Sunday 5 February 2023

The First and the Last


Imagine if a Teacher of Righteousness - a Preacher of Righteousness - incarnated as an Aryan Avatar (Aryan Krist) to preach against the teachings of a Dark Priesthood. An Aryan Archetype sent to Earth with a divine mission at the beginning of a new world-age, say two thousand years ago at the start of the Age of Pisces. Let us call this figure - Krist. But the power of the Dark Priesthood had grown stronger at this time, and his teaching against them was stopped by putting him to death by hanging on a cross. But his teachings would not have died with him, as most men of heroic deeds are not recognised and followed until after they have died. 

Thus the Dark Priesthood may have set up a secret society in which the 'Teacher of Righteousness' would be used, but converted into their own tool, a tool to destroy the Roman Empire. This may have led to a small revolt against Rome, but one that was quickly crushed, and resulted in the destruction of their Dark Temple. Back to the drawing board! One of the 'disciples' was out on a stroll to Damascus and suddenly had a 'flash of inspiration' - why not use the teachings of the 'Teacher of Righteousness' but distort them into their opposite meanings. Thus building a new 'religion' that could be spread around the Empire, destroying it from within. 

This, of course, was a 'Religion of Darkness' and thus attracted to it the low-lifes, drop-outs and criminals, as such a thing would do. Thus, they had an army of the 'slaves' and the 'slave-mentality' who would, like their Marxist-Communist counterparts in much later times, be a fiercely fanatical and ruthless rabble who would destroy everything in their wake. When the Roman Empire fell, this fanatical faith continued through the centuries, torturing and killing everyone that stood in the way of them gaining world power - which was their true aim. And so we move forward in Time, forward to the End-Time..........

Now, imagine that a new Aryan Avatar incarnated on Earth, but this time not as a Teacher of Righteousness preaching to the people, but as a war-leader, leader of the Furious Host, a strong leader who would arise to hold back these Powers of Darkness, something like the Avatar of Vishnu of the Hindus - The Preserver. But now the Powers of Darkness were even stronger, indeed, they were now nearly powerful enough to rule the whole world. But he stood in the way of this Global Power. Let us, for the sake of it, call him the Noble Wolf.

At this time, the Yuletide of the Great Year Cycle, the Power of Light begins to wax, but the Power of Darkness is now at its most destructive since its strength will wane and it's time is shortened. So this last HOPE is lost and defeated, and the Powers of Darkness are now free to expand their power over the world. But...once more they recognise that such a figure of righteousness will gain in power after death, so they have to stop this from happening. But, unlike the Teacher of Righteousness this is a strong and war-like leader of men, a strong man and not a 'preacher' - this needs a different approach. 

Ah! Enlisting the aid of Hollywood, the Press and the Media, and the whole weight of the propaganda machine they have built over the last century, they do much the same as they did 2000 years before - but this time they twist the righteous war-leader, the leader of the people, into a 'monster'. They create a monster in order to destroy his work and to stop people from listening to what he said, or taking up what he was doing. But this has to be done over and over again, keeping the message going not only through the generation after they won a war, but into the next generation, and the next, since if this is forgotten - things will be different. Until the people, fed over and over again with lies, see through the mist and recognise who is actually doing this, and why. 

So they create a monster. And, in doing so they open the way for the most violent unhinged psychopaths to follow this 'Anti-Archetype' that they have created. Portrayed as a violent, degenerate monster - a psychopath - they have created an Anti-Archetype suited to creating more and more 'monsters' who they knew would take up such an image. This does not arise from the Aryan Archetype but from the fake 'model' that the Powers of Darkness have themselves created. And thus, everyone who takes up such an Aryan Creed is also linked with this. Anyone who does stand up and fight against them is thus portrayed as a 'terrorist', again the link to violence and terror. 

Cleverly twisting 'Freedom Fighters' into 'Hate Groups' they once more push onto anyone who opposes them the negative traits that suits their destructive purposes. Unfortunately, too many people went along with this and fell into the trap of taking the more destructive and violent side - on a chaotic level, and not one that could create Order. The monster was created, and it is the prime means to stop the advance and progress of any real resistance, since they themselves have portrayed themselves as the 'victim' of this monster. Like 'Satanism' it attracts to itself the worst types, and indeed the two go hand in hand in some cases. Indeed, the worship of Satan-Shaitan-Shaddein is the worship of these Dark Powers. 

So...2000 years ago the Servants of Darkness took the teachings of an Aryan Krist and twisted them into something they could use for their own purpose. Taking the Aryan Archetype of Woden hung upon the World Tree - a Living Tree - and twisting this into a sad, pathetic figure hung in humiliation, dejection and defeat on a dead piece of wood, they created an image that would distort the soul of the European Peoples. They created a sick people who could not longer take their true creative role in the world. Two thousand years later they took the Aryan Archetype of Woden as the Wild Hunter-God, the sworn enemy of these Dark Powers, and distorted this into a psychopathic monster, mindlessly violent, decadent and degenerate, and created an image of their enemies as violent, hate-filled monsters. And here we are now.......

But the story does not end there..............