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Racial Unconscious


The famous Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung, started his fall-out with Sigmund Freud over an interpretation of a dream. In this dream he visited a room in a modern setting, then going down a flight of stairs to another room, this time in a much older setting, and thirdly going down a flight of dusty, old stone steps into a type of basement or cellar in which bones were scattered around and two skulls. Freud interpreted this as Jung have a wish to kill two people (the two skulls presumably), but Jung saw this as being connected to the three levels of the human mind -

  • The top room being the Conscious Mind,
  • The second room below being the Subconscious Mind,
  • The cellar or basement being the Collective Unconscious.
The problem we face in dealing with Carl Jung's work is that much of it has never been published, and what has been was in many ways altered to suit the growing reluctance to tell the truth. From what I have read Jung's 'Collective Unconscious' did not refer to that of the whole human race, which is how his work is today portrayed, but he believed that each race had its own 'Collective Unconscious', or what we would call 'Racial Unconscious'. This is a far different thing, and I think one of the reasons Jung and Freud broke their friendship and went their separate ways.

Before Ragnarok Woden consults the Head of Mimir - the Severed Head - which had been given the power of speech by the Gods. In an old Ulster Myth the Ulstermen are unable to defend themselves against an enemy because they have fallen under a curse. The only thing that breaks the curse and awakens the Ulstermen to their plight is when a severed head is brought into the camp on a shield. This reminds me of the 'two skulls' mentioned in the dream of Carl Jung, which were in the cellar with some 'bones'. 

The 'Death's Head' or Totenkopf is made up of a skull and crossed bones, hence the 'Skull & Crossbones' associated with sea-pirates (with the patch over the right eye, which suggests Woden). The crossed-bones is a Gifu-Rune or 'Gift-Rune', and here we need to look deeper into this mystery. In experiments on rats (which I certainly do not endorse) it has been found time and time again that they have a 'Racial Memory' which stores memory and passes it to the next generation of rats, and then to the next generation again. This suggests that this is so of mankind too, and that a kind of 'Racial Memory' is stored in the DNA Code and then passed on from generation to generation. 

The Ing-Rune is the Double-Helix of the DNA; this is made up, as we see here, of two Gifu-Runes - 'Gift of Ing'. The same meaning applies to the Edel-Rune and the Gar-Rune. Edred Thorsson (FUTHARK - A Handbook of Rune Magic) gives the following meanings for the Edel-Rune -

  • Ancestral Property.
  • Nature, Inborn Quality.

Both the 'Ancestral Property' (Edel-Land) and the 'Nature' or 'Inborn Quality' of an individual are passed on from generation to generation. This is the 'Gift of Ing', and is the concept 'Blood & Soil' which is the meaning of this rune; the Ing-Rune is the 'Rune of the Blood'. 

I suppose the Edel-Rune could also be seen as a skull (diamond) and bones (X), but this may be taking this a bit too far. The rune itself is also an 'enclosure' and again the 'gift' is that it is 'gifted' to the next generation. This goes also for the 'Gift of the Blood' (Blood-Memory) which is passed from generation to generation. Of course, if we only knew how to access this 'gift' then we would learn things a lot quicker in life. 

It seems obvious from Jung's dream that the Skull & Bones are thus symbolic of the Racial Unconscious (Race-Soul) and thus a 'gateway' into this level of consciousness. We could now equate these three levels with the 'Three Cauldrons' and add one more piece to the ALU-Formula -

First Level - 'Now' - The Head Centre (ANSUZ) - The Conscious Mind.

Second Level - 'Olden Time' - The Heart Centre (LAGU) - The Subconscious Mind.

Third Level - 'The Cellar' - The Hara-Centre or Base-Centre (UR) accessed by the Skull & Crossbones - The Racial Unconscious or Ur-Consciousness. We should note that the Ur-Rune can also be seen in terms of 'our', i.e. a collective, in this case the Collective Unconscious of our Race. 

In terms of the HALU-Formula we can see the Haegl-Rune as being the centre above the head, and thus representing the Super-Consciousness - this, of course, being Above Time - Eternity. 

The one thing about the dream of Carl Jung is that it can give us a means of trying to connect with the Racial Unconsciousness by using the images that he had in the dream, the three levels, each one with a different 'room'. It is noticeable that the third level (bottom level) was down a flight of stone steps, because this was exactly as the dream I had some months ago about Shiva the Destroyer. Here I went down a flight of spiral stone stairs into a 'cellar' (same image') where the god Shiva was starting the Dance of Destruction wielding a Mighty Sword in a kind of 'whirling-dance', spinning around and around. He was chanting a war-chant, the words of which I cannot recall, though I recall these being rather 'non-PC'. Also, of importance that I had forgotten, this dream came in the night after I had watched a YouTube video where a Hindu Guru was chanting a Shiva-Mantra! 

The Welsh version of 'The Son of The Mother' - Mabon, son of Modron - is the 'Divine Child', whose name 'son of' is the same as Ingwe. He is the Son of Sovereign - the Sacred Land - when he appears as the 'Divine Child'. He is 'imprisoned' 'hidden' or 'lost' and in a sense we can perhaps equate this with the 'Racial Unconscious' which is truly 'hidden' or 'lost' to us, until we access it through esoteric means. Mabon can appear in Middle-Earth as a Warrior-Hero, hunting down the corrupt, a Poet-Seer whose prophecies show a pathway in a confused world, or a Sacrificial King who brings justice to a war-torn land. To find the imprisoned Mabon it is necessary to consult a series of animals, (*) until the Salmon recalls hearing the sound of a child in a stone castle. The 'stone castle' itself is an Archetypal Image, just like the 'stone cellar' is an Archetypal Image. 

(*) This is a sort of regression where we are taken backwards through the Cycles of the Ages until the lost 'Divine Child' is found in the Stone Castle. In fact these ideas came to me yesterday when I did a meditation in which I went backwards through everything that I had done that day. Somehow this seems to have triggered these ideas, after seeing something about the dream of Jung. I am here reminded of the Widdershins Swastika which moves backwards against the flow of time, and which can be seen as a kind of 'regression' taking us back to the Origins, in order to fulfil our Destiny. 

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