Friday 1 May 2015

The Mystery of the UFO

'The whole of South America was reduced to a state of panic when seventeen squadrons of UFOs flew silently by at a height of 300 metres.

I have told you about these implosion machines, where they were built in 1943-5, who built them in 1943-5, who stole them, and who destroyed them at the end of the war on the orders of Field Marshal Keitel. Many political and technical leading lights actually emigrated to Argentina.'

Viktor Schauberger - from Implosion Magazine No 94 - a letter to Aloys Kokaly 1954, quoted in The Fertile Earth. 

Touching on the subject of UFOs will always be problematic since we move into the realm of the 'crackpot' because the subject has attracted so many people whose logic seems to have gone out of the window. Looking at the World Wide Web we find a host of 'information' which seems rather more disinformation than anything to do with reality. And we seem to have two totally different forms of what are termed UFOs - one physical that are like aeroplanes, and one which seems to defy our own laws and may be be 'extra-dimensional'. The whole thing seems to have been tainted by the 'aliens from outer-space' ideas which come from the Hollywood films and propaganda machine. What we need to do is to take a look at this from a logical angle and sort the 'wheat' from the 'chaff'.

There does seem to be evidence of National Socialist Germany working on what we would term UFOs, or in this case perhaps better described as 'Flying Saucers', as can be seen from the quote by Viktor Schauberger. It is also quite possible, from his hint that they were 'stolen', that the science behind them (or a part of it) was taken by the Americans when, through 'Operation Paperclip' they took a good many German scientists to the USA. This could account for the post-war appearance of many 'Flying Saucers' which were based upon this stolen technology. From the quote we can also see that the Germans destroyed the evidence of their technology, but that high-level scientists escaped to Argentina after the war - which may account for the 'seventeen squadrons' over South America. (There is, of course, the alternative possibility that Schauberger did not refer to the Americans, but to the German scientists who took this technology to South America.)

Let me make it quite clear that I do believe that the 'alien invasions' type of stuff promoted in the films could be yet another means of scaremongering people, since what better way to bring the whole Earth together (into the proposed World State) than a threat to everyone from an outside source. This has already been done with 'Global Warming' and 'Climate Change', and the 'alien invasion' is merely another step in the process. (We have to beware of the 'Nazi-UFO' type of stuff also being used for the same purpose, since we have already seen signs of this in films.) The idea of these 'aliens' also figures in the study of ancient civilisations where it provides a quick and easy answer to lost civilisations of a very high nature which cannot today be explained. In promoting this it also blinds people to the idea that we were once a High Race that today has degenerated and decayed into what we see around us in the modern world. The power behind these ancient civilisations may well have come (and no doubt did) from 'outside', but in the sense of a divine source that uplifted the people of the time, raised them into a higher state of consciousness which resulted in the creation of a high civilisation. (*)

There are too many accounts of UFOs and 'Flying Saucers' to dismiss them out of hand, so we need to study them to make up our own minds on this one. I have, on one specific occasion, seen a 'ball of light' which acted much like the UFOs described, so I can vouch for the fact something does exist that matches the accounts of others. This was part of a mystical experience in 1997 which to me makes it more 'real'. But we must beware of the natural phenomena (like 'Chinese Lanterns') which have been seen as UFOs, and sometimes aeroplanes which have been mistaken for UFOs. This has to be kept in mind if we are to study this subject. 

I mentioned earlier that the typical UFO seems to defy the laws of this planet, and here we could be in the realms of some sort of object that moves between dimensions, moving quickly from one to the other and thus being able to defy normal laws. These type could be associated with the 'alien abductions' (a name which immediately throws doubt onto the subject) which seem to have taken two particular types -

The Grey Alien - which seems to be a form of race-less, sexless, uniform type which fits well with the order of being today upon the Earth. This would seem to be a archetype of Nietzsche's 'Ultimate Man'.

The Nordic - which seems to be trying to aid the upward development of mankind in some way, rather than mere 'experiments'. This would seem to be an archetype of the Sun-Man or Superman. 

(I am indebted to Clive Potter for the above ideas on 'alien abductions', and he is a UFO expert who developed this idea some years ago.)

Clive's ideas would certainly explain this phenomena to some degree, and he too sees this as some form of 'extra-dimensional' rather than 'extra-terrestrial' (in the sense of 'alien' as the word is used today) form. We seem to have plenty of recorded accounts from hundreds of years ago of people seemingly moving out of this dimension into another, and returning after many years even though the time seemed hours or days. This 'dislocation' of time seems to be part of the phenomena. This was found in Mapp's account of King Herla, a typical account of such a phenomena. This has also been recorded in accounts of 'abduction' which cannot be a coincidence. The stories of Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis) are also based on this type of phenomena. 

We must also differentiate between 'Flying Saucers' propelled by 'explosion' (combustible) and those described by Schauberger, powered by implosion, both very different methods, the last being revolutionary in that time (and indeed now for that matter). Implosion - it seems - is an Aryan Science since it does not create destruction, and is not based upon the destruction of matter. Schauberger's ideas seem based upon a vortex of water which was used for powering machines, but there is also the force known as the Vril-Force which is a Universal Energy-Force, called Chi (China) or Ki (Japan) and which has many names by many peoples. Maybe Schauberger's experiments produced this force, and there are hints that there were groups like the Vril Society in Germany also working on similar lines.

This post has merely scratched the surface on this subject but it may encourage others to make a study in order to find clues to what this phenomena really is. The problem, as stated earlier, is compounded by the use of the World Wide Web which is a prime source of disinformation as it is of information. Peryt Shou, a German Rune-Magician working prior to WWII, made a remarkable statement foretelling that mankind would be stung by the 'Cosmic Spider' and that a 'great stream of destruction' would be unleashed on the planet. The World Wide Web (**) would thus be spun by the Cosmic Spider (***). Whilst trying to discover the truth we must not be sucked into the trap of illusion spun by this Evil Force, this would only lead to ridicule of anything we say. On the other hand we must not allow this type of disinformation to put us off from trying to unravel this great mystery. 

(*) This is like the Strong One From Above idea whence a god-force or avatar incarnates as the Folk-Soul of a People, and in doing so raises the consciousness of the whole nation and thus a high civilisation arises from almost nothing. History seems to suggest this happened in very ancient times, but this is not a thing of the far distant past, and we have proof in this late age.

(**) Christian Fundamentalists seem to see 'Satan' in everything and everywhere, even in the most mundane objects. One of these is the three 'scratch' marks on the cans of Monster energy drinks which they see as the Number 666 because these marks look like the Hebrew letter Vau, which has the Number 6 related to it. On this occasion I am not going to dismiss this out of hand since the letter Vau, tripled, would be 666, and as one Christian Fundamentalist did point out the letter Vau can also be used as a W, as can be seen from Jeho-V-ah and Yah-W-eh. Since this is the case then the Number 666 would become - www. The name of the energy drink may well not be out of place - MONSTER! What is striking is that the term 'monster' derives from 'man' and the 'Number of The Beast' is the 'Number of a Man'. Maybe such trivial things are designed to take the p... out of the masses, telling us all what they are doing? That this number was usurped by the Beast may also be seen when we consider that Miguel Serrano states that the Hyperborean Sacred Number is 555, which is vvv in Roman Numerals. 

(***) We have shown elsewhere how the 'Spider' theme was used in various places of the world in 2012 through the erection of large spiders in different cities of the world. It is Shelob who stings and stuns Frodo of the Shire-Folk - but this is only temporary and he awakens to fulfil his Cosmic Destiny