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Albert Pike and the Illuminati


There are plenty of sites online showing what is said to be a letter from the 33 degree freemason, Albert Pike, to the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini which is dated August 15th 1871. This purports to plan three world wars, two of which that have already taken place, of course. I would like to look at this here, since although there are a number of irregularities here, there are also some interesting points that we should perhaps consider.

World War I was supposed to overthrow the powers of the Czars in Russia, making this the centre of atheistic Communism. Global Communism would then be used to destroy the governments and religions. This, of course, is roughly what happened in Russia, and then around Eastern Europe. 

World War II was to be fomented in order to create a war between the Fascists and Political Zionists, so that Nazism is destroyed. During this war Global Communism was to be strengthened to balance 'Christendom' and then 'restrained, and held in check until the time when it would be needed for the final social cataclysm'. There are some points here that we need to clear - neither Political Zionism, nor Fascism/Nazism existed at the time this was written, at least not in name, which makes it impossible to predict this at the time of 1871. Notwithstanding this, I'll come back to the last point in this section later.

World War III would be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the Illuminati, between the Political Zionists and Islam. These two would then destroy themselves. So far we do have some truth here, since it does seem that Islamic Militancy has arisen and been guided by a 'hidden hand'. The idea here is that the nations would fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. Then the Nihilists would be unleashed, causing a social cataclysm and bloody turmoil. These revolutionaries would be destroyed along with Christianity, and in its place would be offered the 'true light' (sic!) - the 'pure doctrine of Lucifer' which would be a 'universal manifestation' (i.e. a Global Manifestation). 

Obviously, certain parts of this are clearly false, since Zionism, Fascism and Nazism would have been unknown then. But looking at this there seems to be a hint of some truth in that Communism has actually been 'restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for a final social cataclysm'. Then there is the case of 'Zionism', since it appears that this, like Capitalism, Global Corporatism, and Global Communism, is merely another part of a wider 'agenda', and not an end in itself. What we could say here is that the conflict of World War II was between Nationalism and Zionism, through which Russian Communism (and the other Communist Regimes) would emerge victorious and stronger. Nationalism was the one to be destroyed, whilst 'Democracy' would be strengthened, Liberal Democracy being the 'Fifth Column of Communism'. 

Then would come the rise of Islamic Militancy, which as we see today is in conflict with Zionism. And...Communism was certainly 'restrained and held in check' through the very clever process of switching from a stance of physical revolution to that of revolution by stealth and infiltration ('Cultural Marxism'). This is today manifesting itself as can be seen by the events since the spring of 2020 and the use of the Covid-19 Pandemic to push a Marxist Agenda. 'World War III' could come about as another war, or the 'War on Terror' could have been how this panned out. We have seen some instances of the 'Nihilists' being let loose in 'Black Lives Matter', clearly a Marxist Movement. We are also seeing a 'backlash' to the latest tyranny through violence on the streets of Europe. 

This 'Doctrine of Lucifer' would depend wholly on what is meant by the name 'Lucifer', which is usually seen either as the Morning Star (Venus-Sirius) or as 'The Devil' or 'Satan'. Since the Illuminati feel that they are promoting the 'true light', which is nothing of the sort, then it would appear that behind all this (as I have stated before) there is a 'religious' agenda which has been carefully hidden, and that this 'true light' or 'doctrine of Lucifer' would refer to a World Religion, and that this is the aim of everything that is happening today, and everything that has happened over the past hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years. We could certainly see this as an Occult Agenda.

There are many different agendas, it would seem, another being that recorded as the Kalergi Plan, and then the idea of Artificial Intelligence and the World Mind mentioned by H.G. Wells and in the occult work of Kenneth Grant, as well as a host of diverse parts all having a common purpose (and that too). There is a 'unity in diversity' here, and somewhere hidden behind the physical side (and the religious side) is the 'Dark Emperor', working somewhat like that featured in Star Wars. The Dark Emperor is the sorcerer-ruler of the Dark Empire. 

There are features in the earlier films based upon 'Star Wars' that fit with this -

  • Darth Vader is a name meaning 'Daath Mover', Death being the reverse side of the Cabalistic 'Tree of Life'. This is the 'Shadow-Side' that Kenneth Grant and others were working with, to open the 'portals' to the Shadow-World, and thus release the 'Cosmic Spider' predicted by Peryt Shou. 
  • 'Sith' or the 'Sith-Lord' is akin to Set or Seth, another name for the Dark Lord. 
  • Darth Vader is part-human, part artificial, which resonates in the latest moves towards 'Artificial Intelligence'. 
It is this high-tech part of the Global Agenda which has not been predicted in a big way, maybe because the rapid progress was not envisioned in the past. The 'Mark of the Beast' is a very good example of this, where the advances in technology allow this to be rather more subtle than a 'mark in the forehead or in the right hand'. What we can say is that H.P. Lovecraft wrote his books as a warning to us, since the theme is that of certain individuals unlocking occult portals into another dimension of Time and Space - the Shadow-World. 

From what I have read of the occult, especially around Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant (and others), the 'key' to summoning the Shadow-World ('creatures' or 'demons') lies in the Enochian Keys which were said to be the 'Angelic Language' of Edward Kelly, who was working with John Dee in the time of Elizabeth I of England. Crowley used these, which suggests that he was working to summon these 'demons'; whether John Dee was also involved in this, or whether Edward Kelly (his 'seer') was behind it we may never know. (We have to recognise that sometimes a great figure and his work can be distorted by those around him, or from those who follow after him. Edward Bach - famous for the Bach Flower Remedies - once said that for the work of every good man, there arises its polar-opposite, and that we have to make our own choice as to which is right. That is quite sound advice, and maybe this is part of an Archetypal Myth.)

This letter from Albert Pike does link the Freemasons with Revolutionary Activists, even though there are parts which are certainly not relevant to the time around 1871. These parts have certainly been done afterwards, for some reason, maybe to enhance the rest of the letter. But there are also points which have until the last few years not become clear, and could not have been known even as late as the 1970s, when the letter is said to have 'disappeared' from the British Library. This is certainly not some form of 'prophecy', it is a clear and deliberate plan, a Global Agenda. 

What we need to recognise is that Mazzini promoted 'nationalism' as the tool of future Globalization, what he called the 'World Republic'. The 'Federal States of Europe' (European State) was part of the plan, and this 'nationalism' was State Nationalism and not Folk-Nationalism. The links to Freemasonry are clear in his writings -

'....the great edifice that the centuries and their peoples are called to erect will vaguely resemble a pyramid whose top can touch the sky and whose base embraces humanity as a whole. God's eye will radiate from the peak of the Pyramid'. 

Humanity and Country - Mazzini (1805 - 1872).

This form of 'nationalism' created larger entities made up of what were tribes or units, and this was a necessary stage in creating a World State. It also made inevitable future larger 'world wars' where nation is set against nation. Again, we have to see this is a part of a wider and long-term plan and agenda, which is today reaching its peak of power.

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