Friday 26 November 2021

V for Vendetta

"Remember, remember the Fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot."

Nursery Rhyme.

The film V for Vendetta was made in 2005, some 16 years ago now; as such it has many points which connect it to our day, maybe not so much a 'prophecy' as part of the 'agenda' which is now unfolding. As with many other 'dystopian society' films that have been made over the last few decades it may well have been made in order to prepare the masses for this Global Agenda. Whatever the case, it seems to give away much information, and it also tells us how clever these people really are in what they are doing. It was based upon a 1988 DC Comics limited series, but was first introduced in 1981 or 1982 by Alan Moore, who appears (from what I can see) to have been an anarchist, and who based the series on terrorist attacks by an anarchist. The film cleverly changes this to that of a 'freedom-fighter' who uses terror-tactics to destroy the State.

What is very interesting here is that we can all see that this Global Agenda is based upon Marxism, and this through the Global Bankers and the Global Corporations, but the series and the film switches the blame to a form of Christian-Fascist State, ruled by the 'Norsefire Party'. There is no doubt that leftist writers have long been fooled by the Globalists into thinking that a Fascist State was being brought about, so this can be explained in that way, but the enfolding plot is far too near what is happening today to be a 'coincidence'. Nationalism, as portrayed in the film, is far different than Globalism, though at times it has been used to further the Global Agenda. But here two birds are killed with one stone - Fascism-Nationalism and Christianity. 

The colours Black-White-Red have been used carefully to create a clever smear-by-association.  The 'Christian Cross' has also been used in the same way, and the flags waving form yet another 'smear-by-association'. All of those involved are seen as white since this is a 'white supremacist' party. This is also firmly based upon an English State and there is no globalism in the theme. It is still clear from the many comments on such online outlets as YouTube that a 'Fascist' background is given to what is going on, though when this first started this was not so - as far as I could see, anyway. The blame is here cleverly twisted, and if these people link nationalism with fascism (they are not the same really) then they have an 'enemy' to eradicate! 

The nursery rhyme about Guy Fawkes is used in the film, but only the first few lines are driven home. This is because the rest of this is loyal to the King and Land, and Guy Fawkes is considered to have committed treason against King and Land. It was Guy Fawkes who wanted to overthrow the Crown of England, and thus has been carefully twisted into its opposite. This is a very clever ploy they use, together with the symbolism used in the film, a point brought up on more than one occasion by 'V' - the 'freedom-fighter'. 

Below I have listed some of the main ideas in the film which coincide with what is happening around the world today -

  • "St Mary's Virus kills 80,000 people" a newspaper heading read, followed by the statement "no suspects so far". The clear indication is that this was a form of biological warfare, set loose deliberately. This 'virus' was not restricted to England.
  • The 'Norsefire Party' were 'white supremacists' and set up 'resettlement camps', the one featured in the film being Larkhill Resettlement Camp where opponents and 'marginalised groups' (these are the 'minorities' always supported by the Leftists) were taken. These are clearly 'concentration camps', maybe perhaps a bit ironic since it was Britain that invented these in the Boer War. 
  • In these 'resettlement camps' the inmates were injected with an 'artificially designed hormone injection' from which they all died slowly and painfully - except the 'freedom-fighter' - V - who became a kind of 'Superman' from being given it.
  • The 'terrorist' attacks that brought the 'party' to power were the work of the 'party' itself, as were the other means, such as the 'virus' epidemic. Also, we see scenes of street-violence from protesters. 
  • November 5th is used as a clear date, since this ends with the Houses of Parliament being blown up.
  • The Marxist Agenda we see unfolding today has to destroy all vestiges of the past, culture, tradition and identity. This is how the film shows the 'party', a clear indication that this has been distorted, since any form of national pride involves keeping the past safe and keeping a culture, tradition and identity.
  • I have shown how the Global Agenda has used certain key symbols, one of these being the 'V for Victory' used in the film Nineteen Eighty-Four and in the Victory in Europe symbolism kept alive today. Here, again, we have the 'V for Victory' sign used for the 'freedom-fighter'. 

The 'V'-sign is carefully placed inside a circle, a symbol used in the well-known anarchist-symbol, but this has an 'A' in a circle. These type of masks have been used in many leftist protests, which cannot be a coincidence. 

The other symbolism, one which I have covered on more than one occasion in the past, is the Red Rose, which is a symbol linked to the Red Dragon - the Shaitanic Dragon. The English Rose is the White Rose of Albion and is linked to the White Dragon of the English. 

We should consider the power of propaganda here, since films were once there to 'entertain' the public, but have today transformed into blatant propaganda used against the people. 'Blatant' certainly, but there are still a majority that cannot see through the lies and tricks. 'The bigger the lie, the more easier it is to believe' - this has been proven through the 'Covid-19 Cult', where clearly massive exaggerations have been deliberately made about the numbers of deaths and the numbers of cases. 

There are some points that come out of this -

  • The use of the idea that is is 'For your own Protection' (a slogan used in the film) is widespread, and part of the aim to achieve total power, totally, over everything and everyone for eternity. In order to do this it is necessary for people to want to be enslaved, and to love their slavery, since for the masses comfort and ease stands above their freedom. A clear indication that the masses need to be lead, but who leads them depends upon their freedom and ability to evolve organically, or their slavery that they wish upon themselves so as to 'keep the peace' and have an 'easy life'. 
  • A highly centralised and efficient force will more easily defeat a force that is scattered and fractured. The English Force was defeated by William the Bastard, and the land enslaved, because the Normans had a highly-centralised force of arms. A typical example is when the Germanic Tribes united under Arminius (Herman) to defeat the Roman Legions of Varus at the Teutoburg Wald. As a united force they were able to achieve this victory, but afterwards they splintered again into their warring tribal groups, and allowed the Romans some bit of leeway in getting into Germania. This seems to be a 'law' where something cannot be countered and destroyed by its opposite, but only by using similar tactics. The Myth of Ragnarok clearly shows us this, and it is something that needs to be considered in countering the Dark Forces.
  • 'V' is the one figure that is not affected by the 'artificially designed hormone injection' in the same way as the rest; indeed, he comes out of it being stronger and more highly evolved - it transmutes him. He is also 'transmuted by fire' in the film. 
  • The 'hero' of the film does not do this with the motive of a 'freedom-fighter', since his motive is one of revenge against those who abused and tortured the inmates at the Larkhill Resettlement Camp. This is why the film is about a 'vendetta'; this is not unusual since many heroic figures have achieved something beyond themselves through a personal interest rather than something done for a people. It is a personal motive and involvement that has to drive some on to great deeds. 

Another 'archetype' used in the film is that of Zorro, who is a 'freedom-fighter' who is adept at fencing and sword-play; 'V' sees this sword-play as being heroic and part of his image. Guy Fawkes was born in England, but fought for the Spanish as Guido Fawkes, thus no doubt the subtly connection made with the famous film-figure Zorro. In the films he works from an underground cave, whilst 'V' works from an underground building. This is another example where an archetypal image can be used to further its opposite meaning through a distortion of the archetype. 

There is no doubt that many have been primed over the past few decades into seeing 'fascism' as the great enemy. It is clearly portrayed as a force that takes a people's freedoms away. This has been pushed over and over again through films, books, and various other means; yet few seem to be able to see that anything 'heretic', whether in films or books, has been shut off by the book-publishers and film-makers, except for a very few published by 'alternative' means. We can see who is behind this when we move our sights from the 'virus' to 'climate change'.

Back in the spring of 2020 there appeared bus-stop signs and billboard signs with the 'Covid Propaganda' - 'Hands-Face-Space' and the other mass-slogans used to get the message to the masses. This was done through the NHS, which was clearly used as a tool by the Global Agenda. Now, over a year later, things have changed, and although we are told that the virus is worse these signs have been replaced by 'Climate Change' themes. Here it is the Global Corporations that are promoting this aspect of the Global Agenda. Even though there has been a clear 'Red & Green' movement linked arm-in-arm there are many who cannot see that we have clear proof here that behind the Reds & Greens are the Global Corporations, and behind these the Global Bankers. 

  • This 'pandemic' is world-wide, but some of the fiercest oppression has been to Europe and the Europeans, except for Communist China (which has long had this anyway). This is not something 'national'.
  • Almost every government in the world is now taking measures that are the same, or very similar, and reacting the same, though maybe at different times. These measures all seem to be ridiculous and insane, though the end-result is the same. (For example, who in their right mind would 'lockdown' those who were healthy; only those who have the illness would be 'quarantined'.) 
  • At the same time as this 'pandemic' is going on, when some hospitals are having trouble coping, billions are being poured into 'climate change', and into the agenda based upon this, the switch from petrol & diesel cars to all-electric cars. We have come, once again, to the 'End of the World', which, if that were true (which it is not as yet), would mean that no-one would have to worry about the 'Covid Pandemic' because we would all be dead and gone anyway. Changing to electric cars, and to electric for energy would be a god-send to the Global Tyrants, since all that would be needed would be to push a switch to cut off individuals, groups or nations who oppose their aims. 
One of the main points of the agenda is to get rid of national borders and thus nationalities; we see the great movement of peoples into Europe as breaking down the barriers of identity, tradition and culture. All of which has been supported by left-wing groups who have openly encouraged this. 'People-Trafficking' is a part of this, and serves to make it a profit-making enterprise, which seems the norm with Globalists. There is a vast difference between a 'European State' and a 'Europe of the Nations', but the difference has been carefully glossed over. 

Both in this work, and in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four we find that terrorist attacks were carefully orchestrated by the State System. It would seem logical to suppose that any form of 'terrorist attack' would be welcomed by an oppressive regime, since it would give a case for further suppression and tyrannical measures. Where such attacks are not forthcoming, from these two examples, they could be created by agents of the State System. This is how they have been able to make their 'Public Order' acts more and more oppressive, through the violence at protests, demonstrations and marches. Since this does aid them one wonders where the responsibility for such violence arose. 

This whole scene is one of Chaos, where seemingly random and chaotic forces are found working together at times, and in opposition at other times. And yet, behind this Chaos is some form of ordered agenda, where a small group or Cabal is working behind the scenes, pulling the many strings of the Global Agenda. This is very well thought out, and very clever, since so much 'information' and 'dis-information' is put out that it clouds the tree aims, and it hides those behind the whole thing. People do not know what to think! 

The last point, and that is in regard to these type of films it is the films that contain the imagery and symbolism, which would most likely not have been used in the books they were created from. Since the 'V for Vendetta' film was a series from DC Comics we can see how they have set out to indoctrinate the young at an early age. Nineteen Eighty-Four was designed for an adult read, but was written much earlier. We may notice the same tactics used with the later Star Wars Movies where the 'bad-guys' have the Black Sun as their symbol; this is viewed by adults, but the themes are really aimed at a younger audience. We have an example here of how a series has been taken and changed into something never meant by the author of the books. Another example of taking an Archetypal Myth and changing it into its opposite using careful symbolism.

Added 30th November - One point I left out of the film is that they had a memorial for the dead victims of the virus. Our illustrious royal figure, Prince Charles, has suggested that an avenue be set up as a 'memorial' to the victims of Covid-19. This is a way to keep the agenda ongoing into the future. 

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Albert Pike and the Illuminati


There are plenty of sites online showing what is said to be a letter from the 33 degree freemason, Albert Pike, to the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini which is dated August 15th 1871. This purports to plan three world wars, two of which that have already taken place, of course. I would like to look at this here, since although there are a number of irregularities here, there are also some interesting points that we should perhaps consider.

World War I was supposed to overthrow the powers of the Czars in Russia, making this the centre of atheistic Communism. Global Communism would then be used to destroy the governments and religions. This, of course, is roughly what happened in Russia, and then around Eastern Europe. 

World War II was to be fomented in order to create a war between the Fascists and Political Zionists, so that Nazism is destroyed. During this war Global Communism was to be strengthened to balance 'Christendom' and then 'restrained, and held in check until the time when it would be needed for the final social cataclysm'. There are some points here that we need to clear - neither Political Zionism, nor Fascism/Nazism existed at the time this was written, at least not in name, which makes it impossible to predict this at the time of 1871. Notwithstanding this, I'll come back to the last point in this section later.

World War III would be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the Illuminati, between the Political Zionists and Islam. These two would then destroy themselves. So far we do have some truth here, since it does seem that Islamic Militancy has arisen and been guided by a 'hidden hand'. The idea here is that the nations would fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. Then the Nihilists would be unleashed, causing a social cataclysm and bloody turmoil. These revolutionaries would be destroyed along with Christianity, and in its place would be offered the 'true light' (sic!) - the 'pure doctrine of Lucifer' which would be a 'universal manifestation' (i.e. a Global Manifestation). 

Obviously, certain parts of this are clearly false, since Zionism, Fascism and Nazism would have been unknown then. But looking at this there seems to be a hint of some truth in that Communism has actually been 'restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for a final social cataclysm'. Then there is the case of 'Zionism', since it appears that this, like Capitalism, Global Corporatism, and Global Communism, is merely another part of a wider 'agenda', and not an end in itself. What we could say here is that the conflict of World War II was between Nationalism and Zionism, through which Russian Communism (and the other Communist Regimes) would emerge victorious and stronger. Nationalism was the one to be destroyed, whilst 'Democracy' would be strengthened, Liberal Democracy being the 'Fifth Column of Communism'. 

Then would come the rise of Islamic Militancy, which as we see today is in conflict with Zionism. And...Communism was certainly 'restrained and held in check' through the very clever process of switching from a stance of physical revolution to that of revolution by stealth and infiltration ('Cultural Marxism'). This is today manifesting itself as can be seen by the events since the spring of 2020 and the use of the Covid-19 Pandemic to push a Marxist Agenda. 'World War III' could come about as another war, or the 'War on Terror' could have been how this panned out. We have seen some instances of the 'Nihilists' being let loose in 'Black Lives Matter', clearly a Marxist Movement. We are also seeing a 'backlash' to the latest tyranny through violence on the streets of Europe. 

This 'Doctrine of Lucifer' would depend wholly on what is meant by the name 'Lucifer', which is usually seen either as the Morning Star (Venus-Sirius) or as 'The Devil' or 'Satan'. Since the Illuminati feel that they are promoting the 'true light', which is nothing of the sort, then it would appear that behind all this (as I have stated before) there is a 'religious' agenda which has been carefully hidden, and that this 'true light' or 'doctrine of Lucifer' would refer to a World Religion, and that this is the aim of everything that is happening today, and everything that has happened over the past hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years. We could certainly see this as an Occult Agenda.

There are many different agendas, it would seem, another being that recorded as the Kalergi Plan, and then the idea of Artificial Intelligence and the World Mind mentioned by H.G. Wells and in the occult work of Kenneth Grant, as well as a host of diverse parts all having a common purpose (and that too). There is a 'unity in diversity' here, and somewhere hidden behind the physical side (and the religious side) is the 'Dark Emperor', working somewhat like that featured in Star Wars. The Dark Emperor is the sorcerer-ruler of the Dark Empire. 

There are features in the earlier films based upon 'Star Wars' that fit with this -

  • Darth Vader is a name meaning 'Daath Mover', Death being the reverse side of the Cabalistic 'Tree of Life'. This is the 'Shadow-Side' that Kenneth Grant and others were working with, to open the 'portals' to the Shadow-World, and thus release the 'Cosmic Spider' predicted by Peryt Shou. 
  • 'Sith' or the 'Sith-Lord' is akin to Set or Seth, another name for the Dark Lord. 
  • Darth Vader is part-human, part artificial, which resonates in the latest moves towards 'Artificial Intelligence'. 
It is this high-tech part of the Global Agenda which has not been predicted in a big way, maybe because the rapid progress was not envisioned in the past. The 'Mark of the Beast' is a very good example of this, where the advances in technology allow this to be rather more subtle than a 'mark in the forehead or in the right hand'. What we can say is that H.P. Lovecraft wrote his books as a warning to us, since the theme is that of certain individuals unlocking occult portals into another dimension of Time and Space - the Shadow-World. 

From what I have read of the occult, especially around Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant (and others), the 'key' to summoning the Shadow-World ('creatures' or 'demons') lies in the Enochian Keys which were said to be the 'Angelic Language' of Edward Kelly, who was working with John Dee in the time of Elizabeth I of England. Crowley used these, which suggests that he was working to summon these 'demons'; whether John Dee was also involved in this, or whether Edward Kelly (his 'seer') was behind it we may never know. (We have to recognise that sometimes a great figure and his work can be distorted by those around him, or from those who follow after him. Edward Bach - famous for the Bach Flower Remedies - once said that for the work of every good man, there arises its polar-opposite, and that we have to make our own choice as to which is right. That is quite sound advice, and maybe this is part of an Archetypal Myth.)

This letter from Albert Pike does link the Freemasons with Revolutionary Activists, even though there are parts which are certainly not relevant to the time around 1871. These parts have certainly been done afterwards, for some reason, maybe to enhance the rest of the letter. But there are also points which have until the last few years not become clear, and could not have been known even as late as the 1970s, when the letter is said to have 'disappeared' from the British Library. This is certainly not some form of 'prophecy', it is a clear and deliberate plan, a Global Agenda. 

What we need to recognise is that Mazzini promoted 'nationalism' as the tool of future Globalization, what he called the 'World Republic'. The 'Federal States of Europe' (European State) was part of the plan, and this 'nationalism' was State Nationalism and not Folk-Nationalism. The links to Freemasonry are clear in his writings -

'....the great edifice that the centuries and their peoples are called to erect will vaguely resemble a pyramid whose top can touch the sky and whose base embraces humanity as a whole. God's eye will radiate from the peak of the Pyramid'. 

Humanity and Country - Mazzini (1805 - 1872).

This form of 'nationalism' created larger entities made up of what were tribes or units, and this was a necessary stage in creating a World State. It also made inevitable future larger 'world wars' where nation is set against nation. Again, we have to see this is a part of a wider and long-term plan and agenda, which is today reaching its peak of power.

'The Wise Ones'

I have looked at this subject before but some new ideas have come up since this time, so I'll take another quick look since the subject is rather important to the English Folk. This concerns two 'Anglo-Saxon' tribes - the Gewisse and the Hwicce - who dwelt (historians tell us) in the area of Wessex (West Saxons). But this does not seem to be the full story about these two.

On a site it is argued that the Hwicce occupied an area around Rutland and Northamptonshire, and good arguments are given for this theory. Certain names in this area are quoted with their earlier names -

  • Hwicceslea east hundred (Northamptonshire)
  • Hwicceslea west hundred (Northamptonshire)
  • Whissendine (NW Rutland), originally Wichingadene.
  • Whiston (Northamptonshire), whose earlier form was Wychenton (974) and Hwiccingtune (974).
  • Wychwood Forest (Oxfordshire) originally Huiccewudu ('Wood of the Hwicce').
  • Wychnor - Hwicenofre, Wicenore.

The author also tells us that the Hwicce may have borne 'a very old folk-name, perhaps, going back to the pre-migration era.' This covers the tribe of the Hwicce, whose name (we are told by the 'experts') means 'locker', 'chest' 'trunk', as if a Saxon Tribe would be named thus! It is more likely that it stems from the same root as Wicce/Wicca meaning 'wise' - thus 'witch' (wicce is pronounced 'witche'). 

The name Gewisse can have exactly the same meaning - 'wise'; this can be found in German as gewissen with the meaning 'certain', 'sure' or 'knowing', all derived from the idea of being 'wise'. The Old English prefix ge- refers to -

  • The completion or result of an action.
  • With, together, a collective.

The name Gewisse cannot, therefore, refer to the name of an individual, but to a certain group  - a 'collective'. Hence this could, as I have shown in the past, refer to a Germanic-English tribe who were the 'Wise Ones', something that may be akin to the Armanen postulated by Guido von List. Both Gewisse and Hwicce would be the 'Wise Ones'. Of course, we have to be wary not to see every English place-name containing 'Wych' as referring to the Hwicce; there may be some where it is a corruption of something else, or even referring to 'witches' operating there in the past. 

The Divine Ancestor of the Gewisse is named as Giwis who is descended from Baeldaeg, son of Woden. This royal line is as follows -










The name 'Elesa' and 'Esla' are said by some scholars to refer to the Romano-British Elasius. Since the names Cerdic (Ceredig) and Cynric (Cynwrg) are found in a Welsh Royal Line this becomes complicated, and some see this as a pre-Roman line which had become the vassal of Rome, especially since Cerdic and Cynric are called 'ealdormen' rather than 'kings', which was later used of them. 

The White Stone of Ing, found in a church in Sussex (South Saxon Mark), lies next to the 'coffin-lid' of AEthelwulf, a King of Wessex, and grandfather of Alfred the Great. The names Freawine and Frothogar (Freodhogar) obviously refer to Frea/Frey who's is Ingwe/Ing. It does not seem feasible to see this as a 'British' (Welsh) pre-Roman line since the West Saxons (who absorbed the Gewisse) became the Ruling Line of the English. There is more of a likelihood that this was a pre-Roman line who were Ingwaeones and who may have mixed with a Welsh Royal Line, or maybe even occupied parts of Wales at one time (like the Tegeingl and the Gangani). These people would then have been vassal to Rome, but switched sides with the later English migrations - this does make a lot more sense.

It has often been said that the West Saxon Lineage was taken from that of Bernicia, an area later to become Northumberland (Northumbria). The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles gives this lineage as -


We note that the descent does claim to be through Woden and Ingui, both found in the West Saxon Dynasty. Nennius, in his Historia Brittanum, has this lineage -


These only tally to a certain extent, but overall they are very similar. The names Esla (West Saxon) and Esa (Bernicia) are similar, though certainly not the same. But these two lines do see a lineage going back to Ingwe, whereas other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms do not have this. 

Ceredig, the son of Cunedag (Cunedda) is said to have come down to Wales from Gododdin, now Lothian in Scotland, in order to fight off the Irish who occupied part of Wales around this time. The area of Gododdin is said to be home to the descendants of the Votadini, a name spelt Uotadini, Wotadini, Guotadini, or Otadini. One of the strange things here is that one of the daughters of Cunedag is named Tegeingl. Edinburgh was once the capital of the Votodini People, and the name stems from Dun Eidyn, itself stemming from the 'Brythonic' Din Eidyn; just 20 miles from Edinburgh is a place named 'Haddington' which gave its name to Hadintunschire (1139) or Hadintunshire (1141), and named after the Haddingas (Norse) or Heardingas (Old English). In the Old English Rune-Poem we find the Heardingas as being the tribe who named 'the hero' - Ing. 

This whole argument is based around who the Votodini really were, whether they were a Brythonic Tribe, as the scholars tell us, or they were a Germanic Tribe. On the other side of the Scottish Lowlands is an area named Dumfries, originally Dunfries, we are told from the Gaelic Dun Phris and which would mean 'Dun of the Frisians'. We find the famous Ruthwell Cross in Dumfriesshire, so this was an area occupied by Frisians-Saxons, dated around 750 CE. The language of Lowland Scotland (i.e. the Scots) was known until recently as Inglis.

One of the problems we face in researching our Germanic past is that we often come across tribes who do not speak a Germanic Language, for instance the Cimbri and Teutons. These were clearly Germanic Tribes who migrated southwards through Gaul into Italy, at the same time picking up a Celtic Language, which seems to make some scholars believe that they are Celtic rather than Germanic. The Cimbri and Teutons were close kin to the Chauci/Cauci, and since we find this Germanic Tribe in Ireland (in the same area that a 'Saxon dwelling' was found in 1999) then this is one proof of a pre-Roman presence of Germanic Tribes here in these islands.

This is one of the great problems with classifying everything as either 'Celtic' or 'Germanic', since these are the same European Peoples, once ruled over by the 'Nordic-Aryan'. We have used the term 'Germano-Celtic' for the more Nordic element, and 'Gallo-Celtic' for the more Southern Europeans. There was certainly a mixture of both in these islands. 

What is clear when studying such a subject is the mass of discrepancies in what has come down to us as 'English History'. 'History is always made by the victors', a saying that we can use to understand the history of two world wars in the last century, and the downright lies told about these by historians. Since we have proof of this in recent times, how many lies, distortions and misunderstandings have come down to us from ancient times? 

Take Sussex Archaeology for instance, where one of its members some years ago stated to me that the White Stone of Ing was 'Norman', despite the obvious Saxon Runes carved on the stone. The great problem here is that when scholars come out with such statements this is taken as the 'truth', and from one simple statement we get a great following of similar statements, even though the original may well be false. Let us take an example here -

The Roman name 'Eboracum' or 'Eburacum', referring to the modern York, stems from a 'Common Brittonic' Eburakon meaning 'Yew Tree Place', from a 'Photo-Celtic' beira meaning 'yew'. Fair enough, but the Anglo-Saxon name for York was Eoforwic from the word eofor meaning boar. The original 'Roman' name was Eburaci and if we sift through the Anglo-Saxon Star-Lore we find that they named a star-constellation Eburung/Eburing meaning 'Boar', using the root ebur rather than eofor, but both meaning 'Boar' (the modern German is ebur). So, the Germanic English named York after the Boar and the pre-Romans used a name which in Germanic means Boar.

We have - 

Boar - Boar

Or we have -

Yew - Boar. 

Which makes the most sense? Of course, Brythonic or Brittonic is a language that has been made up; it is not a recorded language, so some words may not be 'British' at all, but have a Germanic Root. To add insult to injury here, the Old Norse name for the Boar is Jofurr (from which we get 'Jorvik', their name for York) which has a remarkable resemblance to the Old English eofor. (*) So the English called this after the Boar, the Vikings called it after the Boar, and the Romano-Britons called it after the 'Yew'. Pull the other one - it has bells on it! York had a Germanic name in Roman times, and maybe even before that. 

(*) The name Jorvik is cognate to the Old English Eoforwic and would no doubt stem from Jofurrvik. 

We need to look further into the Gewisse and Hwicce in order to see if what I say here has any meaning and importance. If these were a group of Initiates who were known as the Wise Ones who may have had a very ancient folk-name, before the English migrations here in the 4th and 5th century CE, then this would certainly be of extreme importance to our English History. And the White Stone of Ing - where does this link in with these 'Wise Ones'? I have covered this before in Initiates of the White Stone, but have not looked this up again to try to make this one different in some ways. Hopefully, more information will come up that will shed more light on this.

King of the World Prophecy


"More and more people will forget their souls and care about their bodies. The greatest sin and corruption will reign on the Earth. The 'Crescent' will grow dim and its followers will descend into beggary and ceaseless war......

The enemies of God and of the Spirit of Man will come. Millions will change the fetters of slavery and humiliation for hunger, disease and death....

Then I shall send a people, now unknown, which shall tear out the weeds of madness and vice, and will lead those who remain faithful to the Spirit of Man in the fight against the Evil. They will found a new life on Earth, purified by the death of Nations....The peoples of Agharti will come up from their subterranean caverns to the surface of the Earth."

"King of the World" - Rigden Jyepo (about 1892) - quoted from 'Beasts, Men and God" by Ferdinand Ossendowski (1922). 

The above prophecy seems quite clear and straightforward, and it certainly rings true of the times we live through today. The part that may be somewhat vague is the last paragraph with the mention of the 'peoples of Agharti' coming up 'from their subterranean caverns to the surface of the Earth'. This is not the first time this has been mentioned, since it occurs in The Coming Race by Lord Bulwer-Lytton where it is the Vril-ya who come up from the subterranean world. This does not mean a physical world inside the Earth, it refers to the Etheric Body of the Earth, as pointed out so many times by Don Miguel Serrano. This is a parallel world that exists by our physical world. 

We know of the idea of Odainsacre where dwell the Asmegir, and where no evil can touch; this is where Baeldaeg dwells after being slain by Blind Hodr through the wiles of Loki. The above prophecy suggests that these people of the Inner Earth will appear on the surface of the Earth; it is not really clear as to whether they are the people 'now unknown' who will destroy the Forces of Evil, or whether they will appear to repeople the world after the destruction of Evil. 

Agharti and Shambhalla are names of this Kingdom of the Inner Earth, and it is from the latter that Kalki Avatar is said to appear from. This is why it is of no use whatever looking for this area in India, Tibet, or anywhere else that it has been said to be. It is not of this world, but of the 'Hidden World'. 

Friday 19 November 2021

The Form of Man.


Found on the land

With little power,

Ask and Embla

Without Orlaug.

Odh they had not,

Neither La nor Laeti,

Nor the Form of the Gods.

Spirit gave Woden,

Odh gave Hoenir,

La gave Lodur

And Lito Gotha.

Here we can see that the Gods found the First Man (Ask) and the First Woman (Embla) 'with little power' and with 'no destiny'. They had the material physical form and the vegetative force, and were seen as growing like trees, as can be seen from their names. These were formed through Natural Law and without the divine intervention of the Gods - they existed before the Gods altered their genetic makeup (so to speak). The Gods came, and from the 'trees' made humans with blood, motion and spiritual qualities. 

Lodur's gifts - La and Laeti makes from the original animal beings; La means 'blood' and Laeti means 'manners', i.e. the way in which people move and act. Blood and the power of motion sets animals apart from the trees and plants. Thus, blood is a very important concept here, and is one of the Gifts of the Gods. From this we get what is known as the inherited features, the growth, and the posture. The blood gives us the family-type, and also the family-ties, which were not acquired by the natural process of regeneration. 

Another gift given by Lodur is that of the Litr Gotha which is usually translated as 'good complexion' but which has a far deeper meaning than this. The Germanic-Norse people saw the Gods in human form, and this piece of text shows that these characteristics were borne by the Gods before Man was created; this form originally belonged to the Gods. The mystery here is that the Litr Gotha was the 'Form of the Gods' or the 'Light of the Gods'; Man was conceived in the image of the Gods. This 'Form of the Gods' gave shape and character to the physical form of Man; it was not merely an abstract concept. This means 'look, appearance, expression'.

Man has an 'inner body' or 'Body of Light' ('Astral Body') which is made in the 'image of the Gods'. This makes it clear that the outer body thus depends upon the litr which is the inner being. It seems that our emotions have an influence on the litr, such as 'blushing' or 'going pale'. As we can see from the legend around Sigurd-Siegfried one man's litr can be swapped with another, to give a different appearance to both. This is also known as Hamr which is a form of shape-shifting into another form, sometimes and animal form. It is the litr that lives on after death, and which passes on to the Realm of the Dead. Those who are deemed to be worthy are allowed to drink from the Serpent-Horn which contains the liquid of the Three Fountains of Life, those which give life to the world. Their litr gets a 'higher grade' of body and a nobler blood.

Honer gave to Man the gift of Odh which is connected to the emotions (Wod) and which forms the human personality, including Memory and the Will. Since the by-names Longleg and Mireking were applied to Honer this suggests that Honer is the Stork, a concept that we still had (until recently) whence the new-born child is brought by the Stork. He brings to the mother the human Ego that is to become. It seems that the 'fruit' of which the child is developed is grown on the World Tree, which is logical when the First Man and First Woman were created from 'trees'. Each individual then develops his 'Family Tree'. In Fjolsvinnsmal 22 we find that it is called manna mjotudhr - 'Man-Measurer'. 

Woden, the High-God of the Ese-Gods adds Ond which is the Spirit of Man; thus man not only was given a Divine Outer Form but also a Divine Inner Form, thus the idea than Man was descended from the Gods. As the Cycle of the Ages turned it was necessary that man should strive to create a higher spiritual development, and in the case of those who do their outer and inner form has taken on a 'higher vibration', so much so that after their death this lives on as a powerful force. This is the Fire seen around the burial-mounds of the Aethlingas and Divine Heroes. The 'Dweller-in-the-Mound' retained his character after death, but this could also be said not just of the good and just, but of the evil and corrupt too. Hence the term draugh which came to mean just 'evil' in later times, but was originally said of both types. 

Since Man has the 'Image of the Gods', and his inner being reflects that which is is outer physical being, then we can today glimpse the reason why so many people are taking on a degenerate appearance. When the inner being is 'sick', the outer being takes on that appearance. There is another important point here, the Christian Church long ago denied the Spirit of Man and Rudolf Steiner predicted that materialistic scientists would find a way to destroy the Soul of Man. The techno-crackpots have also declared that man his no Free-Will and that there is no 'Spirit', nor 'Soul'. They have declared war on the Gods by trying to destroy their Divine Creation. 

Thursday 11 November 2021

Hail the Glorious Dead!

The Dead - The Immortals, in whom the Life-Force, the Divine Spark, is more powerful when they are dead than when they were alive. In the Young Cultic Warrior the Life-Force manifests most.

Hail the Victorious Dead!

Hail the Glorious Dead!

Lo! There do I see my Father,
Lo! There do I see my Mother,
Lo! There do I see my Sisters and my Brothers,
Lo! They do call to me, 
They bid me take my place in the Halls of Valhalla,
Where the Brave may live forever.

"Many think that the runes died with the Teuton gods way back in Saxon and Viking times. This would be true if one could say that the Saxons and Vikings are dead. But are they dead? And not we the Englishmen, Dutchmen, Germans, Norsemen, Vinlanders asf. of today the full-blood after-comers of those same Vikings and Saxons? Whether we own to it or not. we are blood of their blood, and mind of their mind."

Thorolf Wardle - Rune Lore

'Awake, O Flame that burns ever inward, 
flame forth and conquer the Veil of the Night.'

Hail to the Ancestors!

The Ancestors, and the Young Warriors who are in cultic union with them, are the defenders against the Forces of Darkness and Destruction, whether daemonic-forces or actual enemies. Woden fills his Chosen Warriors with the god-power, and thus they are raised to superhuman heights. They belong to him, and to claim them is his right.

Hail Woden - Ancestral God!

"If the dead ruler is given his battle-standard with him in his grave, one may consider, at any case in the sphere of the Woden-Religion, whether his age did not imagine the ruler as Leader of the Retinue of the Dead."

Karl Hauch (of Sutton Hoo Burial).

The Wild Hunt

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Ancestral Day


October 31st is known today as 'Halloween' and is associated with witches, but through its trappings we can still see that it had a different meaning to this. The skeletons and death's heads tell us that its original form centred around the ancient Germanic Mannerbunde which was an age-set where the young Cultic-Warriors were 'possessed' by The Ancestors - they actually became The Ancestors through the type of 'possession' attributed to the god Woden, the Leader of the Mannerbunde. I have been over this long ago so I'll not go through the symbolism, which can be found in earlier posts. 

In Folkish Wodenism we honour The Ancestors with our Ancestral Rite held on November 11th; this is the same celebration as that held on October 31st, since the change is merely due to an alteration of the calendar of 11 days. To be true to our Folk-Tradition this celebration should be, like Yuletide, held over a longer period of time, and should encompass the following Holy Days -

  • Halloween - October 31st.
  • Bonfire Night - November 5th (which we would dedicate to Ingwe - the Fire-God and Divine Ancestor).
  • Ancestral Day - November 11th.

The celebration of November 11th is used in Odinism as the Einheriar Day, which clearly tells us that when we refer to The Ancestors this is more restricted to the Fallen Heroes who have been granted immortality in Valhalla. These 'immortals' are the Shining Ones who are Light-Beings who have achieved a higher vibratory level due to their heroic deeds and their honouring the Sacred Blood Struggle, fighting beside the Gods. It is these Fallen Heroes who possess the young warriors when they are in cultic-union through their Sacred Rites. 

The Ancestral God is Woden who is the One-Eyed Wolf-God and Raven-God who 'possesses' his Woden Initiates, who then become one with The Ancestors at this time of the year especially, as well as at the Yuletide (but we shall not develop that here). He is the God of the Ahnenkult and the God of the Totenkult - both of these referring to the Dead Heroes. At this time of the year the Dead Heroes can become one with the living heroes as the veil between the worlds lifts. 

'Bonfire Night' has been linked to Heimdall through a prominent Odinist, but for Folkish Wodenists we would link this to Ingwe who is not only a Fire-God but is also the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk, and to add weight to this idea he is also the Lord of the Elves - The Shining Ones. I think that this should be made clear, that we talk of 'The Immortals' when speaking of The Ancestors, and to the Way of the Gods where the Fallen Heroes achieve fame and glory in fighting beside the Gods, and thus claim a place in Valhalla with the Gods. The fires lit on November 5th are symbolic of the Inga-Fire (Agni-Fire) which is that of Ingwe. The later idea connected with 'Guy Fawkes' is merely connecting the original and ancient Fire-Festival to a later historical figure. 

It is such a pity that today we find 'Bonfire Night' celebrated over a longer period of time than just the one day celebration which it had been. This, in my opinion, does little for the day except frighten domesticated animals, in particular some dogs, as well no doubt as wild animals. The Sacred Fires are fine but loud bangs do little to help and are no doubt only there to celebrate Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. (*) We should celebrate the Sacred Fire of Ingwe in my own opinion, and link this day to the other two days that celebrate The Ancestors. 

On October 31st 1993 the new updated version of The Hooded Man Prophecy was dictated to me in a dream, and the specific date cannot be a coincidence - October 31st. This was when I lived in Horam, East Sussex, and the numerology of the prophecy was proof that it had great significance to our struggle. In fact, this prophecy was far more than that, since within the words this held the whole of our weltanshauung in a simple form - the Balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. This refers to that period of time between the world-ages, when The Hooded Man Current takes form here in Midgard. 

Ingwe, in the form of Scef (Sheaf), is sent by the Gods as a 'messenger-god' who incarnates in human form to bring -

  • Agriculture - a Sheaf of Corn.
  • Hunting for Food - weapons (also used for defence in such a time of great change). 
  • Fire - A Fire-Taper used to kindle fire for cooking and for warmth in the colder times.

We have no record that Scef descends to Earth to create the Divine Order of Caste, as does the god Heimdall, but Scef and Heimdall are similar archetypes, though maybe incarnating at different times of the Cycle of the Ages. We can link Heimdall-Agni-Ingwe-Scef as similar archetypes, since there are so many similarities between these gods. Since I have linked Ingwe to the figure of Ratatosk as the 'Messenger-God' who carries the messages between the Serpent and the Eagle on Iggdrasil then, through the names of Heimdall, we can also link Heimdall to this 'squirrel'. It was also Heimdall (Rati) who helped Woden bore into Knit Mountain. We find Agni performing much the same deed in the Vedas.

Woden is well known as the Ancestral God but the Divine Ancestor of the English is clearly Ingwe, who gave his name to our Folk (English) and our Land (England). England is Albion, is the Land of the Elves (alb is High German for 'elf'). It is also the White Island well known in ancient legends. It is thus clear that both these gods are connected to the Ancestral Festival held from October 31st to November 11th. November 11th is still celebrated in honour of the war-dead ('Fallen Heroes'), and its now not being recognised as one and the same as 'Halloween' (Festival of the Dead) has distorted the image of this ancient festival. They are both one and the same festivals, and it would be best to celebrate them as such, bringing into this November 5th as part of the 'Fire-Festival'. 

That this is indeed a 'holy' period can be seen in the English name 'Halloween' - 'All Hallows Eve'. The term 'hallow' stems from a Germanic Root meaning 'holy', 'whole', 'hale', 'healthy', from heil or hael. The Germanic Peoples celebrated on the 'eve', hence 'All-Hallows Eve', whilst November 1st is thus 'All-Hallows'. The form used was 'Feast of All Saints' or 'Hallowmass', where the Old English halga is used to mean 'saint'. This actually enforces the idea that this festival is for a specific group, since 'saint' is used for a Christian 'holy figure', usually one of their dead 'heroes' (?). Thus, the original celebration was for the Holy Dead or the Dead Heroes who dwelt with the Gods in Valhalla. That the name refers to 'saints' and not merely to a 'holy day' underlines the idea that this is dedicated to the Fallen Heroes. 

November 5th is  half-way between October 31st and November 11th, and that this is celebrated as a Fire-Festival dedicated to Ingwe is quite apt when we consider that the whole period is dedicated to The Ancestors. It really does not matter if the calendar was changed by 11 days, and that the two festivals are just one, since the whole of this period around November 5th can be used in the same way that we use the 12 Nights of Yule. The dedication to Woden as God of the Dead can thus run beside the dedication to Ingwe as the Divine Ancestor

Perhaps the best places to undertake the Ancestral Rite would be the burial mounds which are clearly associated with the dead -

'Ken (Torch) is known to each living being by fire
radiant and bright, it burns most often
where aethelingas rest within.'

Old English Rune-Poem.

The above is a translation by Stephen Pollington, though I have changed the last line from 'where nobles rest indoors' to what I would consider to be nearer to the esoteric meaning of the verses - 'where aethelingas rest within' being the Burial Mounds. The idea here is that the Sacred Fire burns within the burial mounds where the Dead Heroes dwell. The emphasis here is the use of 'aethelingas' or 'nobles' since this term is used of the 'Fallen Heroes'. 

This festival centres around the idea that those who become 'Immortal' and take a seat with the Gods in Valhalla, fight and train each day in order to prepare themselves for the Ragnarok, when they must fight beside the Gods against the Forces of Darkness and Evil (The Joten). Unlike those who take the Way of the Ancestors they take the Way of the Gods and achieve immortality through their great actions and heroic deeds here on Middle-Earth. 

We can perhaps gain some light on this through the Irish Myth based around the Tuatha de Danaan, where these Gods come to Ireland, and in later times are defeated and driven 'underground'. It seems clear that they become known as the Sidhe who dwell in the burial-mounds, and who are later seen as 'The Fairies', though the use of this term can complicate matters somewhat. As the 'Fair Folk' they would be the 'Shining Ones', thus linked to the Elves of Germanic Mythology, the term 'elf' being related to 'Light' or 'Shining'. 

When undertaking the Fire-Festival associated with November 5th it would be best to use some form of Nyd-Fire ('Fire-by-Friction') since this is the fire that brings to life the god Ingwe. This should be done by wood-on-wood if possible, but there is also no reason why a Ferro-Rod (Steel-Striker) cannot be used, being struck by a Sacred Knife, using the Nyd-Rune shape with the knife crossing the rod.

The Fire Within the burial mounds of the Fallen Heroes is clearly the Kan-Fire symbolised by the Ken-Rune. That this is the 'Torch' that burns within the burial mounds can be seen in the English version of the Ken-Rune. In fact, that this 'fire' is actually associated with Ingwe can be seen on the Holy White Stone of Ing where an alternative Ken-Rune is used -

The stone is linked to Ingwe (Ing) and is the Firestone which tells us the the 'Gift of Ing' is - Fire. This is the Sacred Fire which we know as the 'Divine Spark' which dwells within the Aryan Blood, and is the 'Gift of Ingwe' to our Folk. This is the Sacred Fire that remains with the Dead Heroes (aethelingas) and can be seen around their Burial Mounds. The Ken-Rune, at an exoteric level, certainly means 'A Torch', but at an esoteric level this refers to the Sacred Fire of the Dead Heroes. This is the Fire of Ingwe. 

This time of year is very important to the Germanic Folk since it is the time when we approach the 'Greatest Darkness', when the Powers of Darkness have been triumphant over the Powers of Light. Right at this vital point in time, we kindle the Fire of Cleansing and Creation - the Fire of Ingwe - as we head towards the Darkest Hour at Midwinter. The Midwinter is the turning-point in time when the Sun is reborn and the Light is rekindled, but at this time of the year we are in the darkest times. Thus, the Kindling of Light has to be done in order that the Sun can be reborn at the Yuletide of the Cycle. 

(*) - When I speak of the noise to animals through loud fireworks I am not advocating banning fireworks, nor against the use of the on this one night of the year (nor other nights which are held to be sacred to our Folk. When I mentioned this it was because this is no longer restricted to one night, nor to a weekend near to that night, but goes on for months on end sometimes. There is no doubt that in ancient times our Forefathers made loud noises on such occasions to drive away even spirits, such as at the Wassailing in January (not using gunpowder however). The use of these has now expanded to all sorts of mundane 'festivals' and the original meaning is lost amongst the people, and to be fair in ancient times we are talking of tribal festivals which would not have been that large. What was a small family festival for the children will eventually widen to being only official, organised festivals on a larger scale - the scale of the 'collective'.