' - NG. 
Agni (The Fire) is the son incarnate of Savitri (Heavenly Father) conceived and born by the Virgin Maia, who had as his earthly father the carpenter Twasti (Maker of the Swastika). In the Cave of the One of Both Sticks (Nyd-Rune) which has the name of 'The Mother', lives the Goddess Maia, the embodiment of Creative Powers who gives birth to the Son under the influence of Vayu (The Spirit) the breeze of the wind without which the Fire cannot be lit. The first spark that came from the Cave of the Sacrum of Maia, by the turning of the Fire-Wheel Pramantha represents the Birth of Agni. This spark is called 'The Child' or 'The Son'.

The Anointed One - Ingui-Krist - is the Divine Spark (Holy Spirit) created by the turning of the Fire-Wheel (Swastika), born in the Womb of the Virgin Mother (Maia) through the Friction-Fire of 'Two Sticks'. This is influenced by Vayu (Woden) who is the Spirit of the Wind without which the Holy Fire cannot be lit. The Warrior-Hero is born of the Waene, of the Morning Star, and is the 'Offspring of the Morning Star. He is Agni, he is Inga, he is the Divine Child and the Son of the Widow - The Hooded Man. Vayu - the 'Holy Spirit' - is Weoh (Ve) who is the 'Breeze of the Wind'. This is an aspect of Woden as the Triple-God knwn as Woden-Will-Weoh. Woden is the 'Fury', the Divine Intoxication, Will is 'The Will' and Weoh is the Divine, the Spirit. 

Contained in the word 'swastika' is a secret which connects to this theme -

Su - The Sun

As - this root carries the notion of holiness, of light and of divinity.

Asu - wind, connected to asu which is 'vital force' and 'power' 

This refers to Fire-by-Friction related to the Pramantha, itself related to the name Prometheus, the Greek God who stole the Fire of the Gods in order to give this to Mankind. We find vague hints that Sheaf-Ing was also connected to a 'Taper of Fire' which he brought to Mankind when he sailed to Scandi - the 'Shining Island'. Sheaf-Ing came from The Deep, i.e. he sailed across the Waters of Chaos at the end of a Cosmic Cycle when the worlds were dissolved back into the Primal Chaos. 

As I have shown before, Sheaf-Ing is connected to the Holy White Stone seen here in this Mayan Stela at the bottom of the 'Ark' or Dragon-Ship (note the serpents twined around the boat). This golden-red, bearded figure can be seen holding the 'Hammers of Thunor' and yet, these are each the 'Cross of Fro-Ing' or the 'Cross of Krist'. This shows the 'Saviour-God' who appears after the Great Flood and the destruction of the Old Order, steering the Waters of Chaos and Dissolution to bring a New Order and a New Race of Man - he is the Aryan Manu. In the 'Ark' is contained the 'Seed of New Life' at this Time of Dissolution, and written upon the Holy White Stone is the phrase Gift of Ing which is the Inga-Fire/Agni-Fire which is the Fire-Serpent which 'hides' within the Waters, dormant, atrophied, awaiting the time when it will be awoken by the Warrior-Hero - the Fire-Initiate. 

'The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior's last battle on earth.'

'A Separate Reality' - Carlos Casteneda

This is our 'Last Battle', it is the 'Last Stand of the Inglinga' when we face insurmountable odds in order to achieve the End-Sieg - the Final victory - when the Forces of Light defeat the Forces of Darkness and Matter. When we fall the world falls with us, and the old race of man falls, giving way to a new Race of Man - the Arya or Sun-Man, the God-Man foretold by the Prophets of Old. The 'Son of Man' is born with the death of the Father - the Father and the Son are one, Woden and Wid-Ar. 

If the 'Fisher-King' is Ingui, then we can see yet another parallel with the 'fishermen' associated with the Krist, and the symbol of the fish which was used of the Krist. Sceaf-Ing appears across the seas - the 'Fishes Bath'. We are actually told in the Old English Rune-Poem that Ing follows his 'waen' across the waves of the seas. 

The English Hero, Beowulf, has a name that can mean 'Barley-Wolf' or 'Bee-Wolf' (the Bear). He comes together with the figures of Sheaf (Corn) and Scyld (Shield) which all feature in the Legend of Sheaf. There seems direct links to East Anglia where we do indeed find an ancient ship-burial; the Wuffingas (Sons of the Wolf) are seen as the Wulfingas who occupied an area of south-west Sweden next to the Geats. The 'Barley-Wolf' is found in the famous folk-song John Barleycorn, a tale of death and rebirth. The 'Sons of the Wolf' refer more to Woden as the Wolf-God than to a Wolf Totem alone.

In the Myth of the War of the AEsir and the Waene we find the transition from a peaceful era - the 'Peace of Frodi' (Ingui) - to that of a warlike era ruled over by the Warrior-Gods of the AEsir under Woden. The Warrior-Gods had to take over from the peaceful Waene because of the change in circumstances, this was not a usurpation by the 'nasty Aryans' as some scholars infer, and which has become ingrained in our lore without foundation. As the Norse Myth tells us, the two sets of gods were fused into one and Ingui-Frey and Freya became part of the AEsir-Gods, thus changing their functions to suit the New Order. We can also find an interesting god named Kvasir, whose name relates to 'fermenting' and thus to the 'Mead of Inspiration' from which his Sacred Blood is made. He is slain and his blood is eventually put into the Three Cauldrons - Bodn-Son-Odroerir. Here we are back to the Sacred ALU Formula which is directly linked to the Sacred Blood of Kvasir. The Blood of Kvasir seals the union of the AEsir and the Waene - it becomes a symbol of the integration of the Warrior-Gods into the Elder Gods of the Waene. 

In an interesting little booklet by Varg Vikernes - Irminsul - he sees Freyr (Ingui) as the High God placed in the centre, the God of Balance who stands between Woden (Explosion-Centrifugal Force) and Thor (Implosion - Centripetal Force). This is the 'rhythm of the lungs of the universe' (the arms of the Irminsul). Here Varg gives a very profound secret away, since the Power of Thor is constant but the Power of Woden is like the Bkitzcrieg, it moves between an enormous force to almost nothing (stillness) and the back again to become enormous again. This is the key to the understanding of the Power of Woden, since he is the God of Fury and the Storm - but this  The Eye of Woden is the Eye in the Storm, the still centre of a mighty, enormous, devastating Force of Destruction and Creation. The Force of Ingui-Frey is stillness, for he is the Calm Centre at the heart of everything. 

Thus, according to this idea of Varg Vikernes there are three gods with three distinct roles -

Woden - Explosive Force (Expansion).

Thor - Implosive Force (Gravity).

Ingui-Frey - Harmonic State of Balance (Standstill).

The Irminsul Pillar lies in the middle of the twin forces and is thus symbolic of Ingui or perhaps Ir-Ing in this case. It is Ingui who sits in the High Seat, as he did when he longed for Gerda. Varg has a very interesting theory -

'With the Sixth Race, we thus seek to develop humanity and the technology that will ne advanced enough to transfer a human's experiences to the next life. We will live in a new body, but our consciousness will be the same. In other words, your ego will be identical; only the body is new. All knowledge, all experience and all sense will be the same. This is the immortality of the personal consciousness. The physical immortality will then be sought for.'

'Irminsul' - Varg Vikernes

The 'ego' that lives on from body to body is the Absolute 'I' spoken of by Miguel Serrano. The 'Sixth Race' is the Solar Race, the Arya with a highly developed intelligence and body. We can see the whole process clearly through the teachings of Miguel Serrano -

  • The Fire-Serpent moves upwards through the Seven Chakras, up to the Crown Centre.
  • At the Crown Centre the Sacred Marriage of HE/SHE takes place - the Union of Shakti and Shiva (Freya and Woden).
  • At this point the Sun-Initiate must try to 'Cross the Abyss' or 'Cross the Void', moving through the Eighth Chakra (The Black Sun - Sunya), where the loss of the 'I' (Ego) is a possibility that has to be avoided.
  • Through retaining the 'I' the Initiate passes through the Void, the Black Sun, crossing the Abyss onto the Green Ray.
  • At this point the Absolute 'I' is developed because the ego has not been fused back into the All, or the One. This is the stage mentioned by Varg when he speaks of retaining the ego from one lifetime to another. 

Parsifal and Gawain are the two most important warrior-heroes of the Graal Mythos, and both are connected with the concept of Love, but this is in the form of a Cosmic Love which I would see as an aspect of the God of Peace and Plenty - Ingui. Parsifal states - 'I belong to a Lineage of Love'. Serrano tells of the Amor which is the reversal of Roma, and which means 'Not Death' and is also 'Love' as the word tells us. In Wolfram's version of the Graal Mythos Parsifal is clearly stated to be of the Angevin Line, which (as I said) could be seen as Ang-Wine or 'Friends of Ingui'. There are three distinct phases -

Siegmund - Germany World War I

Sigurd-Siegfried ('Victory-Peace') - Germany World War II

Parsifal - The Third Phase and the Final Phase for it is Parsifal-Krist who brings the 'resurrection' and the regeneration and renewal of Nature and Man. In the process Amfortas - the Dying King - is healed, seemingly through the questions asked by Parsifal -

'Tell me, where is the Gral?'

'Dear Uncle, what is your illness?'

Amfortas is healed and retreats from the scene, most likely like the Elves and Frodo in the Lord of the Rings going away to the Land of the Immortals. The question of the 'illness' that Amfortas suffers is the 'Racial Sin' of the mixing of the High Race of the North (The Hyperboreans) with the lower races on the Earth, and thus losing their immortality. The 'Gral' is the vessel of the Holy Blood which has been spilled (Calc-Rune or Yr-Rune) through this error or 'Racial Sin'. This is the sin of the entire Family of the Gral going back to the very beginning. 

According to Aleister Crowley, Wagner's Parsifal had a section at the end influenced by the Order of Templars of the Orient (OTO) - this was the part where the Holy Lance (Spear of Woden = Phallus) is plunged into the Holy Graal (Womb of the Mother) which is a symbol of  fertility and virility returning to the Land and the Folk. The Hagal-Rune is the 'Total Man' according to Serrano, through the union of YR (Woman) and MAN (Man) - Death and New Life. We have seen in a previous post how the Hagal-Rune related to Krist, and since both Parsifal and Krist are the 'Son of the Widow' (and the 'Son of Man') they are one and the same - the Divine Fool. 

The Rune of The Hooded Man is the Edel-Rune (Odal-Rune) which contains the 'Balance of Light and Darkness' through the Double Sig-Runes facing each other, each one representing Ingui and Freya. When the 'Crown' is added (see Runebinder's Volkische-Runes blog) we get the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun'. 

This creates the Ing-Rune which is of the Warrior-Hero - the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun' or 'The Avenging Son' - Wid-Ar. This is the Resurrection of Ingui as foreseen with the Black Sun of August 11th 1999 when the 'King of Terror' (Black Sun - Solar Eclipse) brought back to life the 'King of the Angles' (Ingui) as told by the prophet Nostradamus. This event was perhaps one of the most important for us here in England and for the Inglingas wherever they dwell today. We are today in the Age of Ingui and we are seeing more and more signs that Ingui is being 'resurrected' and 'coming back to life' to guide and aid his Inglinga Folk in the struggle against the Dark Forces. 

Serrano sees us being in the 'Lead Age' because, no doubt, Lead is the heaviest and the grossest of metals, associated with the malevolent side of Saturn. But in the Royal Arts of Alchemy Lead is closest to Gold, and thus we can see that even within the Lead Age there is a hint of Gold, and the coming Golden Age. This is symbolic of the Sacred Blood, for even within the polluted, mixed blood of our age (Lead) the Blood of the Hyperborean remains, waiting for it to be transmuted into Gold. To do so we have to add Sulphur (Fire) to Saturn (Lead) - to 'add Fire and Divinity'. This is the Fire of the Divine Will whence the Blood is converted into the Fiery-Blood which is the essence of the Inga-Fire and Ingui.

We have seen how the Wound of Amfortas is made worse when Saturn is in a certain position, thus directly affected by Saturn. Thus Amfortas can be likened in some way to Saturn, who has to be transmuted into 'Gold' (The Sun). What is created in the process is the 'Son of Man' which is the Astral Body which exists only now in potential and thus has to be re-created. The process is thus -

  • The Dark Night of the Soul - Nigredo.
  • The 'Resurrection from this Death - Albedo.
  • Immortalisation by means of the Red Spiritual Matter (Fire) - Rubedo.

From the process is created -

  • The Absolute Man.
  • The Absolute Woman.
Both of these are androgyne for they are re-united in their separation - Kaivalya. The Third Mystery (Serrano) is the 'Mutation of the Blood' which occurs first in the Astral Body and which then achieves the regeneration of the blood of the physical body of the Vira (Wera) - the Hero-Man. This is done through an 'igneous vibration of Sulphur', able to transmute the Lead of Saturn into aurum potabile. This is the Initiation of Sangreal - the 'Blood of the Sacral King'. It seems that the 'Stone' is identified with Saturn and this contains the Elexir, the Gold. 

With the Resurrection of the Astral Body (the creation of the 'Son of Man' - Ingui-Krist) we are 'recreating our blood'. Only the Divine Heroes (Viras) had an Astral Body, and thus only these Divine Heroes can transmute into the God-Man. The 'Igneous Blood' ('Fiery Blood of Ingui') is the 'Blue Blood' which was the basis of the most Ancient Solar Race. Once the Astral Body is recreated and materialised the Vril or ER will regenerate the physical body which will change form, transforming into the 'Two Swords' - the physical and astral bodies. It is the realm of the Astral Body where the power of the Great Enemy is best destroyed.