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The Cultic Warrior & The Cultic Oath-Brotherhood

The Cultic Warrior is a far different concept than the 'fighting-man' or 'sportsman' who works at just a physical level; this is the essence of the ancient Martial Arts, which has been lost in today's materialistic world. The original Martial Arts were the true Warrior Arts, and although we think of these as originating in the East, this is true only in the sense that there now appears to be proof that they originated in Aryan India. It was from India that the 'Blue-Eyed Monk' (Boddhi-Dharma) went to the Shaolin Temple, and there created Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, teaching the monks there his arts.

I have shown how the Sutton Hoo Helmet holds certain secrets of the Kundalini and the Ond-Breathing, and this shows that the Wuffingas were aware of these elements of the Martial Arts. This is why I see this as a Cultic Mask and not merely a 'helmet'. It seems that this was a mask used by the Cult of Woden. This suggests that the Saxons were aware of the esoteric side of the Martial Arts and thus formed groups made up of a Cultic Warrior Brotherhood.

Today most of the Martial Arts here in the West is based upon the physical and not on the spiritual, this side being lost due to the materialistic way of life, and the emphasis upon making a 'business' rather than passing on knowledge for future generations. Another reason for this decline in the spiritual and esoteric side here in the West (and also in the East as this becomes more and more materialistic too) is the art of modern warfare. As soon as the Europeans created guns, and then weapons of mass-destruction, the Martial Arts (hand-to-hand combat) became of little use. Originally, the Martial Arts were just that - arts of warfare - and were not a 'sport' as they have become today, nor a 'business' that would make money.

The Cultic Warrior was part of the ancient Germanic Mannerbunde, which was a Cultic Oath Brotherhood. Here the AEthlinga was brought up within his caste - the Warrior Caste - and had to undergo certain harsh tests to bring him into manhood. Being brought up from around the age of 7 into such harsh conditions and having to face extreme circumstances made the transition into warrior-hood a simple matter. These 'age-sets' were centred around a cult - rites and rituals - and also contained the education and training of the young warrior into the mythology and the legends of the tribe. From very early ideas, ideology and ideals were instilled into the individual, so that they would become able to take their role as defenders of the tribe. This entailed a knowledge of the tribal weltanshauung and the role of the Cultic Warrior against the Jotun - the Forces of Darkness and Chaos that always threatened to overthrow the Gods and Men who upheld World Order and thus at a local level Tribal Order.

When I have used the term 'warrior' in my works I am actually referring to the Cultic Warrior and thus to the Spiritual Warrior. This is the individual (of the pack) that is able to become what I have called the Intellectual Warrior who can use brains and is also a fighter, but above all he/she will also be more inclined to esotericism and the hidden side of Nature. Those who come into the Woden Folk-Religion are usually inclined this way, and come because they hear the Call of the Blood.

No matter who or what people are, no matter what their 'job' or 'career', when they join the Woden Folk-Religion they become Wodenists. In doing so they swear oaths of allegiance to Wodenism - this has always been the act of profession. Some people will give 100% of their time and energy, whilst others will give less, and some will just wish to subscribe and learn, and hopefully eventually get more involved in some way. But the one thing that they must all become is a Wodenist.

The Woden Brotherhood is an Initiation Order and a Cultic Oath Brotherhood, and will be working in a far different way than the previous inner workings of Woden's Folk - though the way this works will be kept secret (of course). This will become the basis of the Inner Teaching of the Woden Folk-Religion which will take us into the future and keep the Flame of Knowledge alight for future generations. This is needed in order to keep alive the Woden Mystery Religion which is the basis of the Woden Folk-Religion. When we use the word 'religion' it is in the sense of a way of life and not in the sense usually used of religions today.

When we enter Wodenism we always take a new 'name', usually one that suits our new 'life'; this is the secret of becoming a Wodenist, because it is a form of 'death-to-rebirth'. The mystical experience I had back in 1993 was a 'death-to-rebirth' experience and thus a Wodenic Initiation. Indeed, the Great Initiator was Woden as the 'April Fool' - The Hooded One or The Horned One. The recent events within WF - through April 20th-April 23rd-April 30th 2014 were also akin to a 'death-to-rebirth' taking WF into a new form and into a new era of progress in this struggle. These 11 days, which moved us into May 1st, represent the Solar Initiation of Woden's Folk (12 days = Solar Initiation). From out of Chaos appeared a New Order of Being.

Indeed, this did far more than that, for I have become aware over the years of my life that whenever I am placed under great stress I have a sense of heightened awareness which creates patterns of thought and meditation that bring new concepts into my consciousness, and thus create new ideas that seem to be 'sent by the Gods'. Over the past couple of months, due to the problems faced within Woden's Folk, the very same thing happened, which resulted in the insights into the Key to the Jotun and the Saxons in England which are to become new (and vastly important) pages on the Saxon Heathen website. I see this as the working of Wyrd, or the 'meaningful coincidences' (synchronicity) that underlie all events in life. We can see here how negative events can create positive results when we choose to overcome the negative and concentrate upon the positive.

I was reminded by Wotan's Krieger that this is the working of the Haegl-Rune, which has the fundamental meaning of 'hail'. This rune also means 'heil' which is the opposite to 'hail' since it means wholeness, wholesome, hale, holy, as well as healing. In this one symbol - as with all the other runes - we have two distinct and opposite meanings. Here we have the clear idea of Chaos which everything has to move through in order to bring another and higher Order. This is the basis of the term 'revolution' which means to 'revolve' or 'turn in a circle', i.e. move through destruction, disorder and chaos in order to create a New Order. Hamasson has also featured this rune in our magazines and has given similar meaning to this.

This is how I view life as a whole, and also this struggle of our Folk. An old saying is 'every cloud has a silver lining' and it is the case that we must see the positive in events that many would see as disastrous. If we always see the negative then things will never go right for us, and we too will always be negative about everything and thus moan and groan about our lot in life all of the time - and what good will this do our struggle? What we all need is to think positively, and whenever something negative happens is to turn the tables and make these happenings into positive moves for change in the right direction.

To remind everyone, the reason why we take on a Wodenic Name is to become 'reborn' into a new life - Wodenism - and to leave the old life behind. If all those who entered Wodenism did this, and worked 100% for the struggle of our Folk, think how much more powerful this religion would become. But this is never the case I am afraid, because not everyone will do so, so we can only hope that far more people will become fanatical about their religion and thus encourage others to get involved. This can be done - and will be done - through the Cultic Warrior through the Cultic Oath-Brotherhood.

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