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Blood & Soil - Folk & Earth - Part Two


What we need to build is an Edel Community - a 'Noble Community' - which will become a new Folkish Nobility as leaders of a New Order and a New earth. At the 'Blood Bath of Verdun' Charles the Saxon-Slayer slaughtered some 50,000 Saxon Nobles, not because of any kind of envy or jealousy, but simply because whilst the Saxon Nobility existed the Saxon Commoners would never convert to Christianity - thus the need to rid the Saxons of their Heathen Rulers. It was thus a cold and calculated move to destroy the Noble Gene-Pool. The importance of a nobility can be seen in this one move, and in the various revolutions around Europe designed to overthrow the Germanic Monarchies and Nobilities and to replace them with 'Financial Barons'. 

The one weapon we have against both Global Capitalism and Global Socialism (Communism) is - Blood & Soil. This is not just a matter of replacing those whose drive is personal profit and gain, but through giving a viable alternative through a return to the ancient Germanic concept of Blood & Soil, of the link between the Folk and the Earth. Indeed, personal profit and gain is not the whole story, since the motive behind the amassing of billions goes beyond greed for money into a greed for power over others, indeed, power over all things. The profit and gain is there to buy power and the means to control the whole world. In the process it is clear that these forces represent Anti-Life and Anti-Nature Forces, and the only alternative to this is a Force for Life, Creation and Natural Law. 

House-Hearth-Family - these are the basic tenets of the concept of Blood & Soil; the English Yeoman (Peasant if you like) is the mainstay of this idea, as Guido von List pointed out, the Germanic Castes are all based around the Ing-fo (Ingwines), since this is the Farmer-Provider Caste out of which a Nobility of Blood & Soil develops naturally. The Common Freeman in Germany was called a bauer who is a 'tiller of the land', from which comes the term 'Boer' (Dutch) which means just the same. This word stems from the Aryan Root *bhu- which means 'to grow', 'to become', 'to dwell' or 'to build', thus connected to the 'house'. The OHG bur means 'dwelling' or 'house'. 

The one true problem that we would face in reviving the Blood & Soil as it should be is that of this being 'inherited property'. The nobility and royal lines were the guardians of the Adel-Right where the land and house were passed down to the eldest son, through the generations. To destroy this appeared the idea of 'equality' and thus it became that it was seen as 'unfair' to do so, and thus a Family House was split equally (usually) between the sons and daughters. Thus, the house was sold off and the proceeds shared; this process, naturally, lost the Family House forever! What may seem unfair in the eyes of those promoting 'equality' ensured the continuum of the family through the house being passed from generation to generation. This was Germanic Law as opposed to Roman Law where land becomes a mere 'commodity' that can be bought and sold. I think that we can see which was the best for our Folk. 

Of course, in today's 'progressive' and 'liberal' society the idea of passing the house down to the eldest son may not always be the best thing, but this could be done through the one who deserves to have it - which would today cause a breakup of the family as the others quarrel as to what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'. This would come about simply because we have lost this Edel-Right through Christianity and the secular movements that followed, and this could not be reinstated overnight with a complete change in attitudes. This is the problem we face in thinking that we can come up with an idea and immediately put it into practice - which is how Communism works. This is not always feasible I am afraid. Only a future New Order could achieve this because it would have the power to do so. Nevertheless, this can be put forward as an alternative, since every movement that opposes has to give alternatives which they could bring into place were they in a position to do so, i.e. in a position of power.

Homeland - Soil - Blood - these concepts we must use against Global Capitalism and Global Socialism (Communism); the idea of a 'Homeland' is essential to us, even if today this is denied to us. Tribal Co-operatives existed where the land could be distributed in regard to the needs of individual families, for what was needed to survive, and not what was needed to make gain and profit. This was not the same as the Edel-Right which was 'Inherited Property', and which was the domain of the Nobility or Aristocracy. This is clear from the links to the Edel-Rune which means 'Inherited Nature' (i.e. Sacred Blood) and 'Inherited Land' (Sacred Soil). These are both the Gift of Ingwe

The Quest for the Holy Gral is the Quest for the Blood Royal - Sang Real. The Sacred Blood is symbolised by the Ing-Rune, made up of Twin Ken-Runes in the Ken-Fusion - thus the link to Ingwe and to Fire. This is the Igneous Blood spoken of by Don Miguel Serrano. We can see in this ancient symbol (from the area now known as 'Turkey' I think) the link to the 'German Cross' or 'Templar Cross' which acts as a kind of 'background' here. 

The Holy White Stone of Ing came to light within the last decade or so, and this can be no 'coincidence'. The 'Gift of Ing' is FIRE, and this was known earlier as the FIRESTONE, though the reference to this has been rejected by scholars today, even though the link is rather obvious. Fire represents Heat, Energy and Force, the attributes of Ingwe as the God of Fire and the Hearth. Ingwe is the 'Beginning and the End', the 'First and the Last', and is thus the Creator-Destroyer of civilisations and worlds. He is the 'Son of Man(u)', who is the 'Son of Tuisto' (Tiw in this case) - thus Tiw - Man(u) - Ing. Ingwe is the 'Child of the Waters' (Lagu) who is found in the sap of the plants and trees, and the blood of animals and man - the Fire of Life. Ingwe is the Fiery Energy of the Fiery Serpent.

The family unit is built around the Hearth, protected  by the House (lineage), as a Mighty Tree that is set firmly in the Earth, and whose branches reach high into the heavens - touching the Divine Powers or Gods. The Symbol of Agni is the Swastika, as the Symbol of Ingwe is the Swastika (Fylfot) - the Fire-Wheel or Fire-Twirl. The Divine Child of Light is born from the whirling Swastika at its Sacred Centre - the Nyd-Fire. This represents the Eternal Flame of the Hearth-Fire, whence dwells Ingwe in the 'Inglenook'. This Eternal Flame represents the Immortality of the Family through the continuum of the Sacred Blood through the generations. This is the basis of the concept of Blood & Soil - Folk & Land, since this Eternal Flame never dies but passes from generation to generation through the ages. 

It has been pointed out that few today will follow the 'Alpha', considering themselves to be 'Alphas' in their own right. This does, to me, seem to be how things are turning out, since the individual, and the individual ego, is coming to the fore - maybe as the 'solitaries' of the era. In an era of 'equality', even though such people will not hold to this idea, this is what will happen, given the sense of the 'collective' which can have no leaders and no followers. 'Too many chiefs, and not enough Indians' was an old saying for this, which is obviously not so new. When the Folkish Organisations were crushed or pushed aside by the press and media, the police and the authorities, such natural leadership almost ceased to exist, though there are still some to be found. 

Woden's Folk was plummeted into the press headlines which should have raised attention to our being there, even if at this time the majority will steer clear for fear of being labelled as a 'fascist', 'neo-nazi' or 'white supremacist'. It is clear how some have distanced themselves through such fear, but it is also becoming clear that there are a growing number who can see through this, and have no fear whatever of being labelled as such. The use of the tactic of the 'neo-nazi' smear forms the core of the propaganda against our Folkish Movement - and this has been openly admitted by some who 'analyse' the 'Radical Right'. But this is now not quite working out as well as it may have done earlier; as time goes on, and the lies begin to be recognised, we shall gain the support from those discontented by The System - Left and Right. This especially since the Global Corporations are showing their true colours (Rainbow) as the manipulators of the 'ecology' and 'environmentalism'. 

It is in the field of 'ecology' and 'environmentalism' that we should try to promote, using the alternative of Blood and Soil against the Anti-Life and Anti-Nature agenda of the 'New World Order' - the Bankers and Global Corporations. Of course, our work should also encourage the exposure of the coming 'One World Religion' based upon the same concepts - Anti-Life and Anti-Nature - as marked out in Genesis of the Old Testament. Since the main driving-power of the Global Corporations is through the ecology and the environment, and the threat of the Earth's destruction, these are the obvious weak links in their Global Chain, since it is they themselves who have created the problem! The promotion of a Folk-Religion, based upon the concepts of Blood & Soil, of Folk & Earth, and of the return to Nature and Natural Law is a natural counter to the Global Agenda.

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