Sunday 13 December 2020

The Emotion of Fear.

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.

And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."

H.P. Lovecraft 

Fear as the Ultimate Weapon.

The reason why the mass of people today are conforming to rules and regulations that are clearly not only unreasonable but are totally insane is that the press and media continue a bombardment of fear. Their agenda has long been based upon mass fear about any or all of the following -

  • Global Catastrophe due to 'climate change'; there has been change from 'Global Warming' to 'Global Cooling', and then they must have agreed to 'Climate Change' which is far less easy to find fault with.
  • A Global Pandemic - which is the one they have instigated at this particular time.
  • Alien Invasion - a bit more difficult to put over since this one is rather more far-fetched than the others.
  • Global Terrorism - this is being used and will not doubt continue to play a part in their schemes. 
  • Global Nuclear War - The threat is always there and this was the means used to control people after World War II. 
A Miracle of The Beast -

'As detailed in Chapter 1, public economic intervention has happened very quickly and on an unprecedented scale. In April 2020, just as the pandemic began to engulf the world, governments across the globe had announced stimulus programmes amounting to several trillion dollars, as if eight or nine Marshall Plans had been put into place almost simultaneously to support the basic needs of the poorest people, preserve jobs whenever possible and help businesses to survive. Central banks decided to cut rates and committed to provide all the liquidity that was needed, while governments started to expand social-welfare benefits, make direct cash transfers, cover wages, and suspend loan and mortgage payments, among other responses. Only governments had the power, capability and reach to make such decisions, without which economic calamity and a complete social meltdown would have prevailed.'

The Great Reset Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schwab, who founded the World Economic Forum, is telling us here how our governments and financial institutions leapt into action to save the economy and help the most vulnerable through their actions - 'expand social-welfare benefits, make direct cash payments, cover wages, and suspend loan and mortgage payments....' He goes on to tell us - 'Only governments had the power, capability and reach to make such decisions...' Lucky for us that we had our governments and financial institutions to get us out of the ....! 

Now, just one small point here. It was these governments (guided by the Hidden Global Government) that shut everything down in the first place! And when we read between the lines here - 'as if eight or nine Marshall Plans had been put into place almost simultaneously' we can see that the whole thing was carefully planned beforehand. And the moves imposed by governments were done, not to help us, but to move towards more and more government control, but this time world-wide. In fact Schwab outlines this in his booklet, that governments will have more control. How many people will question as to what a financial expert knows about all of this? And, we should never forget, governments have long been controlled by the Global Financiers and they are not letting go of this control, merely 'legalising' it through government control - which is their control still, but with even greater powers. 

What is happening is a major shift towards Socio-Capitalism or what I believe is known by the Bullshit Brigade as 'communitarianism'. Of course, this was the aim in the first place, since Karl Marx had studied Hegel and his doctrine of - Thesis vs Anti-thesis = Synthesis. This is the conflict of opposites that produces their fusion, and Hegel saw this as an ongoing program. This is why Marxism developed into 'Cultural Marxism' and the process goes on, and on and on...

Eliphas Levi's 'Baphomet' - Fusion of Opposites

The Road to a Global Communist State.

The first moves of any Communist Regime is to start to take away private property from the individual and replace it by state-owned land. This was what happened with the Feudal System, brought here to England by the Norman-Breton robber-barons. The Germanic Folk, with their own tribal system, knew nothing whatever of taxes; this was something that the Romans started to impose upon their conquered peoples. Then the Church and State under the Normans did the same; thus every individual and family had to work the land to live, but rather than as freemen they had to pay taxes to the state who now controlled their land. It seems obvious how these people must have suffered under such a regime. As far as I can read into this the aim of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 is to remove private property altogether, but rather than the tactics used by Communist Russia, Communist Chine, Communist Cambodia etc. which saw an estimated 100 million deaths mainly through starvation, they will use a more subtle means to do it now. Of course, do we really believe that people will not suffer through the same aims? In stealing everything from the people they tell us we shall be 'happier'. There will be those who fall for this bull-shit.

Light in the Darkness.

Even with their firm control of things, and their vast propaganda machine churning out the deceit and lies needed to fulfil their aims, two recent films, both on Netflix, have slipped through the net - Rise of the Vikings and Barbarian. Both of these films have the same basic underlying message, that such tyranny can be overthrown by those who have the courage to face such an enemy. Such films can inspire people to action, and I really hope that this is what this will do amongst our people. 

In the Rise of the Vikings it was the Christian Franks who used force and extreme violence to force the Frisian Heathens into converting to the Roman-Christian religion. It was Redbad the Frisian who led the Frisians and a contingency of Danes against the Frankish Army under Karl Martel. True, after the death of Redbad the Frisians were beaten and converted, but this should not necessarily be seen as a defeat. The Viking Tribes poured out of the Northlands, and it is quite possible that this was a reaction to what the Franks were doing, and a revolt against the new Religion of Evil which was spreading across Europe. 

The Barbarian is yet another epic film, this time about the Roman incursions into Germania, where the Teutonic Tribes were forced to pay taxation to the Romans to 'keep the peace'. In this it was the Cherusci, led by Arminius (Hermann), who defeated three Roman Legions under Varus at the Battle of Teutoburg Wald. This battle showed how a much smaller force could defeat a great army through using the right tactics. 

Cracks in the Global System.

The title Agenda 21 would seem to refer to the twenty-first century, and Agenda 2030 to the short-term plans for the coming decade. But there is always something that can go wrong, something unexpected that can appear suddenly and change things totally - something out of the control of the Ruling Elite. Of course, even the Gods themselves cannot control Wyrd so these petty power-mongers certainly have no control over this Cosmic Force. 

It seems that one of the objects of shutting down the whole economy was to prove how governments and financial institutions can act quickly to save a catastrophic economic collapse and 'social meltdown'. If this was the idea then it could not have worked as well as they thought because most people today are blaming governments for what has happened. The key to this lies in one thing that can be easily overlooked - our people have always had the desire for freedom! 

With the first 'lockdown' came a rather surprising turn of events, no doubt not quite what was expected -

  • People began to go out into the countryside in numbers not seen before, to take walks and hikes because they had time to do so, time they did not have whilst working.
  • With a short threat of 'food shortages' some people began to grow their own food from seeds; this resulted in a rush on seed-selling last spring. How far this has gone to grow into a more permanent way of life is as yet not certain.
  • Children were at home with their parents, and thus cut off from the everyday state indoctrination. One female Marxist teacher pointed out that they could be open to 'radicalisation' by 'right-wing' parents, as if everyone came under this category. She was probably not the only one in the education system to think thus since the next 'lockdown' allowed children to go back to school - as if they were immune from the virus! (Proof of the global deceit.)

Folkish Wodenism believes that at this time, and due to the circumstances of the time, we should strive to create new Tribal Communities or Folk-Communities, even though this not only runs against the current but will also get more and more impossible as time goes on. This is because, if there is a drive to get rid of all private property then buying land to live on will become more and more of a problem in itself. However, in this case we would be best served not trying to look into what could be but it just getting on with the job in hand, which will serve us right whatever happens. Like any empire, this one will collapse when it has run out of energy, and since time has been speeding up this could happen in an instance. 

Symbol of English Resistance

Having said this about creating Folk-Communities this is something here in England that is very difficult to do. The idea of getting people to move into one area was tried many years ago, and there have been attempts at starting small rural communities. It would be wise for young people to try to do something about this whilst they can, for as one gets older this becomes more and more difficult to do. Obviously the greatest problem we all face is - money. Without this nothing can be done, except as we have already been doing as individuals and families, which is a start but which will not see us into the future because it only goes so far. What some of us have done so far is well worth letting others know of in order to lead by example -

  • A group of us have, through the Edel-Project, grown fruit and vegetables for our own families. This, as with any such project, is a long-term one because it takes many years to be able to upkeep a garden or allotment, or any other growing area. 
  • Our aim has been to start to save our own seeds for future use, and also to help each other if there was ever a seed-shortage. The aim is to break free of the massive seed-suppliers who have not only a monopoly but also regulate what seeds we can and cannot have, and these are very often infertile so that we go back to them year after year. 
  • Trying to fend for oneself, in whatever way possible, leads to self-reliance and hopefully in the end to self-sufficiency. This has to be the goal, even though far off as yet.
  • In my own area growing my own food has given a push to neighbours doing the same; both of my neighbours have allotments going at this time. This in itself begins to spread when people see the benefits. Again, it is essential to recognise that growing stuff oneself will prove to be more expensive than buying from the supermarkets. They grow in bulk whilst we do not, and we have to take this into account; savings in cash is not the short-term aim, but to become more self-reliant. 
  • There are other things that we are doing which are today in the process of unfolding, and which it would be unwise to speak of as yet.  

What is going on at the moment may well be used to our advantage, so long as we can get others to understand what is really going on. If we can attempt to do this, and get through to at least some others, then we can perhaps work outside of our own 'bubble' (in Bullshit Tongue) getting others to start to become more self-reliant too. There are many groups out there who have tried this, some on the 'right' and some on the 'left' but clearly those on both 'wings' who value their freedom. One thing that must be stated clearly, there is a difference between a Folk-Community based upon Blood-Kinship and a 'community' of people coming together, working together and wishing to be in some way free of state control. The latter are obviously not such a threat to The System since their structure most often fits in with the multi-cultural society. If we are to create working Folk-Communities then these need be based upon honour, loyalty, duty, responsibility, and eventually based upon a Folk-Religion that will bind people together into the future. 

At the same time as 'Travellers', who are almost always closely related as blood-kin, and who invariably work together as a unit, are now being urged to move into council housing, and thus integrate into society (which may not be apparent as yet but future generations will start to change and fit in), the 'New Age Travellers' (who through their actions have made the Romany Gypsies almost extinct) took over but were a totally different type of people, mainly middle-class dropouts. We can, in fact, learn quite a lot from the 'Travellers' because their harsher existence made them hardier and more self-reliant, most often working for themselves in some way, and more important working as large families within the larger 'Traveller Community'. 

I think the point here is that up until now it was becoming more and more difficult for established communities to keep their children within the community, since some preferred to leave and move into urban areas. However, this may well start to change through the advancement of technology that is based upon more and more government control, and as more and more freedom is lost people will have to turn to alternative lifestyles in order to survive. This state of affairs could be hastened by laws that create 'sanctions' for those who do not toe the line in having vaccines etc. If a substantial amount of people refuse to comply then they will be 'out on a limb' (as they say) and may be forced into new ways of surviving such times. (*)

(*) It has already been made clear here in England that there have been allergic reactions to the vaccine, and people who have allergies should not have it. Unfortunately I am one of these people - I am allergic to bullshit!!!

The oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown.

I have mentioned before how some years ago my youngest son, at around 14 years old, wished to camp overnight on the South Down with his mates. The father of one of them said 'No' to his son because it was 'too dangerous'. The man was in the police force so he should have known that crime, and most violent crime happens in the urban areas, and not in the rural areas. This is just one case, and it shows a fear of the rural areas which is becoming engrained in many people. This has always been true, to a certain extent, with forested areas, and especially in the dark of night. 

If people are wary of the darkness and the forest then they are best dealing with such fear by overcoming it, and that can only be done by sleeping overnight in the forest - alone. I have often done this, not exactly alone of late since I have my dog, but he is not a guard dog in any sense, but a hunting-dog. I have never been afraid of the forests, nor the dark, but it does help to keep doing things that would overcome any wariness. 

In our society, though the many 'horror' films and 'occult' films that abound, people are conditioned into seeing these as something to fear. This is a case of the fear of the unknown and, as Lovecraft says, this is the oldest and strongest fear that there is. Even without the fear, the unknown in any way creates wariness in people. This can be carefully used to advantage, and is something we need to consider in this struggle. 

Fear is used to control, not because it is itself a tool of control, but that it creates panic and the loss of control over oneself, thus opening the individual to outside influence. It is the loss of control and the loss of the ability to think clearly that allows power-crazed people to take control over others. In the first instance it is mental discipline that is needed in order to resist such fear and control; it is an awareness, a purpose, and a strong belief that overcomes fear. 

Meditation and visualisation can help here, since although we may think we are not affected by the propaganda and fear-mongering we are all to some extent pawns of the same game. This is not always done through the conscious mind but often through the subconscious mind. Even if we decline to watch the news from the state press and global media, and to turn to 'alternatives' (like YouTube) we are still being bombarded with 'Covid Propaganda' whether it is one side or the alternative side. From every Global Corporation, to Google, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Amazon, and from every angle the 'trigger-word' is 'COVID'. Most people have allowed their lives now to revolve around this, and we need to combat this through meditation upon positive goals that we can now set for ourselves. The negative propaganda should be replaced by hope, and by firm having a firm purpose and set goals in life. We must plan our own future.

NOTE - After writing this I found out about an anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown protest in Brighton; in line with what I have just said the local media did nothing but quote the phrase '63,000 (-odd) people have died of Covid-19' over and over again with each clip of the crowds that attended, and also within the write-up itself. With a subtle piece of deception they noted that the people wished to have their freedom back, and that the vaccines and lockdowns would get them it back. The British Press is an organ of the Global State.  The lines are drawn - The People against The State! "The state is the coldest of cold monsters, and this lie creeps from its mouth - 'I, the state, am the people'." (Friedrich Nietzsche).

Friday 4 December 2020

Selective Breeding.

The term 'eugenics' is usually applied to 'the study of methods that can be used to improve the human race'. In application this is seen to be the methods used to produce higher intelligence. Actually, this is not the same as 'Selective Breeding' which can be used in a different way, nor exactly the same as Racial Hygiene which is used to produce a healthy race, not necessarily based upon higher intellect. There are two distinct and opposite ways that 'selective breeding' can be used -

  • To produce a healthy race, and to recreate the Divine Order of the Gods through creating different castes within the whole. This is entirely in line with the Laws of Nature because Nature keeps the fittest and most able alive whilst rejecting the weak and useless. This is the method wholly rejected by the society that we live in today.
  • There is another method of 'selective breeding' and that is to create a World State based upon the produce-and-consume society, and then to use 'selective breeding' to create a class system able to maintain this type of master-slave society. 

We should consider this now in the light of the scientific work on 'Artificial Intelligence'. Before I go into this we need to understand that there was an ancient Aryan Caste System which was based upon the Divine Order and linked to the Cosmos and the Human Body - the macrocosm and the microcosm. This was a natural system based upon the Eternal Laws of Nature. The 'class-system' was an artificial construct. Racial Hygiene is a perfectly natural drive to maintain a healthy Race of Man, 'selective breeding' can be used for other unnatural purposes.

The Laws of God are the Laws of Nature, but when the Dark Lord arose to try to make himself 'God' Nature lost Her sacredness and 'God's Commandments' were there to be obeyed over and above the Laws of Nature. These Dark Powers have destroyed the Aryan Caste System through the promotion of a false 'equality', but what they wish to do is to replace this natural order by an artificial construct which goes against the Laws of Nature.

We find these ideas stated clearly in Huxley's Brave New World, that the produce-and-consume society will run efficiently by using the idea of 'selective breeding' in order to create a new hierarchical system that would suit this aim. Thus the 'Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre' where children were produced on a factory level; again, they have taken something that would become necessary for racial survival, and twisted it to suit their own twisted aims. But in doing so the male-female relationship was by-passed by using an unnatural system of fertilisation and artificial births.

The process was based upon 'incubators' for Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons, which were the different 'classes' needed to create the most efficient produce-and-consume system. 'The principle of mass-production at last applied to biology.' The interesting part is that it is said that the Epsilons - the workers or slaves - 'don't need human intelligence'. Here we can perhaps see the aim of this 'Artificial Intelligence' and why the use of 'robots' has replaced human labour in much of the mass-production in today's world. Robots were merely a step towards creating 'Intelligent Robots' who would work far more efficiently than human labour (slaves) and would not rebel. This seems to be the logical solution as to what is going on today, because they would need a 'tier-system' in order to create the most efficient society based upon produce-and-consume. 

The standardisation of life which has been going on for a very long time is now coming to its peak, where highly efficient slave-labour can be used to perfect the produce-and-consume society. 'A love of Nature keeps no factory busy.' This is based upon the typically Old Testament sentiment where man is there to dominate the Earth. This is clearly stated in Genesis. This goes on -

'We condition the masses to hate the country...but simultaneously we condition them to love all country sports. At the same time we see to it that all country sports shall entail the use of elaborate apparatus. So that they consume manufactured articles as well as transport.'

'What man has joined Nature is powerless to put asunder.' We can see the utter arrogance of this, and the utter contempt for Nature and Natural Law. Everything is an artificial creation, and artificial construct, and in order to do this everything that exists has to be destroyed and then replaced. This is why we see this mass-destruction of culture, tradition and identity; this is the prerequisite to the 'New World Order which has to be 'created' on the destruction of the natural world. 

'The machine turns, turns and must keep on turning - for ever...(machines worked by)...sane men, obedient men, stable in contentment.'

Although the idea of 'eugenics' was first introduced in order to counter the growing trend towards the production of the most children by those of lowest intelligence it has become the tool of the Global Elite in their pursuit of a 'perfect' produce-and consume society of masters and slaves. Anyone can see that we no longer live in a healthy society, and the amount of sickness is higher than at any time in the past. People wallow in being sick and unhealthy, and promote the sick and unhealthy to the top of the ladder - all done deliberately. This is destroying our Folk, but in the coming society this does not matter because their aim is to recreate mankind by selective breeding and by creating a mass of mindless, willing slaves through 'Artificial Intelligence' and the 'World Brain'. Thinking will no longer be possible - only obeying. 

In the service of a higher cause and in the survival of a people, obeying should come natural; what I refer to here is a society which is deemed to be 'eternal' and not just built for a specific short-term necessity. Obeying orders that are there to help a people to survive is a different thing from obeying orders that enslave the people. The type of society envisioned by Huxley is based solely upon gross materialism and the physical world; there is no room for the Spirit of Man in such a society. This will, if not stopped, bring a halt to human evolution. Yes, their objective is also to bring 'immortality', but again this is of the physical body and the aim may be aimed at the 'Elite' rather than the 'slaves'. 

Such a world as envisaged here would be totally and utterly boring; that this can become a reality is seen when we look at the section of society ('Cultural Marxists') who are continuously moaning and groaning about their lot and the lot of the 'oppressed'. Every bit of the present has to be destroyed to be replaced by their new ideology (not quite new), and in doing so these people are continuously moaning about everything. There is nothing whatever positive in what they do, only the negative drive towards destruction and control. Then we have, in the opposite direction, the 'Capitalists' sitting in their Rolls Royces with miserable faces. Such a world, governed at different levels by such people, will certainly not be a happy place, but will be a miserable, boring world ruled by miserable, boring people. This is why they would have to use the 'Soma-drugs' to create some sort of artificial 'happiness' and 'contentment'. 

The only problem is that it seems that we have been here before; ancient legends tell of how the mass of people rejected the Ur-Religion of Light and became corrupt, degenerate and ungodly, eventually turning against the Gods. From the legends this has happened a number of times in this Cosmic Cycle. At the point of no return, when everything has collapsed into a world without God or Gods, when the masses of people have come under the influence of the Evil Forces, then the Gods (or the 'High God') cause a massive catastrophe that destroys the world and the Evil Forces, leaving just a remnant of humankind to start the process again. We seem to be nearing this point now. We need not concern ourselves now with the ideas on what will happen, but there is a need to further our Spiritual Revolution by recreating the Ur-Religion of Light. 

Wednesday 2 December 2020

The Oppressed and the Oppressors

Marxism, of course, was named after Karl Marx and not to go into this deeply his theory was based upon one simple idea, that the bourgeousie were the oppressors and the proletariate were the oppressed. Of course, his ideas were based upon economics. When today people speak of 'Cultural Marxism' this is very simply the theories of Marx extended into many other areas of life, nonetheless based upon the same 'oppressor' and 'oppressed'.

Capitalism or mercantilism and money-lending with interest (usury) was never a system used by the Germanic Folk, it started in areas such as the Middle East and worked its way here through the Roman Empire, as did the alien Judaeo-Christian religion. We have to understand this because it forms the core of much of our late history. The origins of the 'oppressor' do not lie here in Europe, and thus this move by Marx was a kind of 'shape-shift' in which he and others of his kind became the 'Champions of the Oppressed'. This, of course, was in his time the 'class-struggle' which drove class against class; in fact the 'class-system' was alien to the Germanic Folk whose Divine Order was the Caste System which was never based upon economics. Economics formed a lower level in the Caste System, and served the people, not the other way around. 

In 1066 CE the Normans and Bretons invaded England under William of Normandy, and thus came to an end the relative freedom of the English People. (I say 'relative' because the Judaeo-Christian Church was already making headway in destroying the Folk-Religion and replacing it with a 'Global Religion'.) The Normans were financed by the money-lenders, and they brought with them the 'Feudal System' which was a 'Great Reset' imposed upon the English. Before this time the backbone of the English Nation was the ceorl or 'Freeman'; the Feudal System took the land from the 'Freeman', gave it to the barons and the church. The old yeomen would then have to work hard in order to provide not only for their families, but to pay taxes to the barons, the church, and to pay back the money-lenders. 

Another part of Marxist Communism was the idea of the 'collective' rather than the individual (the 'sheep' rather than the 'wolf'); as such private property was not permitted and in the Communist Revolution in Russia some 60-80 million people were killed in order to drive the people from their land into the urban areas - Global Communism or Global Socialism is an urban movement, small rural areas cannot be controlled easily. China underwent a similar process under Maoist Communism. There is already a drive to destroy Rural England and in the next few years we shall see further moves to destroy our rural areas, and to push town and city boundaries out further and further, and force rural populations into the growing urban sprawls. The Industrial Revolution did much the same, and in the process created vast slums which never existed before to any degree.

'Cultural Marxism', as I have just said, expanded the ideas of Marx into other areas of life, and I will give a few examples here based upon the 'Oppressors' and the 'Oppressed' -

  • Man (Oppressor) - Woman (Oppressed).
  • White Man (Oppressor) - Black Man (Oppressed).
  • White Male (Oppressor) - Everyone else (Oppressed).
  • Patriarchy (Oppressor) - Matriarchy (Oppressed).
  • English (Oppressor) - Migrants (Oppressed).
These are just a few ideas thrown up in order to show that 'Cultural Marxism' is merely an extension of Marx and his ideas on the conflict between Bosses and Workers. We can see here in the Labour Party, once the champion of the White Working Class, who now despise the White Working Class and champion the influx of foreign labour. But this is another point we need to consider, because what suits these people yesterday may not suit them today, and thus they shape-shift from one thing to another. This is where it is necessary to look closely at any rising movement because, even though it may seem the direct opposite to what is going on, in many cases it will be a change of tactics in line with the Global Agenda, and thus financed and controlled by the same people.

The 'Green Movement' is a case in question, since there is ample proof in many different nations how this is riddled with 'Reds'. And we can now see, with the events of the past couple of years, why this has come about. We had 'Global Warming', then 'Global Cooling', and now 'Climate Change' (which covers a variety of different aspects they can use). But in line with the equation -

Global Problem needs Global Solution needs World Government

there was a  sudden shift to this 'global problem' with the rise of Extinction Rebellion, using a truly scare-mongering term that was obviously meant to frighten the people into pushing for their 'World Government'. However, the mass of people, having been dumbed down over the decades, did not respond to this, and no doubt a good majority (being indoctrinated into the 'me-me-me' attitude, and 'One Life - Live it!' mentality) really did not care. Presumably, unless this was just a 'taster', they came up with the Covid-19 'pandemic' to do the job, and so far it is doing well. This could just as well have been a staged 'alien invasion' but maybe they did not feel people were stupid enough for this as yet - who knows. Whatever the case, this has to have been a 'Global Crisis'. 

What they are now calling the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' is pushing the world into a nightmare world of technology and 'Artificial Intelligence'. I have shown before how back in 1980 a book called Outside the Circles of Time by the occultist Kenneth Grant told of the 'World Brain' which is on the same lines. Grant was the head of the Ordo Templi Orientis who took over from Aleister Crowley, one of whoes rituals was dedicated to 'Satan'. In this book the 'World Brain' is sold as a means to aid a jump in human intelligence, but in reality, as with these schemes this deception hides a greater step towards total slavery of our Folk, and then no doubt total destruction. 

What we see happening today is a sick parody of the Natural Order, a false 'creation', a kind of 'veneer' that is being built on the outer shell of reality and the real world - an artificial creation. Through the usual lies and deceit such as their aim to enhance human intelligence, to give humans immortality etc. they have created nothing, and have copied what is already the blueprint for human evolution - the jump from Man to God-Man. We can see a similar concept in Lord of the Rings where the orcs are not a creation, but are Elves that were tortured and mutilated into an alien form by Sauron. Saruman merely used the prototypes and 'perfected' them, thus creating an even more evil, unnatural construct. These people do not create, they use what is there and mutilate it to their evil ends.

Many years ago I was driving a lorry on a motorway hear to Birmingham when I fell into a kind of 'trance' having a horrendous vision of an England where miles and miles of urbanism, in a 'futuristic' scene, spread everywhere, every inch of the land. The vision  lasted a second or two, although it seemed longer, but it was quite unnerving to say the least. Such a scene is totally alien to us, but looking at some of the 'futuristic' films being shown (in order to prepare us?) this is now coming true, but only in their planned agenda. It does not have to happen, the future is by no means fixed. This nightmare can be stopped. 

The problem lies in that mankind has been locked into the material world, the world of the Demiurge. This is an artificial creation that runs counter to Nature and to Natural Law. But it is only one dimension of being, and as humans we have been not only locked into the material world but we have been cut out from the Light of Higher Consciousness. The concentration of wealth into the hands of the few, those who are pushing this Global Agenda, means they have unlimited funds to do their dirty work. This means they have vast resources open to no-one else, and so opposition at the same level is futile. No one in their right mind would face an army of 10,000 with 100 men in open warfare. We are in a worse position than that I am afraid. 

The one thing that we should always remember is that these people are cowards at heart, and their 'muscle' comes from others whilst they sit in their ivory towers scheming and planning their evil deeds. It is true that they are the 'few' but I would not underestimate their power, since this is their hold over the people through decades of indoctrination. Through the schools, the colleges, and the universities they have built up a powerful tool of indoctrination that passes from one generation to the next in an unbroken form. They are not quite so 'few' as it seems since they have a kind of Pyramid-Structure where there are different levels of 'management', and they control The System from top to bottom (with a few exceptions) - government, local and regional government, the police, the armed forces, the education system, the health system, social services, and the various arms of The System working through semi-secret societies. The global bankers and global corporations form a higher part of the structure, and above all is a secret cabal lead by a kind of 'Dark Emperor'. 

The 'few against the many' is not quite as simple as it looks, since the 'few' have a set agenda, set aims, set ideals, set reasons for their agenda, and above all a highly organised machine built up for decades, whilst the 'many' are fragmented and split on their aims and ideas, indeed in most cases lack ideals, a doctrine or an ideology that is needed to counter such a powerful organisation. Another point to consider is that they work decades ahead in their work, carefully planning the next move, and the next move, etc. 

Don't let this sound hopeless though, for there is certainly hope, and there must always be hope in order to carry on the struggle for the freedom of the Folk. Their indoctrination can only work at a shallow level, through the Group-Mind; and in doing this they need our own 'White Traitors' to do the work for them. The deeper level of the Race-Soul or Race-Spirit is not accessible to them, as we find when we are told that the Ancient Runes are not for the Joten. These are the Holy Magical Symbols etched into the Germanic Consciousness, and cannot be accessed by the Dark Forces, and can only be distorted, as we find in certain runic books for the unknowing beginner. Runic Symbols can access the Race-Spirit which is the 'Collective Unconscious' of the Germanic Folk - the Blood-Memory. Hence, things can be changed very, very quickly when the tide begins to turn against them.

One of the drawbacks to their schemes must lie in the 'Oppressor-Oppressed' concept itself, simply because the latter in itself infers an inferiority, and also in itself must build a slave-mentality, though the aim is to create a conflict where the latter rises up against the former. The key to their success so far lies in that at the same time as they promote this they also inject into the former a guilt-complex which makes any form of opposition to revolt hopeless. This is why, whenever a successful movement arises it injects into the people a sense of 'master-mentality' which naturally negates the guilt-complex. This they know well and are careful that it cannot happen again. 

If we think about it the only thing that stops people from doing what they would like to do is - fear. This can be mere wariness, or outright fear, and this is why they keep up a continuous barrage of scare-mongering aimed at the people. This is why here in England we have such police tactics, where a 75-year old lady was lifted into a police van by the Metropolitan Police of London. This is just one example of the increasingly brutal methods used by the police here in England, the result of a little petty power going to their heads. 

"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; what I am afraid of is an army of sheep led by a lion."

Alexandra of Macedonia.

In a recent video clip a group of lockdown protestors was marching along the road, with a lesser number of police moving towards them. The group faltered and started to stop, some moving back; one or more of the group urged them onwards, and the whole group moved quickly forwards towards the police who promptly backed off. This proves the above - it is not the quality of the numbers that counts, it is the quality of the leaders, the masses will follow naturally. 

The Race-Soul is a deep source of energy, and the Primeval Source of Energy is the Life-Force. Access to the Source is obstructed, as we find in the various Indo-European Myths. This energy is 'stolen' from the Deep Source, and thus it does not move to man's conscious mind. It is necessary to be in control of one's life, and not become a victim of circumstances - to try to control one's Wyrd. The power they wield over us is through the ability to unbalance the mind, to create confusion and chaos in the mind. We can see clearly in what is happening today, and we need to recognise this. 

Looking at what they seem to have planned for the future, their aim is to get into our minds and thus to control from within. What is needed to counter this is to learn the ability to descend into ourselves, to fight them from within, and thus on their own ground. There is a need to become aware of the danger that we face, to have a purpose and a plan to counter this, and also to have a firm belief-system, which as Folkish Wodenists we have already. Mental discipline is needed, the control of one's own thoughts. Remember, the human mind has infinite potential and we use only a very small fraction of our brain; we have lost some of our natural senses; and they work through materialistic technology and not through developing higher states of consciousness. What we can regain of what was lost with the doom of the Primeval Kingdom can only aid our struggle. This is both an Exoteric War and an Esoteric War. 

If we are to create a regeneration of the Folk, and thus a renewal of Nature, then there is an ancient secret that must be revived in order to do so. As I have said before, every ritual should be designed to recreate that Ur-Time or Primal Time (Ar Var Alda), thus bridging time and space, and thus invoking that Primal Archetype. If a Folk-Nation is to be regenerated there is no point whatever in going back in time to, say, the pre-Norman era; this is the mistake that was made by Englisc Nationalists. Regeneration and renewal can only come through going backwards in time to this Ur-Time, to the very beginnings of our Folk, to Hyperborea-Thule. 

"The submergence of Thule was not of the waters, but of the Blood. Sooner or later its adepts will seek to awaken Thule once more."

'Ultima Thule - The Vanished Northern Continent.'  - Bernard King.

The Ur-Time was a time of prestige and perfection, in which everything was in order and harmony, where the Gods walked with Men on the First Earth. If we are to regain this order and harmony it is of no use trying to recreate a time late in the Warg-Age or Kali Yuga when things were far from harmonious. The sinking of At-al-land is a problem since this would appear to be at a later time, and was a recreation of the Primal Age. This is not just a regeneration of the Folk, nor just a renewal of Nature, but a New Creation that must take place on Earth.