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The Aryan Avatar

The Aryan Avatar

'He returns as an Avatar, the incarnation of a God, Wotan, Vishnu, occupying momentarily and for short periods various bodies of Viras at the same time, even when only one among them is his favourite, his energy-centre. Someone who is carefully prepared to receive him. Thus the Avatar is a Kulku, who is more than one, being various and being many, each his own 'Furious Horde', his 'Ultimate Battalion.' 

Don Miguel Serrano.

Miguel Serrano is an Armanen Master (yes, 'is' because he still guides us from Valhalla) and we can see here a deep understanding of the meaning of the term 'avatar'. The word itself stems from a root meaning 'to descend' and 'to dive' from which we can gleam an insight into the manner in which The Krist became an Avatar on Earth, since this happened with his baptism by water when the 'Dove' descended into his physical body. 

'Someone who is carefully prepared to receive him.' This is a crucial point since when Hama-Heimdall descended into matter in order to recreate the Aryan Caste System within his Folk the Gods prepared him by giving him certain potions -

Hama-Heimdall is Scef-Ing who was born of Nine Wave Maidens; for his Divine Mission the child had to be prepared by being equipped with strength, endurance and wisdom. He was thus given to drink Jardhar Magn, Svalkaldr Saer and Sonar Dreyri. The last one is linked to Son which is one of the Three Cauldrons containing the Mead of Inspiration and Wisdom. Son is said to be Mimir's Fountain and thus related to the Blood Memory. Jordhar Magn is the same as Urdhar Magn and is the 'Earth Might' or 'Earth Power', the strength of which is found in Wyrd's Fountain - this is the power that sustains physical life. Svalkaldr Saer is the 'Cool Sea' coming from the River Sval which proceeds from Hvergelmir, the source of this particular power. 

 '...occupying momentarily and for short periods various bodies of Viras at the same time....' This tells us that not only is there one Avatar but also a number of individuals (Viras = Heroes) who are at one and the same time the Incarnation of Woden. In regard to World War II, which is our example of what this entails, we find that both Hama and Woden (Heime and Wotan) appear - one to recreate the Aryan Caste System and the other as the Wild Hunter-God waging war against the Joten. I have mentioned before how we have a 'pairing' of Wudga and Hama (Witega and Heime) which may link to these ideas. 

In one sense Ingui is Hama, but we must remember that they are archetypes and thus differ in form slightly, though they are of the same essence. We can now understand that when an Aryan Avatar appears, at the same time there appear various individuals who lead similar nations in the same struggle. But the same principle applies to the period before the return of the Avatar, for in the same way a number of Woden Initiates appear, all as a part of the god himself, all in a sense being Woden-Hama and bearing their Divine Mission. 

Whereas Miguel Serrano uses the word 'Vira' I have used the English version which is 'Wera'; the word is almost always translated as 'man' but it really means 'hero' or 'Divine Hero', and originally in the sense of the individual as the offspring of a god and a human. The Viras are descended from the gods, light-beings who took on the flesh in order to wage this Holy War (according to Miguel Serrano). The word 'Wer-Wolf' (werewolf) would thus mean 'Hero-Wolf' and not just 'man-wolf' as it came to mean; under the Christian yoke this became an 'evil' being, whereas originally it referred to the Wolf-Warriors of Woden. 

We can now see why so many Woden Initiates have arisen at this time once more, each with a Divine Mission and sent by the Aryan Gods. Although they sometimes work alone or as an individual, they also come together as a 'pack' in order to strengthen their power. Their mission is many-fold, and part of this is prophecy, the prophecy given to the individual to 'materialise' upon the Earth so that the Avatar can incarnate at the right time. In our era it is also necessary that a new Folk-Religion be created to not only prepare the way for the Avatar, but to bring together those chosen to aid the Avatar and his Divine Struggle. 

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