Friday 30 December 2022

Bloodline of the Grail

It is my belief that the "Holy Blood - Holy Grail" idea that arose, where the Bloodline of the Grail referred to that of Jesus Christ, was meant to prepare the way for a World Religion. This came about not only through Dan Brown, but also through 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' by Michael Baegent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln - whoever they purport to be. Whatever the motives concerned with spreading this idea, it would most certainly aid in the restoration of a 'Jewish Messiah' which is the basis for the World Religion. 

The basis of this whole thing lies on totally shaky ground and nothing more than speculation. The Bloodline of the Grail is that of the Merovingian Kings how were Sigambrian Franks who conquered the Gauls and ruled over what we now call France, named after them. It seems best to explain the blood-role here, since this is the key to understanding the whole thing -

"Sons of the Merovingian Blood were not 'created' kings. On the contrary they were automatically regarded such on the advent of their twelfth birthday...Power was simply assumed, as by sacred right...He was a ritualised figure, a priest-king...."

The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail.

The Merovingian Kings were regarded as the Sorcerer Kings and various magical artefacts were found in the graves of some of them. These Sorcerer Kings were polygamous, and this was even allowed after their conversion to Christianity - and this is important since they were originally Heathen Kings who were later converted. 'The fortune of the dynasty rested in the blood and was shared by all who were of that blood.' Marrying beneath their 'status' seemed to have no difference, their blood was so pure that it could not be sullied - this is a very, very strange thing. 

For Germanic Tribes of the time, the Merovingian Franks created a very high civilisation, and a very high level of learning amongst the nation. They migrated into Belgium and Northern France, in the area of the Ardennes - an important point perhaps. The Ardennes is named after the Goddess Arduina, and the name 'Arden' can also be found here in England; it is most likely that the name 'Arduina' relates to 'Idunn' in some way, though this is a guess. The Merovingians claimed descent from Troy, hence (it is said) why there are Trojan names such as Troyes and Paris in France. Another source has it that the Merovingians were descended from ancient Greece, in the region of Arcadia. Some Greek legends tell that Troy was founded by Arcadians - so there may well be no conflict here. 

'It is just possible that, in the Merovingians, we may have a dynasty of Germanic Heerkonige derived from an ancient kingly family of the migration period.'

The Long-Haired Kings - Wallace-Hadrill (p. 203ff).

Had the authors stopped just there and considered their own quote it would seem far more obvious that we are here talking not of a Jewish Messianic Bloodline, but of a Germanic Heerkonige Bloodline. They even went further into this mire by quoting another very obvious connection to a Germanic Heerkonige -

'Like most Merovingian rulers, Dagobert had at least two capital cities. The most important of these was at Stenay, on the fringe of the Ardennes. Near the royal palace at Stenay stretched a heavily wooded expanse, long deemed sacred, called the Forest of Woevres. It was in this forest, on December 23rd, 679, that Dagobert is said to have gone hunting. Given the date, the hunt may well have been a ritual occasion of some sort. In any case what followed evokes a multitude of archetypal echoes, including the murder of Siegfried in the Nibelungenlied.'

The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail.

Amazingly, the authors here equate the death of Dagobert with the death of Siegried, and yet still do not make the obvious assumption - that the Merovingian Franks were the Wolsungas! Even some of the names  suggest this, since a son of Dagobert was Sigisbert, Sigi being the 'Sire of the Wolsungas'; even the name Sig-ambrian Franks suggests the same. Was this whole thing done deliberately, or was it just one error after another? We may never know, but it does further the aims of the Global Agenda. (We find the title 'Sigi-' in names associated with Herman the Cheruscan, but this is not the subject of this post.)

The murder of Dagobert, seemingly at the behest of Pepin the Short, in reality brought an end to the Merovingian Dynasty, paving the way for the Carolingian Dynasty and the 'Holy Roman Empire' that arose from it. But this was a part of this Germanic Heerkonige, since we find traces of the Wolsungas here in England (Walsingham), and their offshoots the Wulkfingas (Wuffingas of East Anglia), and Haddingas (Scottish Lowlands). 

The origins of the Merovingian Franks lie in a strange legend about their founding king - Merovee, Merovich, or Meroveus. The name itself is connected to water and to the sea (OE mere etc.). When already pregnant by her husband, King Clodio, Merovee's mother went swimming in the ocean. There she is said to have been seduced by a sea-creature, a bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similes - a 'beast of Neptune similar to a Quinotaur'. He was thus born of 'Two Bloods' - now this reminds me of legends from the area of Sumer-Babylon-Accad where the 'Double-Headed Eagle' stands for Two Bloodlines. 

Now, according to the works of Richard Wagner the Wolsunga Royal Line was spawned by Woden himself in the forests of Germania. They were created as a Divine Race of the Gods. What is a 'Quinotaur'? The '-taur' part clearly refers to 'Taurus the Bull', and we do finds bull's horns in Merovingian graves; 'quino' refers to the number 5, a number often associated with Mars or Aries. Where Aries and Taurus overlap (I believe) is around April 21st, which is the founding-date of the Roman Empire, founded by Romulus and Remus. Since these 'Divine Twins' were by legend descended from Aeneas who fled the destruction of Troy, then their connections to Troy may not have been made up. We seem to have connections with these Divine Twins in the East Anglian Dynasty of the Wulfingas, an offshoot of the Wolsungas. 

'And they all supposedly bore a distinctive birthmark, which distinguished them from all other men, which rendered them immediately identifiable and which attested to their semi-divine or Sacred Blood. This birthmark reputedly took the form of a Red Cross, either over the heart - a curious anticipation of the Templar blazon - or between the shoulder blades.'

The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail.

For now, we shall overlook the links to the Knight's Templar and to the Templar Cross, but this will form part of a later section. The more important point here is the birthmark between the shoulder blades since this mark formed part of the Myth of Siegfried when he bathed in the Blood of the Dragon. One of the main features of the Merovingian Kings was that they were called the Long-Haired Kings, and to cut off their power the Judaeo-Christians cut off their hair! The legends surrounding them featured the magical arts and wondrous features that seem to have come down from much more ancient times. 

The famed Spear of Destiny was not that which 'pierced the side of Christ', since it has been dated to hundreds of years after the death of the Christ (if this ever happened). It dates, not surprising, to the time of the Merovingian Franks, and indeed the Tribal Spear was in fact the prime symbol of the Merovingians, as it was with the Langobards further South. The legend of Merovee and that of Romulus and Remus do have something in common - Merovee was also sired by a 'sea-monster' whilst Romulus and Remus were sire by the god Mars. It is also very strange how the legend of these twins was referred in East Anglia by the Wuffingas, who actually claimed descent from Caser - Caesar! 

San Graal - 'Holy Grail'; Sang Real - 'Royal Blood'. This play-on-words used in the French rendering has often been pointed out, and yet the significance of the 'Sacred Blood' is rarely delved in to - except by such Armanen Masters as Don Miguel Serrano. Clearly, there is a link between what I have said here of the Merovingian Kings, and that of the Wolsungas, and the link seems to be - the Knight's Templar. Wolfram von Eschebach's works on the Grail not only seem to link this with a Sacred Bloodline, but also to the Wolsungas. In this he mentions a figure called Waels being connected to the Grail; this has been taken to refer to 'Wales', but the word Waels forms the basis of Waelsingas which was an Old English form of the Wolsungas. Eschenbach's works also seem to hint that the 'Guardians of the Grail' are the Knight's Templar.

I think here we need to take into account that the accounts at different times of a search for a physical object - be this a Cup or a Stone - may well have been a clever means to hide the underlying true nature of 'The Grail' - the Sacred Bloodline. We must not, however, dismiss the links to the symbolism of the Cup and the Stone, just recognise that underlying all this is the search for a Sacred Bloodline. I would also like to point out that it may be a mistake to take the usual course of seeing such 'secret societies' as the Knight's Templar and the 'Freemasons' as all being connected to a Global Occult Conspiracy. Maybe some lodges worked for the Dark Forces and some lodges worked for the Light Forces, which would explain some of the problems faced in researching this. 

Certainly, from what we find in Germany, the Knight's Templar, or the remnants of this after its suppression, seem to have taken a far different line than the Freemasons (in the main). And we do have the historical record that there was a split between the Knight's Templar and the Priory of Sion with the 'cutting of the Elm'. The historical record of this seems to suggest a conflict between the English and the French over the cutting down of a tree - seemingly more symbolic than actual. But it is perhaps significant that it ia s tree, and this case the Elm-Tree, that is involved here (this will come to light when a research of the Nine Sacred Runes added by English Adepts is looked at more carefully.)

There is also a legend that the Knight's Templar, after their suppression here in Europe, sailed to America, and in one case took with them the Holy Grail. Now, this being more a Sacred Bloodline it makes far more sense than a physical object being carried over to the 'New World. In regard to this I am going to relate a very strange thing that I came across on YouTube yesterday (a 'coincidence' when this research was being done). This relates to a video by Robert Sepehr from the US, and to the removal of the statue of the famous Confederate General - Robert E. Lee. 

With the BLM riots and destruction came the moves to destroy all vestiges of White Culture, and the special target was the Confederacy and its history, even though slavery was never the real issue here. In doing so the statue of Robert E. Lee was taken down to be destroyed; however, as with such blatantly evil moves, everything is not always as it seems. From what I can gather the press and media made mention of a 'time-capsule' found underneath this statue that seems to have contained the following -

  • An 1878 almanac.
  • A book of fiction (not known).
  • A British Coin.
  • A photo of James Netherwood, a master stone mason who worked on the pedestal. 
These were buried, I believe, for 134 years. However, according to Robert Sepehr, something of greater importance was pushed aside, and this he seems to prove with a clip of the video of the opening of the 'time-capsule' and the search through the contents. A parchment that was opened appears to contain a complete list of 'Commanders' and 'Members' of the Knight's Templar. I have mentioned this in passing since it could well prove to be of importance at some future time. 

Going back to what I have been saying about the Knight's Templar, there is also a curious reference to a set of relics -

'...A great head of gilded silver, most beautiful, and constituting the image of a woman. Inside were two head-bones, wrapped in a cloth of white linen, with another red cloth around it. A label was attached, on which was written the legend Caput LVIIIm. The bones inside were those of a rather small woman.'

Le Proces des Templiers (p. 208).

In the secrets of the Priory of Sion we find that this head is called CAPUT LVIII but the 'm' appears as the Symbol of Virgo the Virgin. This name means 'Head 58 Virgo'. There is yet another Templar tale in which a Skull & Crossbones are found and guarded by a Knight's Templar. It seems this may date back to the Twelfth Century and to Walter Map, though it is here not connected to the Templars. The 'Bearded Head' - Baphomet - is also connected to the Templars, and is well known. The 'Severed Head' features in Heathen Myth long before the Knight's Templar. 

Arduina is a Goddess of the Ardennes, part of Belgium, Luxembourg and France; she is a Huntress depicted riding a Boar. Here she seems to be much like the Norse Skadi except for the skis and the snows, but also akin to Freya since the Boar is her symbol. Supposedly a Moon-Goddess (which most seem to turn out as in modern times), she is likened to Diana, though Diana and Artemis may be linked more to Venus, as is Freya. Arden was a district mainly consisting of Warwickshire, but also parts of Staffordshire and Worcestershire, and the place name (and others) occurs in Henley-in-Arden. Shakespeare's As You Like It was set in the Forest of Arden, and his mother's maiden name was Arden. We have thus clear connections between Arduina and areas of England. Ar-duina, as I have said, could be linked to Idunn, variations of a common Germanic Goddess. (Caesar states that most of the Belgae (Belgium) were of Germanic descent.)

In regard to the Wuffingas (Wulfingas) of East Anglia and their links to Caesar and to Romulus and Remus they do have names in their Royal Lineage suggesting a 'small boat', just like the 'trough' in which Romulus and Remus were placed to escape the wrath of Amulius, younger brother to the father of the twins - Numitor. Here we have yet another Archetypal Myth, since it is the uncle who deposes the brother and then it is the son who avenges the father - the Myth of Hamlet! Then we go on to the slaying of the brother (Remus) by the 'Immortal Twin', who goes on to conquer and found an Empire. In the Myth of Romulus and Remus a Sacred Fig-Tree is involved. 

The Forest of Woevres which was the place where King Dagobert was slain, pierced with a spear no doubt, is in the Ardennes. As far as I know the name 'Woevres' relates to the Serpent, but I believe that is is also connected to the Serpent-Currents that move on the Earth. Being in the area of Lorraine, which once was in Germany, the German name was Waberland, a name that appears top relate to 'weaver', and maybe thus to the Wyrd Sisters. In regard to the Serpent Currents mentioned here I am reminded on a Goddess that was honoured by the Iceni Tribe of East Anglia - Andraste - a name when broken into And-Raste contains the Raste which was a Sacred Measurement used in Germania. She was also supposedly related to the Moon, and her sacred animal was the Hare. Interestingly, she was also a War-Goddess associated with the Raven, just as the Waelkyrge are associated with the Raven. 

I have strayed a little here, but the themes remains of the Sacred Bloodline of the Grail, and the next stage in this research will use the Ar-Kan Runes which contain the Four Hallows and the Grail Runes. Indeed, in the Yr-Rune we also find the Mystery of the Three Royal Lines of the Angles - Wolsungas, Wulgingas and Heardingas. Stenay - the Sacred Centre of the Merovingians, could be based upon 'stone', as in Steyning where we find the White Stone of Ing (also in the Nine Sacred Runes of the Ar-Kan). Just down the road to Steyning is Bramber Castle, once the site of a Templar Castle. 

Thursday 29 December 2022

The Quest for Immortality


The Myth of Knit Mountain is not just a Tantric Love Rite undertaken by Woden; the myth itself embodies the search for immortality, the Quest for the Man-God. The symbolism involved tells us far more than the story itself. Woden shape-shifts into a Serpent which is an earthly-creature that moves upon the earth. He is then aided by Hama (Rati) or Ingwe (if we use the Vedic version where it is Agni who has this role) and enters the Sacred Mountain. Clearly, he enters at the base of the mountain. He sleeps with Gunlodd the Giantess for Three Nights, drunken with the Sacred Mean of Inspiration. With here help he shapes-shifts into an Eagle which is a bird of the heavens, that flies above in the skies. Through this rite he transforms from Man to Superman, from Man to the Man-God, from the Earth to the Divine. 

We could look at this as being the role of Woden alone, were it not for the clear intervention of Ingwe (we'll go for this as you will see) and the role of Gunlodd (The Feminine). To credit this to Woden alone is to miss the whole point of the myth. Clearly, the symbolism of the Serpent and the Eagle links to Yggdrasil - the World Tree. As does the role of Ratatosk, the Messenger of the Gods, who runs up and down the World Tree between the Serpent (Base) and the Eagle (Top). The Hawk between the Eyes of the Eagle is the 'Hawk-Eye' or 'Third Eye', which is opened through such a Tantric Rite. 

Why I have used the god Ingwe here, rather than using the name Hama, is that the essence of this Tantric Rite is the Rising of the Fire-Snake! The Fire-Snake (Ingwe) rises from the base of the Sacred Mountain, up through the Central Column (Spinal Column), awakening the 'Hawk's Eye', and thus transmuting The Hero into an Eagle. Through this process The Hero gains the Mead of Inspiration and also a Higher Consciousness whereby he becomes the Divine Hero. This can only be done through a Union with the Female - from this union flows the 'Nectar of the Gods'. 

It is usual to see Kundalini as a Goddess, but in my own opinion this idea of categorising everything into male-female may be helping us to miss the point of many things. By his name alone Ingwe is related to 'Fire' and to the 'Snake'. and he has associations with Venus - the Morning and Evening Star. But...his sister-wife is Freya who is also associated with 'Fire' and there is no doubt that somewhere we can find an association with the 'Snake' too. 

In the past I have equated Ingwe with the Solar Krist, and it seems that the term Krestos relates to Fire. Both the name Krist (Greek - 'Anointed') and Ingwe (Germanic - 'to anoint') realty to 'Fire' in some way, as we shall see. We know this of Ingwe through the Firestone where the 'Gift of Ing' is Fire. We also know that Krist is associated with Fire, since the 'Holy Ghost' or 'Holy Spirit' descends like a dove (dove = diver = an avatar). The 'Holy Ghost' or 'Holy Spirit' is always linked to Fire, as seen below -

I am one of these who follows the Armanen Masters in their rejection of 'Jesus Christ' and 'Christianity' but not in a rejection of the Solar Krist which is an Aryan Archetype. Rejecting the Christian Bible because of its distortions I am clear in, but not rejecting it as a symbolic work. When Krist is mounted and crucified on the Cross, this takes place at Golgotha - the 'Place of the Skull'. This simply refers to the 'Head-Centre'; Krist here has moved up to the 'Head-Centre' - Krist here is the Fire-Snake or Kundalini! This is at Easter, when the Light and Darkness are in balance, Krist arises from the 'Tomb' (his body), not resurrected in the flesh, but resurrected in his Astral Body - which his why his disciples are told not to touch him! The Krist has now achieved Krist-Hood or Immortality, has become a Superman or God-Man. We are no doubt missing some very important pieces of the Aryan Myth, no doubt removed by the Judaeo-Christian Church. The role of the Female is certainly missing here. 

The movement of the Fire-Snake starts in the area of the Sacrum & Coccyx, represented by the Nine Sacred Runes - Ac-AEsc-Yr-Ior-Ear-Cweorth-Calc-Stan-Gar (downwards). We do have a rune meaning 'Serpent' - Ior - and we do have a rune meaning 'Fire' - Cweorth. We also have the transformation from Earth (Ear) to Heaven (Cweorth). The Sacrum-Coccyx area is the 'Head of the Spear', since the spinal column is a downward-pointing spear-shape. We will leave this here, though there are many other important things to consider in this area.

In the same Aryan Myth we are introduced to the Myth of the Sacred Blood, since the prize of the quest undertaken by Woden is that of the Sacred Mead, itself being a product of the Blood of Kvasir. Kvasir was the 'Wisest of the Gods' so this is the Mead of Wisdom, but it has more qualities than that, since it inspires, and it is the Draught of Regeneration. 


"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a Pail of Water......" Jack is the Norse Hjuki, and Jill the Norse Bil, the latter being Bil the Dis, another name for Idunn. The Milky Way is named Bilfrost due to this being the road taken by Bil-Idunn when going to Asgard. Originally, the Sacred Mead was found on the Moon, guarded by the Moon-God. After a long series of adventures the Sacred Mead was given into the keeping of the Giant Suttung, and from there Woden stole it for the Gods. The same type of tale is told of the Soma in the Vedas, but there it is Agni that aids the theft.

From this we can see that it is Woden who undertakes the Quest for the Hidden Mead, and through this Woden attains Immortality by transmuting from the Serpent to the Eagle. It is through the Giantess Gunlodd that he achieves this, and the Sacred Mead is thus connected directly to the idea of Immortality, for not only does Woden steal the Mead, he actually drinks the Mead in the process. This, as shown, is linked to the Sacred Blood. Ingwe is the Fire-Snake that moves within Woden, transforming him from the Serpent to the Eagle: Ingwe is also the Sacred Blood that is the key to this transformation. The 'Gift of Ing' is FIRE, and this seems to be the key to these Mysteries. 

We can see this again in the Solar-Krist, where he becomes an 'Avatar', i.e. he becomes the vehicle of a God-Force. The vehicle for this is the 'Holy Ghost' or 'Holy Spirit' which is the 'Spirit of Fire'; I am certain that somewhere in the New Testament John the Baptist mentions that he baptises with Water, whist Krist baptises with Fire. 

NOTE - The 'Apkallu' or 'Seven Sages' that appear as images in many parts of the world, seemingly depicting figures of Wise Men who appeared after a Great Flood, all carry a 'pail' (some see this as a 'handbag' but I prefer the former due to the shape). They are also all standing in the Ac-Rune Stance, and in the above image we see the Sage holding a Pine Cone, clearly symbolic of the Pineal Gland and the 'Hawk's Eye'. Somewhere here, we have a link to the Ac-Rune and the Oak-Tree, or at least the Ac-orn (Acorn = A-Horn); now on writing this I am reminded of the 'horn' shown in the figure of Ratatosk -

It would seem here that the Acorn (Fruit of the Oak) is symbolic of the 'Horn', in this respect the Third Eye. This actually accords with the image of the Unicorn (= 'One Horn') which has a horn in the same place; these two symbols could well be interchangeable, and maybe the Unicorn became more commonly used in time.  The Unicorn is a White Horse, symbolic of Energy and Force, and here associated with the Moon rather than the Sun (it usually is anyway). 

This association between the Ac-Rune and The Moon was something that came up in a meditation on this rune by one of our WF Apprentices. This also suggests that the 'Pail' here contains the Sacred Mead, and guessing here this could well represent the process of regeneration after a Great Catastrophe. The essence of this seems to be - Fire-in-Water - thus associated with Ingwe.

The Pine Cone here could be symbolic of the loss of the use of the Pineal Gland, since this is how many legends refer to the Great Flood and the Sinking of Atlantis. This is why Woden undertakes such a quest, since it is in our time that the re-awakeing of the Third Eye starts to take place. Again, caution here, since this seems to be done at a physical level alone in some cases, but what we speak of here is a Spiritual Awakening. 

Nietzsche - Driven by Wotan


"Spread-eagled, shuddering,

Like a half-dead man whose feet are warmed -

Shaken alas! by unknown fevers, 

Trembling with sharp icy frost-arrows,

Pursued by you, my thought!

Unutterable, veiled, terrible one!

Huntsman behind the clouds!

Struck down by your lightning-bolt,

You mocking eye that stares at me from the darkness-

thus I lie,

Bend myself, twist myself, tortured

By every external torment,


By you, cruel huntsman,

You unknown - God!.....

You - Hangman God!

You God veiled in lightning! Unknown One, speak,

What do you want, unknown - God?

My unknown,

My Hangman-god!

Thus Spoke Zarathustra ('The Sorcerer') - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Can anyone deny that in this passage we sense the driving-force behind Nietzsche as being the god Wotan? Not to put this passage out of context it is the words of a Sorcerer to Zarathustra, and not stated as the words of Nietzsche. The Sorcerer is rebuked by Zarathustra for his words. But the knowledge here is clear, that what is spoken of is the One-Eyed Hunter-God, Wotan, also known as 'The Terrible One'. Nietzsche was a classical scholar but he was German, and we would thus expect him to be driven by a German God. Carl Jung was very similar in that he had a very profound dream of the Wild Hunter-God at the time of the death of his mother. 

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Nietzsche & The Superman.


"But the complex of causes in which I am entangled will recur - it will create me again! I myself am part of these causes of the eternal recurrence.

I shall return, with this sun, with this earth, with this eagle, with this serpent - not to a new life or a better life or a similar life:

I shall return eternally, to the identical and self-same life in the greatest things and in the smallest. to teach once more the eternal recurrence of all things.

To speak once more of the teaching of the great noontide of earth and man, to tell of the Superman once more."

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nietzsche delved deeply into the human mind, the earth and the cosmos in order to better understand its mysteries. He was a prophet and teacher, the Prophet of the Superman. 

"Everything goes, everything returns; the wheel of existence rolls for ever. Everything dies, everything blossoms anew; the year of existence runs on forever.

Everything breaks, everything is joined anew; the same house of existence builds itself forever. Everything departs, everything meets again; the ring of existence is true to itself for ever.

Existence begins in every instant; the ball. There rolls around every Here. The middle is everywhere. The path of eternity is crooked."

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche.

What Nietzsche speaks of is - Eternal Becoming. Julius Evola saw Being as in some way 'superior' to Becoming, since it was the Immovable Centre or Immovable Mover. But this world, this Earth is in a state of Eternal Becoming, which can be summed up as being like a river that flows continuously and yet always remains the same. Being is the 'Sacred Centre' which it is necessary to reconnect to, and thus infuse Becoming with Being. The problem was that Judaeo-Christianity placed some kind of 'transcendent god' over everything, and thus the meaning of the Earth was lost. It does not take much to work out that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Anti-Nature religions on a grand scale, and all sought to destroy the sacred places of Nature-Worship. 

Nietzsche also recognised that this was not an infinite universe, that it was finite and had its limits. What he recognised was that everything that happens does so over and over again a number of times (probably in a cycle). This concurs with the idea of Archetypal Myth which recurs over and over again, and yet in doing so not in exactly the same way. Nietzsche recognised himself in various 'historical' figures, each living an Archetypal Myth. 

One of the most prominent teachings of Nietzsche is the Will-to-Power; in this he sees that power, and power alone, is the driving-force of existence. Dismissing the objection that 'power corrupts' (which it does, but which will not concern us here since there are different levels of power), everything in life is energy, which itself is power. Life ends where energy ends. This Life-Energy pervades everything, permeates all things, animating them - giving life to them. Woden's Folk equates this with Ingwe - God of Energy, Force and Power - and whose symbolism in this respect is the Horse. 

The Will-to-Power can only be achieved by a constant struggle against resistance, a constant overcoming of resistance. It needs obstacles, problems, those things in life which create a resistance. The Will-to-Power is found in the Nyd-Rune - the Rune of Necessity; resistance and the overcoming of resistance, all found in the same symbolism. I have seen it said that this is the very basis of Nietzsche's teachings, the Will-to-Power which is overcoming for the sake of overcoming. If this were so it means ignoring his role as the Prophet of the Superman since it was not merely struggle for the sake of struggle, but the struggle to overcome our human limitations in order to evolve to a higher level. I think the problem with taking this teaching of Will-to-Power as being something the individual does, overcoming a resistance, and then moving beyond to overcome another resistance, is that it sets it in the totally individual level and in a decaying and dying era, when a rampant ego-consciousness becomes pronounces, this merely aids this downward movement. 

Whilst self-overcoming is the key to evolving, and the Will-to-Power is necessary in order to continually overcome resistance, just as important is the need for self-sacrifice. The dominant trait in our modern society, based upon rampant individualism as well as the 'collective' consciousness of the 'herd', is self-preservation. Here lies the danger in 'prepping' and 'survivalism', since this can, if allowed to, become solely a means of self-preservation. But it need not be seen as such if the individual cultivates the right frame of mind in which is is used for the Will-to-Power in that it produces obstacles and thus the struggle to overcome those obstacles. 

The Myth of Prometheus is the Myth of Self-Sacrifice since it is this Titan who steals the Fire of the Gods for mankind, and is punished for doing so. In Greek Myth Zeus is rather a tyrant, and it is he who punishes Prometheus for this act. But the very basis of Aryan Mythology centres around some form of theft - Woden steals the Sacred Mead for instance, and we have various tales of the Cattle-Raid of the Aryans. Jack steals the magic beans from the Ogre etc. With the Myth of Prometheus if we look upon this as 'fire' then it is a mundane act designed to overcome the outset of an Ice Age. This seems also the case where this 'fire' is brought to mankind by the Gods, such as in the case of Sheaf. But if we take this to mean something far deeper and profound, that this Sacred Fire is in fact the 'Divine Spark of the Gods', then this self-sam act was on of trying to elevate Man to the status of a God. The Promethean Virtue is the Right-to-Steal which was not only the Way of Woden, but also given to the Cultic-Warriors of the Germanic Mannerbund. At a mundane level this may be necessary to live, when one's livelihood is taken completely, but at a higher level this is the 'Thief's Way' of Higher Initiation. This is not 'petty crime' but it goes beyond the Judaeo-Christian values imposed upon our Folk to enslave them to usury and the feudal society. 

The Swastika was also known as the Pramantha or 'Fire-Twirl', from which the name Prometheus may also derive. The name 'Prometheus' can also mean 'foresight', which is also a very important concept to us today. We certainly need some kind of 'foresight' if we are to counter the swift and drastic changes that are coming upon us over the next decade or so. 

The Divine Fire stolen from the Gods is symbolic, and here we can see in this symbolism the Divine Wisdom and Truth which is 'stolen' and given to Man. In the case of the Greeks this was seen to have been withheld from Man by a more tyrant-type god. How far this idea was influenced by that of the Old Testament we shall probably never know, but in Genesis we find that 'God' withholds Divine Knowledge (Tree of Knowledge) and Immortality (Tree of Life) from Man. In both English Lore (Sheaf) and Vedic Lore (Agni) we find that the Gods send down this Divine Fire to Man. 

The Holy Swastika is the Feuerquirl (fire-whisk) with which Mundilfore twirled the Cosmos into being. The Fire-Quirl can be found in the Cweorth-Rune as above, and Waendal (Mundilfore) in the figure of the Long Man of Wilmington. This is the Fire of Creation, but also the Fire of Destruction, as found in the figure of Shiva and the 'Dance of Destruction'. Let us look at the idea of 'Friction-Fire' -

  • The first means to produce fire was flint upon flint - stone upon stone.
  • The next one we find is wood-upon-wood, where one stick is rubbed against another in some way to produce fire-from-friction.
  • Then we go to flint and steel, where steel is driven against a piece of flint to produce a spark.
  • Then we have steel upon steel, where a knife is used against a ferro-rod to produce a spark. 
In each case here the 'spark of fire' is contained within the means to produce that fire. Although we can see that it is the friction that produces the spark and the fire from it, we can only assume that this 'spark', this 'fire' is already contained in the materials we use to do so. If we rub our hands briskly together they will warm up, which we do unconsciously on a cold day. Where does that heat come from? From the friction used? But it is possible to feel heat in an area of the body through the imagination, and this has certainly been done by some yogis and others, and was known as the 'Bear's Breath' in the North. Ingwe (Divine Fire) needs the Power of Woden (Breath-Air) in order to burn.

I have looked at the Myth of Sheaf in the sense of having a deeper meaning, but maybe it is time to look at this again in the sense of it having far more importance. It is not just the myth of a culture-hero, nor that of an English divine ancestor - this is an Aryan Archetype to which the name 'Scef' was given by the English Folk. Like Hama-Heimdall this figure is an Aryan Archetype that appears over and over again in different forms. Ingwe-Scef-Hama-Hengest - rolling on through the Ring of Recurrence. Lets look at the symbolism again -

  • Fire - The Divine Knowledge of the Sun, Light, Truth.
  • Sheaf of Corn - This Divine Knowledge is then harnessed by Man to create a Higher Civilisation. 
  • Weapons - the means to conquer and gain the territory needed to create such a Higher Civilisation. 
  • The Boat - the means of travel between the worlds, bringing this Divine Knowledge to Man from the Gods.
Let us now take the hypothetical idea that a Higher Civilisation arises in some area of Europe, heirs to the ancient civilisation of Sumer, Babylon etc. Such a civilisation becomes so advanced that it surpasses everything we find within an Old Order that is decaying and dying. It seems to appear suddenly, in an instance, and yet for nearly one hundred years the way is being prepared for it, by people such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Guido von List and many, many others. This is where the 'occult' comes into play, which may confuse the issue somewhat if one thinks as the 'occult' as one thing alone, but when thought of in terms of delving into the Hidden Knowledge and 'stealing' this knowledge, then things become far clearer. It is this 'Theft of the Hidden Knowledge' that is the key to understanding how Aryan Man seeks to become 'as Gods', and thus infuses the Earth with the Divine. 

What we today see as Higher Civilisations are no doubt mere remnants of a far more widespread Higher Civilisation that existed - we see this as 'Atlantis' (At-al-Land) at one level, and of Thule-Hyperborea in far more ancient times. These scattered 'higher civilisations' that appeared, disappeared, and arose again somewhere else are merely remnants of something far greater, and maybe at one time world-wide - who knows? At least we can surmise that Thule-Hyperborea existed as a massive civilisation in the North (wherever North was at that ancient time), and this was cut off from other areas which served to keep its people 'pure' and thus maintain such a High Civilisation. 

The Will-to-Power is self-overcoming and not self-preservation; it is the continual overcoming, the struggle against all odds, which in itself leads to spiritual purification. Creative work 'raises the spirit' we are told, and someone with energy and fire is said to have 'spirit'; indeed, this is more often associated with someone who is rather defiant! 'God is Dead!' declared Nietzsche and thus came the necessity to create 'New Gods'. for our of destruction must come a New Creation. This seems to be the sense in which he looks at nihilism.

Nietzsche could not have been an atheist, since an atheist believes in no God; to declare that 'God is Dead' means a belief in God in the first place! But Nietzsche seems to foresee that with the 'Death of God' would come nihilism - the 'rejection of established authority and institutions'. This state set in just after World War II in a big way. We can see this in groups such as the 'Hell's Angels' and similar Biker Groups that appeared at this time, sporting the Swastika, not in any way an ideological symbol - but to shock! There is a similarity in modern 'Satanism' where 'Satan' is seen as the 'Adversary', the antithesis of 'God', and thus it is the shock-factor involved in a youth taking this up. Many of us have been through these things in the past, no doubt, at one level or another, at least when we were young and developing. But those forces that were victorious in World War II set out to use this nihilism to their own advantage. It shows an astute recognition in what is developing! World War II was the "Twilight of the Gods" - the Gotterdamerung! 

Nietzsche saw nihilism as necessary, or maybe he just foresaw what would come into being without the Divine. The rejection of established authority and institutions must come in order that the Old Order be destroyed and swept away, leaving a clean sheet for a New Order. In doing so a 'godless' period will come into being (as it has), before which a 'New God' must be created, or in the case of Nietzsche - the Man-God or Superman. However, true to form the 'death' of God in this form has also be recognised and acted upon through the start to the creation of a 'World Religion'. In the meantime, since it seems necessary for man to have some form of religion, we have been offered various forms of 'new religion' such as the 'Covid Religion', complete with its shrines or temples and its 'martyrs' who died from it. These are mere distractions in order to pave the way for their coming 'World Religion' and 'World Messiah' - nothing changes.

Of course, nihilism can be harnessed against the New World Order which is now the world's 'authority and institutions'. This seems to be the theme of 'The Joker' which ends in nihilism and the drive to destroy for the sake of destroying. Figures such as Attila the Hun seem to embody such a destructive force, his being aimed at the Judaeo-Christian Empire. When Hengest took up the Sword of Attila as the 'Ravager of the Islands' he embodied much the same role; in one sense these, like Genghis Khan, were 'Men in Time' according to the ideas of Savitri Devi. The Viking invasions in Europe were also aimed against the growing Judaeo-Christian church, this time not Rome, but the 'Holy Roman Empire' being extended by Charlemagne. This was maybe why none of these were very long-lasting, and Judaeo-Christianity continued to develop and grow further and further around the world. In order to reverse the process it will take a Man Against Time.

The 'Death of God' brings into force a whole new way of thinking, since all being 'equal' before God gives the sense of some future 'redemption', and the taking away of responsibility for ourselves to a 'higher being'. Take this away - and we are left to our own devices. In some Greek Myths the Hero, though driven on and backed by a God, rejects that God in favour of his own actions - as did Prometheus when he stole the Fire of the Gods. Indeed, it was the most well-known Hero-God - Hercules - that freed him from his chains. It is such catastrophic events like World War II that trigger this nihilistic action; and we can see that this will be the result of the events that surround us today. This is known, and it is used, for they will certainly expect some form of reaction against such oppression and terror used against the people. Ordo ab Chao - they bring disorder and chaos and step in with the solution. 

When the 'Black Sun' (Solar Eclipse) allowed the Resurrection of Ingwe this was the conception of a New Age - the Age of Ing. This was a transition period between world-ages. But Ingwe represents more than this, since this is the 'Resurrection of the Divine Fire within Aryan Man'. The 'Gift of Ing' is FIRE - the Divine Fire - and it is this we should cultivate and 'fan' through the Spirit of Woden (wind-air). The English developed the 33 Runes here in these islands, and they contain the 9 Sacred Runes that represent the Sacrum and Coccyx at the base of the spine - they relate to the Fire-Serpent. In these extra runes we have the Grail Runes and in some forms of the Grail Mythos it is Logres (England) that is 'The Wasteland'. 

First comes 'The Quest', then comes the 'Healing of the King and the Land', and from there the evolving into the God-Man takes form; that the God-Man may then walk the 'New Earth'. 

If this is seen as the White Stone of Ing or 'The Firestone' than it contains the Kan-Fusion Ing-Rune of FIRE. It contains Man and his reflection in the Lower-World. It contains the Horse-Rune and its reflection in the Lower-World - the Rune of Energy and Force. It is this Fiery-Essence held within the Sacred Stone that seems to be connected to the idea of the Grail - as a Stone, that is. We'll leave this for now but I think this has some importance to our struggle today.

Sunday 18 December 2022

The Primal Time or First Time


I have shown in an earlier post how the Norse AR VAR ALDA may refer to the 'Primal Time' or 'First Time'. There are also two phrases which I believe can be found in Beowulf concerning the ship-burial of Scyld - ingeardagum & aet frumscaeft

ingeardagum - 'in days of yore'.

aet frumscaeft - 'at the beginning'.

These translations are rather simplified and I don't think they convey the more esoteric meanings of these phrases. 

The word in-gear-dagum as 'in days of yore' is quite straightforward, and the term is still used in some places to convey an 'antiquarian' feeling. It is thus well ingrained in our English Tongue, even down to modern times. This is very similar to Ar Var Alda in its meaning. 

The phrase aet frumscaeft seems to be a little more complicated, and not being a scholar of Old English I can only do my best to try to work this one out - especially in terms of the esoteric meaning behind the phrase. The word frumscaeft - i am assuming - is fruma (beginning, primal, first, original cause, creation) and scaeft (sceaft - shaft). The word scaefta munda occurs in relation to the 'king's grith' and sceaftmund seems to mean 'a span' - i.e. a span of time. Sceaft also means 'creation', 'origin', 'existence'. 

Both of these phrases hint at a 'First Time' or 'Primal Time' and the Latin mundus refers to the world, whilst the 'Shaft-Munda' reminds me of the 'Axis Mundi' or 'World Axis'. O very much doubt if the Anglo-Saxons were not familiar with Latin, since some of the rune-names are Latin in origin, or have Latin equivalents that can give different meanings. 

The Old English gear means 'year', hence the term 'yore' which derives from this, but which refers more to an ancient time or former time. The Ger-Rune has the meaning of 'year' and should no doubt be sounded as 'year'. The Ger-Rune is the Cosmic Axis with the central 'shaft' and twin Ken-Runes (as well as being two Thorn-Runes). It is thus a glyph of Ice & Fire. It cannot be a coincidence that in the same word - sceaft - we have the concepts of a 'shaft' or 'pole' and also 'origin', 'existence', 'creation', nor that both these words - fruma and sceaft have similar meanings, so why use both of these together? I can only think that this emphasises the meaning in some way so that the reader will understand that there is a hidden meaning. The Ger-Rune may thus have some connections to the 'Days of Yore' - the First Time. 

There is also the point that the Norse equivalent to the Ger-Rune (Year-Rune/Yore-Rune) is named AR, found in AR VAR ALDA. The following sequence helps us to see further into these Mysteries -


It seems possible that the term AR refers to the Black Sun of the Ancient World, whilst RA may be the Sun-God linked to the Golden Sun. The term 'Ar' also means 'Eagle' and refers to the 'King of the Birds'. It also gives rise to the word Arya or Aryan - the Sun-Generator - but referring to the Ancient Black Sun. Today the Black Sun is the 'Occulted' Sun or 'Hidden Sun', since we are living through the darkest era of the Age of Darkness. 

At this time it is necessary to look inwards towards ourselves, in order to change things outside; Miguel Serrano pointed out that the Swastika (Fylfot) turns widdershins (anti-clockwise) - against the flow of time - and thus turns backwards towards the First Time or Primal Time and to the lost Golden Age. 

It is amazing how such a phrase as 'In Days of Yore' has weathered the storms of the ages, and can still be used to refer to a 'Former Time'. There are so many of these old phrases that contain hidden mysteries, and if these are lost to us then it negates the whole work of the Initiates who were responsible for keeping these alive through getting them into the Common Tongue for everyday use. This is also one of the things that is so often overlooked by those who seek knowledge of our past, since we have so many of the Ancient Mysteries hidden in nursery rhymes, children's tales, and in the everyday phrases we use that have hidden meanings. But...these will all be in danger of being lost to us as the Forces of Darkness seek to wipe out our past altogether. 

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Herne - The Horned One


Herne the Hunter - the Horned One - is the 'Lord of the Trees'; he is the 'Spirit of the Trees', the 'Spirit of the Wealds' - the Woodland God. Most of what we know of Norse Lore comes from Iceland, a very different area than here in these islands. Here, in ancient times, most of these islands were covered in forests, just as in Germania. When the English regained their control of their ancient lands they would naturally have connected to the 'Spirit of the Land', and in doing so they would have connected to Herne the Hunter, an aspect of Woden as the Woodland God. This is where the figure of Robin Hood arose, this being a remembrance of Woden as the God of the Forests.

Herne's Oak - Woden's Wald

Woden's Folk arose from The Hooded Man Mysteries which arose as the 'Robin of Sherwood' series was being shown on TV. Folkish Wodenism is unique in this way, since it was never a 'revival' of an antiquarian religion but arose from the awakening of The Hooded Man Archetype here in England. I was working and living in North Wales and had experiences of Woden I have related before; these were on January 1st 1989, 1990, 1991. After these experiences my wife (at the time) kept having recurring dreams that I had to go 'down to the Long Man', and just at the right time I was offered the chance of voluntary redundancy, so I took this and used the cash to move to East Sussex. On October 31st 1993 I had the dream of 'The Hooded Man Prophecy' which started to change things completely.

In the Spring of 1997 when the Hale-Bopp Comet was in the Northern Skies I was given the HelgiH Mysteries which turned out to be based around Helgi Hundingsbane who is also The Hooded Man Archetype. My youngest son, Lee Edmund, was born on December 6th 1998, at home on the floor of the living room; as he was born Marina (my wife then) had a waking vision of a Stag-Horned figure towering over her - Herne the Hunter. Earlier in the year I founded Woden's Folk on the Hooded Man Mysteries.

Gildas the Monk said the Britain held the 'balance of the whole world', thus the meaning of the 'balance of the Powers of Light and Darkness' held within Albion. These islands are the Eternal Battleground of the Power of Light (White Dragon) and the Power of Darkness (Red Dragon). This is why the Last Avatar will appear here in England, and (like the last figure of Robin Hood - Robert, son of the Earl of Huntingdon) he will be of the English Aristocracy. Before the Last Avatar appears the second figure of The Hooded Man must die. This is the Archetypal Myth that is playing out now, in our times. It is shown in the HelgiH Mysteries where Helgi Hundingsbane is slain by Dag (Day) with the Spear of Woden (*) before Helgi Haddinga can appear as the Last Avatar. 

(*) Only Woden can intervene to slay his 'chosen', so Helgi Hundingsbane is slain by Dag, who wields the Spear of Woden. Like Helgi, Siegfried is slain by a spear - both are Wolsunga Mysteries.

"In the past lies that which is to come....." All last night this thought, taken from the 'Robin of Sherwood' series, kept coming back into my mind. When I awoke this morning I understood what this was telling me; the future of Woden's Folk lies in our past - in The Hooded Man Mysteries. This is what we were founded on, and this is what we have to do now - go back to the very beginning and revive the rites and rituals that we started with, rites based around the Robin of Sherwood series and The Hooded Man Archetype. These we have not used of late, but we shall do again, and the honouring of Herne the Hunter. 

The coming English Awakening will come through the awakening of The Hooded Man Archetype. This archetype is awakened in the Astral World first, from whence it manifests here in Middle-Earth. It has to be awakened in the Folk-Soul of the English through the use of Archetypal Images such as the above, through slogans hurled like 'Fiery-Arrows' into the masses, to awaken those who hear the Call of the Blood. The Spirit of the Woodlands awakens through the archetype of Herne the Hunter - this is the aim of the 'Fires of Revolt' that will take place on December 23rd 2022. 

Sunday 30 October 2022

The 'Eco-Warrior'.

"Youth activism is increasing worldwide, being revolutionized by social media that increases mobilization to an extent that would have been impossible before. It takes many different forms, ranging from non-institutionalized political participation to demonstrations and protests, and addresses issues as diverse as climate change, economic reforms, gender equality and LGBTQ rights. The young generation is firmly at the vanguard of social change. There is little doubt that it will be the catalyst for change and a source of critical momentum for the Great Reset." 

Klaus Schwab - WEF.

Groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil are known to be financed by the same Global Corporations and Global 'Elites' that they profess to be against. They are not at all concerned with their actions resulting in arrest, since not only are around 1 in 10 actually charged, but they have the funds given them to pay any fines. Not only that, there have been occasions recently where the British Police have asked them, whilst blocking a road, if there is anything they need, since the British Police (whose job is to remove them) would get them what they needed! Not really surprising since the British Police are now a bloody joke! No wonder the British working people did what the police should have done -

It is noticeable that the Extinction Rebellion logo is a Daeg-Rune placed in such a position as to become the 'Hour-Glass' - symbolic of time. A knowledge of the Occult would be hinted at here, just as the Peace Movement used the 'Death-Rune'. The slogan 'Rebel for Life' can mean more than one thing, and is probably intended to do so. Their actions are not, as they profess, going against The System, they are doing the dirty-work of the Global Corporations and Global Bankers. This is why they do not care about how they upset the public, since they have no need of the public to back them - their ideology is already being put into effect by the Globalist Governments. 

Let us stop and think about this. We have a 'global crisis' due to 'global warming' (or now 'climate change'), so we need to panic and push into effect 'green' measures immediately (we have 12 years to do so). These 'green' measures mean stopping farming (*), switching from gas, oil and wood-burning to solar & wind power, and other measures they deem necessary. So, due to 'global warming' changes have to be made which mean that millions will starve through lack of food-production, and millions will die through lack of heating! Only an idiot - or a Marxist Communist - could think up that one! (For the sake of it, since there is debate on the numbers, we can guess at around 100 Million people who died under Communist Regimes, the largest being Soviet Russia and China - most died of starvation or were murdered in cold blood.)

(*) A young, weak-looking, spindly middle-class youth on one of the 'green' protests actually stated that farming needs to be stopped! Where does thus brainless idiot think he is going to get his food from? Too much money, too much time, and not enough brain!

Eco-Warrior or Eco-Commie?

'Youth activism' is certainly increasing world-wide, and that is because the likes of Klaus Schwab are behind the funding and organisation of the middle-class, bourgeois youth who have the time to do these things. As I said, what they are protesting about is already being put into place by the governments who are controlled by the Global Corporations and the Global Bankers behind them. In this case they are a 'controlled opposition' that is there to push what they are supposed to be opposing. Very clever stuff! And, of course, they do the work of pushing all this into the minds of the people, day after day, week after week....This 'green' stuff is continuously in the minds of the people above anything else now; it has overtaken the 'Covid Terror' as the latest means of controlling the masses. 

We can see the vast difference between how the British Police (and elsewhere too) act when confronted by protest. The 'anti-lockdown' and 'anti-vaccine mandate' protests were viciously suppressed, as is any comment by individuals on certain key issues that go against The System. The 'eco-warriors' are treated with kid-gloves and even given help in what they are doing - which is not only unethical but illegal in some cases. 

This new 'Green Religious Crusade' - which is what it amounts to - has become about as boring as the Judaeo-Christians who continuously spout about 'The end of the world is nigh!' Indeed, these have taken the place of a religion they no longer need for control. Like the Inquisition and other repressive measures, it is today becoming illegal to question the 'Green Crusaders', as yesterday it was blasphemous to question the 'Holy Bible' (sic!). It is no longer 'God's Word' that is sacrosanct, it is the word of the Eco-Scientists. 

On this subject there is now growing 'scientific evidence' that plant-based foods can stop heart problems, and no doubt other problems will be found that this applies to. These are, coincidentally, of course, just coming to light as the Global Corporations (Bill Gates being a prime driver) are buying up farmland in order to use high-production agribusiness to supply fake meat (sorry 'plant-based foods'). This would be GM foods I would guess since they would need to do so due to the high production needed for a world food-chain. 

Of course, not everyone will wish to do the switch from meat, so there will have to be an 'incentive' - which is being applied right now as mentioned. But, there will still be those who refuse to budge for one reason or another, so the addition of some chemical-formula that creates an 'allergy' to meat will have to be put into the meat supply. This, of course, would be in the mass-produced market, so there will still be small meat suppliers that are free of this - for a time anyway. This begs the question - why are there so many 'allergies' from our food today, one example being around milk products? Bill Gates is said to own the production of 'fake milk' for babies, and to have been behind a drive to warn women that breast feeding is dangerous to them. It seems that these 'allergies' centre around products that the Global Corporations wish to get rid of, and change to unnatural products which will replace them.

Here, of course, is the key, since this whole drive is not to 'Save the Earth' - to save Nature - but is totally destructive of everything upon the Earth. As usual, the Great Deceiver and Great Lair has done a fine job in twisting the minds of people to do the opposite of the Global Aims. We can see this in the replacement of human labour with robots and now Artificial Intelligence. 

Stepping back and looking at this carefully, the intelligence and academia - the bourgeois middle-class - have been completely brainwashed, and this is down to the education system from birth to university (and then into the workplace) which has been carefully infiltrated and subverted by an Anti-Life System. Fear and terror have been induced in the idea that we (?) are destroying the planet, which is not true. To add to this there has been a growing obsession with 'health' and 'food' which has been used for the purpose of this control - and this is even found in the 'opposition' to this Globalism. One thing that this physical 'health' obsession does is to divert attention from the spiritual side of Man. Taking control of people's 'health' by telling them what they can eat and what they can't eat is yet another means of control

There was a massive drive for 'fitness' and 'health' by building fitness centres in every town and city; things are slowly changing to the opposite as they now begin to promote the overweight 'hero'. Aldois Huxley foresaw these 'fitness centres' and the like, which, of course, would be provided by the State System, and thus controlled by the State as a means of the 'bread and circus' of the masses. 'Fitness' is yet another part of a set program, and this can change as the need arises - to its polar-opposite if necessary. 

"Compare yourself to who you were yesterday....Not to who someone else is today."

Jordan Peterson (Sent to me by a Friend and Folk-Comrade over the pond.)

This is such a profound statement, and has more of a ring of sense in a world of nonsense. We would be best served, I feel, using common sense now, and not listening to 'experts' - many of whom have an agenda to serve. 'Experts' have risen rapidly since the advent of the World Wide Web, where everyone has their 'fifteen minutes of fame' (**). The problem lies, I feel, in that these scientists that have an agenda will not always be truthful, in fact usually the opposite, so they cannot be trusted in what they say. And the 'experts' on the other hand that feel different have no scientific qualifications, nor the equipment, to prove what they say is wrong. We have to rely on our common sense

(**) A saying attributed to Andy Warhol, but originally it seems down to Nat Finkelstein. We see this in our times when everything is fleeting and short-lived, rising and falling as quick as they rise. 

It seems that the only way that we can go as individuals, and better still as small groups working together, is to consider what we can and can't so - 

  • Try to grow as much of our own food as possible in order to have healthy and nourishing food for energy. Try to learn how healthy food can serve the mind and spirit as well as the physical body.
  • Try to become as self-reliant as possible, especially on food, water and energy. Cutting off as much reliance on the State System would be an advantage for everyone. This can be done to some extent through small solar-power and wind-power, as well as going back in time to some of the low-tech stuff used then.
  • Keeping as fit as possible is certainly a good thing and a necessary part of a healthy life; twinning this with some kind of Martial Arts Training is even better since it helps to become self-disciplined and self-aware. Adding the Esoteric Martial Arts make for a more harmonious individual. Group-training is a further step towards aiding our struggle. Paul Waggener, Operation Werwolf and the Wolves of Vinland have a good set-up in my opinion, but this way of life may not be for everyone. For those, like myself, who are on a low income (pension in my case) keeping fit is not out of the question - I have small weights, enough for my age and short stature, a punch-bag and martial arts stuff left over from when I used to train regularly at a club. Also an 'exercise bike' left at my place when my daughter left home which I use (without being plugged into the electricity since this costs money). 
  • I am not going to start preaching on the 'evils' of alcohol, since it is down to the individual as to whether you do this. Yes, modern beer and wines are no doubt full of chemicals, but there are alternatives to the giant beer-companies, and also home-brewing without chemicals. Mead is a part of Heathen Culture, and a glass of beer at the local English Village Pub was part of our social culture - which is now being destroyed. I would not like to become part of the crusade that is destroying the English Pub! The village pub was the hub of the community at one time, and this is being lost. Moderation seems the key - as in everything to do with health.
  • In regard to healthy eating, there are things we would like to do, and things that we have to do - I am afraid. We need to be practical in our thinking; yes, tinned food is probably not that good for us, but in a dire emergency it is needed - since it is the one thing that will last a long time. Yes, those with the ability, and the time, to preserve their own home-grown food will be one up, but not every one of us can do this - especially if we are tasked to do other things. Most of us are working-class people who have to work to live, and thus do not have the time, nor the money, to become as self-reliant as others. Most do not have the land, nor the resources, to become fully self-reliant at this time - and this will not get any better due to the Global Agenda we have in stock for us. 
  • Try to become as creative as possible, and take advantage of the hard times we are going through to 'push' oneself to do so. Hardships and struggle produce creativity. I find it best to recognise that we can no longer live as we have been doing, and have to start to think in terms of simplicity and living in a more simple way. 
  • Many people have 'big ideas' that when put into practice do not work; we should try to consider this with our plans. As a Folkish Group we have Folk-Moots and Camps, where we sit around a campfire, even when it is cold and wet. Yes, we have put up a tarp to sit under, or have some form of shelter to keep dry, and a fire for warmth. But.....try doing this as an individual, alone in a woodland in the cold and wet, day after day. Or even with a family, which would bring with it the greatest problems since children may - in this age - not be so happy about having to do the likes of this. Since my kids are grown up and have left home to fend for themselves (and the wife well before) I have retired and have time to get out to the woodland and try this out. Fine in the summer months, not so good during the cold and wet winters we have - especially the wet weather here in England. Looking at this it seems the creation and strengthening of groups is the best way forward, sharing the problems and having others (of like mind) to talk to in the times when it is impossible to keep busy. The group-consciousness would overcome some of our future problems.
There is much more that I could say, but this will have to wait until another time; but we need to work together if we are to survive, and to get back to Nature in opposition to the false 'Eco-Warriors' whose actions will aid the destruction of Nature and everything that is natural. The Globalists target the young because they are easier to manipulate and change their ideas; but there is also another class of young people - the non-bourgeois class - who can think for themselves, who can see the problems clearly, and who can see beyond the bombardment of propaganda, lies and deceit. Those who are active and love the outdoors will look for something to join, to get involved with others of like-mind. This will form the basis of future Folk-Communities - but we do not have much time!