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The Magical Properties of Water - Part Two.


The Hagal-Rune is made up of four Ken-Runes if we see there being two variations on the right and two variations (reflections) on the left. The rune is made up of the 'Life-Rune' and 'Death-Rune', and thus tells us that this rune represents a harmony of opposites, or a balance of opposing poles. The Hagal-Rune and Ken-Rune contain the mysteries of the Heil-Force or Hvarena - the 'Glory of Light'. I thought that I would mention this before going any further, after having taken a quick read of the Book by Masaro Emoto.

Firstly, this is not a review of the book, nor does it acknowledge the world-view of the author, nor his ideas on how the world can be changed. This post is about the ideas that he has come up with in regard to the properties of water, which makes up some 70% of the human body, and is thus of vital importance to us in our lives. Some time ago I made a post on one of the blogs, which I cannot now find so it may have been on the Guerrilla Survival Blog which has had some removed over time. This post mentioned Viktor Schauberger and his research into the properties of water; in this I mentioned using the Ur-Rune chanted over a glass of water, and also that it is worth trying to create a 'vortex' by swirling the water around in a bottle - which I remember being ridiculed by 'Maggie Benn' of Radical Britain. This book actually suggests something similar! 

To summarise the book, the author and his colleagues experimented with water using the spoken word, the written word and using classical and heavy metal music. He also experimented with using suggestion and command, so let us now review this so far -

Spoken word using such terms as 'Love and Gratitude' (positive) - clear-formed crystals.

Spoken word using abuse such as 'You Fool!' (negative) - chaotic forms.

Spoken word using suggestion 'Let's do it!' (positive) - well-formed crystals.

Spoken word using command 'Do it!' (negative) - barely formed any crystals.

Ignoring the water altogether (negative) - formed no crystals at all. 

Classical music (positive) - well-formed crystals.

Heavy Metal music (negative) - chaotic crystals.

Our problem here is that we cannot verify these experiments ourselves, since he admits that to start these off he had to hire a very accurate microscope, beyond our means to do so. Were the experiments in any way guided by suggestion, which is something not mentioned. But I think that we can safely assume that these are an overall pattern to go by; certainly Classical Music is harmonious, whereas Heavy Metal Music is chaotic, since we know that the tone was changed deliberately decades ago. 

One important point was that when the word 'Satan' was used (in both English and Japanese) this produced the shape of a ring and 'eye', something that is quite remarkable; the 'command' produced a similar shape. These, I feel, are points to ponder upon, since clearly words are not arbitrary and have a positive or negative effect upon water - and thus humans (and all life). 

'That which can be seen has no form, and that which cannot be seen has form'. - Hamyashingyo, Buddhist 'Wisdom and Heart Sutra'.

This seems a strange statement but it is seen to be true when we realise that we can 'see' objects, but what we cannot see is the 'vibrations' (energy) that any object is formed of. Thus, the vibrations are the 'form' of the object, which we cannot see. Everything vibrates, everything produces sound. Anything on the same frequency, or the same ratio of that frequency resonates

For water to be 'pure' and 'alive' it must be moving water, like the brooks, streams, rivers, lakes and seas. Where water 'springs' up from the ground this was held to be a sacred place by all cultures; energy-points are found wherever we find underground water - this can be found by dowsing. Stagnant water and tap-water (with added chlorine) is not 'live water'. There are some who think now that water originated as ice in space, and we do know that some comets are made of ice; this, of course, was postulated by Hans Horbiger.

There is one point that I do feel that he has seen as important, and that is gratitude, which he sees as double the energy of 'love'. We have heard the various calls for 'universal love' that will heal all ills, but we hear nothing much about 'gratitude', which in a way is very important. Take this simple 'Food Blessing' used within Woden's Folk -

Earth that did this food bestow,

Sun that made it riper grow;

Dearest Sun and Dearest Earth,

N'er will I forget that worth.

This very simple food blessing shows gratitude to both the Earth that gives to us the food, and to the Sun that ripens it for us to eat. Far too few people are grateful for what the Earth gives to us, nor for how the Sun gives so many powerful things - and all of the other life upon the Earth. The hardened hunter is far closer to Nature, and far more grateful to Nature than those who moan about killing for food, the latter being mainly city-dwellers who have no appreciation of Nature. When we grow our own food we become more grateful for what is bestowed upon us by the Earth and the Sun. Compassion for all life is not pity from whence the modern drive against the Natural Order stems. 

We can learn what is said here from the Gifu-Rune, because this is a Rune of Giving, but it is also a Rune of Receiving. This is a two way process by which one gives and one receives. We give gratitude for the gifts that the Gods and Goddesses give to us; this is done in our rites, where we give an offering in exchange for their aid an guidance. This is also done to the Mother Earth - 'This gift we give in exchange for the gifts you give to our Folk.' Perhaps we do not give enough importance to what is being dpost one, since the intention is what counts here. This is something to ponder upon.

Master Shioyu, a Shinto Priest, mentions 'Ghost Particles' which border between the third and fourth dimensions. Words spoken with determination (i.e. Will) have a very strong power because these gather 'Ghost Particles', making it possible to accomplish things in the three-dimensional world. Incantations, in the Japanese Tradition, are taken from the 'Spirit of Words', from which the energy derives. Sound is vibration, and vibration is obviously picked up and recorded in water. From this idea the formula used by Albert Einstein was altered -

E = MC2 which is Energy = Mass x Speed of Light (2).

E = MC2 which is Energy = Mass x Consciousness (2)

Something else was mentioned which is obvious really but rarely thought about, since our power of transmission is the mouth which we have one of, and yet our powers of reception - the nose (smell), the ears (sound), the eyes (sight), and the hands (feeling),  - we have two of. I'll add to this a thought. Maybe we have lost the ability to transmit through telepathy - through the thoughts. But even if few can actually receive telepathically, this does not mean that other species of life, and such things as water, cannot receive our thoughts. If we think on this, and apply it to the most vivid dreams we have, especially this that have a message to give, we never see the giver of the message say anything - we receive it telepathically. 

One of the experiments was not done in a lab but was done with a large gathering of people taking part in a ritual done by a Shinto Priest. This was done by a muddy lake, whose waters slowly cleared after the ritual was performed. This is obviously the power in numbers (mass x consciousness). In a Telegram post I mentioned the ideas put forward by Fiona AEdgar (Astrologer) on the subject of 88 Lion's Gate Portal which is clearly not what those promoting it are saying. This covers the 'Dog-Days' (Sirius is the 'Dog-Star') which are known to be scorching hot days of drought. Clearly not a good thing to invoke! Despite the fact that many of those involved in this know not what they are doing, someone behind this does know what they are doing, and using the power of the 'mass' to do their work - the power of numbers.

Going back to what has been said about the Armanen System, we see here how a complete runic system was based upon the shape of the Hagal-Rune - the Hex-Crystal. Since all of the shapes made in the frozen water this is the natural form of the 'snowflake' and the 'frost' - frozen water. If we take it that this comes from Cosmic Ice which comes down from space, then the shape itself represents Cosmic Ice or the 'hailstone'. This is a static form, but when subject to heat or warmth this becomes a fluid form - water. Our Forefathers in ancient times, living in the Northlands, put great emphasis upon the polar-opposites - Ice & Fire. These were the very things that emerged in the beginning within Ginnungagap; it was movement which set things in motion. Ice is static, whereas fire is expanding, moving outwards. 

The 'Mother-Rune' is the rune from which all runes emerge; each rune is an aspect of the whole, of the All. This infers that everything is interconnected, as our Forefathers knew as the Web of Word, and which quantum physics is today beginning to realise. Everything has consciousness, everything is consciousness, and everything has memory; we have seen here the idea that water holds memory, but there are many other things that the ancients knew that held memory. Moving water is also linked to energy-centres of the Earth, this was known by the ancients; Underwood suggested that these energy-centres were based around a 7-coils or 3 1/2-coils, i.e in ratio to the Number 7. Of course, the 3 1/2 coils reminds us of the Kundalini-Force or 'Serpent-Force'. This water flowed under the Earth in subterranean currents. 

This, of course, brings up the question that if this 'Earth-Energy' is connected to water and to what some see as 'Dragon-Lines' ('Serpent-Lines') can there be a connection between the Serpent-Force in the body of humans and that of water? Of course, the water-currents of the Earth would correspond to the blood-currents around the body. This water flows below the surface of the Earth, so maybe we are looking at a kind of 'parallel' blood-flow in the human body. The 'Fire-Serpent' is the energy-flow within the water/blood - 'Fire-in-Water'. 

I'll not go any further with this now, since we have diversified enough at this stage, but I think this should give food for thought on how water is affected by sound and no doubt by thought. This is perhaps something we should consider in regard to our work, and to the struggle we undergo as a Folk.

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