Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Hub of the Wheel of Woden

Woden's Folk is now The Hub of the Wheel of Woden acting as the 'immovable centre' of 'The Wheel'. The Wheel of Woden is made up of different Wodenic Hearths all operating as independent units within the 'Wheel', but all promoting the Woden Folk-Religion and the teachings of Woden's Folk. However, how they do so is their own business since this is a totally decentralised Religious Movement but with a Religious Order and a Cultic Oath-Brotherhood at the centre, guiding the 'Wheel' through its teaching and instruction.

This has been done because it has become clear that the English, unlike our German brothers, cannot (at this time) fall behind a leader-figure due to a predominance of egoism and self-interest that makes for 'too many Chiefs and not enough Indians' - far too many people cannot follow another, but have to be in the limelight themselves, even when they have little knowledge of a particular subject. This egoism has fragmented the 'Englisc' scene through squabbles and quarrels and Wodenism can no longer be open to such petty squabbles and must overcome this individual egoism and self-interest. Wodenism is based upon the concept of self-sacrifice for the whole and for the struggle and not upon self-preservation and self-interest.

This also applies to some groups who have to be the 'kingpin' and thus cannot work with another group; had this been overcome at an individual and a group level things on the 'Englisc' scene would have been different and the revival of the White Dragon through the White Dragon Kindred (Odinism) would have been how it should have been, and not just a symbol used by fragmented groups and individuals all working for their own ends.

In order to overcome this problem, and thus to keep the core-teachings of Woden's Folk pure and true to their essence, the structure of the Woden Folk-Religion has changed into an Initiation Order holding the secrets of the Woden Mystery Religion and above all, passing these on to Woden Initiates who can take this Folk-Religion into the Aryan Millennium. Through the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag (Aryan Secret Way) these teachings will form the core of this Religious Order and Folkish Brotherhood.

No matter how the 'outer' develops, and how distorted this becomes through the work of individuals who put their egoism and self-importance over the struggle, or through deliberate infiltration or the setting up of groups that are there to spread false teachings, a Religious Initiation Order (Secret Order) can survive - as has been proven throughout the history of Woden's Folk, that has survived intact changes that would have destroyed groups built upon different structures.

The 'outer' groups will in the main reflect the core teachings and the ideas and ideology of Woden's Folk, since they will be aiding the evolution of these ideas and ideology through their own work. The work of WF was designed for one purpose - to create a Folkish Religion that would herald the appearance of the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden as Wid-Ar the Avenging God. It thus differs in this way and certain other ways to Odinism & Wotanism, but it is part of the same current that will free our Folk from thraldom. We work in different ways and should show our support for all those who work towards a new Folkish Movement that will herald the Resurrection of the Arya.

This does not make our own work and teaching 'correct' or not, because it is right in that it furthers our aims, our ideas, our ideology and our weltanshauung, and our struggle against the Forces of Chaos and Darkness. Other individuals, other groups and other organisations have their own ways of furthering this struggle, and their own destiny to pursue. Eventually, all of this will come together when the time is right and not until the time is right. That time will be when the Coming Man appears and takes up his destiny.

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