Thursday 31 March 2022

The Mystery of the Sleeping Goddess.


"When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off the White Wolf Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness."

The Prophecy 88 - November 9th 2014.

There is something here that I have overlooked, and that is the relationship between the 'Sleeping Goddess' - Idunn - and the 'Sleeping Beauty' - Thorn-Rose. In 'Odin's Raven Song' Idunn cannot be awoken by the gods, and sleeps under a tree in the land of Night (Not). She is given a Wolf-Skin (White Wolf-Skin) by the Gods. In this text Idunn and Nanna are one and the same Goddess; Idunn is the daughter of Ivalde (Wade) and the Goddess of Regeneration. 

In The Voice of the Ancestors Wulf Soerenson equates the Evil Queen with Juda-Rome, hence the idea that she crosses the Seven Mountains into Germania. First the Evil Queen brings the gift of a corset to Snow White, and pulls it so tight that she swoons and fell - she bound the Germanic Spirit in the suffocating fetters of alien concepts and lies and deceit. The Dwarves saved Snow White and she came under their protection. 

'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all' - the Evil Queen was vain and conceited, and asked the question to her Magic Mirror.

'...but Snow White, over the seven mountains, with the seven dwarves, is a thousand times fairer than thou...' - replied the Magic Mirror. Not quite what the Evil Queen wanted to hear!

Again she crossed the mountains, and this time offered Snow White a magnificent, glittering comb. Thus the Germanic Folk were diverted from their True Destiny by the 'Holy Roman Empire'. The German Spirit was not broken, so for a third time she crossed the Seven Mountains into Germania. This time she offered a rosy-cheeked, but poisoned, apple, from which the first bite stuck in Snow White's throat and she fell to the earth as if dead. This symbolic of the falling away ('Ab-fall' = 'a falling away') from the true nature of Germania, the abandonment of the Germanic Ways. 

Here Wulf Soerenson recognises the symbolism of 'Sleeping Beauty' and that she is the Spirit of Germania - the Soul of the Folk. This puts another light on The Prophecy 88 since the 'Sleeping Goddess' refers to the Soul of the Folk, which is awoken by the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth. That this would appear in one the the northernmost areas - Sweden - would thus infer that this is reflected from the Inner Earth at the Polar Exit. 

There is yet another symbolism that is shown here, since I have already in past posts covered the symbolism of the Fylfot - Foal's Foot - as Baeldaeg in the Under-World, the 'Inner Earth' -

  • The Symbol of Baeldaeg is the Sunwheel.
  • Baeldaeg loses his 'Ring' (the wheel) and thus becomes the Equal-Armed Cross.
  • His legs (Fol's Feet) are twisted to make the Fylfot-Swastika.
  • Woden charms the legs to become straight again - the Equal-Armed Cross.
  • Baeldaeg flies out of the Underworld after regaining his 'Ring' (the wheel).

Here, in this symbolism, we see the Black Sun of the Inner Earth which has within it a Golden Cross, and around the outer edge is the 'Halo' or 'Golden Ring'. Is this all really just a 'coincidence'? The symbolism is also that of the Aryan Krist which is shown by the Golden Halo. When Krist was put to death there was a Solar Eclipse (Black Sun) - and the 'Resurrection of Ingwe' was heralded by a Solar Eclipse on August 11th 1999. Twenty-three years later we see the appearance of the Black Sun over the Northlands - rising from Thule.

This was an earlier Solar Halo that appeared behind a statue in Ostersund, Sweden on July 26th. The later and more spectacular Solar Halo appeared on December 14th 2021. In the usual fashion these are explained away by 'ice-formations' in the atmosphere; true this may be, but this does not explain what force lies behind such phenomena. 

It is no doubt usually felt that the 'Seven Dwarves' represent the Great Bear or Woden's Waen. However, there could be another set of 'Seven Stars' that fits this - Bootes. In one photo of the Solar Halo of December this has a 'Crown' on the top of it, indeed it seems to fit with the symbolism below -

"Odin's Raven Song' seems to be the only source that equates Nanna with Idunn; Nanna is the wife of Baeldaeg who is 'imprisoned' in the Underworld, so this is perhaps an important point we should consider. Another point is that the 'First Earth' or 'Primordial Empire' would be the same as the 'Garden of Eden' or the Garden of Idunn. In fact, as I have shown before, ancient languages did not use vowels, so EDEN - IDUN - ODIN would all have been DN. 

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be sword that was broken,
The crown-less again shall be king.

Lord of the Rings - Tolkien.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

The Primordial Empire

The Priestess and Seeress, Sajaha, mentions the Primordial Empire and that since this was destroyed the Magico-Mystical abilities within Man atrophied. She does not mention this, but this appears to be due to the 'sinking' of the Third Eye which was the means of communication between the worlds - to be able to 'see' into the other worlds of being. The Primordial Kingdom, in the area of Babylon, Sumer and Accad, was named Thale: this is obviously Thule-Hyperborea.

Thule has another spelling - Tula - which was the 'White Isle' and which, according to Rene Guenon, was symbolised by the Heron. The Heron is the same symbolism as the White Swan. In India we find the 'White Isle' is Sveta-dvipa. This Primordial Empire was situated at the North Pole; after its destruction it was renewed in the North-West, no doubt as At-al-land. These two came to me mixed up in later times, but the Primordial Empire was Thule-Hyperborea. Of course, Albion is the 'White Isle' and was once part of At-al-land. 

This period of Thule-Hyperborea was the Golden Age of legend; in the Land of Thule was the Midnight Mountain or Sacred Mountain. There are various 'Sacred Mountains' that reflect this Ur-Mountain -

  • Meru (India).
  • Albert/Elbruz (Persia).
  • Qaf (Arabs); this, it is said, 'cannot be reached either by land or by sea', exactly how Nietzsche described Hyperborea.
  • Montsalvat (Grail Mythos).
  • Himminbjorg (Norse Mythology).

The image of a World Tree has the same symbolism as the Polar Mountain, and is usually seen as a 'White Tree', just as the Polar Mountain is referred to as the 'White Mountain'. The symbolism of a 'Navel of the World' can also be linked to the Primordial Centre; in later times, each Aryan Civilisation would create a 'Navel of the World' as an image of the true and original Polar Centre. We find this at Gobleki Tepi (Armenia-Turkey) and Cusco (South America). The German nabe means 'hub', and nabel means 'navel'; we have the English nave and navel, and the Sanskrit nabhi. The 'hub' is the Immovable Centre around which the wheel turns. 

Ar-Var-Alda refers to the 'First Time' or to the "Primordial Kingdom' which was established in the Golden Age. According to Rene Guenon the name of the Vedic God, Varuna, stems from var meaning 'to cover'; this is the same as the IE Roots *kal- and *hal- the latter being the root of our heil/hael/hal. If Ar refers to the Black Sun, as I have postulated before, then Ar-Var-Alda would mean 'Black Sun - Hidden - Ancient'. Guenon goes on to say that Ouranos (Uranus) stems from the same root var (our); this brings up another idea, since this now equates to the Ur-Rune which means 'Primal' or 'Primordial'. Why this is 'covered' or 'hidden' then becomes obvious, since the Primordial Kingdom 'sank', and rather than a 'heavenly abode', this becomes the 'Nether World', 'Lower World' or 'Inner Earth' in the terms of Miguel Serrano. 

In my rune-book published some years ago I suggested that the Ur-Rune was a symbol of the Polar Mountain or World Mountain. The ur-glyph of this rune would be an 'Upturned V' which would symbolise the 'mountain'. This brings us to another rune which is associated with this theme -

The Germanic Ingwas-Rune is a glyph of the World Mountain (Inverted V) and its reflection as it was moved into the 'Nether World' (V). Ingwe is the 'messenger' between these two worlds. The reason why the Coiled Serpent lies at the base of the human spine is because of the 'Fall of Man' which occurred when the world's axis moved and Thule 'sank' into the Nether World. Legends of Agharti and Shmabhalla refer to this 'Inner World', as do various other subterranean realms known around the world. This is why Bernard King mentions that the sinking of Thule was of the 'blood' and not the 'waters'; rightly, he said that Thule Adepts would seek to awaken this once more. This Ing-Rune also symbolises the 'Ark' (the Swan-Ship that floats upon the Waters of Dissolution and Chaos), and the 'Rainbow' (Bilfrost or Bifrost Bridge which connects Man to the Gods). This symbolism can be found in our Ar-Kan version too -

There is a hidden mystery here, since every Initiation is designed to reconnect to the Primordial Kingdom and Primordial State; and this is what we start our times with Ar-Var-Alda. This is where the Archetypal Myths originate, and this is how ancient civilisations arose as if from nowhere - because they 'reconnected' to this Primordial Kingdom, they made communication with the 'Inner Earth'. This is, in other words, connecting with the Sacred Centre or Spiritual Centre; now we see how important it is to build a new Sacred Centre which is an image of the Primordial Spiritual Centre. Those who took part in the meditations of the Widar Brotherhood will recall that our meditations-visualisations were based around the Image of the Sacred Centre. 

Connected to the Sacred Centre and the Sacred Mountain is the Universal Monarch or Chakravartin; many figures of history have arisen as the Archetypal World-Ruler. This figure is usually held to be a Priest-King who combines the role of Priest (Woden) and King (Ingwe). This has been an archetype split into two - Merlin and Arthur, and Gandalf and Aragorn. The true 'Universal Monarch' would combine these two as one figure. In fact, it seems that such a figure would have been made up of three roles combined into one; this we find in the figure of Krist who is given Three Gifts by the Magi-Kings -

  • Gold (Kingship),
  • Frankincense (Priest),
  • Myrrh (Spiritual Master-Prophet).

The last two are combined in Woden and Merlin, but it would seem that originally they were one with the Sacral King - King - Priest - Prophet/Spiritual Master. We may find some hints of a knowledge of this in the names Wudga & Hama or Witega & Heim since 'witege' means 'a seer' or 'a prophet'. Here we have the 'Prophet-King' pairing, hence leaving out the 'Priest'; again this is a devolved form of the true 'Universal Monarch'. As I said, Woden combines the role of 'Priest' and 'Seer', although it is also true to say that Agni (thus Ingwe) combines the role of 'King' and 'Seer', according to certain texts of the Vedas. 

The 'Gift of Ing' is Fire; the Ken-Rune or Kan-Rune is the 'Rune of the Kan' - of 'Kingship'. Ken means 'knowledge' and 'wisdom', Kan means 'Serpent', and hence this refers to Spiritual Power. This is the 'Gift of Ing' - Spiritual Power. Hence why Krist was connected to the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit which was linked to Spiritual Fire. 

There is a remarkable similarity between the Buddhist concept of Sakyamuni (The Buddha) having to choose between the Buddha or Chakravartin, and the theme of Krist being 'tempted' by 'The Devil' who offered him this world (i.e. The Chakravartin) or the role of Krist, the former which he refused. Hengest, on the other hand, took up his Wyrd as the 'Werold-Raedan' ('World-Ruler'); it seems that some of the greatest of heroes lived an Archetypal Myth which covered one or both of these roles. This actually disproves the whole idea of 'equality' since this infers a Spiritual Hierarchy. 

This 'Supreme Centre', as Rene Guenon calls it, is 'hidden' or 'concealed' in the Warg-Age or Kali-Yuga; this is the meaning of the term 'Hel' or 'Hela' - 'hidden' or 'concealed'. We can find this in the name Kal-ki and Hel-gi, both of which mean 'The Hidden One'; Helgi also means 'The Hallowed One'. VITRIOL - Visita Interiora Terrae, rectificando invenies occultum lapidum. 'Visit the Interior Earth, in rectitude will you find the Hidden Stone'; sometimes inferiora is used instead of interiora but the meanings are the same in regard to the 'Inner Earth' ('inferior' means 'lower'). The Quest for the Graal is thus the quest to rediscover the 'Hidden World of Thule'. We can see now why such gods as Woden, Osiris and Yama became Gods of the Underworld, and Gods of the Dead. 

The word Paradesha appears in Persian Lore and in India as the 'Supreme Country'; this gives rise to 'Paradise'. This, then is the Primordial Kingdom of the North - it is the Garden of Eden of the Old Testament, and since it is the Land of the Immortals we shall refer to this as the Garden of Idunn who guards the Apples of Immortality. This Spiritual Centre was symbolised by the Greeks with the Omphalos (Om-Phalos) which was usually a Sacred Stone. This is no doubt why the Stone Circles had a Sacred Stone at the Centre. 

There is a poem called "With this Mysterious Earth..." which I quoted in my book At-al-land but which I cannot now find the original source; this poem is about 'Saint Cuthman' and the Steyning Church. It is certainly not Christian in essence...

Will that be true of the wisdom
of people who knew the Earth,
and sensing the power of the ley-line
close to where it starts
sets on it the altar of this church
on its journey to distant Chartres...

It seems that, according to the author of the poem, the church dedicated to 'Saint Cuthman' has its altar placed upon a ley-line which runs to Chartres Cathedral in France. 

And it is not every journey
that follows the straight line track;
the labyrinth turns us about to see
what once was at our back.
Stretch across the thin division
that appears as time and space...

The 'labyrinth' is here seen as a 'portal' that allows one to pass through the veil of Time and Space, and look backwards to see the past. 'For perhaps we're closer than we knew, in mind as well as space.' Another symbol here is the Tree which is 'shaped and sculpted by evolutionary law - and more? It goes on to quote Hopkins who recognised the 'essence' or 'inscape', the core of every living thing, and Wordsworth who sensed the 'presence' of living things. The poem ends -

Straight Line, Tree and Labyrinth,
new dimensions beyond, within,
Granted blessings by good Saint Cuthman
let our pilgrim's journey begin.

There is a slight hint here that the author knew of the 'Gift of Ing' which is the 'Fire Within' or the 'Divine Spark' within ('essence' or 'inscape', or the 'presence' of Wordsworth). The Sacred Tree has always been symbolic of the Sacred Centre, but as Iggdrasil (White Tree) it is also the White Race. The 'straight line track' is the means of finding the Lost Land of Thule. We should not forget here that Ingwe - as Scef - sails in his Swan-Ship to the Island of Scandi (Thule); today, Thule 'cannot be reached by land or by sea'. 

Tolkien gives an alternative name for Numenor - Atalante - but he also names it Avallone which is obviously 'Avalon' of the Celts. The Greek Apollo appears to have been a god associated with the Golden Age; he appears as 'Pol' of the Saxons, also called 'Fal' or 'Phol' (Old Saxon). Now, we can see here a root-sound that is found in all of these, and also that of the Hyperborean Abaris. It is clear in -val-, fal, fol, and pol but not quite so clear in Ab-ar-is. However, when we consider the alternative name for Pol - Baeldaeg (Baldur) - and the various gods named 'Bal', 'Bel', 'Beli' etc. then we can reconstruct the Ur-Root as Ab-bal-a or something like that. This being so it is just one step to equate this with the Ab-su/Ap-su/AEp-anda which is the 'Waters of the Lower-World'. This is where Woden rediscovered and 'picked up' the Ancient Runes. (The Greek Apollion is called Abadon in Revelation, suggesting this is somewhere near to being right.) 

The 'Bael Blot' is a Fire-Blot for the Dead, and Bael-Daeg is the 'Fire-Day' linked to the Dead, and to Odainsacre where he dwells. His symbol is the Fylfot-Swastika in its Widdershins form - the Black Sun. He is the god who descended into the Nether-World as the Sun, shorn of its rays and blackened (symbolised by the 'Crown of Thorns') in an act of Self-Sacrifice for the Folk. Bael-Daeg is the 'Black Sun' that will be 'resurrected' after Ragnarok. I would guess that the Ur-Form of the word 'bael' means something like 'blackened by fire'. The root can mean 'light' in the form of 'fire', and also 'black' in the form of 'blackened by fire'. The 'Ritual Bale-Fire' thus transmutes the flesh of the Divine Hero through 'blackening by fire', and the Spirit of the Hero thus enters Valhalla - this was decreed by Woden himself. 

Fire-Rune of Ritual Cremation

In the Celtic Ogham we find that 'Quert' is the equivalent to the Cweorth-Rune, and is the Rune of Avalon/Rune of Valhalla. Whereas the Ear-Rune is the Way of the Ancestors, the Cweorth-Rune is the Way of the Gods - Immortality. The Ear-Rune is bound to the Earth, the Cweorth Rune is the 'Way to Valhalla'. The 'Road to Valhalla' is the Milky Way Galaxy. 

There is a legend of a lost land named Hi Brazil whose root 'braz' is said to derive from bros meaning 'Firebrand'; this suggests a link to the Brosingamen Necklace of Freya, since brosinga or brisinga means 'fire' - the 'Necklace of Fire'. I have shown elsewhere that this is the Hael-Force - the Hvarena or 'Glory of Light'. Again, this is linked to the Ken-Rune/Kan-Rune and to the 'Fire-Serpent'. That the 'Glory', 'Hvarena', 'Hael' is plunged into a lake (i.e. waters) is perhaps significant in that it refers to the AEP-ANDI (Absu/Apsu) - the 'Inner Earth' or 'Nether World'. It is Hama-Ingwe who retrieves it, and in the Persian version he is 'The Divine Fool' - Kai Khusrau. It is Agni of the Vedas that bestows the 'Glory' as the Sacral King, and as Ingwe he has the same role. 

The Primordial Empire or Primordial Kingdom was not destroyed, it 'sank' into the Nether-World and lived on through myth and legend as Agarthi, Shambhalla, City of the Caesars, and various other legends of subterranean worlds, and came alive in The Coming Race by Lord Bulwer-Lytton. The force connected to this world is the Vril-Force - 'Virile-Force'. This ancient world has been 'lost' in the sense that few can today see it, but the aim of all Initiation is to reconnect to this Lost World, and thus the secret is to go backwards in time in order to find the Origins (Ur), and thus to find the Destiny. This is why the Fylfot-Swastika turns backwards as the Widdershins Swastika. 

The 'Quest for the Graal' is the 'Quest for the Hidden Stone' - this is the quest to find the Primordial State - the Primordial Empire of Thule. To do so means using the 'Swastika of Return' - the Return to the Origins. The Hidden Stone -

The 'essence' or 'inscape' of every living thing is Ingwe; this is the mystery hidden in the poem. The Legend of Cuthman is the Legend of Ingwe, is the Legend of Krist. 

The Ing-Rune that we use from the Old English Rune-Row is that of two Edel-Runes joined within the Germanic Ing-Rune; this again suggests a connection with the 'Lower-World'. We also have the symbolism of the 'Ark' and the 'Rainbow' with the Upturned V at the top, and the V at the bottom. The 'rainbow' was, as with many other symbols, taken by the Dark Forces as symbolic of the 'Covenant' between Shaddai and 'men', and thus the Noahide Laws; this is why the rainbow is used today in many areas of the Old Order. 

Monday 28 March 2022

The Dragon-Slayer


In a few weeks we shall be celebrating England's Day - April 23rd - which is the Day of the Dragon-Slayer. The Dragon-Slayer image is very important to us through its symbolism; rather than the Christian 'St. George' this day is in honour of Sigurd-Siegfried or Siegmund, Father of Sigurd (he is the 'Dragon-Slayer' in Beowulf). We can find the idea of the 'Dragon-Serpent' as the 'Great Red Dragon' mentioned in Revelation who represents the Forces of Evil, Darkness and Chaos. But we can also find a similar reference from ancient Persia.

in theIn the Iranian Yasht (19:41) we find the following statement - "The 'yellow-heeled' dragon of the druj emerges from the deep to destroy the living world (creation) of Asa." The word druj or druh means 'lie' or 'falsehood' which is the essence of the Dark Forces. Here this Evil Force is symbolised by a 'yellow-heeled dragon', and this appears from 'The Deep' - the 'Shadow-World'. Asa is the equivalent to our own AEsir - the Gods. 

A later Ninth Century Iranian text called Pahlavi tells us that towards the End of Time Asa and Airyaman (Aryaman) will together come upon the Earth to do battle with Az - the 'Demon of Greed'. If I am correct here I recall some notes I made years ago with the term 'Az' meaning 'Serpent'. The term Asa derives from the same root as Aryaman; Aryaman is here seen as the epithet of the saviour-figure of Iran - Saoshyans

We can recall that the 'Great Red Serpent' tried to slay the Man-Child born of the Virgin 'Venus', just as at the beginning King Herod is said to have committed the 'Massacre of the Innocents' in order to slay the Krist-Child. A similar tale can be found in the Legend of Krishna. In order to slay the 'Divine Child' the Great Red Dragon unleashes a 'flood' - a symbolism used of a pandemic in the Book of Sajaha. 

These prophecies are spot-on in regard to the nature of the 'Serpent of Evil', since this refers to the 'Father of Lies', a term The Krist used against the Scribes and Pharisees in Matthew - this is a force of deception and lies. The reference to Az (The Serpent) refers to the 'Demon of Greed' which is another side of this Evil Force, as we can see clearly in the time we are living through now, when the Servants of Evil are squeezing every bit out of the people, and grabbing more and more profits for themselves - millionaires have now become billionaires! 

On April 23rd we shall honour the 'Dragon-Slayer' and celebrate England's Day, even though we may be the few amongst the many. 

Monday 14 March 2022

The Mysteries of Ingwe

I am going to try to show here that Ingwe and Heimdall are both the same figure bearing different names; to do so it is necessary to recognise Sheaf as Heimdall too. But to try to prove this it is necessary to use the figure of Agni of the Rig Vedas, since we know more of this Fire-God than we do of any of the others. What we can do is cross-reference between Agni, Scef, and Heimdall to see the remarkable similarities; to similar to be a 'coincidence'.

Mataricvan, the father of Agni, sent Agni as a small child to a people called the Bhrigurians, descendants of Bhrigu, an ancient patriarch. It was Bhrigu and Manu who first used the Fire of Agni in their sacrifices to the gods. I feel it best to use bullets to show the similarities between these three figures -

  • Agni was found at the 'confluence of the waters', and thus came to the Bhriguians in a boat over the seas - just as Scef came to the Engel-Kin in a boat as a small child.
  • Agni was, like Scef, adopted by these people and cared for 'at the place of the waters'; Scef was brought up in Scandi - ''The Shining Land'. 
  • Agni brought Fire, just as Scef brought a 'lighted taper'; Scef also brought a Sheaf of Corn (Agriculture). Agni taught the Bhrigurians to hold a more settled life and settled home with the family hearth. Ingwe is a god of the 'hearth' and 'inglenook' beside the hearth. I feel that the Myth of Scef, although less widely known, and less thorough than that of Agni, tells us something more than the Agni-Myth. Scef comes at the end of the Golden Age, since he now brings the knowledge of growing corn, and he brings weapons, and fire because an Ice Age set in after the Golden Age. 
  • Agni is the 'husband of wives' and the founder of the Races of Men - as Rig-Heimdall is the founder of the Races of Men. 
  • Agni is the Pure White God with Golden Teeth, as Heimdall is the 'White Age' and has Golden Teeth.
  • Both Agni and Heimdall have 'searching eyes' and can see far, as the 'Watchman of the Gods'. 
  • Agni can infuse himself into the plants, herbs, trees and animals; we are not told if this is true of either Scef or Heimdall. 
  • Agni's horses are white; and Heimdall rides a White Horse.
  • Both Agni and Heimdall have a number of mothers; Heimdall has Nine Mothers (Wave-Maidens) and Agni has various different accounts of how many mothers he has. Scef we do not know of from whom he originated.
  • The names Hama and Heimdall both relate to 'Home'; Agni is associated with the home and hearth.
  • Both Agni and Heimdall are titled - 'The Far-Traveller'.

Agni came to the Bhriguians, whose title became the Bhargavans, a name stemming from bharg meaning 'to shine'; Scef came to Scandi, a name meaning 'Shining Land' or 'Shining Island'. The names Bhrigu and Manu appear in Germanic Mythology as Berchter and Mannus; Berchter appears to be the Norse Borgar. Berchter is rooted in the same meaning as the Old Saxon berht and the Old English beorht - both meaning 'bright', 'clear' or 'light'. 

Just as Agni aids in the recovery of the Sacred Soma, so Scef-Ingwe aids in the recovery of the Sacred Mead - as Rati the Borer. Scef-Ingwe is Ratatosk who scurries up and down the World Tree as 'The Messenger'. Rig is never actually mentioned as being Heimdall, but this is understood to be the case; so we have four names we can put together as one figure - Scef-Ingwe-Rig-Heimdall. It is Rig who teaches the Ancient Runes to Man. 

In the Circle of Ostara I was taught that Heimdall was the Son of Mundilfore, after the work of Viktor Rydberg. Thus, Mataricvan should be the same figure as Mundilfore; and it seems that the Long Man of Wilmington is Waendal, who is also similar to Mundilfore - 'The Wanderer'. Mundilfore turns the World Mill, his name stemming from mondull meaning 'mill-handle'; this itself stems from manthula, meaning 'swing-tree', and stemming from manthati (Skt) meaning 'to swing' 'to twist' or 'to bore'. 

The Cweorth-Rune is the 'Fire-Twirl' which is associated with Waendal-Mundilfore and thus with Scef-Ingwe. This is said to be the 'Fire of Ritual Cremation', though no-one has explained as to why this is so; I don't doubt that this is so, but it would also be the 'Fire of Sacrifice', this being the means of communication with the gods - the 'Offering'. By 'sacrifice' and 'offering' this would have been the flesh of an animal, cooked and eaten by those doing the blot, and part of which would be 'offered' to the gods as a 'sacrifice'. 

The word 'sacrifice' immediately brings into the mind 'blood-sacrifice' associated with Black Sorcery; this is actually far from the truth, and the idea of 'blood-sacrifice' in this context is a distortion. 'Sacrifice' means 'to render sacred' or 'to make sacred' - a far cry from the blood-thirsty ideals of the Dark Forces. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of Indoctrination-European Roots the word 'sacrifice' stems from *dhe- but I am not even to go into this since it really makes no sense whatever. An earlier dictionary shows this as 'to render sacred' and this does seem to make sense. It is the Fire-by-Friction that makes this sacred, and this is the importance of this concept - Fire.

I think this makes clear that Scef-Ingwe-Rig-Heimdall are the same figure, or at least the same archetype. What is rather odd about this is that the least known of these - Ingwe - is the God of the English, and everything about him has been 'lost' even his origins as being the Divine Ancestor of the English. Ingwe has been associated with Ingvi-Frey, who has not been linked to the other figures, but we can safely now state that Scef-Ingwe-Frea-Rig-Heimdall are one and the same figure. We do know slightly more about Ingvi-Frey and that the Inglingas (Ynglingas) - the Royal Lines of Sweden and Norway - were named after Ingvi-Frey. And this even when we find that Scef is placed in the Royal Lineage of some of the most important English Royal Lines, including the House of the West Saxons, who became the foremost of these lineages in ruling England. 

Of course, we can include the figure of Scyld, who gave his name to the Scyldings, the Royal Lines of Denmark. Scyld becomes Scyld Scefing - Scyld, Son of Scef - in the Danish Lineage, and this seems to have happened at a time of change from one order to a new order. Scyld's son is Beow - 'Barley'; he gives his 'myth' to the song 'John Barleycorn'. 

The secret of 'John Barleycorn' is that the 'head' is cut off and he is 'ploughed' into the ground; the next spring he is 'resurrected' or 'reborn' again - from the seeds shed in the late summer. He then grows and waxes strong throughout the summer months, until autumn comes again and he is cut down again; he is then 'drowned' in a vat of water; then he is 'burned' with a 'scorching flame', he thus became the Barley-Drink or "Heart's Blood' -

John Barleycorn was a hero bold,
Of noble enterprise,
For if you do but taste his blood,
'Twill make your courage rise.

It is from the 'severed head' of the Barley that the secret of 'regeneration' is found; the corn-spirit dwells in the 'severed head' of the barley which is sown into the ground the next spring and is 'reborn' anew. Since Ingwe - like Agni - can dwell within the plants, he can thus dwell within the barley, and thus the drink can be seen to be created from the Life-Force of Ingwe. These Sacred Mysteries were the Mysteries of the Death & Resurrected Spirit of Nature as a yearly cycle which is made clear through the John Barleycorn song. He is 'slain' in autumn, his head 'decapitated', and from the seeds in the head reborn the following spring. 

'John Barleycorn' is thus akin to Kvasir's Blood and the Sacred Mead from which this is made; in regard to the idea of the Honey-Mead and the states of Higher Consciousness which give rise to the 'Nectar of the Gods' being released in the head this would also apply to the Sacred Barley Drink - Sacred Ale or Sacred Wine - which also gives rose to an altered state of consciousness, in this case to a 'Warrior-Courage'. There is no doubt that, due to the Einheriar in Valhalla drinking the Sacred Mead each night after a day's fighting and dying, the Sacred Mead also has some links to this 'vegetative reproduction', the secrets of which the gods stole from the Joten (the Joten stole this in the first place). 

The name 'Beowulf' is said to mean 'Wolf of the Bee', but it can also mean 'Barley-Wolf' which links this heroic figure to what has been said here. Beow is the Son of Scyld, who is the Son of Scef - we have here too figures, Scef and Beow, associated with Corn and Barley. There is in fact a mention of an Inglinga king named King Agni, whose wife Skjalf ('Ski-Elf') strangles him with a Golden Neck-Ring; he is hung from a tree, and then his body burned. This appears to be connected to Woden through the hanging by 'neck-ring', and the burning is akin to the King that burns in the hall which is a common part of Germanic Myth. We even have the name 'Agni' here in a Norse Tale. A neck-ring found in Gothic Rumania is inscribed - 'Sacred to Ingwa of the Goths'. The 'Neck-Ring' seems to be connected to both Freya (Brisinga-mene) and Ingwe. Both Freya and Gefion are associated with a Neck-Ring or Necklace. 

There is also another mystery hidden in the Myth of Ingwe, and that is his 'incarnations' into matter. We can surmise that he was first 'incarnated' into Stone - the Flintstone in which is held the Ing-Fire; then he was 'incarnated' in the plants, herbs and trees'; then into the animals; and finally, told of Rig and Agni, he becomes the 'Divine Spark' in Man. This can also be said of Woden, a thing that Miguel Serrano has noted; into stone of the Externstein, and into the Ash-Tree named Iggdrasil. 

The Stone - The Inga-Fire is contained in the Stone/Steel (Stan-Rune) and is produced through Flint & Steel.

The Tree - The Inga-Fire is contained within the wood of the tree, which when rubbed together creates the Spark of Fire.

Animals and Man - The Inga-Fire is here produced through 'Friction' (Frigg) whence New Life is stirred; the Inga-Fire is here (as stated by Mercia Eliade) found in the Female (Ken-Rune - Ken-Rune). 

The 'Gift of Ing' - Fire; as shown on the Firestone and the carving-symbolism could here be that of a Man in which is the 'Gift of Ing' - the Divine Spark. In the Mayan Stela we find that the White Stone - like Scef and Scyld - is carried in a Boat across the waters. 

The symbolism here is also connected to Ingwe -

  • The Twin Crosses (Krist-Ingwe).
  • The Twin Serpents on the sides of the boat (Fiery-Serpent).
  • The Cross-Pose of the Red-Bearded White God (Krist).
  • The boat-shape can be seen as an 'Ark' - Symbol of Regeneration of Nature.
  • X - XX is the same symbolism as on the White Stone of Ing.
  • This is the 'Krist of Atlantis'.

There seems to have been a complete change in the order of things at a particular time in the Cycle of the Ages. This idea of the 'Killing of the King' gave way to the idea of the 'Immortal King', whence a way was opened to Man who had the inbuilt ability to become an Immortal - like the Gods. Again, this would have been something that we find in the Mysteries of Ingwe-Woden, since the secret of Immortality lies within the DNA Code - not necessarily on a purely physical level, but rather in terms of Steve McNallen's Metaphysical DNA. This is something that has lain dormant within Man - not every man - and which can be 'triggered' through the DNA. The ancient Solar-Race of Shining Ones 'fell' into matter, and was trapped in matter, but with the innate ability to regain that ancient position again as the 'Coming Race'. That ability to regain this 'Immortality' lies within that of 'overcoming' human limitations - 'to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life' - Krist. 

The role of Ingwe can thus be seen to change, and this explains why we find his link to rocks, then plants, herbs and trees, then animals, and then into Man as being a progression. The 'death-to-rebirth' process of vegetative regeneration can be seen as a 'Return to the Mother' - Earth. At the stage of the 'Child' we find the Mother's care and attention to be the key part; then comes the stage when the 'Child' becomes a 'Youth' and this is more of a 'wild' and 'chaotic' stage, as we find perhaps in the Aryan Race with its adventure, wanderings and conquests. Then we come to the 'Adult' stage, where the individual (I) comes into its own, and this we find in the Scylding Dynasty where Kingship was more individual and not so 'Mother-Centred' as the old Sacral Kings who were 'slain' each year and 'reborn' into the new king. 

Whereas the death-to-rebirth was a form of Father-Son form - the barley-head (Father) is 'slain', and is 'reborn' in the Mother Earth (Son) - we can find a clue to another parallel interpretation in the Isis-Osiris-Horus Myth. Osiris is slain by Set, so Isis 'mounts' the gathered body of Osiris to bear Horus the Son, who avenges his father by slaying Set. The Myth of Hamlet. But the dead Osiris - like Woden - has his mouth prised open ('Opening of the Mouth') so that his spirit is released into the Son - Horus or Wid-Ar. But the Spirit of Osiris goes to the 'stars', and is then brought back to enter the physical body of the Son - who becomes the Divine King. We find a better example in that of Krist who dies on the Cross, and is 'resurrected' in his Astral Form as the 'Son of Man'. 

If the names 'Igg' and 'Ing' are linked, which is quite possible since a number of Norse and Irish Myths tell of a figure with 'Ing' in the name who is 'One-Eyed', then the key to the Self-Sacrifice on Iggdrasil may hint at this change in the role of the High-God. Woden is the god associated with the war waged with the Demiurge, and with the striving of Man towards Immortality - thus his continual search for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. This 'self-sacrifice' is thus for Man in order that - through struggle and hardship - he may strive to regain his Immortality. Now, when I have here been through a list of God-Names it should be recognised that there is as much importance involved with the Goddesses of our Folk, and these often interchange with the Gods in their roles. 

Friday 11 March 2022

The Triumph of Evil


The Tarot Card called 'The Devil' shows a 'Shaitanic' figure with an Inverted Pentagram sitting on a 'black cube' (which it should perhaps be, but here a black block). A man and woman are chained to the cube which tells us that they are 'slaves to matter' - the cube being symbolic of matter. 

The hexagon has 6 sides; the cube has 6 sides, and 6 cubed is 6 x 6 x 6; this number 666 is symbolic of Matter. Saturn is the planet associated with materialism.

The pole of Saturn shows a whirling hexagon-figure, showing the link between the hexagon, the Star of David, the Cube and Saturn. In one sense we can see Saturn as the 'Fenris Wolf'; Shaitan has long been associated with the Jackal, which has the same symbolism as the Wolf. It is the Fenris Wolf that 'devours' Woden - the Spirit of Man. Saturn is a planet sometimes associated with the Plague and Epidemics - Loki is also linked to Saturn. 

The Christian Cross is a cube that has been opened out; again, this is symbolic of Matter. Christianity infected the Heathen Folk with the 'virus' of the Religion of Evil. When Woden-Krist hung upon the 'Cross' he was thus 'Crucified in Matter' - he had to enter the world of matter in order to redeem the Spirit of Man; this was a self-sacrifice - himself to himself. 

The story of The Krist given in the New Testament may be partly distorted, but a grain of truth remains hidden away, and can be retrieved through Esoteric Knowledge. The Gnostics claimed that Sophia (The Celestial Virgin - Wisdom) sent Kristos, her 'emanation', to help humanity because Ilda-Baoth (Jehovah) and the 'Six Sons of Matter' were shutting out the Divine Light. This is the same theme as that of Aryan Myths in which the 'Gold' or the 'Cattle' are stolen - the Divine Light is blocked and hidden from Man. 

The Krist is 'baptised with water' in the River Jordan by John the Baptist; at this exact moment there is the 'descent of the Dove' (Dove = 'diver' = 'Avatar) as the 'Holy Spirit' which enters the human body of Krist who thus becomes an 'Avatar' on Earth. With his work that was bringing to an end the 'Kingdom of Matter' of Ilda-Baoth, the Servants of Darkness were stirred up against him and he was put to death on the cross - the Romans were the 'tool' to do this. The material body of 'Jesus' was left to the Earth, but the Krist - the 'Inner Man' - was 'clothed with a body made up of aether (i.e. the Astral Body). This is made clear when he tells his disciples not to touch him after he had 'arisen from the dead'. 

Krist is said to be the 'Son of the Morning Star' - Venus; in our Folkish Lore this is the goddess Freya. Thus, the Greek Sophia would be our own Freya who is the one to send her 'Son' as an Avatar; this does not quite fit with the idea of Frey and Freya being both brother-sister and husband-wife. This being so it would be Nerthus who is the 'Virgin Mother' and the 'Son' would be Ingwe-Krist (Force & Fire) united with Freya (Wisdom). 

The Chi-Rho is made up of Chi (X) and Rho ('R'), the first two letters of Xristos; it seems that we can use either Xristos or Kristos. H.P. Blavatsky tells us that the Chi-Rho is the 'Skull & Crossbones'; it is certainly a Gyfu-Rune and Wyn-Rune or Hagal-Rune and Wyn-Rune. The symbol is of the Wunsc-Frea - the 'Wish-Lord' who is the Wild Hunter-God, Woden. 

When we are told that Krist is the 'Alpha and Omega - The Beginning and the End' we are being shown that this figure is not a one-off historical figure such as 'Jesus Christ' but is an Archetypal Avatar who appears at the beginning of a world-age and again at the end of the world-age - in a different form each time. The Christian Church took the whole thing literally and saw this as a one-off figure of the 'Son of God' when in reality this Heroic Archetype appears again and again, as in the Hindu Lore. 

Krist appeared at the beginning of the Age of Pisces in order to try to aid humanity at this crucial time before the worst of the Age of Darkness set in. He would thus re-appear at the end of the world-age, but in the form of a Warrior-Leader whose task this time was to hold back the Forces of Darkness at the crucial point of the Yuletide of the Great Year Cycle. At this point Woden was 'swallowed' by the Fenris Wolf - the Spirit of Man was 'devoured' by the Dark Powers who were now in almost complete control over the World of Matter. At this critical point of the Great Year Cycle (26,000 years) the return of Wid-Ar is heralded; it is Wid-Ar who breaks open the Jaws of the Wolf to release the Spirit of Woden, and he thus appears again as 'The Son'. Once more the Avatar appears at the 'beginning' of the next cycle - this time the Age of Aquarius.

As far as I can see there is just one reference to an Avatar and that is the piece I have oft quoted from the Short Seeress' Prophecy, where Hama-Heimdall appears as the 'Mighty One' before a Great Flood, and Wid-Ar appears after as 'an e'en Greater One' to destroy the old and herald a New Order and New World. 

Don Miguel Serrano sees Saturn as being in some way 'chained' (as was Kronus) or 'enslaved' by the Demiurge. In this sense Saturn is the 'Bound Giant', but whose original form was that of the God of the Golden Age. Miguel Serrano sees his regaining this status to reign over a new Golden Age; since Saturn is the 'Lord of the Rings' this may in some way be related to the melting of the Rings of Ice - maybe. Saturn is transformed into Shaitan; Saturn is associated with Lead and thus Lead (Saturn) has to be transmuted into Gold - hence the alchemical concept that arose to try to achieve this. 


"Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child...But not now." Book of the Law 3: 12-13.

Aleister Crowley was a Servant of Shaitan, as he admitted, even spelling the name as I have done here. His life was one of sexual degeneracy that led to the outburst of 'free love' in the 1960s, and of drug-abuse, which was yet another problem that arose at the same time. The Book of the Law is often said to be 'Anarcho-Fascist' which is probably right in some ways, and it seems to have led to a kind of 'counter-revolution' opposed to equality etc. but which was equally leading young people down the wrong path. There is one of the strangest things here that concerns Crowley and the quote above -

"Sacrifice cattle, little and big..." - In 2001 a viral-epidemic called 'Foot and Mouth' disease ended in over Six Million cows and sheep being mass-slaughtered by 'Men-in-White' who officiated in their slaughter and burning (Holocaust). Even some of the papers mentioned this as some form of 'Ritual Killing' with the sight of the 'Men in White Coats'. (*)

"...after a child...But not now..." Sarah Payne was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered in West Sussex on July 2nd 2000, the year before the Cattle-Sacrifice. Now, Sarah Payne was an unknown ordinary child but this generated a massive public outcry, and also a funeral fit for a 'Princess' - which were the words used by the media and press. (This was also the case with the death of Princess Diana on August 31st 1997.)

Then again in 2001, the same year as the Cattle-Sacrifice, we find the fall of the Twin Towers which ended the 'Age of Capitalism' with the fall of the buildings associated with this. We find references to ancient forms of the Sacrifice of an Ox at the start of a new world-age, something that is here reflected in the Cattle-Sacrifice of 2001. I am not here suggesting that these events are conscious forms but I am suggesting that these have an underlying unconscious form that suggests some form of Dark Powers working at a hidden level. 

Since the 'Twin Towers' and the 'Cattle-Sacrifice' were done with conscious intention this seems to fit the concept of a 'new creation' in the form of a 'Giant-Slaying' (Ymir) in order to create a 'New World Order'. Is it not strange that once again we have a Virus-Epidemic, this time in cattle & sheep? 

(*) We are all aware of the press & media coverage of the 'Covid-19 Pandemic' and the lies told to us by these outlets, politicians, academics and the NHS in many ways covering up the truth. From what we have been told after the 'Foot and Mouth' affair this too was blown out of all proportion, and ended with quite healthy cattle & sheep being slaughtered as well as those affected. 


Back in 2012 NASA was busy looking for 'X-Points' which are portals into other dimensions; these are at points where the Earth's Magnetic Field crosses the Sun's Magnetic Field. We do know that NASA was home to a number of occultists such as Jack Parsons, a follower of Crowley and member of the O.T.O. So we should not be surprised in what was going on back then, since there were no doubt still O.T.O Members within the organisation. I have covered the work of CERN on these 'portals' and no doubt this is a refinement of what was already been done with Dark Sorcery and Dark Ritual. 

It seems clear now as to why there had been an acceleration of the Global Agenda, and as to why there have suddenly appeared WOKE individuals who are busy furthering this agenda. So far the agenda has not really touched religion to any extent, but this is a future part of the Global Agenda, and is no doubt connected to the appearance of the 'Messiah' who is 'prophesied' to a appear. This seems also to infer, that as predicted, the 'Dark Lord' himself would manifest on Earth. (*)

This Dark Sorcery is done through psycho-sexual magic, mind-altering drugs, a degenerate and perverted outlook on life, and sometimes on blood-sacrifice as I have shown here. This does not need to be done openly, since any form of violence and war will suffice, as well as terrorist atrocities like the Twin-Towers, and cattle slaughter like the Foot & Mouth. There has hardly been a moment when some kind of violent disorder, revolt or war has not been going on for decades now. The Geoffrey Epstein affair with its centre around many well-known figures within The System should suffice to show what we are dealing with in regard to the perversion that is rife within the Establishment. 

(*) There have already been moves towards a World Religion which will be made up of the major religions of the world, centred around Judaism, Christianity and Islam whose religions are all rooted in Judaism. At this time this is not at the top of the Global Agenda - but it soon will be. Those who hide behind religion rather than taking up the struggle for freedom will then have nowhere to hide. 

Monday 7 March 2022

Sacred Geometry


This is the drawing by Leonardo da Vinci called The Vitruvian Man, named after Vitruvio, architect to Julius Caesar and Augustus. Clearly, the idea behind this is the human body which is set down in ratio, which was the way ancient architecture was done. In the above figure we can find three clear symbols -

1. The Cross or Tau-Cross.

2. The Eohls-Rune.

3. The Calc-Rune.

The sketching is done so cleverly as to fit each separate symbol into the whole, all three symbols being integrated and yet separated. I'm not saying that da Vinci drew these as runes, but they do form runes nonetheless. There is a fourth symbol which can be made from the Calc-Rune and the Cross above this; and if the straight legs are removed this makes what Miguel Serrano called Das Wotanskreuz or Das Munsterkreuz (Manu). 

I don't pretend to know anything about Sacred Geometry except that it is based upon the ratio of one part to another part. When we look at Norse Mythology we find that it is an act of 'sacrificial slaying' that creates the Cosmos - Ymir is slain and cut into pieces to form the Cosmos. The Cosmos is thus based upon the same ratio as that of Man. 

It seems obvious that Freemasonry was originally a Guild of Masons, as the name itself suggests, and that these guilds were aware of the nature of Sacred Geometry. Some of the great cities around the world were built upon Sacred Measurement; in The Sacred Triangle of Pagan Iceland Einar Palsson recognises the use of the 3:4:5 Triangle associated with Pythagoras in the measurements of Iceland when it was occupied by the Vikings. According to Nigel Pennick the Druid's Cord, made up of 13 sections with 12 Knots, was used to create a 3:4:5 Triangle and a 5:4:4 Triangle (seventh part of a circle). 

The Cording of the Temple was a rite by which a Sacred Area (Weoh) was laid out using the Sacred Cord (as stated of the Druids, but this would have been of wider use). Very often this Sacred Weoh was corded off itself, no doubt using the same cord it was measured with. The Weoh seems to have been a triangle, but of what kind I do not know. 

Equilateral Triangle

An Equal-Sided Triangle has three angles each of 60 degrees; 60 x 60 x 60 = 216,000 which, when multiplied by 2 equals 432,000, the number of Einheriar that march out of Valhalla at Ragnarok. In the past WF has used the Folk-Ring (Sacred Circle) and a Holy Weoh - Equal-Sided Triangle - with three Folk-Comrades chanting 'Woden' - 'Willa' - 'Weoh' at each point of the Triangle. 

A Masonic Ritual has been used to lay down the 'Foundation Stone' when a new project is set up, or a new building (based on Sacred Geometry) is being built. It seems that in Iceland a specific rock outcrop or stone was used as the first marker, rather than laying a stone. Palsson sees the three points of the 3:4:5 Triangle relating to - 

Pole-Star (North) - Woden,

Sirius (South) - Ingwe-Frey & Freya.

Capricorn - The Primeval Hill (Horn of Plenty) - Skapker Heidrunar ('Measuring Vessel of Heidrunar (The Goat). 

It is interesting to note how he relates Frey & Freya to Sirius, since this star has always been related to Venus in some way. Osiris and Isis of the Egyptian Myths were associated with both Venus and Sirius. 

The 3:4:5 Triangle has a right-angle (90 Degrees) - Sirius; the bottom left angle is  54 Degrees - Capricorn; and the top angle is 36 degrees - Pole Star. Capricorn is also the 'Northern Gateway to the Gods'. It is associated with Fire (27 x 2 = 54) where the Number 27 is both 'Fire' and 'Kingship'. The three sides are as follows -

3 - Father.

4 - Mother.

5 - Son. 

This works out thus -

3 x 3 = 9.

4 x 4 = 16.

5 x 5 = 25.

When we add the 'Father' - 9 - to the 'Mother' - 16 - we get 25 - 'The Son'. The 'Horn of Plenty' was in Capricorn (Heidruna) which is the Cave of Midwinter, the Womb of the Mother, which fits perfectly with they idea of Ingwe (Agni) being born in the 'Cave of the Mother' (Primeval Hill) - 'The Son'. This, as stated, is associated with Fire and with Kingship. Thus, the Birth of Krist at the Winter Sunstead - Midwinter. This is not merely a 'play-on-words' of 'The Son' and 'The Sun' but is an Archetypal Myth. Fitting for us is 'The Son' as the 'God of Grain' (Scef-Ingwe).

Sacred Geometry was used by the ancients to create harmony through their buildings and temples, and obviously this was also done in Iceland; we find this in the ancient stone circles etc. too. There is a sacred connection between Man, the Earth and the Cosmos, and this is reflected in Sacred Geometry.