Thursday 1 September 2022

State Reliance


There is now a relentless drive towards the creation of the Marxist World State, a drive that has accelerated since 2021 and the 'Covid-19' outbreak. Everything we see happening around us is now part of the Global Agenda, and, as usual, the masses are being misled through lies and deception - the hall-mark of the Dark Joten. Loki's lies and deceit are at the back of what is going on around us, and we not only need to be aware of this, but try to awaken others to what is going on - no matter how impossible this may seem now. What we do have in our favour is that the truth always prevails in the end. More and more people are seeing through the lies, but most are still unaware of the true nature of these Dark Powers, and to the true origins of their power.

We have seen the rise in 'Food Banks', especially in the US where such things were unknown amongst the vast majority, but where now more and more people are being forced into using them. Food prices are rocketing here in the UK, but there is little sign of great shortages, and prices vary so that it is still possible to get food cheaper at some stores. Most of us, like me, would like to drop the need for the supermarkets owned by the Global Corporations, but as working-class people this is still impossible to do. What we would like to do is far different than we can afford to do. Food Banks are now growing here in the UK too, so things are going this way. These are now being supplemented by 'Warm Banks' or 'Heat Banks' where people will be able to go this winter to keep warm, simply because they cannot afford the heating bills due to the enormous energy-price rises. None of this has happened by chance!

Firstly, many people who have been used to some degree of self-reliance will not go to such things as 'Food Banks' or 'Heat Banks' because of their loss of pride in doing so. Some must thus suffer, and no doubt some will die because of this. Governments and Global Corporations do not care! An estimated 80 million people died under different forms of Communism - Marxist and Maoist. Most of these died due to starvation, as many will now die through starvation - Global Socialists and their 'Utopian Ideals' care little of the mountains of dead resulting from their ideas, as we have seen clearly in the past. Most young people have no idea of all this, since they were never taught at school, college or university that so many people died because of this evil doctrine.

But, we must put the blame where it lies really, in our own hands, since to some degree or another we have all become reliant upon the State and the Global Corporations. However, we were fortunate to foresee what was happening to some extent, and then try to change things, so we are ahead of most in this respect, decades ahead in some cases. And there are things that we can do now as individuals. We can take all this as a 'disaster' and moan and groan about it, crying out for 'someone' to help, or we can take this as a challenge that we can rise above and overcome.

'Food Banks' and 'Heat Banks' can only come about through the army of do-gooders that exist within the realm of 'charity'. The Global Cabal knew this well, and have used these puppets to create these two types of 'charity''. Outwardly, and to the army of do-gooders, this is being done to help the poor, elderly and the vulnerable, but in reality the aim is to get more and more people reliant upon the State (now ruled by Global Corporations). As an aside to this, the reason why the world is vastly overpopulated is due to these same 'do-gooders' and to 'charities', simply because within Natural Law the weakest would not survive, and the strongest would thrive and live through disaster and catastrophe. Disaster and catastrophe will no doubt help the natural process in time.

As usual there is more than one aim with any one of their moves, and in this case more and more local small businesses of all kinds will be forced to close down due to rising costs of energy and food. The English pubs are already feeling this and fearing they will not survive - and most no doubt will not. What Covid-19 failed to fully achieve, energy prices certainly will go far to meeting this aim. We are going to be less able to find independent sources in the near future. But at least we have become aware of this in time to create alternatives.

During the last attempt to create a Feudal Society under the Norman-Breton Barons, the Judaeo-Christian Church and the Money-Lenders there arose a number of 'Outlaw-Gangs' that opposed this tyranny, and who turned not to charity, but to taking back what was rightly theirs - by robbing these robber-barons in order to give back to the people what had been taken. It is not well known to us here in England that this was - in many cases, though not all - also the case with the famous 'outlaws' in the US who were also fighting against growing corruption and the theft of their land and means of living by the forerunners of these same Global Corporations and the Global Bankers behind them. We read of these 'outlaws' as the 'baddies', but in reality this was not always the case. 

Woden's Folk, as even our enemies have admitted, was created from the Robin of Sherwood series on the TV, back in the 1980s and well before this Global Agenda came into the open. It was this series, about the oppression of the English Folk, that sparked off the creation of Woden's Folk and Folkish Wodenism. We can see this as a coincidence, or as a synchronicity that is outside the bounds of time and space, and which brought this about through within the Web of Wyrd. In 1997 I was given a glimpse into the HelgiH Mysteries which was something that was to happen at some future time, at the outset of the Age of Aquarius. But first - the Era of The Hooded Man!

The Hooded Man is an Aryan Archetype, the Archetypal Folk-Hero and Outlaw who stands for right and justice in a time of tyranny and oppression. When laws oppress the people, and are designed to destroy a people then we have a right and a responsibility to oppose this corrupt and evil laws. Evil triumphs only when good men do nothing, said Ralph Waldo Emerson, and this is most certainly true. Many 'good men' are far too lazy, and far too afraid to act to oppose such tyranny, but the essence of our struggle is self-sacrifice for the Folk, so we willingly take up this struggle, not for ourselves, but for our Folk, and the future of our Folk. 

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