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The Aryan Saxon

The German rune-magician and cult-magus, Guido von List, had a mystical experience when blinded after a cataract operation on his eyes, during which he was given the 18-Rune Armanen System which he developed, and which became the basis of the works of various other rune-magicians working in Germany between the wars. This system was a unique system developed around his unique runic system and also around a three-fold system that included the tripartite system used by all Indo-European peoples. It is this that we need to look at here.

Cornelius Tacitus (who we shall see more of later) mentioned in Germania that there were three distinct sections of the Germanic Folk – the Ingaevones, the Herminones, and the Istaevons – who were all descended from Mannus, the son of the earth-born god, Tuisto. This forms the basis of the three-fold system of List’s Armanen. He uses the names Ingaevons, Irminons, and Istaevons, obviously replacing the name ‘Hermin’ with ‘Irmin’. He also uses the terms Ingvo, Irmin, and Istvo for short, which we shall use below.


Ingvo -

1)   The perpetuator, maintainer.

2)   The young wanderer.

3)   The one who judges/decides in court.


Istvo –

1)   The generator, who generates in death, the returning one, the one to be reborn.

2)   The continually existing one.

3)   The one who goes into darkness & submersion.


The endings of these three levels – ‘-ons’ – means –

1)   The ancestors, primal origin,

2)   To wander,

3)   To change, transformation, rotation.


The tribal name Ingaevons thus means –

1)   The ones who come forth out of the ancestral origin.

2)   The wandering young descendants, wanderers, Wandals (Vandals).

3)   The alteration through the judgement of Fate.


The tribal name Irminones means –

1)   The ones who came forth out of the ancestral origins of the Solar Man,

2)   The wandering governors, Solar Judges, the Semanes,

3)   Conclusion of opinion by a turn of Fate.


The tribal name Istaevons means –

1)   The ones reborn out of the realm of the ancestors,

2)   The ones constantly wandering,

3)   The ones who pass away through a consequence of Fate.


The importance of this three-fold division of caste within the Germanic Folk is vitally important to this argument. This will come to light when I outline the next section about the English Folk. It is important to understand who the English (Angles) were and their role in Germania.

Cornelius Tacitus, the Roman historian, tells us that the ‘Reudigni, Aviones, Anglii, Varini, Eudoses, Suarines and Nuitones’ were safe behind ramparts of rivers and woods, and they ‘share a common worship of Mother Earth’. In this respect the ‘goddess’ rides in a chariot among her people, and an inviolate grove on an island is where her worship takes place. We should note that the Anglii (Angles) are amongst these tribes.

We also have the piece from the Old English Charm for Bewitched Land which is not quite as this title says, since it is a charm to hallow the land and generate good harvest. Our interest lies here in that it is an English Charm and that within it are the words ‘Erce, Erce, Erce, Mother of Earth’ which seems to be an invocation of the Mother Earth, or the Mother of Earth.

When we consider that the English are the Ingaevons we can see that Guido von List was right in that they were the farmer-provider/perpetuator of the Folk caste. This is further underlined when we consider that Ing/Ingwe is the Ingvi-Frey of the Norsemen and he is the Solar-Phallic God who rules over human fertility and virility as well as that of the earth. He is the God of the Ingaevons, and Nerthus is the goddess mentioned by Tacitus as worshipped by the Anglii. Nerthus is the female version of Njord who is the father of Frey and Freya. Ing or Ingwe is the English version of Frey (‘Lord’). This is the important point here – the English are of the Ingvaeons, the caste of the farmer-provider.

It is a fact that the farmer-provider/perpetuator of the race caste was the backbone of the Teutonic Folk because this caste was where the others all stemmed from. This is the basis for the Blood and Soil mythos which is so important to the Germanic Peoples. The landsman and his ilk were the backbone of the Folk, and this is why our enemies seek to break us from the mystical link between the Folk and the Land.

We turn now to the Irminones who are obviously descendants of Irmin who we now know to be the God of the Arya. We can see how these were the Solar Man who were the priest-kings – the aethlinga caste. These were the Ir-min or Ar-Man – the Solar Man/Sun-Man. They were the Sa-mans (as opposed to the Sha-man who was the ‘shadow-man’), the Priests of Woden-Wotan. They were the intellectual caste of spiritual leaders and priest-magicians – the ‘teaching caste’. Guido von List maintained that the Armanen had existed throughout the Dark Ages as a secret brotherhood and secret priesthood over the Germanic Folk.

It is thus significant, and highly important, to note that the Saxons were the ones who upheld the Irminsul and the worship of Irmin or Seaxnot who was the Sword-God. Thus, the Saxons were the AEthlinga-Caste of the English Folk, they were the ruling elite of the English, and even though at a later time the two became mixed up, and no doubt interbred between the castes, but the original role of the Saxons was that of the Priest-King and the Aethlinga-Caste.

The Saxons were thus the worshippers of the Sky-Gods (AEsir-Gods) who became the overlords of the worshippers of the Earth-Gods (Goddess) after they came back from the east as the horsemen who worshipped the Sword-God (Saxnot). The Saxons were thus the Sakae-Sani who were the Aryan Scythians and as the Arya (Ar-Man) they were the ruling caste and the Priesthood of Woden.

The fusion of the Angles and the Saxons seems to mimic the First War in the World between the Wanir and the AEsir, and their fusion under the title of the AEsir-Gods. This would also explain the Beaker Folk who were said to have come to these islands around 2700 BCE. This was a new type of Warrior Society that overcame the more agricultural society that existed then.

The Holy Mountain of the Arya is Mount Elbruz in the Caucasus Mountains, and we can perhaps guess that the invading Arya from the east had been that section of the race that had been singled out at the Sun-Oracle in order to develop the ego in mankind as the next stage of human evolution. These Aryan Folk were singled out as the new ruling elite of the Folk – the leaders, priests, poets and intelligentsia. We are in fact told that the English did not often use horses in battle, and yet in the burial mound at Sutton Hoo we find the remains of a horse buried with the other human burials. This suggests (to me) that the Wulfingas (Wuffingas) were the Aryan elite over the Angles in East Anglia, borne out by their being the Aethlinga Caste as history tells us. The finds of a magical-wand bearing the wolf’s head suggests that they were priest-king-magicians, as does the Sutton Hoo Mask which suggests the Cult of Woden.

If we look at the English legend of Sheaf then we find this theory backed up, since Sheaf arrived on the island of Scandi with a Sheaf of Corn which is liked to agriculture. In the Beowulf Saga we find him as Scyld Scefing (‘Shield, Son of Sheaf’) which tells us far more than it would seem at first glance, for Shield is the protective garb of the warrior, and it is the Warrior-Caste (Aethlinga) that comes out of the Ingaevons (represented by Sheaf) – exactly how Guido von List has it in Secret of the Runes. It is the Scyldings who represent the new ruling Elite of Woden, as has been established by some scholars.

These people were represented by the Eorlingas or Rohirrim of ‘Lord of the Rings’ who were the horse-riders of the ‘Mark’ or ‘Markmen’. I believe the term Rohirrim comes from a source in India and thus perhaps linked to the Arya of India (known as Aryania originally). These people were portrayed as they were in the film from the book, as tall, fair and horsemen of excellence.

The invasions of these islands may also be explained by these being a new incursion of the Arya rather than a wholesale invasion of the English. Hengest is said to be a Jute, but other sources have him as a Saxon, and he was the Divine Leader of the tribes who came here to war against the Jotun and who came to unite the English as a Folk-Nation. If we are to believe Ryan West in his book Hengest & Horsa – The Rise of the Saxons then the symbol of the English was the White Dragon and the symbol of the Saxons was the Red Fylfot on White background. If my memory serves me right the book also says that the Saxons and English recognised themselves as the same kindred when the Saxons invaded and set up for battle. It would seem clear from this that the Red Fylfot on White Background is the symbol of the Arya Elite as is the Irminsul which is the Pillar of the Sky-Gods.

The above theory gives rise to the change in role of Woden’s Folk and the incorporation of the Irmin-Cult into the Woden Folk-Religion. We need to make clear the difference between Angle and Saxon, and that the Saxon Nation is the Elect of Woden who are the Armanen Initiates spoken of by Guido von List – the Priesthood of Woden. We have to make it clear that this Irmin-Cult is a Wodenic Cult and that we do not follow the ideas of a clash between the Irminists and Wotanists, as is often portrayed of Karl Maria Wiligut by writers of the subject – Wiligut used the Armanen Runes and also the name Wotan within his work.

If we see Irmin as originally the figure of Tiw – the Sky-Father – then when Tiw (Tir-Rune) lost his right-hand (becoming the Lagu-Rune) he becomes Woden as the God of the Left-Hand Path. In Tantra the Path of the Warrior is the Left-Hand Path and this is why Woden became the God of the Left-Hand Path. In the Warg-Age (Dark Age) the only true way for the warrior is that of the Left hand Path.

The symbols of the Irmin-Cult are the Sword (Seax) and the Irminsul as well as the Fylfot-Swastika. These are the symbols of the Inner Cult of the Woden Folk-Religion. The Ar-man (‘Sun-Man’) was the heir to the ancient Solar Race spoken of in the Ramayana and other Aryan Holy Texts. This is the Inner Order of the Woden Folk-Religion and will have the work of teaching, education and instruction – as its work progresses.

Wednesday 28 May 2014

The Wid-Ar Current (Current-55)

The new archetype or god-force for this current world-age (Age of Ing) which was 'conceived' on August 11th 1999 and 'born' nine months later in May 2000 is Wid-Ar the Avenging Son. He is The Hooded Man and also HelgiH - Spirit 88 - and the Son of the Widow - the Divine Fool. In the above drawing we see Wid-Ar the Avenger and his symbolism -
 - The White Horse which is the Steed of Woden and the symbolic steed of the Last Avatar (Kalki Avatar).
 - The Flaming Sword which is the 'Sword of Hengest' named Battle-Flame which is the 'Hun-Bequest' - the Sword of AEtla whose power was thrown against the Jotun, and whose wyrd passed to Hengest of the Saxon Nation, whose wyrd was once more to counter the growing menace of the Jotun-Religion (Religion of Evil)here in England. The flames represent the Inner Fire and the Serpent-Fire as well as the Flame of Freedom.
- On his shield is the White Winged Coiled Serpent (White Dragon) which is symbolic of the English Folk. Note the 3 1/2 coils which represent the Fire-Serpent and the Kan-Force (kundalini).
- In the background is the Sacred Mountain (Mount Meru) which is symbolic of the Sacred Centre which is the origins of the Last Avatar and is associated with Waendal who is the Cosmic Turner and who turns the World Mill around through the Precession of the Equinoxes.
- To the right of his head is a streaming comet which is the Hale Bopp Comet of the spring 1997 which was sent by Wyrd in order to reveal the Helgi Mysteries and to prepare the way for the creation of Woden's Folk the following year (1998).
The recognition of Wid-Ar as the Coming Avatar is what separates Woden's Folk from the other Wodenist groups, since the Woden Folk-Religion is the only Religious Order that has taken up this concept - what we are now calling the Wid-Ar Current. This is important since WF was set up to prepare for the Last Avatar and that is exactly what we have done. The latest reorganisation of WF and the WFR serves to further this cause and whatever springs up from this will further the struggle of Wodenism even though it may not seem that way.
Both Odinism, Asatru and Wotanism, as well as the Wodenist groups outside the WFR, are doing their part in this great struggle by reviving the ancient religion of Northern Europe. But the WFR has a particular Divine Mission to undertake within this struggle, and that is to prepare the way for the Man to Come here in England. The Wid-Ar Current is the key to our success in the end.
What I have written here was first stimulated by some stuff that Wulf Veldasson sent me on the ideas of Dumezil. The rest I put together myself from my own research and intuitive ideas.
  • Wid-Ar is aligned with vertical space due to his hands being on the lower jaws of the Wolf, and horizontal space due to his being the 'wide-strider'. This seems to give a reason why his mother is named Grid since the 'Grid-System' is made up of vertical and horizontal lines as on all maps. Grid would thus rule over the Earth Grid which is in fact known by some dowsers to be a grid system made up of energy-lines. This may well be why the 'chess-board' pattern occurs on the floors of Masonic Lodges - for these people would have tried to harness this energy (at a physical level) as a means of control of the masses.
  • (It is interesting to note the above statement about the Earth-Grid linked to the 'chess-board' pattern, since every single rune is made up of either an upright stave or a 45% stave in any direction, and we should remember that the chess-pieces move either up or down, crossways, or at an angle of 45% [diagonally].)
  • Wid-Ar is the god who keeps the Fenris Wolf (Warg of Chaos) from destroying the Cosmos. This fits in with something mentioned by Rudolf John Gorsleben - after 26,000 years and the Twilight of the Gods Wid-Ar returns as the 'World Saviour'. He also mentions two German words that could stem from the same root as the god-name - wieder-ersccheint ('appears again') and wiederkehrt ('returns'). We have also the following modern words in German that show similar meanings -

wieder - 'to be back again'/'to come back'/'to return'.

wiederbekommen - 'to get back'.

wiederholen - 'to repeat'.

wiederholung - 'repetition'.

widerspruch - 'to go against'.

The first four suggest He Who Returns whilst the last one suggest 'resistance', and we find the term widder (German) and widre (English) having the meaning of 'resistance'. We can see here that Wid-Ar is the God of Resistance and his symbol today is the Rune of Resistance - the Wolf-Hook Rune. It is also interesting to note a term used in modern Wicca - widdershins - which means to go anti-clockwise and thus 'against' the norm. This can suggest to us that the god Wid-Ar also links to the idea of the Man Against Time (Savitri Devi) and also the Widdershins Swastika (anti-clockwise Fylfot).
  • The Twilight of the Gods happens at the end of a Cycle of Ages (Great Year = 26,000 years) and World War II fits this timing perfectly since the Germanic Gods were defeated by the Dark Forces (the 'Allies' controlled by the Lords of Chaos, i.e. the Fenris Wolf). The twelve years of National Socialism represent 6 years of peace - 6 years of war and thus the Twelve Nights of Yule, hence this period 1933-1945 was the Yuletide of the Great Year. It should be remembered that after Yuletide comes the darkest and most destructive period of the cycle (year of Great Year), but it is the time when the Forces of Light and Order begin to wax again and grow stronger until the Spring or New Dawn at the Summer Finding. (Remember, that it would seem that Time is truncated during the period after the Twilight of the Gods.
  • Wid-Ar is also associated with Aries the Ram (Arya) and thus with Hama/Heimdall whose symbol is the Ram. The German widder also means 'ram' which confirms this statement. The time of Aries the Ram is in March when the Summer Evennight occurs, when the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are in balance. This is the key to the understanding of the power behind The Hooded Man which is held within the blade of the sword named Albion - the White Island (England).
  • The idea of The Man to Come is that of the late Don Miguel Serrano of Chile, and he equates this with the idea of the Caleuch which is the 'Ghost Ship' of the Southern Hemisphere. The name Caleuch, he tells us, stems from Caleu ('to return') and Che ('Man') - hence The Man who Returns. We have mentioned before the strange link between the two hill-figures of the Long Man of Wilmington (England) and the Atacama Giant (Chile).
  • The Gigante de Atacama can be found in Chile on the Peruvian border, and it is some 390 feet tall and larger than the Long Man of Wilmington. The arms of both giants are the same, though the former is far more stylized than the latter. It has been suggested that this is the White God called Viracocha who is depicted in a 'Long Man' pose (Ear/Cweorth-Rune) holding twin serpents rather than staves. Viracocha appears from the sea ('great deep') after a catastrophic flood.
  • The link to the Long Man of Wilmington is important since this is the Cweorth-Rune which represents the Fire-Twirl and thus the turning of the Cosmos by Waendal (Mundalfore). In certain sections of Hindu Lore we find that the 'Son' (here known as Wid-Ar) is born of the Fire-Twirl (Swastika), as we can see from the following mythical piece -
Agni (The Fire) is the Son incarnate of the 'Heavenly Father' (All-Father), conceived and born of the Virgin Maya, who had the carpenter Twasti as his earthly father. In the Cave of the One of Both Sticks who has the name 'The Mother', lives the Goddess Maya, the embodiment of Creative Powers, who gives birth to the Son under the influence of Vayu ('Spirit' i.e. Woden), the breeze of the wind without which the Fire cannot be lit. The first spark that came from the Cave (cavity) of the sacrum of Maya, by turning the Fire-Twirl (Cweorth) Pramantha (Swastika) represents the birth of the Agni-Fire (Inga-Fire *). This 'spark' is called The Child of Light.
* INGA = AGNI spelt backwards.
This is the true myth of the Aryan Krist who is directly related to Ingwe as we have seen in the name 'Agni' itself. The turning of the Pramantha was actually related to the Divine Twins (Aswins) which is a Swastika-shaped 'wheel' that turns upon a central axis ('Womb of the Mother' and from which (the centre) comes the Divine Spark which is seen to be the 'Son' or Divine Child.
  • The 'cave' has to be related to the cave in the desert where Grid dwelt, since the cave is symbolic of the 'Womb of the Mother' and the desert of the heat and fire. Woden is the 'wind' (spirit) that passes across the heat and fans it into flames, thus giving 'birth' to the 'Son'. (Incidentally, in a dream of 1989 in which The Mysteries of The Hooded Man were given to me, Woden (with a Cobra-Serpent) was just outside a desert-cave or sandy cave. In this appeared The Hooded Man in triple-form [as in both the Robin of Sherwood Series - Ailric/Robin/Robert - and the HelgiH Mysteries - Helgi Hjorvadsson/Helgi Hundingsbane/Helgi Haddinga].)
We can see how Wid-Ar is no minor god, nor a god of the future, but is the resurrection of Woden as the Avenging God who appears after Woden is devoured by the Fenris Wolf (World War II when Wotan was 'devoured' by the Forces of Chaos) and is resurrected in the spring-time (as The Fool) as Wid-Ar the Avenger.
"He returns as an Avatar, the incarnation of a god, Wotan, Vishnu, occupying, momentarily and for short periods, various bodies of Viras at the same time, even when only one among them is his favourite, his energy-centre. Someone who was carefully prepared to receive him. Thus the Avatar is a Tulka, who is more than one, being various and being many, each one his 'Furious Horde', his 'Ultimate Battalian'."
                                                                                      Miguel Serrano
Hail Wid-Ar! Hail to the Avenging God! For the 'Man to Come' and the 'Resurrection of The Fool'.

Thursday 22 May 2014

The Hooded Man Prophecy

'In the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Trees, to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!'

      The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993 (South Saxon Mark).

Woden's Folk is invariably criticised and attacked by those whose aim is to discredit anyone who opposes the Global Order. These attacks are always aimed at certain key points, the aim being to ridicule and thus discredit our work and thus allow the Global Order to succeed in its own aims. One of the main targets has been The Hooded Man Prophecy since this is an easy one to get at since it has no 'historical' authenticity - so we are led to believe. So I am (once again) going to put things straight and inform the more enlightened of the real meaning of this prophecy.

Firstly, yes this does come from the TV series Robin of Sherwood and was no doubt made up for the series. But that does not invalidate this as a prophecy, but we can only recognise it as such through the knowledge of what its hidden meaning is. The altered prophecy that was given to me in a dream is just that - an altered form of the original Robin of Sherwood prophecy. It is in the altered form that we need to be interested in and which gives the key to it being a valid prophecy for the new world age.

The one interesting thing that can be seen from all of the criticisms made is that they never even mention the content of the prophecy, merely making the criticism about it being from the TV series. Yet, it is precisely this - the content - that validates this prophecy as being important to our era. Since it is clear that none of the people who make criticism even bother with the content we can be assured that their criticism stems from their intention of smearing Woden's Folk rather than producing any valid argument against us.

The trigger for this post was a new criticism aimed at this prophecy on a forum called ecouldron (was just cauldron). This is a forum for 'pagans' I would think, and the poster did so asking about the validity of the prophecy in order to 'expose' WF as a 'racist organisation'. Little more need be said then since this was yet another 'smear-campaign' against WF; the replies were the usual agreement and the prophecy was 'written off' once more. As mentioned above, not one single reply to the post mentioned the content of the prophecy, merely writing it off because it came from the TV series. To be fair to them I would doubt that these people could understand the content and what is being said anyway, so maybe this is why they never go into the actual prophecy itself.

To understand The Hooded Man Prophecy it is necessary to understand the cyclic nature of time, and that at certain periods of time a god-force or avatar appears upon Earth in order to change the order of things. This is usually (in so many different traditions called The Beginning and the End or The First and the Last which simply refers to what I will call the Divine Twins, one who appears at the end of a world-age (to close the cycle) and the other who appears at the start of a new world-age (to open the next cycle). This is shown in various different traditions such as that of the 10 incarnations of Vishnu (Hinduism), the incarnation of Sheaf as the Divine Ancestor of the English, the incarnation of Rig-Hama in order to revive the ancient Caste System, and the incarnation of Helgi Hundingsbane at the start of the Age of Iron (Warg-Age). This also applies to the White Krist who is actually said to be The First and the Last, The Beginning and the End, and whose prophecies fit that of The Hooded Man in our own era.

In August 1999 and the solar eclipse we find the 'conception' of the new world age - the Age of Ing - and with it the return of the god-force that the Woden Folk-Religion knows as Wid-Ar the Avenger. This is the one we call 'He Who Returns' - age after age - in order to change the order of things. This is the most important god-force of our era, and he is the incarnation of Woden as the 'Son' - Wid-Ar. This god is the Woodland Warrior which links him directly to The Hooded Man who is the 'Son' of Herne the Hunter (i.e. Woden as the One-Eyed Hunter-God).

In order to understand that The Hooded Man Prophecy is valid you need to understand the above ideas clearly, because without a knowledge of what an avatar is this will never be understood. Only through recognising that a god can actually incarnate in the flesh will we be able to understand what I am trying to say - figures such as Alexandra the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler  can only be understood for what they were through a knowledge of the meaning of an avatar. This force can be creative or it can be destructive but it is there to herald a change in the order of things, a change that requires brute force in the Warg Age or Age of Iron, since this is an era of force and fire.

The Hooded Man Prophecy, in its altered form, has 58 words, and the main altered section has 58 letters, which tells us that the Number 58 is important. Indeed, using English Gematria (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc.) the name R-O-B-I-N adds to 58! This tells us that some form of Higher Intelligence transmitted this through the dream, using a method that proves the validity of the altered version for the new world-age. The prophecy revolves around The Hooded Man bearing within himself the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness (in balance). If we study the name 'Robin Hood' we can find the real meaning of this phrase -

Robin = Robert = 'Roth-Beorht' = 'Fame-Bright' (Light)
Hood = Darkness (a 'kenning')

Within the name 'Robin Hood' there is the hidden meaning of 'Light and Darkness' which thus aids in the understanding of this prophecy and its validity for the English Folk in our era. Alternatively, the phrase Robin 'i the Hood is used, which would mean Light i' the Darkness - i.e. the Forces of Light acting within the Age of Darkness (Warg-Age). These powers - Light & Darkness - are also (in the TV series) seen to be held within the blade of the sword Albion - this being and old name for England. Again, we can see that this refers to the English Destiny. This is - I may add - one of the Seven Swords forged by Wayland the Smith - an English God.

In The Hooded Man Prophecy quoted above the changes are underlined, and to get the required 58 Words the word 'with' has been added, and the phrase 'The Powers of Light and Darkness shall be strong within him' have been changed to 'The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him'. Why on earth would anyone dream of a prophecy that has been changed deliberately in order to validate that it is a prophecy that has a meaning for our era? Indeed, such was the power of this prophecy that it was repeated twice in the dream in order that I should remember it as it should be. Not only that but the symbols of the Sword and the Crossbow were emphasised. In the symbol of the Crossbow it would be natural to think of William Tell, whose name stems from 'tol' which means 'fool' or 'simpleton' and refers to the Divine Fool. Indeed, in the TV series we find Robin Hood equated with The Fool of the tarot.

The Hooded Man is the same archetype as Parsifal of the Gral-Mythos who is the 'Pure Fool', he is also Hamlet who acts 'The Fool' and Kau Khusrau in Persian Mythology, as well as various other facets of the same archetype who is The Divine Fool. After the incarnation of The Fool at the end of a world-age (to close the cycle at the 'Yuletide') in the spring comes the Resurrection of The Fool (to open the new cycle and bring into being a 'New Order'). This is why The Fool of the tarot is numbered '0' because it comes at the beginning and the end and is thus not part of the time-cycle as such - it comes at the 'liminal' period of dissolution-to-recreation. (Some of those who criticise WF are actually of the Wiccan type who use the Tarot Cards, so you would think they would know what The Fool actually refers to.) In its most destructive sense it is The Joker (whose wanton destruction ends the cycle) and in its re-creative sense it is The Divine Fool who - like Parsifal - destroys the power of Klingsor (the money-power and the media) and the illusion that his Dark Magic has created. The name 'Parsifal' actually means 'Pure Fool'.

The Robin of Sherwood series may have been non-fiction but in a sense this was a kind of 'trigger' for the heralding of the coming Avatar whose appearance will be made here in England. There is no doubt that the writer and the director and everyone else concerned did not do this consciously, but if we do believe in what Carl Jung called synchronicity and which Friedrich Nietzsche called meaningful coincidence then at an unconscious level this arose at this particular time and place in order to herald the coming of a Folk-Hero to the English Folk. This is why the prophecy is timeless since it recurs in different cycles - it stands in eternity rather than in time. Such a prophecy appears at a certain time of the cycle form out of the Eternal - manifesting itself in order to create change.

The Robin of Sherwood series was if anything full of distortions with the usual 'Celtic' bias, with Herne the Hunter being seen as 'Celtic' when indeed his name is English. 'Herne' is a Germanic word meaning 'Horn', for he is 'The Horned One' who is Woden, as can be seen from various figures from Scandinavia, England and Germany. The Fenris Wolf is said to be one of the 'Wolves of Odin' when in fact it was the 'Brood of Loki'. It is quite possible that the figure of Herne was taken from 'The Horned God' of Wicca, and since Wicca is not the 'Old Religion' at all, but a modern concoction made up of different cultures, and with no 'ancient' links at all, then this typifies the approach made by those whose main aim is 'disinformation' whether deliberate or unconsciously. Even more strange that some form of truth should arise from these distortions, and that this would be used to further the struggle of the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos.

The last point that I would like to make is that it would seem obvious to many people that the driving-force behind the idea of global control has always been the three religions that stem from the Middle-East - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam are merely later offshoots of Judaism, and today we find Zionism as the main force behind the creation of a New World Order. When we are told that The Hooded Man will appear in the 'Days of the Lion' we would think of King Richard I ('Lion-Heart') who was said to be the king at the time of Robin Hood, but equally (in our era) this could be the 'Lion of Judah' (Zionism) or Osama bin Laden ('Lion') who (we are told) is responsible for the rise in Islamic Militancy. Here we have proof that prophecy is timeless and recurs again and again throughout the Cycles of Time - manifesting from Eternity into Time in order to create change.

Prophecy is what stands Woden's Folk apart from the other forms of Odinism and Wodenism, and is also the basis of the revival of Wotanism in the USA. This is what places Woden's Folk firmly in the Age of Ing which being a new world-age needs a new archetype, in this case that of Wid-Ar the Avenger ('The guilty shall tremble!'). The revival of the Woden Folk-Religion was expressly to prepare the way for The Hooded Man, creating a new form of the Ur-Religion of the Germanic Folk in order to fulfil the English Destiny. This refers to the Resurrection of The Fool as the archetype for this particular period of the Cycle of the Ages.

This is also why Woden's Folk is a religious movement and not an 'organisation' because it is our aim to gather the Elect of Woden together through those who hear the Call of the Blood. It is the Elect of Woden who will forge the new Germanic Folk-Religion that will prepare the way for The Hooded Man. Not only is WF a religious order but more importantly a warrior order since we are waging a Holy War against the Dark Joten (Forces of Darkness and Chaos). The warrior fights for ideas, ideology and ideals, for a New Order that will be imposed by the AEsir-Gods. We await the Coming of The Hooded Man to the forest............

Sunday 11 May 2014

The Cultic Warrior & The Cultic Oath-Brotherhood

The Cultic Warrior is a far different concept than the 'fighting-man' or 'sportsman' who works at just a physical level; this is the essence of the ancient Martial Arts, which has been lost in today's materialistic world. The original Martial Arts were the true Warrior Arts, and although we think of these as originating in the East, this is true only in the sense that there now appears to be proof that they originated in Aryan India. It was from India that the 'Blue-Eyed Monk' (Boddhi-Dharma) went to the Shaolin Temple, and there created Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, teaching the monks there his arts.

I have shown how the Sutton Hoo Helmet holds certain secrets of the Kundalini and the Ond-Breathing, and this shows that the Wuffingas were aware of these elements of the Martial Arts. This is why I see this as a Cultic Mask and not merely a 'helmet'. It seems that this was a mask used by the Cult of Woden. This suggests that the Saxons were aware of the esoteric side of the Martial Arts and thus formed groups made up of a Cultic Warrior Brotherhood.

Today most of the Martial Arts here in the West is based upon the physical and not on the spiritual, this side being lost due to the materialistic way of life, and the emphasis upon making a 'business' rather than passing on knowledge for future generations. Another reason for this decline in the spiritual and esoteric side here in the West (and also in the East as this becomes more and more materialistic too) is the art of modern warfare. As soon as the Europeans created guns, and then weapons of mass-destruction, the Martial Arts (hand-to-hand combat) became of little use. Originally, the Martial Arts were just that - arts of warfare - and were not a 'sport' as they have become today, nor a 'business' that would make money.

The Cultic Warrior was part of the ancient Germanic Mannerbunde, which was a Cultic Oath Brotherhood. Here the AEthlinga was brought up within his caste - the Warrior Caste - and had to undergo certain harsh tests to bring him into manhood. Being brought up from around the age of 7 into such harsh conditions and having to face extreme circumstances made the transition into warrior-hood a simple matter. These 'age-sets' were centred around a cult - rites and rituals - and also contained the education and training of the young warrior into the mythology and the legends of the tribe. From very early ideas, ideology and ideals were instilled into the individual, so that they would become able to take their role as defenders of the tribe. This entailed a knowledge of the tribal weltanshauung and the role of the Cultic Warrior against the Jotun - the Forces of Darkness and Chaos that always threatened to overthrow the Gods and Men who upheld World Order and thus at a local level Tribal Order.

When I have used the term 'warrior' in my works I am actually referring to the Cultic Warrior and thus to the Spiritual Warrior. This is the individual (of the pack) that is able to become what I have called the Intellectual Warrior who can use brains and is also a fighter, but above all he/she will also be more inclined to esotericism and the hidden side of Nature. Those who come into the Woden Folk-Religion are usually inclined this way, and come because they hear the Call of the Blood.

No matter who or what people are, no matter what their 'job' or 'career', when they join the Woden Folk-Religion they become Wodenists. In doing so they swear oaths of allegiance to Wodenism - this has always been the act of profession. Some people will give 100% of their time and energy, whilst others will give less, and some will just wish to subscribe and learn, and hopefully eventually get more involved in some way. But the one thing that they must all become is a Wodenist.

The Woden Brotherhood is an Initiation Order and a Cultic Oath Brotherhood, and will be working in a far different way than the previous inner workings of Woden's Folk - though the way this works will be kept secret (of course). This will become the basis of the Inner Teaching of the Woden Folk-Religion which will take us into the future and keep the Flame of Knowledge alight for future generations. This is needed in order to keep alive the Woden Mystery Religion which is the basis of the Woden Folk-Religion. When we use the word 'religion' it is in the sense of a way of life and not in the sense usually used of religions today.

When we enter Wodenism we always take a new 'name', usually one that suits our new 'life'; this is the secret of becoming a Wodenist, because it is a form of 'death-to-rebirth'. The mystical experience I had back in 1993 was a 'death-to-rebirth' experience and thus a Wodenic Initiation. Indeed, the Great Initiator was Woden as the 'April Fool' - The Hooded One or The Horned One. The recent events within WF - through April 20th-April 23rd-April 30th 2014 were also akin to a 'death-to-rebirth' taking WF into a new form and into a new era of progress in this struggle. These 11 days, which moved us into May 1st, represent the Solar Initiation of Woden's Folk (12 days = Solar Initiation). From out of Chaos appeared a New Order of Being.

Indeed, this did far more than that, for I have become aware over the years of my life that whenever I am placed under great stress I have a sense of heightened awareness which creates patterns of thought and meditation that bring new concepts into my consciousness, and thus create new ideas that seem to be 'sent by the Gods'. Over the past couple of months, due to the problems faced within Woden's Folk, the very same thing happened, which resulted in the insights into the Key to the Jotun and the Saxons in England which are to become new (and vastly important) pages on the Saxon Heathen website. I see this as the working of Wyrd, or the 'meaningful coincidences' (synchronicity) that underlie all events in life. We can see here how negative events can create positive results when we choose to overcome the negative and concentrate upon the positive.

I was reminded by Wotan's Krieger that this is the working of the Haegl-Rune, which has the fundamental meaning of 'hail'. This rune also means 'heil' which is the opposite to 'hail' since it means wholeness, wholesome, hale, holy, as well as healing. In this one symbol - as with all the other runes - we have two distinct and opposite meanings. Here we have the clear idea of Chaos which everything has to move through in order to bring another and higher Order. This is the basis of the term 'revolution' which means to 'revolve' or 'turn in a circle', i.e. move through destruction, disorder and chaos in order to create a New Order. Hamasson has also featured this rune in our magazines and has given similar meaning to this.

This is how I view life as a whole, and also this struggle of our Folk. An old saying is 'every cloud has a silver lining' and it is the case that we must see the positive in events that many would see as disastrous. If we always see the negative then things will never go right for us, and we too will always be negative about everything and thus moan and groan about our lot in life all of the time - and what good will this do our struggle? What we all need is to think positively, and whenever something negative happens is to turn the tables and make these happenings into positive moves for change in the right direction.

To remind everyone, the reason why we take on a Wodenic Name is to become 'reborn' into a new life - Wodenism - and to leave the old life behind. If all those who entered Wodenism did this, and worked 100% for the struggle of our Folk, think how much more powerful this religion would become. But this is never the case I am afraid, because not everyone will do so, so we can only hope that far more people will become fanatical about their religion and thus encourage others to get involved. This can be done - and will be done - through the Cultic Warrior through the Cultic Oath-Brotherhood.

Thursday 8 May 2014

The Hub of the Wheel of Woden

Woden's Folk is now The Hub of the Wheel of Woden acting as the 'immovable centre' of 'The Wheel'. The Wheel of Woden is made up of different Wodenic Hearths all operating as independent units within the 'Wheel', but all promoting the Woden Folk-Religion and the teachings of Woden's Folk. However, how they do so is their own business since this is a totally decentralised Religious Movement but with a Religious Order and a Cultic Oath-Brotherhood at the centre, guiding the 'Wheel' through its teaching and instruction.

This has been done because it has become clear that the English, unlike our German brothers, cannot (at this time) fall behind a leader-figure due to a predominance of egoism and self-interest that makes for 'too many Chiefs and not enough Indians' - far too many people cannot follow another, but have to be in the limelight themselves, even when they have little knowledge of a particular subject. This egoism has fragmented the 'Englisc' scene through squabbles and quarrels and Wodenism can no longer be open to such petty squabbles and must overcome this individual egoism and self-interest. Wodenism is based upon the concept of self-sacrifice for the whole and for the struggle and not upon self-preservation and self-interest.

This also applies to some groups who have to be the 'kingpin' and thus cannot work with another group; had this been overcome at an individual and a group level things on the 'Englisc' scene would have been different and the revival of the White Dragon through the White Dragon Kindred (Odinism) would have been how it should have been, and not just a symbol used by fragmented groups and individuals all working for their own ends.

In order to overcome this problem, and thus to keep the core-teachings of Woden's Folk pure and true to their essence, the structure of the Woden Folk-Religion has changed into an Initiation Order holding the secrets of the Woden Mystery Religion and above all, passing these on to Woden Initiates who can take this Folk-Religion into the Aryan Millennium. Through the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag (Aryan Secret Way) these teachings will form the core of this Religious Order and Folkish Brotherhood.

No matter how the 'outer' develops, and how distorted this becomes through the work of individuals who put their egoism and self-importance over the struggle, or through deliberate infiltration or the setting up of groups that are there to spread false teachings, a Religious Initiation Order (Secret Order) can survive - as has been proven throughout the history of Woden's Folk, that has survived intact changes that would have destroyed groups built upon different structures.

The 'outer' groups will in the main reflect the core teachings and the ideas and ideology of Woden's Folk, since they will be aiding the evolution of these ideas and ideology through their own work. The work of WF was designed for one purpose - to create a Folkish Religion that would herald the appearance of the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden as Wid-Ar the Avenging God. It thus differs in this way and certain other ways to Odinism & Wotanism, but it is part of the same current that will free our Folk from thraldom. We work in different ways and should show our support for all those who work towards a new Folkish Movement that will herald the Resurrection of the Arya.

This does not make our own work and teaching 'correct' or not, because it is right in that it furthers our aims, our ideas, our ideology and our weltanshauung, and our struggle against the Forces of Chaos and Darkness. Other individuals, other groups and other organisations have their own ways of furthering this struggle, and their own destiny to pursue. Eventually, all of this will come together when the time is right and not until the time is right. That time will be when the Coming Man appears and takes up his destiny.