Friday 8 September 2023

The Folkish Wodenist Movement.


Woden's Folk was not the first to promote Folkish Wodenism here in England, but we were the first to try to create a Folkish Movement rather than a small localised group. From the very start I chose to call ourselves 'Folkish' in order to keep away the meek and weak who would be put off by the 'reputation' given to the word 'Folkish'. I would not say that this has worked fully, but in these times it has served us as well as we could expect. The problem, of course, lies in the constant barrage of propaganda designed to weaken our Folk and make them afraid to do anything that would get them into 'trouble'. This we at WF have witnessed as a proven fact, and even the 'toughest' groups are not always what they appear. We need not go into this at this time, but it should be kept in mind. 

It is all too easy to overlook the small 'victories' that we have had as a Folkish Movement, since these are not always obvious. I shall look at these as we go on, since they are part of the ideas set down here. The object of this is to show how we can learn from past movements, even if they are social or political, and adapt some of the tactics for our own use - on a much smaller scale, since we are a small movement. 


1. The Folkish Movement - I chose to call this a 'Movement' even though we are very small, and that is to show that we are a serious group dedicated to a serious cause. Whereas many pagan and heathen groups are there to try to revive an ancient religion, our aim is to create a new Folkish Heathen Religion suited to our own era, and the unique Folk-Destiny that our Folk have. The basis of Folkish Wodenism lies in the revival of an ancient religion, but at an exoteric level, since this has to be tailored to suit the English Destiny and the Folk-Destiny, and that is the accelerated evolution of the Folk. This is where we differ greatly from many groups. 

2. Our Aims - Our aim must be first and foremost the fight for the freedom of our Folk, and the fight for the survival of our Folk - the White Race. We are an English Movement but we recognise the futility of trying to 'go it alone' - not only futile but suicidal! This is why our Folk-Religion is for the English Folk, but can be adapted to any Germanic Nation. 

3. The Purpose - The whole purpose of our work must be the accelerated evolution of the Aryan Race, or what is left of the once mighty Aryan Race. The key to this lies in the Aryan Gene, and this is knowledge that our enemies are fully aware of, hence their drive to destroy the White Race completely. 

4. The Flag of The Movement - This is a White Dragon upon a Red Background, the flash revived by the White Dragon Kindred in the 1980s. I created and ran the WDK back then, and when founding WF in 1998 this was taken up in a much larger way. Today it is a well-known English Flag, even sold as such by Amazon, and this is one of the small 'victories' achieved by WF since we started. (Strangely, it is those who oppose and try to 'expose' WF that have acknowledged the origins of the White Dragon Flag.) 

5. The Symbol of the Movement - We have as yet not really used a single symbol as such, though the use of the Wolf-Hook Rune (Rune of Resistance) and the Ing-Rune (Rune of the Blood) has been taken up. Again, more groups and individuals have taken up the use of the Ing-Rune, and the acceptance that Ingwe is a very important God who gave his name to the English and their land - England. This has been yet another small 'victory' for WF, though it will no doubt not be acknowledged as such. 

6. Folkish Slogans - One of the most important things for any movement is the use of slogans. Short and simple, easily remembered, slogans play on the mind, and are thus important as 'propaganda' tools. Some of the ones we have used have also been taken up by others -

The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

Wolves Amongst The Sheep!

Rise and Rise Again - Until Lambs Become Wolves!

When Freedom is Outlawed, only Outlaws will be Free!

Our Defiance is our Strength!

The key to using slogans is to keep them short and easily understandable, and to repeat them over and over again. This 'throws' the slogan into the subconscious mind, thus by-passing the conscious mind. Repetition is the key to remembering.

7. Self-Sacrifice - We have always stated the need for self-sacrifice for the whole, rather than self-interest or self-survival. Our work at survival training, prepping etc. should always be looked upon in this way, for the whole, the group, and the Folk. 


1. Expose the Enemy - It is of vital importance to expose the Dark Joten for what they are, and what they are doing, in particular the destruction of our Folk, which will lead to the destruction of life on Earth. In doing this the best tactic is not an open attack, but using a subtle 'hint' that will allow others to think that they themselves have worked it out. They must be exposed as the common enemy of our Folk

2. Rely upon the emotions rather than trying to use intellectual argument; this applies to the mass of people, not to the academic-intellectual level. It is the mass of people that we wish to get to, since they are the ones most disaffected at this time.

3. Keep the message brief and precise; it must be easily understood by the everyday person. 

4. Demonise the Enemy - attacking The System frequently will, by some, be seen as 'moaning and groaning' but this should be ignored, since this is nothing of the sort, so long as it is done with a balance. It is necessary to show The System for its evil purposes and aims, and it is necessary to continually undermine The System, since it can demoralise, just as they do to their opponents. Continual attacks are hardly 'negative', since they are offensive tactics


Just as important is the esoteric work we do, although this will hardly be recognised for what it is, nor fo the massive effect that it can have. I spoke of the White Dragon Flag promoted by WF, and I have had one individual contact me some time ago to say that he started to use the WD Flag even though he had no idea whatever what it meant. Some things work at an unconscious level, and this is the aim of our esoteric work. 

At an exoteric level we have created a set of Wodenic Rites known as The Wheel of the Year, because in a tribunal case recognising Wodenism as a religion here in England, the fact that the Odinist Fellowship had such a set of rites, greatly aided their case in this matter. But at an esoteric level a fixed, standard set of rites that are done by Activists and Supporters of a group, on the same day, will have a far greater effect than various individuals 'doing their own thing'. This should be clear from the Odin World Prayer Day started by Anders Nillson some years ago, since this is done on one particular day, at a certain time. We have done this through the Spirit of Revolt rites some years ago. In this case 'The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack'. 

We should take note and recognise this, since it is precisely how the Global Cabal work. But in their case they use the mass of people as their 'tools' to make such rituals effective. Through the media and online work they have a vast, powerful means to manipulate the minds of the masses. We can only work at a very small level, but nonetheless this can be effective if done right. 

The Folkish Wodenist Movement may be small, but we can have (and do have) a far more powerful effect than is obvious. Woden's Folk is known and respected world-wide, and we work with many others of like-mind towards the same aims and purpose. Our esoteric work also seeks to awaken the Folk through the Call of the Blood, and time and time again this has proven to be the case.