Friday 29 May 2020

The Flood in the Eddas

"In days of yore a youth was born,
of sturdy strength, of the stock of gods;
at the edge of the earth etin maids nine
gave birth and suck to the brightest of gods....

He was nursed and grew on the sap of the ground,
on the ice-cold sea and the sacred boar's blood...

The stormy sea to the stars is tossed,
overwhelms the land - the heavens rive.
Thence come great snows and sweeping blasts.
They are doomed to die the dropping gods.

Was a Mighty One born, matchless in strength,
he was nursed and grew on the sap of the ground;
most high-minded he 'mongst the hallowed gods,
in sib with all sires and sons of earth.

A god will come then, and e'en Greater One:
I dare not speak his dreaded name.
Farther forward few can see now
than Woden fighting the Fenris Wolf."

In view of my recent posts I thought it best to revisit this piece in The Short Seeress' Prophecy since it relates to our times, obvious with the phrase - 'They are doomed to die the dropping gods". Had this been in the ancient past it would not be said in the present tense. The piece about the Mighty One is in the past tense and relates to the coming of the god Hama/Heimdall, clear by the description which fits perfectly. So, Hama appears before a Great Flood, and since we have already seen how this need not necessarily be a flood of water, then this could easily refer to a 'flood of migrants' or even some form of 'pandemic' - an airborne 'flood' - or maybe both. The 'great snows and sweeping blasts' may refer to a future event, or maybe just to certain areas affected over the last years, or maybe in years to come.

The earth is to be cleansed by Fire, which we find in The Prophecy of the Seeress, and also the earth sinks beneath the seas, as shown in the same verse (56). It is the Fire-Giant, Surt, who wields the Sword of Fire which 'like a sun doth shine' (Verse 51). The Earth arises renewed from the cleansing waters. 

The last verse is in the future tense and refers to Wid-Ar the Avenger who appears in the darkest hour of the Dark Age to destroy the Evil Powers that control the world today. This is the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden upon the Earth. This seems clear from the reference to the Fenris Wolf, and to this coming after Woden fights the Wolf. Woden is resurrected as Wid-Ar the Avenger, becoming the young Warrior-Hero who will wage war against the Powers of Darkness. 

Friday 22 May 2020

The Mystery of Babylon

"Ten kingdoms come and go. That of Babylon and Assyria is the first and greatest. That of the Aryan follows after, and then that of Egypt, then Iran, then Chad and then that of the coast of the sea, then the distant one in the east and also the distant one in the west, then that over the sea and also the midnight kingdom...."

Sajaha 8:3

This part poses rather a great problem because it is usually thought that Vedic India is one of the oldest Aryan Kingdoms, and yet here we find 'Babylon and Assyria' is the 'first and greatest', and that the Aryan Kingdom follows after this, and then Egypt etc. I do not think that this 'Babylon and Assyria' refers to the historical accounts we have left to us, and that this goes way back into a very distant past which has been forgotten. Babylon is singled out for attack in the New Testament Revelation, even though this is not clearly the Babylon we find in these accounts - it is a mercantile nation which holds control over the world's trade in modern times. The name 'Assyria' is most likely a word stemming from the Asen-AEsir, but as with many of the areas around at the later times, some were Semitic, though maybe with Indo-European over-lords. However, many 'Semitic' peoples and 'Semitic' words are Indo-European anyway. Some of this stuff has been doctored.

We find these statements in the Sajaha Prophecies -

"Between hills a blood-red animal sprouts up. It grows quickly...."

This is probably the Roman Empire. There is said to be 'no real kingdom' that rules in this time, and so they choose this 'blood-red animal' to be their leader.It is then said -

"The red animal is now doubled. And each of the two has an eye of false gold..."

This, of course, appears to refer to the Western Empire and the Eastern Empire, both part of the Roman Empire. After this comes a 'new real kingdom' which is 'from the light'. This part is not very clear because only the Holy Roman Empire followed this, and this was hardly 'from the light'. 

These 'Ten Kingdoms' are mentioned in Revelation simply because the biblical stuff was lifted from ancient Babylon; there will be a good deal of distortion in the text, especially since it was seemingly rewritten in the time of King James, but we do not know why or by whom. There is also spoken of a 'New King' -

"The first image shows you a new king. He lives on the shores of the lake. His race is related to us by blood. He sends out many ships. He annexes lands, which since the great Sargon I no one has seen any more. He is learned, his gods are also ours.

The higher the sign of the new king climbs in the heavens, the more those who are envious forge hatred against him - and soon gather together to attack him. Terrible struggle comes, for the first time, the second time, and for the third time.

The new king finally succumbs to the majority. There remains no trace of him - only secret knowledge."

Obviously, we would be unable to find any trace of such a figure, as stated here, and such 'secret knowledge' would be well hidden from us. Unfortunately, the dates given for Sargon I do not tally, and as with many other figures such as the Buddha and Zarathustra, differing dates are given by different sources. If we had a firm date we could actually date the appearance of the Last Avatar. 

After this comes a telling piece where peoples no longer pray to the True God and they do not see the 'signs of their gods' anymore. They offer 'false sacrifices' and 'burn the wise'. This is where we find the shift to false gods and false sacrifices, and then they 'wage greedy wars' -

"Their thoughts are emptied, their spirits are sick, and their souls are deformed. Their gods slurp their blood, burn their flesh and eat the hair of their women. And they kill a great many."

Sajaha 9:7

Here we find that pagan and heathen people adopt different and darker gods, thus falling away from the Light; their spirits become sick, and their souls deformed, and they wallow in blood-sacrifices and senseless wars for greed and power. This is where we need to be wary of some of the ancient stuff which has come to us from the darker ages of the Cosmic Cycle. These texts do give us an indication of these changes over the world-ages. 

There is mention of the Primeval Empire, which is supposedly that of Thule in the Midnight North. Since this time the ancient psychic powers were atrophied and lost to man, and the Third Eye (Pineal Gland) became atrophied causing this loss of Higher Consciousness and Higher Perception. Those who still had these abilities had to act as 'Lights' to the many who did not have them. We are told that the vibrations of the Forces of Nature are masculine, whilst the Magical Vibrations are feminine. Through the long hair of the women-folk these Magical Powers could be attained best. 

Occult Lore tells of a civilisation in the Gobi Desert, which at that time was not a desert; this seems to have sprung up after the fall of Thule/At-al-land. But we have no evidence of such a civilisation, though it is recorded in areas such as Tibet and Mongolia. There is also no mention of Tibet in these prophecies, even though we know this to have been an area where certain Aryan Mysteries were left. This may be the 'distant one in the east', but which one is the 'distant one in the west'. This could refer to the Americas or even these islands here, but we cannot be sure of this. The 'Midnight Kingdom' is mentioned last and this would be in the Far North. These are rather confusing in regard to recorded history, but we are talking in term of pre-history here, where legend and myth take over. There is also no mention whatever of Sumer which is seen by scholars to be the very earliest kingdom. 

What is quite clear is that all of these Kingdoms of Light were destroyed by using the same peoples to attack them from without, whilst attacking them from within to finally destroy them altogether. This goes for every single kingdom or empire from that day to the present day. All of this has been done by breaking the Halidom by the Forces of Division and Destruction. Nations are set against Nations, peoples against peoples, class against class, men against women, children against their parents - we could go on and on...The same tactics over and over again - Divine and Conquer and Conflict Management by forcing one thing against another, ending in a third which has been carefully planned as an agenda. We have warned against this over and over again, that the present 'conflict' between Christian Nationalism and Islam will end in the fusion of both, absorbed into a World Religion. The rise in Islamic Militancy was probably due to the Hidden Cabal and its Global Agenda. 

All of this goes way back to the time of At-al-land, but the rising power of the Dark Forces we could perhaps date to around 6,000 years ago, which is a quarter of a Cosmic Cycle. We know that this power was growing strong at the time of Nebuchadnezzar, and we know that after his time Babylon was destroyed through this Dark Power. This goes back over 2,700 years, but this is obviously not the original Babylon, which seems to go back into the mists of time. What we do know is that in ancient times there was a good deal of interaction between the East and the West, and history ignores this because they do not wish people to know this. We do know from these times in Babylon that these ancient civilisations originated in the 'Midnight North', as did those of Aryan India and Iran (Persia). What we need to beware of is that certain knowledge was known to both the True Initiation and the Counter-Initiation, both with totally different paths - one Light and one Dark. 

Monday 11 May 2020

The Mystery of the Flood

"At that time there will be a Great Flood over the high and once bright gardens of the Earth; and it will not be a flood of water but an odour of rottenness everywhere."

Sajaha 11:1

There will come a 'flood' but not of water, rather of rottenness and decay, and this will bring great destruction and death. 

"The people therefore have lost their thinking and understanding through the flood of rotten odour. They could have protected themselves and their children from the disaster. Because they lost the ability to understand they did nothing."

Sajaha 11:5

This Flood of Rottenness paves the way for a Second Flood which will be of 'beetles' that will spoil everything in an orgy of destruction. This Second Flood leads to extinction. Sajaha then underlines her meaning by telling the Saga of the White Bird, which I have covered before. The 'sickness of mind' and thus the lack of thinking and understanding come through 'Dark Demons' who "know no suffering and no joy, they have neither fear nor any other feeling..." and they are thus like 'zombies' with an agenda, a purpose of total destruction. 

"Because the Evil Spirit itself will enter the world in human form - idolised by all emissaries of Evil."

Sajaha 12:15

Through these times of great evil "solitary are the brave and the righteous...(for) the Deity is with them". And " the silence someone makes a great Spear, hidden from other people, who are only afraid and dare not fight. One of them however makes his Spear, and Ishtar herself helps him to strengthen the weapon and Bel arms...."

Sajaha 12:11 & 13:5

The Key to these Mysteries lies in the 'Great Flood' and the 'Second Flood' which are not floods of water but are symbolic of something else. We need to go to Revelation 12:15 to understand this, because some of this stuff originated in Babylon, as scholars have been finding for decades. 

"And the Serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood."

Revelation 12:15.

The 'Serpent' is the Great Red Dragon who tries to slay the 'woman' - Venus-Freya - who is to bring forth the 'Man-Child' who will 'rule the Nations'. This 'flood', once more, is obviously not water itself, since it comes from the 'mouth' of the Dragon-Serpent. It is something carried on the air that we breath. This 'flood' is ended when the Earth itself 'opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.' The word 'flood' may well give a clue as to the meaning of this, for its basic meaning is 'rain', but this (tellingly) gives rise to other meanings -

IE Root *pleu- 'To rain', 'To flow'.

From which we also get -

pulmonary - lungs.

pneumonia - disease of the lungs.

pneuma - breath.

Thus, the 'Flood' in these texts, being symbolic, does not actually mean a 'flood of water' but clearly refers to something related in word root-form. In reading ancient lore it has to be remembered that a word root-words or root-sounds with many meanings, and when we invoke one meaning it would (in old times) have brought up a host of related meanings, all of which are right and inter-connected by 'threads'. 

A second meaning to the IE Root *pleu- is very different, but again we must use both meanings in order to get the truth behind this. This second meaning is 'to fly' which refers to flying (through the air), giving rise to the name 'a fly' which is a flying insect, and thus to an 'airborne' object. Another meaning, outwardly seen perhaps as related to water, is 'to float', but again this can be an object that floats in water, or that floats through the air. All of these meanings suggest an airborne object. 

Sajaha 11:5 tells us that the Evil Spirit itself will manifest upon the Earth in human form; we are told this in Revelation - 

"Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth and of the Sea! for the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

Revelation 12:12

'The Devil' and the 'Evil Spirit' are one and the same here; this is Shaddein who is the deceiver of the world, the master of lies. The Archetypal Myth is played out when the Evil Spirit tries to slay the Child of Light, as when Herod tried to slay the Krist-Child, and Krishna's birth featured the same Archetypal Myth. This, in our liberal-humanitarian society could hardly be done in the usual sense, but would need some form of destructive agent that would seem natural

One of the important things that is usually missed is that such a 'birth' does not necessarily mean a physical birth as a child, since it can mean a 'birth' of an Avatar-Spirit that at some crucial point inhabits a human body, and is thus 'incarnated' at such a time. This is quite clear from the point where 'John the Baptist' anoints the Krist with water, and at this point the Holy Spirit descends as a 'Dove'. The word 'dove' is symbolic and it means 'diver' - one who descends is another way to put this. The Holy Spirit is the Avatar-Spirit that enters the body of the chosen human vessel at this point of its life, so it is not a 'child' but is 'reborn' at this point of time. It is also important to note that John the Baptist tells that he baptises by Water whereas Krist does so with Fire. This 'baptism' happens around the thirtieth year of his life. Before the woman (Venus-Freya) is persecuted and the flood sent to destroy her, the Man-Child is taken up to God to sit beside the All-Father. (All new life is 'Born in the Waters', and here Krist is 'Fire-in-Water' - Ingwe.)

There is a curious phrase in Revelation 10:6 - "...and that there should be time no longer." Again we find in Matthew 24:22 "And except those days shall be shortened...but for the Elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

Now, having used biblical sources I have no doubt left myself open to the accusation that these are not 'heathen' and are 'alien' to our Folkish Religion. I am going to give an example of how such things can be misleading in themselves. In recent times I have been discussion the subject of Kalki Avatar with my good friend Hamasson. In trying to find out more about Kalki one runs up against the common Hindu view that Kalki will be born in Shambhala somewhere in India. Now, Shambhala is said to be found on Earth, but its counterpart (where Kalki will be born) is in another world or dimension. This Hindu view is that Kalki is unique to India and thus an Indian Avatar, which, of course, is not correct. Kalki is known to all Indo-European peoples around the world, and is certainly the White Krist of the New Testament, and also Aragorn of 'Lord of the Rings'. Kalki is an Archetypal Myth. This also holds true of the Gesar Khan of Mongolia and Tibet, whose legend has been tailored to suit the Mongol Race, rather than being an Indo-European Archetypal Myth left in these areas. (*)

This is the same with mythology found in the New Testament, which most probably (seen from the contents) came originally from Babylon, which may well be why the text was rewritten in the time of King James. In a church in a village named Breedon-on-the-Hill in Leicestershire there is an old stone dated around a thousand years ago (Viking times) with the Entrance to Valhalla on one side, and The Garden of Eden on the other side - Viking and Christian on the same stone. Deduced from this is the idea of a 'Dual-Faith', postulated by the late John Yeowell, one of the founders of the Odinic Rite. I feel that this goes far deeper than a 'Dual-Faith'; looking carefully at this, and other ancient 'Christian' texts in Old English, it seems clear that the Woden Initiates who kept alive the Ancient Mysteries recognised that these Ancient Mysteries also formed some of the hidden symbolism of the Old and New Testaments. They saw a common meaning in the symbolism of both.

Could they not have seen Valhalla (Home of the Ancestors) as being the same as the Garden of Eden (The Primeval Homeland - Home of the Ancestors). Valhalla is no doubt the Celtic Avalon - the 'Island of Apples'. The word EDEN has the same root-sound as IDUNN - the 'Keeper of the Golden Apples of Immortality.' In the Garden of Eden is the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life - the latter is the Tree of Immortality. Although not stated, as far as I know, these are usually seen as Apple Trees. My argument is that those who created this stone knew full well that the Garden of Eden and Valhalla were one and the same place, and they recognised this by symbolism and by root-words that held the secrets. They may have held a 'Dual-Faith' but they also recognised the common themes that ran through both. This is underlined when we read the Dream of the Rood and other Old English texts which share common Christian-Heathen themes. 

I think it was Wotan's Krieger who first put forth the idea that the 'Flood' mentioned in Wulf's Prophecy was perhaps symbolic of a 'Flood of Migrants' rather than a flood of water. Looking at the prophecy for a moment there does appear to be a certain link between two verses - the rising of the 'Silent Pool'. Firstly, the term 'silent' conjures up the thought of The Silent God - Wid-Ar.

When the Silent Pool shall rise,
Storm-Clouds gather in the skies:
Raging seas crash through the Downs,
White Horses followed by the Hounds.

When all seems lost, all Hope is gone,
Then shall arise The Hooded One;
When the Silent Pool shall rise,
Star's align o'er Northern Skies.

Wulf's Prophecy Verses 5 & 7

Verse 5 looks clearly like a flood of water, and maybe this could come about at some future time, as many dreams within Woden's Folk have indicated. But the verse can also be seen as symbolic. The 'White Horses' even suggests the White Horse of Kalki Avatar. And the Horses and Hounds also suggests the 'Wild Hunt'. Verse 7 relates to the destruction of HOPE and the arising of The Hooded Man Current. But this also mentions a star-alignment in the Northern Skies - but not specifically. In Verse 6, between these two, is mention of the Mighty One who is HOPE, and the coming of the Last Avatar - 'An e'en Greater One' - which will happen 'When the Wolf devours the Sun'. This could be symbolic of the destruction of the Sun-Race or Race of Light - or rather the remnants of this ancient race that hold true to the Gods. Fenris Wolf devours Woden, who here represents 'spirit'; this is perhaps modern rampant technology at one level

I suppose we could equate the Calc-Rune with what it is said to represent - a cup or chalice. But if we do the 'cup' or 'chalice' is upside down and is thus pouring its liquid out of the chalice - downwards. This suggests to me the Opening of the Water-Jug - the Age of Aquarius. Since this appears outside of the 24-Rune Elder Futhark I will take it as applying to the Coming Avatar, since The Hooded Man Current can be applied to the end of the Futhark - Man (Hope), Lagu (The Flood), Ing (The 'Son of Man'), Edel (The Hooded Man), and Daeg (The break of Day - Dawning of the Age of the Water-Jug). 

The term Kalachakra actually means 'Wheel of Time' (kala = time, and chakra = wheel). This is interesting in that the god Waendal (Mundilfore) is the God of Cyclic Time. This is to do with the Buddhist Kalachakra Tantra which is mentioned further on. Waendal is linked to the Sacred Centre which is the cosmic counterpart to the Earthly Centre, and the Sacred Number 7 is linked to this through Woden's Waen. This Heaven-Earth link can be found in the name En-Ki meaning 'Heaven-Earth'. [I would like to think that the ending -en/-an which is usually taken as 'master' could relate to the 'heavens', and maybe Ki-Gi (Gyfu-Rune) to the Earth (geo-). Certainly, the term An/Anu means 'heaven'.]

(*) Shambhala - There is an interesting piece in a book by Geoffrey Ashe, The Ancient Wisdom (1977) where he states -

"They persist in the old apocalyptic beliefs, predicting a world upheaval and the return of Gesar. They also repeat that the Buddha was a Shambhalic Initiate, and taught doctrines originating there....In about 543 BCE when, according to their (unusual) dating, the Buddha was near the end of his life, a European came to him to be taught the Shambhalic Doctrines. This visitor's name is given as Sucandra. The lamas think that Sucandra was a Celt, probably from Britain, and that in some sense Shambhala is in Britain..."

The name 'Sucandra' (Su-Can-Dra) seems rather more of Germanic Roots and Britain, as we now know, was peopled by Germano-Celts. 'Gesar' is clearly 'Caesar' or 'Kaiser' - the 'Emperor'. We have here yet another circumstance that appears to suggest that the Last Avatar will appear here in England. 'Sucandra' is supposed to mean 'White (or beautiful) Moon'. The teachings centre around the Kalachakra Tantra which is performed by the Dalai Lama.

The art of Tulpa-Projection is known in Tibet and Mongolia; this is a thought-form which can be created by the mind. Gesar Khan, who seems to be associated with the Seven Stars of Ursa Major (or maybe the 'Northern Crown'?) will come again from Shambhala and is a master of the art of Tulpa-Projection. When this type of creation comes into being through a normal human birth it is called a Tulku, a concept mentioned by Don Miguel Serrano. This can be a god-form that is incarnated upon the Earth. The key to this is that this needs to be a Thought-Projection from a number of people in order to manifest itself. Yearning seems to be necessary for this figure to appear. But, this can be seen as originating on the Astral Plane, where creation by thought is far easier than in this wholly physical world. This manifests as a Radiant Form of Matter akin to what is known as a UFO. 

Wid-Ar the Avenger - the Last Avatar

There is yet another pointer to the time-scale we are dealing with here. In the Sajaha Prophecies we find the reference to HOPE (9:8) and 'then the darkness completely seizes power in the world'. After this it is stated that 'Only the heirs of the heritage of Babylon, Assyria and Persia fight back. However these became weak long ago.' These three would refer to Iraq and Iran, two countries that have stood against the New World Order and Zionism. Then comes The Strong a Comet which suddenly gives a sign.' This stage is to awaken the 'heirs' or the 'Elect', and these are the times we are in today. Then the First Flood and the Second Flood - though prophecy rarely keeps to a strict time-scale. What we are told is that the New Babylon 'will exist and reign in the Light for a Thousand Years...' This fits exactly with the piece in Revelation where the Shaitanic-Dragon will be bound for a thousand years after which this Dark Shadow-Lord will break free again for a very short while. 

"Out of this battered Earth rises the Liberator, the Avenger, The Third Sargon."

Sajaha 11:21

In the Sajaha Prophecies we are told that '...on the summit of the Mountain of the Gods Marduk rules over Time...' This is important, for Marduk rules over time, and he is thus responsible for Time, and also the acceleration of Time. 

"Then I shall send a people, now unknown, which shall tear out the weeds of madness and vice with a strong hand and will lead those who still remain faithful to the Spirit of Man in the fight against Evil. They will found a new life on the Earth purified by the death of nations....'

Prophecy of the 'King of the World' (1890) - Rigden Jye-po.

If we wish an end to this Evil then we must will His coming!

Friday 8 May 2020

The Man To Come

"When justice is crushed, when evil is triumphant, then I come back. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, for the establishment of the Reign of Righteousness, I am born again and again, age after age."

Bhagavad Gita 4: 7-8.

Kalki Avatar - HelgiH

"The Third Sargon will be dreadful against everything that hinders the unfolding of the Pure Light....He will purify the world....He will come from the North; he will break in unexpectedly into the poison - living earthly world, he will shake everything up with one blow and his power will be invincible...A host of upright ones will be around him. The Third Sargon will give them the Light and they will shine in the world. And the just will wade in the blood of the slain unjust. Until that work is done the fire of extermination will burn from one end of the earth to the other."

Sajaha Prophecies.

Wid-Ar the Avenger

From the ashes a Fire shall be woken,
A Light from the Shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crown-less again shall be King.

Lord of the Rings.

The Seven Stars - The Crown

"One World! One Sex! One Race! - they cry!
Cease! False Prophets - stem your lies!
World Peace? I mock your empty words,
This land will fall by Fire and Sword!

Wulf's Prophecy: Verse 4.

"Son of Woden - Son of Earth,
The Womb of England shall give birth:
This Child of Light shall wield the Sword,
From out his mouth shall come The Word."

Wulf's Prophecy: Verse 9.

"Wage your Holy War with your Sacred Word and your Mighty sword"

The Epic of Arya - Abir Taha

"Hitherto, we sent our Divine Emissaries, our Boddhisattvas, to the world of men, in order to enlighten them and raise them above the darkness...but all our messengers were crucified, in flesh or in spirit, as men shunned the Light over and again, out of ignorance or wickedness. Men have never learned, nor will they ever learn...nay, the deaf shall never hear, and the blind shall never see: that is the truth that we now accept. Hence, we shall now send the world not our saints but our armies, to accomplish with the Sword what the Word, falling into deaf ears, and the Light shining above blind eyes, failed to achieve.It is with their Swords that men greeted the Word, and so, it is with the Sword that the Word shall henceforth - and again - be preached. And there is no holier war than a war fought for the sake of Truth."

The Epic of Arya - Abir Taha. 

The Divine Rays of AR - The Primal Fire

"That is who we are, that is why we fight. We are the last Aryas, and this is our last and greatest battle. Supremacy, or death! Thus it shall be. For Truth is indivisible, She either prevails or dies, only to be reborn, again and again."

The Epic of Arya - Abir Taha.

This is the mystery of the Seventh Sword of Wayland - Albion - the most ancient name for this land - England. This is the Broken Sword that was re-forged for the Greatest of Heroes, for The Man to Come. The Mystic Number 7 is the Key to the Mysteries of the Last Avatara. "KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS". 

The Wild Hunt - Franz von Stuck 1899

"A god will come then, an e'en Greater One:
I dare not speak his dreaded name.
Farther forward few can see now
Than Woden fighting the Fenris Wolf."

The Short Seeress' Prophecy Verse 17.

Everything - the smallest seed, the tallest tree, plants, animals, and men are born in the Darkness, growing into the Light. A New Order - the Aryan Imperium - must be born in the Darkness in order to germinate, and then grow strong in the Light of Day. This is the Great Initiation where we become the 'solitaries', the Wolf's Heads in this rotten, falling world. 

"The 'acceleration of time' will bring the end even before we think or would expect." 

Don Miguel Serrano.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

The Wolf's Head

We have all been plunged into a worldwide Police State almost overnight; everyone knew that one day something would happen but even so this was very very quickly done. Unfortunately, most of the 'covid-iots' have been taken in by this, and some are even helping by acting as super-grasses or trying to show up anyone who does not obey the 'rules'. In my own area many people are getting out again, and there are people I speak to who are questioning this now. 

I have tried to show what I feel is going on, from my own ideas and others who have analysed the situation carefully, so we have no need to keep going with this because it will become negative in time. What I am going to do is to go through some ideas that may help people to get through this, and even better, improve themselves in doing so. 

The first thing is that we are Folkish Wodenists, and we should all believe firmly in the power of our Gods and Goddesses. 'Prayer' is not just a Christian thing, it is a religious act that communicates between the individual and the Gods/Goddesses. This can be just a meditation dedicated to a God or Goddess of your choice; it can be for protection (Thunor), advice (Woden - use the runes), or to bring light (Freya - Goddess of Light). These are just examples, use what god-names you are familiar with. The gods will protect and guard you.

Many heathens feel that our lives are not subject to fate, but the saga of Egil Skallagrimsson says otherwise. Egil is told by the Norns that he will die by his horse, so he kills the horse and buries it. By doing so he feels that he has cheated fate, but at the end of his life he is bitten by a poisonous snake that comes out of his buried horse's head. Clearly, one cannot cheat fate. If we are fated to die of an illness then then our fate has been worked out, so there is no point whatever in fretting over this, like some are doing around us. 

The unwise man thinks that he ay will live,
if from fighting he flees:
but ails and aches of old age dog him
though spears have spared him.

Everyone has to die sometime, and better to carry on a struggle until we die, than to give up and do nothing. It is not just death in battle that allows a place in Valhalla, waging this Eternal Struggle will give us a place in Valhalla. 

The unwise man waketh all night,
thinking of this and that -
tosses, sleepless, and is tired at morn:
nor lighter for that his load.

Before going to bed try to relax and not keep thinking about the things that are happening, because sleep is essential to keep us healthy. Sleep, fresh air, sunlight (Vitamin D), relaxation, exercise, and good food. 

What this is doing is to isolate us so that we go 'within', and this is enhanced by fear and even terror that is being pushed from every quarter. This process was taken up by the press, media and online media, but there are many companies out there now pushing propaganda upon us - be aware of this and analyse what they are doing to the mind. They are trying to 'reprogram' the minds of the masses, so we must all now take control of our minds. There are ways that this can be done and I will go into this on the Woden Brotherhood blog, for anyone who wishes to start doing this. (This blog is going to be used for some active work that can be done in regard to meditation, ritual and control of the mind. Give me a couple of days to get this done.)

There is fear and even terror about; a man gave me cash today in an envelope, because his wife advised it, working for the NHS. His hands were trembling as he did so. It is the way of the 'collective' that this type of thing spreads, and can affect the whole as this goes on. We should ourselves act calmly and be as cheerful as possible in such times, ignoring what is going on around us as best we can. We should be the calm-centre in the midst of the chaos. 

In times of tragedy and disaster, in in the turmoil of war, people tend to move towards spiritualism and the like; at this time we should all act as Spiritual Leaders and this is the time to show people that our Religious Faith is what keeps us going through this without fear of death. We need to help those around us first and foremost - family and friends. Wear your regalia, Thunor's Hammer or whatever, and show pride in this, and show others that there is still strength in this world. 

The next stage here in England may be that masks will be compulsory for people going out. This is no problem since out in the wild this cannot be enforced, and myself I am going to wear a Death's Head Face-Mask over anything they tell us to wear. Anything as an act of defiance! This mask is, of course, the next stage for us in the 'Ritual Death'.

We are organising a Folk-Moot at this time in blueprint; as soon as they give just a bit we shall hold a Folk-Moot in some area of the country. People who attend will need to know the 'rules' and what to do to ensure they can get there without problems. At the first opportunity that any demonstrations are set up  by any organisations get out and get active! Anger will grow from all sides. Take this time to make preparations for when the grip loosens a bit. This time is for the 'Keyboard Warriors' but this will not win us our freedom. 

Keep in touch with each other on a regular basis, swap phone numbers and talk to each other. During this time also try to organise yourself and your life, and to make plans for the future. Give yourself a purpose, and give yourself goals that you will strive to achieve. Build up your own self-confidence, and self-discipline, and self-reliance. It is clear from around my area that many people are locking themselves in and losing their freedom through their own stupidity, when the authorities are not stamping down here as in some areas. Where this is so take advantage and free yourselves from this. Most people are enslaving themselves!

I give this advice, but many will not be in the same position as I am, living in a village next to woodlands, the South Downs and open countryside. Those living in urban areas will have more of a problem, so you will have to adapt to this. I have lived in a city, but got out of it long ago; my advice to younger people is to try to get into a more rural area. Where I am we are nearly in a large town, with the expansion in the South of England, but right next to open country which is ideal. If you get the chance, get out of the dying cities and into Rural England. The cities will be the centres of disease and oppression.

This is the chance we have to make changes to our lives which we will decide on; decide now where you would like to change your life, and set yourself goals to do so. Give yourself a purpose in life and try to become more creative. A friend near to me has just started to make catapults and to sell them; this is the sort of thing to get started on, anything that is creative and will help us in the future. 

At this point we all need to take stock, because there may well be a point where they relax this, but this is not ending, and will not end because they need to take total control of the world. If or when there is a 'lull' take advantage and sort out what you need for the future. Start to look at this now, whilst this is going on. 

Doing such things as these keeps the mind occupied on positive things, and stops the negative thoughts being pushed into the mind. These are merely ideas, and there is much you can think of yourselves. 

Waes thu Hael!

Woden Brotherhood Blog for Spiritual Exercises.