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Blood & Soil : Folk & Earth - Part One

The one thing that any nation needs is that of self-reliance and self-sufficiency as far as that is possible; this is the sane way that any nation can go, especially in regard to food production. Whether it is true or not that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused a fuel and energy crisis does not really matter; the fact that we have a fuel and energy crisis proves the need for every nation to become as self-sufficient as possible in regard to energy and fuel (and other things but this is not the subject here). Time and again history has proven this, but the agenda to create a World State will never allow any one nation to do so; every nation has to be part of the world state, and each will have a role. This set-up its far too large and weighed down by bureaucracy, and will never work efficiently. And there are other considerations to take into account too - Blood & Soil.

We are in no position to counter the vast power of the Global Agenda, so what can we do at this time? Well, we can offer an alternative, even though this may not be possible to do now; doing so we at least give people something that would be possible were the World State to collapse - which it will in time. Something that is sane, and which would take us back to Nature and Natural Law, and something based upon the Germanic idea of the link between Man and Land - Blood & Soil. Just by giving an alternative shows others that there is an alternative. It also gives the chance to expose both Capitalism and Global Socialism (Communism) as being anti-life and anti-nature. 

The concept of buying and selling land is not a Germanic one, it came to us through the Roman Empire. This has served Global Capitalism well in that, together with other aspects of mercantilism, it has been the means to amass huge fortunes, putting billions into the pockets of a few. If this were not enough, these few are the ones behind the Global Agenda, so this has not been accidental, but has been a plan of action as part of the drive for a World State. To a lesser extent it has benefited others too, but this was no doubt inevitable in that it would be too obvious to merely benefit the main protagonists of globalism. 

On the other hand the experiment in Global Socialism or Communism takes the land from the people who then become serfs, owning nothing and being there to work for their feudal masters. Implementing this in a few nations has shown how it has meant mass starvation and deprivation, leading to millions and millions of deaths - not to mention those who were murdered because they did not agree. This type of lunacy is even found in the recent drive by the Sri Lankan government to go 'organic' in a given short space of time; this is an impossibility and would end in food shortages and famine. But it is the typical communist thought - take an idea and put it into practice - no matter what the consequences are, nor how many die through doing so. 

There is a land-grab, especially in certain areas where land is either being bought up to turn into mass 'fake-meat' farming(*), no doubt through GM crops, or for housing for further influx of outlanders. The likes of Bill Gates are buying up land in the US to produce this false food, and no doubt the drive by Sri Lanka to produce 'organic food' is also connected to the Global Agenda, since this 'organic food' has been a leftist-orientated drive for the last few decades, and an area to produce it would be needed. How this is going to be incorporated is anyone's guess. 

(*) No doubt 'Insect Farms' would now be needed to produce the 'bugs' that some of the 'celebrities' are eating. Again, this is actually nothing new, and again it has come from 'leftist' thinking. About six to seven years ago I went to an open-day at Plumpton College which my daughter Freya attended; there was a stall run by a group of 'lefty-looking' people demonstrating 'bushcraft', in particular cooking and eating 'bugs', which the public were asked to try - most seemed rather daunted about this but I gave it a try. In an emergency when faced with starvation - yes - but as part of our eating habits - no thanks! In any case, these tiny 'bugs' would hardly be able to feed a person; the result again - mass starvation! Do they never learn?

Here lies the great problem, since this illustrates how the minds of some people work; they take something from an 'indigenous' culture in some other part of the world and try to impose the idea upon others. And this, regardless of the home-grown culture we have, and which would be best served by trying to revive this, rather than something alien to our Folk. Why is this? Simply because they have no regard for the concept of Blood and Soil, of Folk and Land; this is 'one-world' and we are 'one-people' so this does not exist to them. They have not only a total disregard for their own culture, but in a way for the culture of those they are taking from - since this is part of their link to the Earth. It is part of their culture built up over hundreds if not thousands of years. This goes far beyond 'bugs' I am afraid, and has become part of their globalist consciousness. 

Firstly, it is necessary to infuse into people the fact that our ancestors matter, for it is they who, in some distant past, came here, shed their blood to conquer, and then their sweat to work the land to live upon. In doing so their blood and bones lie buried in the soil, and their sweat and toil shows everywhere in the workings of the landscape - which cannot be said of someone who has arrived here in the last few decades! The fact that this is a valid argument is enough to show why they are hastily trying to revise history to 'disprove' the past. This is enough to show us how to go about infusing sanity into our people and awakening them to what is going on, and giving them a viable alternative to this global madness.

Race is the key to this, hence the reason the Global Agenda suppresses all form of interest in the subject, or any discussion on the subject, or anyone trying to promote the idea that race does count for something. Race is crucial to the concept of Blood and Soil, since 'Blood' is the 'Race'. It is the Mystical Link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Earth that we talk of here; this, obviously, takes the view that we are spiritual beings clothed in matter. It also takes into account that there is a Spiritual Earth that exists parallel to this physical earth, and that there are links between the two worlds. So we have to go beyond the 'ecologists' and 'greens' who work mostly with one physical world, to an entirely different concept in which we have both a physical and spiritual world, each lying next to the other, and each subtly interconnected. 

Talking of 'ecologists' and 'greens', at least these people are somewhere nearer to reality and have some feeling towards the Earth. The problem lies in their having been fooled by the lies of the Global Corporations (*), and thus aiding and abetting these globalists in their work. Here again, we see a way forward for us, in that they are partly there, but need to understand that it is the evils of globalism that are the problem, and that the Folk-Nation is a step beyond the family and the tribe, and is the best means to create that link between Man and Land. You do not fight globalism by another form of globalism; it is this massive bureaucratic nightmare that does not, and never will, work. Maybe once there was a world that was interconnected, and worked in harmony and peace - but not this type of world! 

(*) The term 'Carbon Footprint' is used widely today, but few understand where it came from and how it got to be used so widely. Look at the phrase - it is quite meaningless! In fact - it is bull....! No, it was not coined by some 'eco-warrior', it came into use through a marketing agency hired by British Petroleum to cover up their massive oil-spill and ecological disaster that was getting the headlines. To do so, no doubt through their 'psychologists' they worked on the minds of the people by instilling in them a meaningless phrase - 'Carbon Footprint' - that would shift the blame from the global corporation to the people as individuals. We have to look at our 'carbon footprint' because it is we who are doing the damage to the Earth. A total con-trick, but it worked. Once more, the people need to be made aware of what is going on, and that can be done whenever anyone mentions the term 'carbon footprint'. 

By the term 'Folk' we speak of a 'living being', a 'living entity' made up of the people, their forefathers, and those who have not yet been born. Thus, rather than the selfish idea of 'saving the planet' for ourselves we think of this as being for those who have gone (our forefathers) and those who are yet to come. Thus, we see a time-continuum of past-present-future, so that our actions today will affect those to come in the future. Since this dismisses any idea of the 'death' of a people, which would thus give no incentive to act for future generations, we have a duty and responsibility to act now to ensure that we protect the Earth for future generations. 

By the term 'Earth' we speak also of a 'living being', a 'living entity', and not just a piece of mud to be exploited for profit and gain, which is how the Global Agenda sees things. Why do they see it this way? Because they are anti-life and anti-nature; again, the people need to become aware of this which will open them to an alternative way of thinking, and above all - acting. The thought leads to the action. Again, we take into account the Spiritual Earth and the other forms of life that exist beside us in that world too - Elves, Nature-Spirits, Tree-Spirits - Land-Spirits etc. 

The first small step towards reconnecting to the Sacred Land is to grow our own food on a piece of land. This has to be done in a different way too, since the more you put into it the more you get out of it. By this I am not just talking of the work put into it, for just as important is the thought put into it, the attention given to the plants grown. And as important, to the condition of the soil in which they are grown, for without the nutrients nothing will grow well. Some knowledge of how Nature works is thus needed in order to grow according to Natural Law, and to ensure that the soil is treated in accordance with what is natural and works on a long-term basis. Life - Decay - and Death are the main things to consider, since when plants decay and die they give back their physical properties, but also their Life-Force. There are also some plants that unlock nutrients for other forms of life, and this has to be considered. Sometimes adding nutrients, even when 'organic', are not the best thing for the soil. We can look at how Nature works, and grow in harmony with this.

The Edel-Rune is the Rune of Blood & Soil, something which has at times infuriated some 'pagans', 'new-agers' and 'wiccans', even though it is true, though today truth counts for little in some people. What is important about the Edel-Rune is that it is a bind-rune of the Gifu-Rune and the Germanic Ing-Rune, and thus the 'Gift of Ing'. (Strictly speaking the Ing-Rune is the 'Rune of Blood', but the Edel-Rune does represent the Blood (Inherited Property in the sense of DNA) and the Soil (Inherited Property in the sense of the Folkland(**)). 

(**) When I typed 'Folkland' Google 'corrected' this to 'Falklands': outwardly this is a 'spell-check' and 'correction', but subtly this is a means by which certain terms are not allowed, and by regular correction the individual may 'see' his errors and correct them. To add to this, if course, some of the 'corrections' may well go unnoticed and make it hard to understand the text. 

The 'Homeland' or 'Folkland' is thus the 'Gift of Ingwe'; this may seem strange until we consider that the Aryans, when conquering new lands, would infuse these lands with the 'Glory of Light' - the Aryan Light. This too must be understood in order to understand the link between Blood and Soil, since it is the Light of Ingwe that is meant here. The Land is the 'Gift of Ingwe' but also the Blood is the 'Gift of Ingwe' - thus the Mystical link between the Blood and the Land - the Folk and the Earth. 

Light & Fire - these two concepts are one and the same in symbolism; light is energy, produced when heat is kindled. Ingwe is the God of Fire and Light, of Energy and Force, of the Living Flame of Life. The term ALU is in fact linked to the concept of growth which follows creation of any kind; as growth slows down the next stage is decay, and then death - and then recreation or rebirth. This was one of the important achievements of Guido von List in that he completed the cycle of Birth-Life-Death by adding Rebirth to New Form. A h-alu-cination is not, as modern dictionaries infer, something we see that is not there, but more likely a glimpse into another realm or world - it is there but not seen normally. Ingwe is the sap in the plant or tree, the blood in man, and thus the Life-Energy of all living things which pulsates, and which arises normally in the spring (spr-ing) which was a celebration of virility and fertility to Northern Heathens. This is the irrational energy felt when in harmony with Nature, hence the conception at the Summer Evennight and the birth nine months later at the Yuletide. 

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