Wednesday 28 September 2022

From the ashes..........

"In the Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!"

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993 (Horam, East Sussex.)

We are today in the 'Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood', even though the original prophecy no doubt referred to Richard the Lion-Heart. It is thus clear that prophecy is timeless and repeats itself in a similar but slightly different form at certain times of a Cosmic Cycle. This is what the 'CARR Team' (*) came up with in January 2022 - The Swords of Wayland: From family television to Fascist Mythos - 

"Ingessunu lives in a world overflowing with significant symbols and omens, and his ideology is founded on his own spiritual revelations. In 1933, on All Hallow's Eve, Ingessunu heard the words of the prophecy from Robin of Sherwood dictated to him in slightly altered form in a dream......"

(*) 'Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right'. The 'fascist' smear is mandatory within such circles. Article by Clive Henry, Doctoral Fellow at CARR and Doctoral candidate at the University of Northampton.

This article from CARR is not actually based upon the usual 'piss-take' stance, where ridicule is heaped upon the individual discussed -

"However, Ingessunu's Hooded Man Prophecy and his surrounding activities have not beed discussed here for the simple purpose of humour or mockery - after all, how many of us have not watched a film or read a novel and felt compelled that it has illuminated a way forward for our lives?"

Fair play! Although not a totally unbiased article it does have a sense of fairness at times, and it does have some interesting points that we should ourselves note. It is clear to these people that our Movement is about 'rebirth and regeneration', which is central to such tales as Lord of the Rings (Tolkien version not Amazon's parody). 

"However, Folkish Wodenism illustrates the potency of popular culture, whether folklore, traditions, or television, as malleable source material in the political struggle of far right activists and ideologues. This can create an ideology with nativist appeal, as has occurred with Woden's Folk, with its ecological and historical overtones and potential for resonant localised activism."

"....far right expressions of Englishness remain doomed if they can be associated with neo-Nazism".

Wrong here though! This short sentence shows clearly how The System, through the press and media, uses the simple tactic of 'smear by association', here openly admitted. In fact, rather than backing down to the press and media attacks we carried on in defiance, and today, with the worsening situation around the world, which is getting more and more oppressive, we are again gaining ground slightly lost in 2019. Rather than being 'doomed' our defiance of The System was just what was needed for a time when the cracks started to appear in the Established Order. 

Englisc Nationalism did not succeed because it lived in a by-gone era, tried to take us backwards in time to a 'better age' (if any such thing has existed in the Kali Yuga). Not only that, unlike British Nationalism, most of those involved at higher levels had no idea what we are struggling against, and have been struggling against for millennia. The enemy was 'the Normans', which was true of a thousand years ago, but not of today; we have similar problems today, like the imposition of another Feudal System, but these are far removed from the time when William of Normandy conquered England. Here, CARR themselves give us a hint of what is needed in our ideology - Rebirth & Regeneration. 

When a people is decimated by a cruel and evil regime the last thing they need is being taken backwards to a past long ago; they need to be driven by an emotive cry for 'Rebirth and Regeneration -

"...maintained the central importance of ethnos: the world is consumed in a cosmic struggle, a 'Holy War' where a Spiritual Warrior Elite must strive for an 'English Destiny' and rebirth the Folk - not the nation - from its modern decadence."

I would disagree in the phrase 'not the nation' since it is first necessary to 'rebirth the English Nation' before the rebirth of the Folk can take place. To be fair, a change in stance on my own part probably gave rise to this idea, and not a mistaken reading of my 'biography' - which is where this stuff is taken from. I'll make it clear now that I still believe, as I did in early times, that the English Folk has to be our main concern since we are English and live here in England. But this in no way breaks us from the importance of the Folk as a whole. I still see the importance of following on from Don Miguel Serrano in elevating this to a 'Cosmic Struggle' and a 'Holy War' against the Powers of Darkness and Chaos, since this 'High Destiny' thus lifts the Folk-Spirit to a higher level. 

Since The Hooded Man Prophecy and after the book had been written, I have seen 'The Hooded Man' in a different light, though merely in form rather than essence. This is not the Last Avatar who will appear at the start of the Age of Aquarius, it is The Hooded Man Current that arises to prepare the way for the Last Avatar. The author of this article would not know this change since this was the way I saw it at the time. 

"However, a Strong One will shake up the remnant of the Heirs and wake some up. Like a Comet which suddenly gives a Sign...." Sajaha Prophecies Chapter 9.

It is this 'Strong One' who is 'The Hooded Man', and who arises here in England to prepare the way for the Last Avatar - this is the role of Woden's Folk. Our message is quite simple really, as it needs to be in order to be understood by a mass audience - when the time is right -

"The English 'Folk-Community' was a Germanic Race devolved from a primordial High Race of the North' that originated in Thule-Hyperborea, the mystical geographical origin of the Aryan Race, but had now been perverted by the influence of Hebraic religions and liberal, materialistic modernity. The solution was Folkish Wodenism as a 'Way of Life', existentially rooted in Blut und Boden (Blood & Soil), and based on an Anglo-Saxon Folk-Moot form of government."

This, of course, is a world-view held well before WF was created, but one which is becoming more and more alive as new finds are made to confirm this. The central point here is that we oppose 'liberal, materialistic modernity', whether this be Finance Capitalism or Marxist Socialism, both of which are materialistic in form, and both based upon economics and political power. This is why these people push the idea of the 'political struggle of far right activists and ideologues', since it infers that we are political. Why? Because the political sphere is far easier for them to control and manipulate. Folkish Wodenism is not based upon any form of materialistic world-view but on Nature and Biology. 

As the world crisis pans out we are seeing more and more of a divide between the Globalists and the Nationalists - the latter are still held up to ridicule and attack, but more and more people will see through this in time. The term 'nation' need not be used in a political sense alone, since the Germanic term would be 'kindred', and we see that Mystical Link between the Blood (Kinfolk) and the Soil (Kind = Nature). A Folk-Nation would naturally have to be run by some form of politics, but this does not exist today; Folkish Wodenism is a religion that runs counter to the downward trends towards decadence and degeneration, towards decay and death - it is a Religion Against Time. As such it posits a 'Secret England' that works at a deep and secret level of consciousness, works in the Shadow of the Darkness. This 'Secret England' exists as a counter-revolution (in spiritual terms) to the materialistic consumer society of today, the Global Society that is being built upon the 'Death of Nations'. 

There is one coming who will 'rule the Nations with a Rod of Iron', and for this figure to appear and work his Will we need to create a new Folk-Religion and a new Folk-Community that will act as a 'fertile ground' for this happening. Our work has not stopped, it has only just begun....We have a long way to go, and though I doubt that I will see the Coming Man appear, those younger than I will no doubt be there when the Final Conflict takes place. The Eternal War of the White Dragon and the Red Dragon goes on....the battleground is the 'Unshaped Isle'....where the 'balance of the world is held....

Thursday 22 September 2022



This message to us from Klaus Schwab is basically part of an agenda to create a Communist State on the lines of Communist China - a kind of Capitalist-Communist State which is the fulfilment of the Thesis vs. Anti-thesis doctrine of Marx, taken from Hegel. The idea that we will own nothing means that the State will own everything, and they will rent it to us, rather than it being our own property. This would seem quite a task to achieve. 

This materialistic produce-and-consume society is based wholly upon a continuous production and consumption cycle, without which the whole thing would collapse. This is the reason why they produce shoddy, poor-quality stuff that is dead and gone within a very short time - most produced in Communist China. In fact, this is the reason why we see 'Sell By' or 'Use By' on goods, not because they would definitely go off, but because the mass of consumers will throw them away just in case, and thus buy more of the same. I have known one individual who threw away a tub of strawberries! Anyone can SEE if strawberries have gone over their time. But this is perhaps not untypical. Various electronic goods are programmed to stop working after a certain time, so that the consumers have to buy another. Most things today are made not to last.

Of course, with such a produce-and-consume structure there has to be a time when the raw materials run dry - and maybe this is beginning to become clear. Thus the switch to renting everything, since this is an ongoing process and there will be no need to produce so much to sell. We have seen this tried in various software products, for instance Microsoft Word. Originally this was sold outright, but in time this switched to being a yearly subscription: this has now become the norm with other software. Of course, this is a lot dearer, and makes more profit too. If it were applied to all things then the mass-produced rubbish could be made better - but no-one would actually own a product. In the past we have had quality goods produced locally, so this is the answer rather than the one pushed upon us by the Global Cabal. 

It would not be so difficult to switch to this type of thing with many of the goods around today. But what about cars, housing etc.? Cars, vans and trucks would be a bit harder, but there are many types of leasing already around today, so it would not be that hard to put into place. Housing would be much harder to do, but not at all impossible, and plans are already being put into place where giant corporations are buying up acres of land for housing which will be rented; all it would need would be to push house prices through the roof and then offer low-cost rented houses. The down-side is that those already in housing would have a massive rise in the price of theirs - not what they would want. However, a recession always causes many to lose their homes because they cannot pay the mortgage; this has happened over and over again, and the bonus is that the corporations buy up the properties at low costs. What about land owned by the individual? That one is more difficult but........

But........what if we 'own nothing' now? Let us think about this, because all of the land here in Britain is owned by the Crown. Elizabeth II owned the land here in England, which is now passed down to King Charles III, who now owns this land, and land in the 'commonwealth' countries too. Houses may thus be owned, but the land on which they are built is clearly owned by the Crown. And this goes for land which is owned by an individual, land such as agricultural land, woodland etc. 

There is more. When we buy a car, van or truck it has to be registered, this word being allied to regis and regal and thus linked to the Crown. This needs a 'Registration Document' and a 'Registration Plate'. When we are born, when we die, and when we get married we have to register these - it seems that we do not even own ourselves. It has become widespread today for goods to be issued with a Warranty/Guarantee which can only come into place when the goods are registered. The Latin regi means 'king'. It seems that we have been signing away much of what we own, without actually knowing it. How far this goes with many others good is unclear, since these have a guarantee which is enforced by the receipt we are given when we buy. But more and more outlets are asking for an email address to send the receipt, which is not necessary when we have a paper receipt but which, of course, tells them our identity each time, and what has been bought. 

Although the term 'register' is given a different root-name in dictionaries, this clearly comes from the original root reg which relates to the Crown. In theory when we 'register' something we are giving up our right to ownership. So maybe we already 'own nothing'? It would seem that this objective is not so difficult to achieve right across the board.

Sunday 11 September 2022

The Lion & The Unicorn.

The Lion and the Unicorn
Were fighting for the crown;
The Lion beat the Unicorn
All around the town.

The Coat of Arms of our present King Charles shows the Lion of England and the Unicorn of Scotland, together with the Red Dragon of Wales. However, the figure to the left is a Leopard with a Lion's mouth, and the Crowned Lion is found at the very top. Add to this that the Unicorn is chained to a point by the Red Dragon, and the symbolism does not quite fit with the conflict between England (Lion) and Scotland (Unicorn). And the crown on the Unicorn is on the neck, not on the head, symbolic of some sort of servitude. 

This Coat of Arms belongs to the Rothschilds, and it again bears the same symbolism - the Lion and the Unicorn. Note - this also shows the Imperial Eagle on the shield, but also on the top of the Three Crowns (Three Kingdoms). But this was also bears the emblem of a Red Lion on the shield, opposite to the Imperial Eagle. The Imperial Eagle is not the Double-Headed Eagle, and thus tells us that this 'kingship' is on one level only and not both Political and Religious. 

This image from the 'Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs' shows 'Three Kingdoms' with Jerusalem at the centre; it even uses a Heathen Symbol as an image of the 'Three Kingdoms'. Europe-Asia-Africa are the 'Three Kingdoms' shown here. The Heathen Symbol is made up of Three Circles if the three sections are finished. 

I would like to point out here that I am certainly not against kingship nor royalty; what I am opposed to is any form of kingship or royalty that does not stand for its own people, and worse still acts in a way that is destructive to that people. The World State cannot tolerate any form of nation-state, national borders, and certainly not a true Folk-Nation. Where civic nationalism does exist, and where other forms of nationalism have existed in recent times, these have been used and manipulated for the aim of creating a Global Order. 

In 1485 Henry Tudor, bearing the Red Rose and Red Dragon, beat Richard III, King of England, bearing the White Rose and White Boar. Symbolically, this was the defeat of the White Dragon by the Red Dragon; in the mid 1980s - some 500 years after 1485 - the White Dragon was revived by the White Dragon Kindred as a Symbol of the English. What we are seeing today - it would seem - is the rising anew of the 'Great Red Dragon' (Revelation) whose power is given to 'The Beast', to wage a war against the opponents of the Shaitanic Dragon. 


Whilst we are on the subject of the Coat of Arms this one is of the Spencer Family, showing a White Dragon on the right, and two Gar-Runes on the Shield. Both the White Dragon and the Eaglke-Headed Lion (left) are chained to the 'SPENCER' scroll at the bottom - for what that is worth, and what that means I have no idea. I just brought this in because of the symbolism involved.

Saturday 10 September 2022

The Island Dragons


These islands, it was said by Gildas the Monk, are the point of the balance of the whole world. Through the Welsh Mabinogian we find the eternal conflict between the Red Dragon of the Britons and the White Dragon of the Saxon English. How far back the Red Dragon goes as a Welsh (British) symbol I do not know, but would guess that this originates as a Symbol of Rome. This is the 'Great Red Dragon' mentioned in Revelation, the symbolism here clearly referring to the Roman Empire. This is the Shaitanic Dragon, symbolic of the Serpent of Evil, and to Shaddein - the Lord of the Shadows. Going back as far as ancient Persia we find that the figure of what became Shaitan was seen as a Dragon-Serpent. Thus, in studying this we need to understand that when we refer to the 'Red Dragon' this has nothing to do with the modern Welsh. 

"There are two Messiahs: one went down into the pit for the salvation of the world; this was the Sun shorn of his golden rays, and crowned with blackened ones (symbolising this loss), as the thorns: the other was the triumphant Messiah mounting up to the summit of the arch of heaven, and personified as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.....He being Jehovah."

This is the Coat of Arms of Charles, Prince of Wales, who is now to become the 'King of England'. At the top, 'mounting up to the summit of the arch of heaven' is the Lion of Judah - the Lion stands upon a crown, the top of which is arched. The helmet below the crown on top of the shield bears 10 horns; the image to the left has the 'mouth of the Lion', 'the body of a Leopard', and the 'feet of a bear'. All of this description fits that of 'The Beast' in Revelation. 

The Flour-de-Lys at the bottom left could represent 'Three Kingdoms' as suggested here, and the 'Ich Dien' motto means 'I serve'. This appears again on the scroll at the bottom 'Ich Dien', under the Fleur-de-Lys and the Red Dragon. This 'Beast' is said to be wounded by a sword, and miraculously lives; it is said that his head is 'wounded to death'. It is unclear as yet what this means.

When Charles went through his inauguration as the 'Prince of Wales' he sat upon a throne that had a large Red Dragon emblazoned on it. This is a transcript of some of what was said -

Queen Elizabeth - "This Dragon gives you the power, your throne and your authority."

Charles - "I am now your Liege man and worthy of your earthly worship."

This 'inauguration' begs a few questions -

1. This was not a crowning as such, since he is being made 'Prince of Wales', but he sits upon a throne bearing a Red Dragon.

2. What the Queen says here is that the Red Dragon gives Charles his 'power', his 'throne' and his 'authority'.

3. To which Charles replies that he is the 'Liege man' and that he is thus worthy of 'your earthly worship'. What a strange thing to say. 

Charles spoke of the work of Rene Guenon, a very strange thing to do, and one in which he spoke of 'the sacred' as opposed to 'modernity'. This does not fit in at all with his speech at DAVOS when he was invited by Klaus Schwab to do so; in this he shows himself to be a true 'Eco-Warrior' with a crusade to implement the main planks of the 'Great Reset. But, maybe this talk of Guenon is not so strange, since one of his major works was the 'King of the World' where the 'Universal Monarch' is the subject. 

"The Jews identify the spiritual centre with Mount Zion....'The Tabernacle of the Holiness of Jehovah, the residence of the Shekinah, is the Holy of Holies, that is the heart of the Temple, which is itself the centre of Zion (Jerusalem) just as Holy Zion is the centre of the Land of Israel, and as the Land of Israel is the centre of the world.'"

'King of the World' - Rene Guenon (quoting P Vulliaud), noting that Guenon stated that this was a 'secondary centre' and not the 'Primordial Centre' in Hyperborea.

Whether this is a 'secondary centre' or not matters not a jot, since it is seen as the 'Primordial Centre' in the drive to establish world domination of the 'Chosen People', with the 'Spiritual Centre of the World' in Zion - Jerusalem - at the rebuilt Third Temple. Once again, this is a sick parody of the true Primordial Centre of the Golden Age. 

I have said before how, at some particular stage, there should be a shift from the 'Marxist-Communist' drive towards a religious drive to set up a World Religion. Seemingly, the materialistic confusion and mess, suffering and death, and the absolute lunacy of the decisions made by the present rulers around the world, will have the desired result of driving the people into the hands of a new religion based around the coming of 'The Messiah'. In Revelation 'The Beast' is set there that the masses will worship him and his 'image'; this is not going to happen with the present 'world leaders' so must refer to a another figure. 

In the past I have covered topics on the subject of these islands being under the sway of the Dark Forces in very ancient times; it may be that certain of the so-called 'Druid' sects were not Aryan Priests at all, hence some of the Dark Practices that have come down to us. Some versions of the Ogham Script are similar to Hebrew, and North Wales has a high proportion of Old Testament names. The anti Anglo-Saxon writer, Robert Graves, in 'The White Goddess', traces the 'Holy Name of God' found on the dolmens by using the Ogham Script to a name so similar to JEHOVAH as to be no coincidence. I'll not go into this here, but the fact that William Blake also suggests that Zion arose here in Britain in ancient times, and the 2012 Olympics were clearly the 'Games of Zion', makes it clear that there is something in this. The Hebrew word Brit means 'covenant' and ain means 'eye', 'fountain', 'spring'. Thus 'Britain' means 'Covenant of the Eye', or 'Eye of the Covenant', or even 'Spring of the Covenant'. 

There is an Eternal Struggle between the White Dragon of Germania and the Red Dragon of Judah-Rome, and this takes place here in these Islands of the Mighty. Are these the 'Unshaped Isles' where the Last Battle will take place? Who knows, and maybe that does not matter, but whatever the case the English have been singled out for destruction and this is going apace these days. We shall see how this 'new king' fits into what is going on within the Global Agenda.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Goten vs Joten


For the sake of making this Cosmic War clear I am going to use Vedic Lore rather than our own Germanic Lore; this is because in regard to the Hindu Texts we find interpretations which seem to make this clearer. Firstly, a list of the 'Joten Forces' according to Sri Aurobino -

Dasyus - The Dividers, plunderers, destroyers.

Danavas - Sons of the 'Mother of Division'.

Rakshasas - Eaters & devourers, wolves, tearers, hurters and haters.

Vritra - The Serpent of Evil, the 'grand adversary'.

Vala & Panis - stealers and concealers of the Higher Light.

It should be noted how these ancient Vedic beings have parallels to Norse and Germanic Mythology. For example, the Rakshasas, as 'eaters and devourers' parallel the Eoten/Joten; and as 'wolves & tearers' they parallel the Fenris Wolf and other Wargs. The term 'warg' is used of a wolf, but originates in the concept of 'to tear'. The Serpent of Evil is obviously the Midgard Serpent. What is not so clear in Norse Mythology, and perhaps the most important concept, is the 'dividers', since this is the essence of the Great Enemy - to divide. The Arya - by definition - is the race that 'fits together', thus healing the wounds made by the Joten. The Gods represent as aspect of the Universal Godhead or Divine Being, thus 'All Gods Are One God' as some Hindu Texts state. 

One of the most fundamental myths throughout the Indo-European Mythology is the 'Myth of the Cattle-Raid', where the cattle are stolen and the Gods (or a Hero aided by a God) have to get them back. We can understand this better through Vedic Lore and the root-name for the 'cow' (cattle) - go; this root-word can mean both 'cow' and 'light'. If we apply this to the term ghrta meaning 'ghee' or 'clarified butter' (from the cow), this root-word also means 'light' (from ghr meaning 'to shine'. What we have is a simple word-play where the non-initiate sees this as the 'cattle-raid' on a wholly material level (which was a common thing) but the initiate sees into this as meaning 'light' and the 'Theft of the Divine Light'. The 'cattle-raid' in regard to the theft of 'cows' is for the scholar and academic, whilst the 'cattle-raid' in its hidden meaning, that of the 'Theft of the Divine Light, is for the Mystic and 'Seer'. 

In the Vedas, according to Sri Aurobindo, the 'cow' refers to the 'Divine Light' in its esoteric meaning, and the 'horse' refers to Power and Energy, very often in regard to the Vedic Fire-God, Agni. Here we see that this Cosmic War is between the 'Children of Light' and the 'Sons of Darkness and Division'; when seen this way everything that happens around us today - ruled by the latter - fits nicely into a pattern. As we can see in our own Feoh-Rune and the 'Jack & The Beanstalk Myth' the theft of the 'cows' was later transferred to the 'Theft of the Gold', where the 'gold' is symbolic of the 'Divine Light (of the Sun)'. It is down to the Divine Hero to retrieve the stolen gold which is being hoarded by a 'Dragon', and in the process to slay the dragon. 

We can see this Cosmic War in a slightly different form where Mdme Blavatsky takes the Gnostic Kristian works to show how the 'Divine Light' was shut off from mankind, and Sophia - Goddess of Wisdom - sent down her 'emanation' - The Krist - to lead mankind back to the Divine Light. The 'Sons of Darkness and Division' - guided by Ildabaoth (Shaddein) - slew The Krist because he was exposing the Sons of Darkness and their aims. This is exactly the same theme but substituting 'The Krist' for 'The Gods'. I would guess that we can see our own Freya as a 'Goddess of Wisdom' though this is not emphasised in Norse Mythology.

Sunday 4 September 2022

The Ancient Solar-Race.


"Rich in royal worth and valour, rich in Holy Vedic Lore,

Dasa-ratha ruled his empire in the happy days of yore,

Loved of men in fair Ayodhya, sprung of ancient Solar Race.....

Twice-born men were free from passion, lust of gold and impure greed,

Faithful to the rites and scriptures, truthful in their word and deed,

Altar blazed in every mansion....

Kshatras bowed to Holy Brahmans, Vaisyas to the Kshatras bowed,

Toiling Sudras lived by labour, of their honest duty proud,

To the Gods and to the Fathers, to each guest in virtue trained,

Rites were done with due devotion as by holy writ ordained....

Pure each caste in due observance, stainless was each ancient rite,

And the nation thrived and prospered by its old and matchless might...

Thus was ruled the ancient city by her monarch true and bold,

As the earth was ruled by Manu in the misty days of old...."

The Ramayana - The Epic of Rama, Prince of India.

We can perhaps learn more about the ways of our own forefathers from this very ancient text from India, a text that hails from the ancient Aryan Race that lived in the area thousands of years ago, a race itself descended from the Ancient Solar Race also known as the Shining Ones. The famous hero, Rama, is here said to have been descended from this Ancient Solar Race, here also referred to as the Twice-Born. This term refers to the 'born-again' who have undergone a Sun-Initiation which is a Death-to-Rebirth Initiation where the Initiate is 'reborn' after a profound mystical and magical experience. Our forefathers would have had a similar religion and way of life, and also the same religious devotion that is mentioned here.

We can go through this list to some some of the most noble traits that sprang from the Ancient Solar Race, those descendants of Manu, Mannus, or whatever other version of this name applies to different sections of the Holy Race -

  • The nation was ruled by a Priest-King who was 'rich in Vedic Lore'; the Priest-King was a philosopher and wise ruler, a 'Rich'.
  • We are told (not quoted) that 'Fathers with their happy households owned there cattle, corn and gold'; this was not 'Feudal System' but a system of freedom and individual ownership, and the people were happy in this. Not a system where - 'You will own nothing - and you will be happy' - where this 'happiness' is a forced drug-induced feudal order where the state controls everyone to the minutest detail. 
  • There was (not quoted) no poverty, and none lived by fraud and thieving, no famine nor was the peace and plenty disturbed - proof that this system does not come about by the Marxist Utopia, but by a system of freedom and adherence to one's roots.
  • The Arya (Twice-Born) was free from 'passion, lust of gold and impure greed', and yet gold was abundant and used, but not something to covet and hoard, as the Dark Joten appear to do in our own Germanic Lore.
  • The 'Twice-Born' were faithful to the 'rites and scriptures' and these were observed as a part of daily life; this was no 'Sunday affair' but an everyday thing where the Gods and Forefathers were honoured in the household and within the tribe and nation.
  • An 'Altar blazed in every mansion'; the term 'mansion' is via the French from Latin, and is a 'house', so the Fire-Altar burned in every household of the Twice-Born. The Ancient Solar Race was the Race of Light and Fire, the Fire representing this Divine Light.This is shown more in Aryan Persia (Iran) where the Cult of Fire was more pronounced, and thus this section of the Aryan Race kept to this most ancient tradition. 
  • The Ancient Caste System was strictly adhered to, each section of the hierarchy being as important as the next, but each level with respect to the higher level - a total harmony of working. This Divine Order was given by Manu, and in the Eddas by Rig who is merely another name for the same ancient figure that appeared here in Middle-Earth to help our Folk in ancient times, and to set down the Divine Order of the Gods. 
  • We are told (not quoted) that their city was guarded by 'troops who never turned in battle' which tells us that the empire lived in peace and plenty, but this was not a universal Golden Age, and this is clear because the Ramayana features great battles as does the Mahabharata, in fact wars using 'weapons of mass destruction' which has been overlooked by some scholars who still hold to the 'caveman-to-civilisation' idea of 'evolution', rather than its cyclic nature.
  • They used horses and elephants for battle.
  • Rama broke the famous Bow of Rudra before which both the Gods and Asuras had 'in righteous terror quailed'. He thus won the hand of Sita, and this is what the Ramayana is mostly based.

I am certainly not one of those who turns to Hinduism as a spiritual path, since this is not the path of the Germanic Folk; but we have much to learn from ancient times which we have lost in our own Germanic Lore. In fact, we really do not know how much of our own Germanic and Norse Lore has been distorted, since most of it comes through the eyes of Christians who may or may not have written the Ancient Lore down to preserve it, or may have placed within it subtle distortions so as to draw the people away from the Pagan-Heathen past. This certainly seems to be the case with one preserved piece of Old English - Dream of the Rood. I had always seen this as a 'heathen' piece hidden in a 'Christian' text, but after studying it again and again it became clear that this is more like a subtle attempt by a Judaeo-Christian writer to replace the image of Woden hanging upon the World Tree with the alien Christ hanging upon the Cross. Hence why we see the image of Woden on the Bleeding Tree at the start, and as this comes towards the end it is the Cross that has replaced the Living Tree, and Christ that has replaced the god Woden. This is why, in some cases, we can learn from Hindu Texts that are just another section of the Indo-European Peoples.

Many Vedic scholars have also noted that this ancient Vedic Lore could not have originated in the area of India, but seems to have its origins within the Arctic Circle in the Far North. This, of course, fits with the Germanic Legend of Thule, and the Legend of Hyperborea, and so the Ancient Wisdom originated with the Ancient Solar Race that first lived on the Polar Continent of Hyperborea. After a massive catastrophe that seemingly threw the Earth from its original axis, ending the fabled Golden Age, these peoples left the Primordial Land and moved further south, due to the ever-increasing ice and cold that swept across the Northlands. It was thousands of years later that the remnants of the same Northern Folk moved back into Northern Europe - which was the Ur-Land in the first place. 

One thing that stands out from the story of Rama is that this was perhaps the end of a golden era of peace and plenty, since from the very start to find that intrigue has set in. Through this intrigue Rama is exiled with his bride Sita, and has to dwell in the wilderness for a time - maybe an ancient image of the Germanic Mannerbunde where the Noble Son has to leave the bounds of society and go into the wild to live and survive, and the returns as the King, rightfully leading his people. 

One thing that does stand out here is the similarity between certain figures in Greek History and that of the Hindus; we find a 'Jabali the Sceptic' who 'denied heaven and the here-after', just as some Greek Scholars did the same. This hints that the era we are speaking of was not quite the 'Golden Age' portrayed at the start of the epic, but had already begun to degenerate as the Cycle of the Ages moved ever-downwards. The beginning of an era when the Gods and Forefathers were not honoured seems to be found here; the start to a downward cycle towards the Kali Yuga. In one part Bharat , the brother of Rama, greets him as 'Arya', a telling piece where the nature of the High-Born Race can be seen. It is through his being a descendant of the Ancient Solar Race that Rama answers Jabali and his his false reasoning. This marks the point when 'reason' has begun to emerge over the 'intuition' that had been the norm before this time. Rama contrasts the 'true and upright Arya' from the 'scheming worldly-wise'. What Rama tells him is that Truth is above all 'reasoning' and the Truth is found in the Ancient Lore of the Vedas. It is clear that Jubali, who is said to be a rishi is not a 'seer' as the name means, but his ilk have degenerated in time to using reason rather than 'seeing' the Truth. He mentions the gods Agni, Vayu and Indra.

We are given a glimpse how the Aryans of India and the Aryans of Persia were originally one and the same people. Rama comes to the 'Hermitage of Atri' where mention is made of the 'sacred agni-hotra' which is a sacred fire-altar where the family rites are observed. Like our own Ingwe, Agni was obviously a 'God of the Hearth'; we still call the hearth-side the 'Inglenook'. Thus, the Sacred Fire-Altar is dedicated to Agni.

The tragedy of the wife of Rama comes about through here love and affection for her husband, where this ideal woman starts to feel suspicion against Lakshman, the brother of Rama. This all-to-human tale has a sad and tragic side to it, and tells us even more about this ancient time when the golden eras were coming to an end, and war and strife was coming to the world. Sita steps onto a pyre, but is protected by the God of Fire, and comes from the pyre unscathed. They are once more united in love. Here, at the end of the saga, we find them leaving in an Aerial Car - a 'flying car' -

"Sailing o'er the cloudless ether Rama's Pushpa chariot came...."

Thus Rama regained his rightful throne, held for fourteen years for him by his faithful brother Bharat. Quickly pushed aside are the references to this 'Aerial Chariot', as were the references to the Tuatha De Danaan coming to Tara in Ireland in the same type of 'flying machine'. Rama then ushered in an era of peace and plenty throughout his Empire of Light, an age with long life and no disease, where crime and lies were no more, and the seasons were in harmony. All this tells us that there have been various Kingdoms of Light which have been like mini 'golden ages' and that through the Dark Forces these come to and end, the seasons are confounded, and disease and death are rife - as we today are experiencing for ourselves. 

At the end of this epic, which through an added supplement ended on a sadder and darker note, we find the knowledge that the Vedas were handed down by word of mouth through awesome feats of memory. We learn that this consisted of seven books, 500 cantos, and 24,000 couplets, and that the recital of the poem took 25 days to complete! This is the same method as used by the Germanic Folk; at one time, though, the survival of such texts must have been threatened for some reason, and they were then written down. How much was changed or distorted in the process we do not know, but India was not, like Europe, subject to the Judaeo-Christian oppression and destruction of the Ancient Texts.

Thursday 1 September 2022

State Reliance


There is now a relentless drive towards the creation of the Marxist World State, a drive that has accelerated since 2021 and the 'Covid-19' outbreak. Everything we see happening around us is now part of the Global Agenda, and, as usual, the masses are being misled through lies and deception - the hall-mark of the Dark Joten. Loki's lies and deceit are at the back of what is going on around us, and we not only need to be aware of this, but try to awaken others to what is going on - no matter how impossible this may seem now. What we do have in our favour is that the truth always prevails in the end. More and more people are seeing through the lies, but most are still unaware of the true nature of these Dark Powers, and to the true origins of their power.

We have seen the rise in 'Food Banks', especially in the US where such things were unknown amongst the vast majority, but where now more and more people are being forced into using them. Food prices are rocketing here in the UK, but there is little sign of great shortages, and prices vary so that it is still possible to get food cheaper at some stores. Most of us, like me, would like to drop the need for the supermarkets owned by the Global Corporations, but as working-class people this is still impossible to do. What we would like to do is far different than we can afford to do. Food Banks are now growing here in the UK too, so things are going this way. These are now being supplemented by 'Warm Banks' or 'Heat Banks' where people will be able to go this winter to keep warm, simply because they cannot afford the heating bills due to the enormous energy-price rises. None of this has happened by chance!

Firstly, many people who have been used to some degree of self-reliance will not go to such things as 'Food Banks' or 'Heat Banks' because of their loss of pride in doing so. Some must thus suffer, and no doubt some will die because of this. Governments and Global Corporations do not care! An estimated 80 million people died under different forms of Communism - Marxist and Maoist. Most of these died due to starvation, as many will now die through starvation - Global Socialists and their 'Utopian Ideals' care little of the mountains of dead resulting from their ideas, as we have seen clearly in the past. Most young people have no idea of all this, since they were never taught at school, college or university that so many people died because of this evil doctrine.

But, we must put the blame where it lies really, in our own hands, since to some degree or another we have all become reliant upon the State and the Global Corporations. However, we were fortunate to foresee what was happening to some extent, and then try to change things, so we are ahead of most in this respect, decades ahead in some cases. And there are things that we can do now as individuals. We can take all this as a 'disaster' and moan and groan about it, crying out for 'someone' to help, or we can take this as a challenge that we can rise above and overcome.

'Food Banks' and 'Heat Banks' can only come about through the army of do-gooders that exist within the realm of 'charity'. The Global Cabal knew this well, and have used these puppets to create these two types of 'charity''. Outwardly, and to the army of do-gooders, this is being done to help the poor, elderly and the vulnerable, but in reality the aim is to get more and more people reliant upon the State (now ruled by Global Corporations). As an aside to this, the reason why the world is vastly overpopulated is due to these same 'do-gooders' and to 'charities', simply because within Natural Law the weakest would not survive, and the strongest would thrive and live through disaster and catastrophe. Disaster and catastrophe will no doubt help the natural process in time.

As usual there is more than one aim with any one of their moves, and in this case more and more local small businesses of all kinds will be forced to close down due to rising costs of energy and food. The English pubs are already feeling this and fearing they will not survive - and most no doubt will not. What Covid-19 failed to fully achieve, energy prices certainly will go far to meeting this aim. We are going to be less able to find independent sources in the near future. But at least we have become aware of this in time to create alternatives.

During the last attempt to create a Feudal Society under the Norman-Breton Barons, the Judaeo-Christian Church and the Money-Lenders there arose a number of 'Outlaw-Gangs' that opposed this tyranny, and who turned not to charity, but to taking back what was rightly theirs - by robbing these robber-barons in order to give back to the people what had been taken. It is not well known to us here in England that this was - in many cases, though not all - also the case with the famous 'outlaws' in the US who were also fighting against growing corruption and the theft of their land and means of living by the forerunners of these same Global Corporations and the Global Bankers behind them. We read of these 'outlaws' as the 'baddies', but in reality this was not always the case. 

Woden's Folk, as even our enemies have admitted, was created from the Robin of Sherwood series on the TV, back in the 1980s and well before this Global Agenda came into the open. It was this series, about the oppression of the English Folk, that sparked off the creation of Woden's Folk and Folkish Wodenism. We can see this as a coincidence, or as a synchronicity that is outside the bounds of time and space, and which brought this about through within the Web of Wyrd. In 1997 I was given a glimpse into the HelgiH Mysteries which was something that was to happen at some future time, at the outset of the Age of Aquarius. But first - the Era of The Hooded Man!

The Hooded Man is an Aryan Archetype, the Archetypal Folk-Hero and Outlaw who stands for right and justice in a time of tyranny and oppression. When laws oppress the people, and are designed to destroy a people then we have a right and a responsibility to oppose this corrupt and evil laws. Evil triumphs only when good men do nothing, said Ralph Waldo Emerson, and this is most certainly true. Many 'good men' are far too lazy, and far too afraid to act to oppose such tyranny, but the essence of our struggle is self-sacrifice for the Folk, so we willingly take up this struggle, not for ourselves, but for our Folk, and the future of our Folk.