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The White Rider

The White Rider

I cannot stress this point more, the only way that we can achieve victory is through firmly implanting the new Aryan Archetype into the minds of the English Folk. 

The above image, and the 'negative' image shown being held up at the Avebury Stone Circle, is the image of the Last Avatar - Wid-Ar the Avenging Son. This shows certain symbolism of importance to our struggle -

  • The White Rider.
  • Rides a White Horse.
  • Bears a Flaming Sword.
  • Carries the White Dragon on his Shield; this is a 3 1/2 Winged Coiled Serpent - the Fire-Serpent.
  • Behind him is the Sacred Aryan Mountain with the White Peak - this is the Sacred Centre and the 'Triangle' through which the Last Avatar appears.
  • The Hale-Bopp Comet which is in the background; this relates to the sinking of At-al-land and the arising of At-al-land again from the deep.

This archetypal image must replace the 'Hanged God' image, whether that be of Woden, Krist or whatever; the new Aryan Archetype is the Warrior-God mounted upon a White Horse. Woden, the wily Old Wizard, gives way to the young, virile Warrior-God, the Woodland God, Wid-Ar. Basically, this is the new Aryan God for the Age of Ing, and Wid-Ar is indeed an aspect of Ingui as the 'Son of Man'. 

As shown in the Avatar Flag symbolism, the White Horse is active and thus symbolises energy, force and movement, the means to overcome against all odds. The horse is also symbolic of the movement between the worlds, just as Sleipnir is the Steed of Woden that moves between the worlds. The symbolism of the Eight-Legged Steed may also relate to the movement within two worlds, and anyone who saw the Hale-Bopp Comet must have noticed how it seemed to stand still for weeks on end. Indeed, it seemed to be 'in' this world but not 'of' this world. 

Wid-Ar is the Aryan God that rules over the Age of Heroes which is dawning at the end of the Kali Yuga or Warg Age. He is the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun'. The name Wid-Ar refers to 'He Who Returns' and is also the 'Woodland God' who is 'The Hooded Man' - the Wild Man that has to retreat into the forests awaiting The Awakening. He is the Silent God awaiting the time when the Silent Pool will rise - the sign for the appearance of the Last Avatar. The Silent Pool is near to Dorking in Surrey and is a pool with fresh spring water, and is not really 'silent' at all; neither is the legend of 'King John' true either. But it is a mystical place and worth a visit. 

The 'Long Man' is opening the 'Gateway to the Gods' and here also we have a hidden clue to the meaning of 'The Triangle' in Wulf's Prophecy. This hill-figure, as I have mentioned so often, is associated with Cygnus the Swan which is in the Summer Triangle. The star Deneb is positioned at the centre of the Dark Rift on the Milky Way, at the point of the 'Greater Wolf's Jaws' where in 2012 Woden (The Sun) was 'swallowed' to be 'reborn' as Wid-Ar the Son. The White Tree (Yggdrasil) here symbolises the Milky Way, with the Black Hole (Black Sun) at its centre. Also linked to this was the 1999 Solar Eclipse (the 'King of Terror', i.e. Ygg the Terrible) which brought back to life the 'King of the Angles' - Ingui.  

In order to advance the process of firmly planting the new Aryan Archetype in the minds of the Folk we shall be working on a new Wid-Ar Rite which will be used at our Esoteric Moots and then widened to the WF-C Folk-Moots. We have never actually dedicated a rite to Wid-Ar which is an oversight we must put right, and incorporate this into the Wheel of Woden maybe - this needs thinking about carefully. The more people that worship (i.e. emulate) Wid-Ar the more the 'gateway' will be opened for 'He Who Returns' to become manifest on Earth. 

Another thing that we all need to push is the concept that Ingui is the God of the English; this is still somewhat rejected in 'Englisc' circles and I am still seeing the usual establishment jargon about 'English' or 'Angles' coming from the word 'angle' because they lived in such an area - not convinced! We even say the word 'Inglish' and not 'English', still retaining the true sounding of the word. Ingui is the Divine Ancestor of the English and a kind of Manu or maybe the 'Son of Manu'. Only Tolkien, it seems, made the connection between Ingwe and the English Folk. 

We have built up our very own Folkish Wodenist Weltanshauung with very much our own Aryan Myth suited to the English Folk. As opposed to the Scandinavian 'Viking' image of Odin we have revived Woden as a far more ancient figure akin to Rudra of the Vedas. In doing so we have gone beyond the normal Asatru/Odinist work going further back to the lost land of At-al-land as the 'Racial Homeland' and the land from which the English Folk were led by Ingui as the 'Manu'. It is now the god Ingui who is guiding us from beyond - as Wid-Ar who is 'He-Who-Returns'. The Avatar Flag is the Banner of Wid-Ar which has been raised at our Folk-Moots and which represents the White Rider and the Last Avatar. 

The Hale-Bopp Comet

Woden - The Wolf-God

The horned figure shown is now being used on amulets and credited to be Odin/Woden; this figure is also far older than the time of the Norsemen who came out of Scandinavia in later times. It is a far more ancient figure of the Wolf-God who leads the Cultic-Warrior Bands. When Woden 'resurrects' as Wid-Ar he becomes the young Warrior-God connected to the wild-woods of England, as the Wodewose or Wuduwasa - the Wild Man of the Woods. It was not Odin  - the Hanged God - that has been resurrected, but Woden as Wid-Ar the Wild Woodland God of the Germanic Mannerbund. This Aryan Archetype has to be firmly implanted into the Soul of the English Folk. 

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