Monday 16 May 2022

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Cone of Protection


In such an era as we are living through now we are all subject to certain dangers, some of which are obvious and physical in nature, but some which are neither visible nor obvious. It is these that we will look at now, because it is important to protect oneself against psychic attack. Let us have no doubt about this, we are today dealing with those who practice Dark Sorcery, a very destructive power which can inflict harm upon others. Psychic attack is a real thing.

The Aegishjalmr or 'Helm of The Terribe One' (Igg) is a protective symbol working on the method of defence through attack; it is used to deflect an attack back upon the one who sent it in the first place. This I have shown before so we will not dwell upon it here.

I would like to share a simple protective meditation which I have called The Cone of Protection which I have started to use myself, as a means of everyday protection rather than from a specific source. This is so simple, and yet I intuitively feel that it would be very effective. It you spin the above spiral around it will be seen by the eye as a 'tunnel' moving towards a point; the term 'cone' means a 'pointed object', and we often think of the 'Pine Cone'. In a study of what is termed 'Near Death Experiences' many cases tell of going through a 'tunnel', but in a few cases they record that behind the tunnel, on the outside as one passes through, 'demonic entities' try to get through but cannot. This is quite interesting in that the 'tunnel' is clearly a 'portal' or 'gateway', but in this case it also offers some form of protection against the Darker Entities of the Nine Worlds. 

The Dagaz-Rune is an 'Hour-Glass' which represents 'Time': it is true to say that Cyclic Time really moves in a spiral rather than a circle, since it is moving either upwards or downwards rathe than going around and around. So the spiral also represents a facet of 'Time' and thus 'Time-Travel' in a sense. Having said this to try to clarify why I think this is important, let us get on with the meditation. This can be done sitting down or standing up - either.

Relax the whole body as best you can; then start to visualise a Golden Light which moves clockwise round you, moving upwards from the area of the feet, spiralling around the body in ever-decreasing circles. Do this as slowly as you can, trying to hold the concentration as you go, but when this lapses merely stop momentarily and focus the concentration again. When you reach the top, which will be a point above the head, hold the concentration for as long as possible. This is all there is too this exercise.