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The Mystery of Babylon

"Ten kingdoms come and go. That of Babylon and Assyria is the first and greatest. That of the Aryan follows after, and then that of Egypt, then Iran, then Chad and then that of the coast of the sea, then the distant one in the east and also the distant one in the west, then that over the sea and also the midnight kingdom...."

Sajaha 8:3

This part poses rather a great problem because it is usually thought that Vedic India is one of the oldest Aryan Kingdoms, and yet here we find 'Babylon and Assyria' is the 'first and greatest', and that the Aryan Kingdom follows after this, and then Egypt etc. I do not think that this 'Babylon and Assyria' refers to the historical accounts we have left to us, and that this goes way back into a very distant past which has been forgotten. Babylon is singled out for attack in the New Testament Revelation, even though this is not clearly the Babylon we find in these accounts - it is a mercantile nation which holds control over the world's trade in modern times. The name 'Assyria' is most likely a word stemming from the Asen-AEsir, but as with many of the areas around at the later times, some were Semitic, though maybe with Indo-European over-lords. However, many 'Semitic' peoples and 'Semitic' words are Indo-European anyway. Some of this stuff has been doctored.

We find these statements in the Sajaha Prophecies -

"Between hills a blood-red animal sprouts up. It grows quickly...."

This is probably the Roman Empire. There is said to be 'no real kingdom' that rules in this time, and so they choose this 'blood-red animal' to be their leader.It is then said -

"The red animal is now doubled. And each of the two has an eye of false gold..."

This, of course, appears to refer to the Western Empire and the Eastern Empire, both part of the Roman Empire. After this comes a 'new real kingdom' which is 'from the light'. This part is not very clear because only the Holy Roman Empire followed this, and this was hardly 'from the light'. 

These 'Ten Kingdoms' are mentioned in Revelation simply because the biblical stuff was lifted from ancient Babylon; there will be a good deal of distortion in the text, especially since it was seemingly rewritten in the time of King James, but we do not know why or by whom. There is also spoken of a 'New King' -

"The first image shows you a new king. He lives on the shores of the lake. His race is related to us by blood. He sends out many ships. He annexes lands, which since the great Sargon I no one has seen any more. He is learned, his gods are also ours.

The higher the sign of the new king climbs in the heavens, the more those who are envious forge hatred against him - and soon gather together to attack him. Terrible struggle comes, for the first time, the second time, and for the third time.

The new king finally succumbs to the majority. There remains no trace of him - only secret knowledge."

Obviously, we would be unable to find any trace of such a figure, as stated here, and such 'secret knowledge' would be well hidden from us. Unfortunately, the dates given for Sargon I do not tally, and as with many other figures such as the Buddha and Zarathustra, differing dates are given by different sources. If we had a firm date we could actually date the appearance of the Last Avatar. 

After this comes a telling piece where peoples no longer pray to the True God and they do not see the 'signs of their gods' anymore. They offer 'false sacrifices' and 'burn the wise'. This is where we find the shift to false gods and false sacrifices, and then they 'wage greedy wars' -

"Their thoughts are emptied, their spirits are sick, and their souls are deformed. Their gods slurp their blood, burn their flesh and eat the hair of their women. And they kill a great many."

Sajaha 9:7

Here we find that pagan and heathen people adopt different and darker gods, thus falling away from the Light; their spirits become sick, and their souls deformed, and they wallow in blood-sacrifices and senseless wars for greed and power. This is where we need to be wary of some of the ancient stuff which has come to us from the darker ages of the Cosmic Cycle. These texts do give us an indication of these changes over the world-ages. 

There is mention of the Primeval Empire, which is supposedly that of Thule in the Midnight North. Since this time the ancient psychic powers were atrophied and lost to man, and the Third Eye (Pineal Gland) became atrophied causing this loss of Higher Consciousness and Higher Perception. Those who still had these abilities had to act as 'Lights' to the many who did not have them. We are told that the vibrations of the Forces of Nature are masculine, whilst the Magical Vibrations are feminine. Through the long hair of the women-folk these Magical Powers could be attained best. 

Occult Lore tells of a civilisation in the Gobi Desert, which at that time was not a desert; this seems to have sprung up after the fall of Thule/At-al-land. But we have no evidence of such a civilisation, though it is recorded in areas such as Tibet and Mongolia. There is also no mention of Tibet in these prophecies, even though we know this to have been an area where certain Aryan Mysteries were left. This may be the 'distant one in the east', but which one is the 'distant one in the west'. This could refer to the Americas or even these islands here, but we cannot be sure of this. The 'Midnight Kingdom' is mentioned last and this would be in the Far North. These are rather confusing in regard to recorded history, but we are talking in term of pre-history here, where legend and myth take over. There is also no mention whatever of Sumer which is seen by scholars to be the very earliest kingdom. 

What is quite clear is that all of these Kingdoms of Light were destroyed by using the same peoples to attack them from without, whilst attacking them from within to finally destroy them altogether. This goes for every single kingdom or empire from that day to the present day. All of this has been done by breaking the Halidom by the Forces of Division and Destruction. Nations are set against Nations, peoples against peoples, class against class, men against women, children against their parents - we could go on and on...The same tactics over and over again - Divine and Conquer and Conflict Management by forcing one thing against another, ending in a third which has been carefully planned as an agenda. We have warned against this over and over again, that the present 'conflict' between Christian Nationalism and Islam will end in the fusion of both, absorbed into a World Religion. The rise in Islamic Militancy was probably due to the Hidden Cabal and its Global Agenda. 

All of this goes way back to the time of At-al-land, but the rising power of the Dark Forces we could perhaps date to around 6,000 years ago, which is a quarter of a Cosmic Cycle. We know that this power was growing strong at the time of Nebuchadnezzar, and we know that after his time Babylon was destroyed through this Dark Power. This goes back over 2,700 years, but this is obviously not the original Babylon, which seems to go back into the mists of time. What we do know is that in ancient times there was a good deal of interaction between the East and the West, and history ignores this because they do not wish people to know this. We do know from these times in Babylon that these ancient civilisations originated in the 'Midnight North', as did those of Aryan India and Iran (Persia). What we need to beware of is that certain knowledge was known to both the True Initiation and the Counter-Initiation, both with totally different paths - one Light and one Dark. 

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