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The Trickster-Virus

Some time ago I took a quick look at a book called The Mind Parasites by the late Colin Wilson, an occult writer who used the work of H.P. Lovecraft as the basis for this book. The one problem that comes to the attention is in the solution to the 'Mind Parasites', the creation of a World Government. Now, we know today that since 2020 these 'Mind Parasites' have taken control of the world in order to create a 'World Government'. It is thus clear that the solution provided in the book is the problem. But for now this will be overlooked in favour of using his work to bring to light the problem at an inner level.

Whilst it is important to expose the nature of the Demonic Forces (*) that have taken control of the world, it is just as important to recognise that these forces work within as well as without. Like our Gods, numinous forces that are both within us and work outside of us too, these have the same type of nature in regard to this. In their work within the human races they are the Masters of Deception and Lies; like their 'chief', whom we may call the 'Dark Lord' or 'The Demiurge'. A couple of passages in St. John of the New Testament tells us that he is the 'Prince of the World', and it is in the same book that he is referred to as 'the devil' and 'the first murderer' (John 8:41), and that he is the 'Father of Lies'. 

(*) I have used the term 'Demonic Forces' because this is a well-known term, and one that invokes the idea of 'evil forces', using this in the sense of 'Anti-Life Forces' - which is exactly what they are.

The idea of the 'Devil' being the 'Prince of the World' is one that comes from the Gnostics, but one that I am sceptical of since if this were entirely so from the start then why the gradual process of taking over the world? This, in my opinion, is a cyclic process and a downward process whereby these Dark Forces were a 'seed' in the fabled Golden Age, a 'seed' that began to germinate and grow during the following parts of the cycle, and have today grown into a mighty force that has taken over the world. Admittedly, this 'Demiurge' is no doubt the ruler of the material, mechanical world, but has its origins in another dimension in the Realms of Chaos. 

The Gnostics saw the 'Demiurge' as the ruler of the 'Archons', the latter meaning 'rulers' (**) who some saw as being created unintentionally by the Goddess of Wisdom - Sophia. These saw Jehovah-Yahweh as the 'Demiurge' and thus rejected the idea of 'Jesus Christ' as the 'Son of God' - 'God' in the sense of Jehovah. They saw Chrestos as being an emanation of Sophia, sent to free the Spirit of Light in mankind, which had been trapped by the Demiurge and the Servants of Darkness. 

(**) The term 'archons' means 'rulers'; it has been seen as 'first' or 'foremost', but this is not in the sense of being 'before' but as being 'above' i.e. ruling over. 

As Folkish Wodenists we will use our very own tradition where Loki the Trickster-Joten is the 'Enemy Within' - the force within and without whose role gradually changes from seemingly benevolent to outright corrupt and evil. It is the offspring of Loki - Fenris, Hel and Angrboda - who come out against the Gods, leading the Joten-Forces or 'Giants'. It is one of the offspring of Loki who brings diseases, epidemics and plagues - which occur at the end of a civilisation and cycle. Loki is male-female and when he ate the burnt heart of Angrboda he became unbalanced towards the female side of himself. This we can see clearly in the anti-male (anti White Male more precisely) stance in our society, something that is overlooked if we take the Abrahamic Religions as being 'male-dominated' alone. 

These 'Mind Parasites' seemingly impersonate us in the hope that we identify with their false version of who we are, for these forces cannot create, they can only take something that is already created and distort and warp the image - as they did with the Krist-Mythos. When an individual becomes aware of their presence within they can use outside influence against that individual in order to 'push' him back into the fold. Like Sauron in Lord of the Rings this Demonic Force will accept no opposition, and when it arises will deflect or even totally destroy it. The ultimate aim is to destroy the Races of Man altogether, which seems clear when we consider their creation of 'Artificial Intelligence' and their experiments on human beings - such as the 'vaccines' where mRNA ('Messenger RNA') is used to alter the DNA Code. 

These 'experiments' on human beings suggest that the 'Grey Aliens' of Ufology are the 'Trickster-Virus' that does certain abductions and experiments. These are, unlike the 'Nordics', grey, colourless, sexless, race-less etc. This explains how they seemingly take over the mind, abduct, and then experiment, which would be of no use unless there was a purpose to this. They have created a 'World Wide Web' of illusion and deception, thus creating a 'virtual reality' as opposed to natural reality, and are moving on to the stage of the 'world mind' - some form of 'collective psychosis'. George Orwell recognised the methods of control as 'controlled insanity'. This explains clearly what is going on around the world today, which seems insane because it is insane. 

Not only are there 'portals' by which these forces enter our dimension, but some individuals themselves act as 'portals' through which they manifest. Into-European Mythology is rife with the theme of these Dark Forces of Chaos and Matter 'stealing the light' or 'concealing the light', and the Gods and Heroes who have to undergo the quest to regain the light. But, as Colin Wilson seems to infer in 'The Mind Parasites', encoded in the darkness is a force that would potentially serve the light, and this needs to be recognised. Simply put, these Dark Forces steal the 'Light of Divine Consciousness' and hide it away from us, and yet in doing so we have the chance of discovering it and stealing it back again - as in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' (the 'ogre' stole it from Jack's father in the first place). Woden stole the 'Sacred Mead' from the Giants in the same manner, the Sacred Mead held by Suttung and guarded by his daughter Gunnlod - it was not Suttung's in the first place but made from Kvasir's Blood as a pact between the Clans of Gods. Basically, the solution may well lie within the problem.

Our own weltanshauung is based upon the belief that we were once, long ago in very ancient times, a High Race that was descended from the Gods, created by the Gods, and that we 'fell' over time through the mixing of the Divine Blood with other species of mankind, thus losing the 'Blood Purity' and falling further and further away from the Spiritual Beings we once were into the world of matter, and the domain of the Demiurge. But, hidden deep within our DNA (Genetic Code) is the potential to become Immortals - Gods - again, and that the purpose of evolution is to regain our lost divinity through the Quest for the Hidden Light which, as Sri Aurobindo states, is also the struggle again the Dark Lord and the Servants of Darkness. 

Every Empire of Light from ancient times has arisen as if from nowhere, created a high civilisation which reaches a peak, begins to decline as it loses its energy (when it starts to become detached from the Sacred Centre), is 'infected' by a type of destructive 'virus' which then finally destroys it, as the remnants are destroyed by 'barbarians'. From there the Trickster-Virus 'leaves the falling house' and moves elsewhere to do the same thing again. In the process the 'Desert-Demon' and his minions leave the whole thing as a lifeless desert, seen in a typical example in the Gobi Desert which was once the Gobi Civilisation created after the Aryans left Atlantis. Since these Dark Forces have usurped the technology created by Tesla - the ability to change the weather-patterns - this may be part of the tactics used today, since we are seeing some particularly long spells of dry, hot weather. Again, they did not invent this technology, they stole it and are using it against us. 

These dark Tricker-Forces are pushing us harder and harder against a wall, but in doing so they are beginning to force a section of us into creating ways of survival that we would not maybe have had to use before. So long as we accept that physical survival is important, but that we should not overlook the mind-control from within as well as without, then we have the chance to recognise these forces as being within us too, and in recognition we start the process of overcoming them. This is why it seems to important not just to recognise the outer process that is going on, but also the inner process, and that means using the age-old adage - KNOW THYSELF. In doing this we recognise the means by which they can control all of us to a degree, and no doubt do so to a degree; this means improving our positive traits, and decreasing our negative traits. The hardest thing to do - due to the ego - is to recognise that we do have negative traits that can be altered. 

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