Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The First English Awakening

Just over eight years ago the 'Great Englisc Folcmoot' was held in Wiltshire; Woden's Folk attended this historical event and a Wodenic Handfasting was held during the evening around the campfire. This formed part of what we could call 'Englisc Nationalism' which was never a political movement but one of culture and identity. The Steadfast Trust was an English Charity which helped English Folk and funded projects for the English Folk - not allowable today, hence the reason it had to be destroyed. Woden's Folk was the Spiritual Movement that was a growing power at this time. 

Woden's Folk held a Wodenic Handfasting at the 'Great Englisc Folcmoot' during the evening around the campfire. There were around 50-60 people who gathered to hear this which was quite remarkable for a Heathen Rite at a gathering that was not strictly heathen. This was a really powerful occasion for everyone who gathered there.

This gathering was truly amazing since it attracted a large number of people to it; even an attempt by some local liberal-leftie to call the police failed miserably and the event went on without hitch. These people never cease claiming anyone loyal to his people and land to be 'fascist' or 'neo-nazi', as well as 'hate-mongers' and 'intolerant' and yet they are the intolerant people who will not allow anyone who has a different view to speak out or to hold any activity they do not agree with. 

The reason why I have put up this video now is to emphasise what should have been an English Awakening but which did not come about due to in-fighting and squabbles that ended with the whole thing breaking down. Woden's Folk came out of this untouched and as strong and ever, but some groups were not so lucky, and Steadfast were soon to be targeted for attacks by the media and press which led to it being destroyed. Of course, the positive side is that those people who were part of this revival are still out there and no doubt most have not changed their views at all. 

What has come out of this first phase in the English Awakening is that the White Dragon has become the prime symbol of the English Folk and the English Awakening. As shown in the film this flag has become widely used, and it is also used outside this movement now too. 

This is important since a symbol is not merely an image, it has a power of its own, a power to unite. It is not well known that the word 'symbol' means 'to unite'. This brings me to another point, and one which is just as important in a wider context. Very often we think of 'The Devil' as being made up by Christians for the purpose of having an 'opposition', but there is something that seems to suggest that the name was used (originally, in older times) in the same way as the Vedic 'Dasyus' and Norse 'Joten'. The word 'devil' comes from the Greek diaballo which means 'to divide', so has a similar meaning to the Vedic and Norse terms used for the enemy of Gods and Men. A 'symbol' is thus the means to unite a people against a common threat to their survival.

What has distracted people in this scene ever since is the 'Christian Nationalist' movements that sprang up from nowhere, manipulated and financed by the Global Powers. Even within this movement we find the White Dragon Flag flying at gatherings of English people. This new movement seems to have slowed down very quickly here which hints that the Global Powers are pulling the plug out again; maybe it has for some reason served its purpose for them. 

Please watch this video right through to the end since it does show how, without financial backing, the English Folk can now and then put on something that is inspiring and about English Identity, Culture and Tradition. Without the backbiting, infighting and squabbles more would have come out of this, and much of this can be put down to 'social media'. When our Folk get out and do something as 'Activists' and not 'Keyboard Warriors' then we shall get somewhere faster. 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Folk-Ecology vs Fake Environmentalism

'Climate Emergency' - Fake Environmentalism.

Many young people (and older people) will not know how they are being deceived with the latest 'Climate Emergency' which is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Were they to check the not so far distant past they would see through this deception. 'Alarm bells' begin to ring when we see such rich and famous money-bags as Aileen Getty putting some £500,000 into the venture. This new enterprise is called 'Extinction Rebellion', a name that wreaks of scaremongering. Rather than a 'rebellion' this seems more likely to be a very clever trick of deception whereby those who have created the situation we are in today have come to realise that the resources they need for energy will run out so they need a complete change of tactics to introduce 'new' energy-systems. Hence the use of the gullible 'Greens' to do this for them. 

Of 'Extinction Rebellion' it is said - 'It has grown into an international movement, backed by celebrities, academics and writers...' (The Telegraph). Compare this with a piece in the same newspaper dated October 6th 1990; this relates to a group being set up called 'Quiet Desperation' ('extinction', 'desperation') which are 'A group of concerned citizens - professional, media, academic - who view the future with grave foreboding.' This quote is given from The Guardian by Auberon Waugh writing in The Daily Telegraph under 'Way of the World'. He wryly notes - 'No "workers", you note'. Auberon Waugh then goes on to expose these people for what they are -

'Translated into plain English, the manifesto should read: We are a group of useless intellectuals who have just discovered that socialism does not work and are desperately in need of another issue to make us feel morally superior and self-important.'  This, of course, hits the nail on the head; in the latest manifestation of the very same 'desperation' over the environment we find these 'useless intellectuals' urging the same type of 'environmentalists' to become martyrs and face imprisonment, but this, of course, does not apply to those financing and manipulating behind the scenes whilst sitting in their ivory-towers.

In an earlier piece by the same writer in The Daily Telegraph he mentions a 'Rock Concert' being put on by the BBC 'as the crowning glory to a week of debates, lectures and children's poetry-readings on the subjects of the environment'. He also mentions another 'Rock Concert' held in Central Park, New York, where the same type of 'environmentalists' left behind 40 tons of litter - a bit like those who hold their annual 'Summer Solstice Festival' at Stonehenge with the approval of English Heritage (who claim that they do not approve of 'anti-social behaviour'). 

Rubbish at Stonehenge

Things do not change much; the theme of the weeks events back in 1990 was 'One World - One Voice'. It seems that nothing has been learned from the past; we have the same old 'Global Village' twaddle being pumped into people through the same method of scaremongering about a global catastrophe, which, of course needs global action - i.e. a Global Dictatorship. If anyone still doubts the truth of this I would suggest they count the number of new laws that have been forced upon the English people in these past decades - laws designed to control every facet of our lives. 

 Folk-Ecology -

  Logic shows us that as the world comes closer and closer together, creating larger and larger institutions of control, forming a vast bureaucracy spreading its web across the world, things are getting worse and worse. Stemming from the Old Testament dogma that man should 'dominate the Earth', propagated by the man-centred religions that have themselves dominated mankind for over 2000 years, the results are bringing the Earth to the brink of destruction. The twin forces of Global Finance/Global Corporations and Global Marxism are supposed to be polar-opposites but in reality are working hand-in-hand, as the farce of 'Extinction Rebellion' clearly shows. 

Global Finance creates the wealth needed for Global Corporations to flourish and make vast amounts of profits. At the same time, whilst making these vast profits, the Earth's resources are being depleted rapidly. I will give one example here - bottled water. Water comes down from the clouds to the Earth; it comes down free of charge. From the water sources of the world it is collected, 'purified' (i.e chemicals are put into it) and then sold off to the consumers at a vast profit. That was how it was, but this rip-off does not end there now. Because of the purification process water now tastes worse than it used to, so consumers are fed the idea of using 'bottled spring water', which (of course) in many cases does not actually come from a spring. This has become a multi-billion pound industry world-wide.

The problem is that these Global Corporations tap the water from sources that have come from these springs, and the water-tables naturally get lower and lower. This is the reason that we no longer find springs scattered all across our once green and pleasant land. Then there arises the problem of 'litter' with the millions and millions of plastic bottles used for this purpose. To ensure that the people do not have access to their own water supply laws have been created; even if one drills down to tap water as these corporations do the water-authorities will no doubt charge to 'purify' this water - as if Natural Water needs any 'purification'. This has actually happened in the past.

As opposed to the vastly destructive globalism there is the alternative of an ecological movement based upon the concept of 'Think National - Act Local!'. Things have to get smaller and not grow larger and larger until the Earth is destroyed. The basic unit is the family (*) which is what we should look at in terms of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Every family-unit should ideally be as self-reliant and self-sufficient as possible. Of course, the family cannot be broken from the larger unit, the tribe, nor from the idea of the Folk-Nation. 

Each basic family-unit should be able to provide its own energy-supply, water-supply and waste-disposal. What cannot be done at a family level is done through the Folk-Community or Folk-Tribe. This also applies to food production which starts with food-growing by each family and hunting for food as has always been done. Again, this starts with the family through the Folk-Community where necessary. National interference should not be necessary in such a healthy society, not in regard to food, water, energy and waste anyway. Of course, surplus food or whatever can be used to barter outside the family or tribe. 

I am going to give an example of how this 'localisation' would work better than the 'national' or 'global' system that is destroying everything. Years ago I worked at an organic farm in East Sussex and was asked to make a toilet-waste are by the use of bales of hay. This I did by stacking hay like one would lay bricks and the sewage-waste pipe was put into the middle of the stack. About 12-18 months later I was asked to take the whole thing apart to create a new stack. Somewhat sceptical of the outcome, I did so; there was in fact no trace of any of the waste, nor any kind of smell either. The waste is then scattered and ploughed into the land. This can be done at every family level, and there are alternatives to hay which are just as valid.

With the advance of solar-power and wind-power the use by a single family unit is now not out of the question. True, a massive wind-turbine in the back garden would not be feasible unless one had a massive back garden, but small wind-turbines could be worked upon as an alternative. Neither wind-power nor solar-power are any good on their own; here in England the Sun does not always shine throughout the year, and the wind is not always blowing. Combine the two and this could be overcome. There is at least room for individual experiment here. Water-power was once part of the energy-production and this alternative can be revived where possible. 

The first step for any Folkish Wodenist is in food-growing which is a step towards self-reliance. This we are doing through the Edel-Project made up of a number of individuals within the Movement. Those who hunt and fish add this to their self-reliance. Alternative water and energy can then be looked at as to how efficient they would be to the family-unit. 

Of course, all of this is today merely a pipe-dream because such an alternative would not be allowed here in England, nor for that matter in many other lands. Groups of people have got together to start an alternative community and are always attacked for their 'alternative views'; those who build upon system-values or wish to live in filth and squalor can do so, of course. If people wish to try to become more self-reliant they need to do so without attracting attention. The problem lies in that the mainstream system is designed to control every facet of our lives, and we stand against this because we believe that freedom is worth fighting for. Our forefathers fought and died to remain free of tyranny and oppression. This freedom is not just for us, but for our children, and their children, and their children............

'None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.'

Johann Wolfgang von Goeth.

Friday, 1 November 2019

An Land - An Blod - An Folc

Some years ago I pointed out an old prophecy from the time of Queen Elizabeth I which went something like - 'When hemp is spun, England's done'. Hemp is, of course, from the cannabis plant, and this prophecy was fulfilled decades ago by the wife of Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, who came up with the idea of using the cannabis plant to make handbags - thus 'spinning' hemp. In reality, this was perhaps a couple of decades ago and this did indeed herald the 'death' of England. But, as with all Nature, death is never an ending, but should be seen as a new beginning. It is a transition period between great changes that are all part of a cycle. 

When we enter a period in which a void appears this is the time to fill that void, not see this as a negative time when all is lost. Because we are attacked for our views that are the polar opposite to the modern 'progressive' society should never make us back down - it should make us even more determined to struggle against all odds to create positive change. Change only ever comes through the few and never the many. And everything is always in a state of flux and change. There is so much said about 'Positive Thinking' but in line with society today this is invariably aimed at the individual; what we need is to extend this to the Group-Mind rather than as separate individuals working for their own ends. 

An Land - An Blod - An Folc is a battle-cry based upon looking forwards to a new English Folk-Nation based upon the only ideals capable of bringing back harmony and balance to a Nation and Folk. One Land - England! One Blood - Blood Kin! One Folk - The English Folk! And this, of course, extended to the other Folk-Nations of Kindred Blood. With the great onslaught upon our Folk this would seem a far-off aim, but in these times things can change quickly, as time itself speeds onwards towards decay and death - the decay and death of the Old Order! 

Because we live here in England we have to centre our work around the English, holding our activities here in England. But we recognise the need to work with all like-minded blood-kin throughout the world, and also to recognise that all peoples and races are threatened by this Global Tyranny, though we ourselves work for our own Folk. Despite this statement we shall be called 'Fascists', 'Neo-Nazis', 'White Supremacists' and everything else that the press, media and 'anti-fascists' (working with the press and media) can throw at us. Do we care - No! We are Folkish Wodenists who are reviving an ancient Folk-Religion suited to our times, a religion recognised in English Law and thus not a 'fake spirituality'  (*) as the ignorant would have people believe. 

The sprawling urban communities of the cities and large towns are soulless areas breeding a soulless people, a mass of human slaves chained to commerce and industry. This started here in England with the 'Industrial Revolution' which not only encouraged tens of thousands to move from Rural England into the cities and the 'Satanic Mills', but also changed the cities from centres of culture into a mass of slums. There must now be a 'Rural Revolution' whence the move should be from the cities to Rural England, something started between the two world wars by such people as Rolf Gardiner (co-founder of the Soil Association) and D.H. Lawrence, as well as a host of others who worked with the growing Folkish Movement across Europe. There has to be a 'Back-to-the-Land' movement that will start to recreate the old Folk-Communities that formed the backbone of our Nation. The aim of Rolf Gardiner's work was to 'rebuild a hill-and-vale economy along modern organic lines'; here, the economy would serve the Nation and not the Nation serve economics. 

Rolf Gardiner tried to do this by 'creating a reinvigorated stock of countrymen' from the unused (unemployed) material of the towns. I have no idea of what the people who attended his camps actually thought of this, or how they reacted to the ideas of song and dance that would create a comradeship and also a 'Strength Through Joy' (Wagner). These attempts were made to recreate the mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Land.

An Land - An Blod

But to recreate the Heildom and bring harmony and balance to any society such a society must be centred around a harmonious working with Nature, and also a harmonious working with the Cosmos. As D.H. Lawrence said - 'We must plant ourselves again in the Universe.' We have to create a New Order in microcosm that will act as the 'Seed of Life' which will grow and flourish into a new 'Tree of Life' at the macrocosmic level. There are three things needed to achieve such aims -

  • Enthusiasm as a driving-force creating a fanatical religious fervour that drives us to achieve what we have set out to do - WODEN.
  • The Will-to-Achieve that drives and motivates, that pushes us on against all odds to overcome all obstacles and opposition to our aims - WILL.
  • The religious fervour or fanaticism that overcomes the 'I cannot' part of the human mind and drives us to achieve our goals - WEOH.

The White Dragon symbolises not only the English Folk-Nation (that which is to come) but also the Land of England. This White Dragon is marked out across the South of England from Winchester (the ancient English Capital and Capital of the Belgae) to the Long Man of Wilmington, as the White Chalk Downs known as the South Downs. The White Dragon is etched into the English Consciousness and the Land of England - it has to be fully awakened in order to awaken the English Folk. That awakening has started, even though this may not be recognised as yet; more and more groups and individuals are using the White Dragon Flag, a sign of an awakening that is growing in power. The increased suppression of Folkish Wodenism is a sign that there is a growing awakening of the English Folk, even though this is at a deep level at this time. 

(*) The only 'fake spirituality' is that already made up by the Old Order in order to ensure that the people do not find their own roots and their own destiny. This is 'fake spirituality' since it has no links to the organic origins of our Folk, and does not come from the Blood Memory. Much of modern-day 'paganism' and the 'New Age Movement' diverts the young people from their true origins and their True Religion. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


'The submergence of Thule was not of the waters, but of the Blood. Sooner or later its adepts will seek to awaken Thule once more.'

Ultima Thule - The Vanished Northern Homeland - Bernard King.

The name Thule is usually associated with the Greeks, as is 'Hyperborea' but in ancient Babylonian texts we find reference to Thale which is said to be the 'Home of the Ancestors' which they situated in the Far North beneath the Midnight Mountain. There are certain Germanic words associated with Thule -

  • Thula (Old Norse - 'to endure', 'to suffer', 'to tolerate'.
  • Thulr (Old Norse - 'sage', 'seer'.
  • Thyle (Old English) - 'dandy', 'jester', 'buffoon'.
It is not certain how the Old English word came to mean 'a fool' but this is the gist of the meaning of the word. This, of course, may be associated with the Tarot Card named The Fool

It has been said that 'The Fool' here represents Orion with the Dog-Star, Sirius, at his heels, as this constellation is found in the skies. The Long Man of Wilmington is the 'April Fool' and thus the 'Thyle'; I have before equated this to the 'Gateway to Thule'. The name of the famous Swiss Archer-Hero, William Tell, stems from a word 'tol' meaning 'simpleton' or 'fool'. William Tell is a Folk-Hero derived from the archetype of AEgil the Archer, the brother of Weland the Smith. There is a thin link to Thule in that Weland, AEgil and the third  brother, Slagfin, all have Swan-Maidens for wives. Rydberg sees AEgil as being one and the same with Orwandel.

If The Fool does represent Orion the Hunter then the link between Robin Hood and 'The Fool' (in the Robin of Sherwood series) is made clear. The figure of a hunter-god is that of a bowman/archer and this links to both the Long Man and the Herne Giant. Even the shape of the figure on the tarot card is like these two hill-figures. It should be quite clear to anyone that the tarot cards are far more than a mere means for divination. The symbolism has deep meaning, much of which is not very clear, and some distortions have no doubt crept in over the centuries.

I have mentioned the ideas on the Third Sargon and the 'Last Empire of the North'; on the banner of Sargon II is a bowman. Connected to the 'Tower of Babel' (Bab = 'gate'; El = 'light') is the figure of the 'Mighty Hunter', Nimrod, who is also linked to AEtla the Hun - the 'Scourge of God'. Nimrod's kingdom was originally in the Land of Akkad, heirs to the Sumerian Tradition. Some of these ancient kingdoms claimed descent from the 'Homeland in the North', where the Black Sun shone over the Midnight Mountain. In mentioning AEtla the Hun we should also recall a similar archetype of Genghis Khan who had a son named Tula/Tulee. 

The idea of a northern people being displaced from their homeland occurs in the reign of Rameses III of Egypt who reigned from 1187 BCE to 1175 BCE -

'The northern people have made a conspiracy in their islands. At the same time they were uprooted and blown away by a storm. No country standing before them has been able to stay their hand. The Hatti (Hittites), Kode, Carchemish (Kadesh), Arzawal (Western Anatolia), and Alasic (Cyprus) were all destroyed.... allied with them were the Phrst (Phrygians) and Sakar; united with them were the Sekelesa and Wesher....'

This, of course, is much later than the sinking of Thule, but it is an example of how northern peoples have been displaced from their lands and moved southwards to other lands. We are talking here os some 3000 + years ago and this could have been the last stages of the sinking of At-al-land. These 'sea-peoples' were often depicted wearing either horned helmets or helmets with the Roman-type feathered headdress. 

Monday, 23 September 2019

Wr.Alda & The Black Sun

The name Wr.Alda means 'Primal Old One', from UR-Alda or UUR-Alda; this is really a strange name for a 'Great Spirit' which would not be considered to be 'primal' but would have always existed. It seems better to see the term Wr-Alda applied to the 'Primal Sun' or 'Hidden Sun', as I am going to go into here - the Black Sun. Of course, this is a 'Primal Force' in its own right, and this fits with the Ar Var Alda where Ar is the Black Sun. Since all ritual is about regaining that 'Primal Time' or 'First Time' (they mean the same) then this connects to the concept of the Black Sun as the Sun of the Golden Age.

The figure above is that of Saeter originally known as Krodo/Crodo, a Saxon God who gave his name to our Saturday. This god was known to the Slavs as Rod who had exactly the same image; neither need to have been 'borrowed' from the other, but share a common Aryan source. 

The two gods have nearly the same image, with the following symbols -

1. The Wheel - the Saxon Saeter/Krodo has a six-spoked wheel, whereas the Slavic Rod has an eight-spoked wheel. In one depiction the Golden Sun is seen as a wheel, and Saeter-Krodo is also shown as a wheel, as if both were Suns.

2. Both gods sit on a fish which perhaps suggests that they are 'holding down' or 'crushing' the Age of Pisces.

3. Both hold a bucket filled with water and with plants; these definitely suggest the Age of Aquarius, and the 'buckets' held buy the Seven Sages in ancient depictions of them. 

The Saxon God Saeter-Krodo has the very same six-spoked wheel as that of Wr.Alda of the Frisians. Indeed, we should recall that the Hag-All/All-Hag of Guido von List is a six-sided crystal (hexagon) from which the runes can be taken out of. This is exactly the same as the Wheel of Wr.Alda from which the 'running script' (runes) can be taken. Whether von List was aware of this and the Oera Linda Book I do not know, certainly Herman Wirth had read and used this Frisian work. What is the significance of the 18-Runes taken from this Hag-All figure?

At the pole of the planet Saturn is a hexagonal shape, as shown in the above figure. In order to understand why these ancient runes come from the hexagon, related to Saturn, we need to understand that Cronus-Saturn was 'chained' or 'imprisoned', by the 'Demiurge' according to Miguel Serrano. We do know from Greek Mythology that Cronus was imprisoned in a cave; he was 'castrated' and his position 'usurped' by his son Zeus. By 'castrated' we should understand this to mean he lost his regenerative powers. He was said to have been imprisoned on an island somewhere in the North. It is thus necessary to understand that (perhaps) the ancient power of the Black Sun at the centre of our galaxy came through Saturn which was the Ancient Sun of Hyperborea, shining below the Midnight Mountain in the Far North. This is what some have suggested.

Certainly, the vast Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy is not 'dormant' or even a 'dead' star or 'dead sun' since it has been known to erupt and give off vast amounts of energy into the galaxy. If, as some suggest, going through a Black Hole moves one into another dimension, then the power of this 'Black Sun' would be within another dimension of Time and Being. Occasionally, this would burst its energy into our physical universe. This is just a thought and not 'fact'. 

It seems that because Saturn was 'enchained' and 'imprisoned' the Gods sent the planet Venus into our Solar System in order to channel the Rays of the Black Sun/Green Ray towards Earth. Saturn had become a malevolent planet, now associated with lead rather than gold. This explains why the alchemists had their aim as to transmute 'lead' (Saturn) into 'gold' (the Golden Sun of a New Golden Age). The planet Saturn has to be transmuted into the New Golden Sun from the Hidden Black Sun of today. 

I have always been rather wary of the use of Akhenaten as a 'Man Above Time' by Savitri Devi, and a piece sent to me recently brought up this topic. We can see here how the Egyptian Priests worshipped the 'Hidden God' named Amun/Amoun who was the 'Spiritual Sun' or 'Hidden Sun'. Akhenaten chose to change the worship of the 'Hidden Sun' to the physical sun-disc which he chose to call the Aten. The name 'Aten' is the same used in the Old Testament as 'Adonai' usually translated as 'Lord'. It is thus significant that the New Testament chose to end its text with the word Amen which, of course, is Amun. It is also necessary to recognise in this a shift from the animating fire (Agni-Inga) which is the 'Inner Fire' to that of the physical 'fire'. This is why there are two distinct words for fire 'agni' and 'fire', the latter meaning the physical element of fire, the former the animating fire. There is one very important thing in this change, and that is that the change from the AR (Inner Spiritual Sun) to the Aten (Physical Sun) made the change from the Aryan worship of the Ancient Sun to a universalist worship of the physical sun. This is why Akhenaten is seen as a 'universalist'. The Amun-Priests later erased him from the records, and in his time Egypt fell into chaos and disorder, and lost the greatness that it once had. Some see Akhenaten as Moses, the latter being an Egyptian name, as found in Tuthmoses etc.

Of course Amun is nothing less than the Hindu AUM(N), better known as OM: this is an Aryan concept from Ancient India. What we have to recall, and this will come up later too, is that ancient languages did not always use vowel-sound, thus AMUN/AMEN/AUMN would all become MN which is the Root-Sound. In the work of Peter Moon we find this as MON which is just the same MN. We can thus related this to the Man-Rune -

This is probably why the Aryan Race is the one race known as Aryan Man; this rune is specific in its meaning and use. Thus those who aid our Folk are called by the title Manu and Ingus is the Son of Man. Ingus is the 'Son of the Sun', but this refers to the Black Sun. Our race descended from Mannus which is the Mannaz-Rune or Man-Rune. Because the worship of the Black Sun is of the 'Hidden Sun' or 'Central Sun' and not the physical Sun then the Aryan Race is a 'Cosmic Race' as opposed to the earthly races of humanity. 

We all descended from 'apes'; but we did not, since this is proven by the fact that 15% of the world's population has Rhesus Negative Blood, which has no 'monkey-blood' in it at all. That these are somehow different is seen when sometimes a Rhesus Negative woman marries a Rhesus Positive man and has children, the mother's system can often reject the child and produce antibodies in order to destroy it - this is Nature. But... modern science gets round this ('bucks' the Laws of Nature) with drugs. So not all human beings could be descended from apes - as they try to tell us. 

Some years ago I equated the name 'Herne' with Cronus/Chronos; this was due to the following letter-shifts -

Herne - Hrn - Hron - Chron(os) - Cron

Even if 'Herne' stems from 'Herian' this makes no difference since when we leave the vowels out of both we get HRN. Thus, it is possible that Herne indeed has a connection to Krodo-Hrodo and to Cronus-Saturn-Saeter. Both Cronus-Saturn and Saeter were said to have originally been Gods of the Harvest, of Agriculture, and also connected to the 'Grim Reaper' who 'reaps' the harvest. This would explain why his role is very different - after he has been enslaved and imprisoned in a Cave. Krodo, we are told, was worshipped in a Cave. Krodo was the 'Spirit of the Caverns', worshipped in the north of Thuringia in the Harz Mountains. It is interesting to note that the name Krodo/Crodo stems from an ancient German Grotte from which we get the word 'Grotto' which obviously related to a Cave - its is also related to 'Santa Claus' at Yuletide. 

The Old English Hrod/Hred means 'renown' or fame' and also means 'victory'; this word is, of course similar to the Welsh 'Rhod' meaning 'Wheel' and to the Slavic God known as 'Rod'. The Slavic name means 'generation' or 'birth', also related to rodina meaning 'homeland' or 'motherland'. The Welsh Hrud Hudibras is also related to both 'Hrod' and 'Rod', and all these to the Rad-Rune. 

All of this. to some extent, explains the difference between the High-Born Joten and the Low-Born Joten. The High-Born Joten are the 'Elder Gods' from whom the AEsir-Gods ('Younger Gods') descended, and the latter are our Gods, the Gods of the Arya. However, since the Aryan Gods are descended from the 'Elder Gods' then we too have their essence within our Sacred Blood and our Sacred Blood Memory. Mimir is one of the 'Elder Gods' who continually aids our Aryan Gods, even when he is 'dead' (he gives knowledge to Woden). The Aryan Gods are descended from Buri, a name relating to his son, Bor, whose name relates to the High North through 'Boreas' and thus the 'Hyperboreans'. The name 'Buri/Bor' gives us 'bear' and 'boar' related to the Far North and the Great Bear-Waen. 

The 'Wheel' symbolism is also related to the 'World Turner' and thus to Waendel and the Long Man of Wilmington. It is also related to the Chakravartin of the Tibetans. The 'wheel' is also associated with the 'mill-wheels' and thus to the Precession of the Equinoxes and the World Mill. Here the name Grotte comes to mind connected to the World Mill. This is Krodo-Hrodo originally 'Grotte' as stated before. 

Karl Maria Wiligut mentions the Black Sun as Santur; as stated in a previous post he also tells of the 'hourglass' symbolism where it is turned over and moves the power from one Sun (UR) to the other (SUN). Here he uses the word UR to mean the Black Sun -

AR  -  ER  - IR  - OR  - UR

AR  -  AER  -  ER  -  IR  -  OER  -  UR

In the Ar-Kan Runes there are five runes which relate directly to what has been said here -  UR, YR, IOR (IAR), EAR, and CW-EOR-TH. Four of these can be found only in the Northumbrian Runes. These will be looked at again on the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag blog at a later time. 

It would seem that 'Old Father Time' is related to cyclic time, and the 'binding' or 'imprisonment' of Saturn-Cronus was such that this entailed a shift to linear time. Old Father Time is depicted as the 'Grim Reaper' holding a scythe and an hourglass - the 'hourglass' is the Daeg-Rune and represents the change of power from the Golden Sun to the Black Sun, and back again etc. The 'Grim Reaper' is associated with Woden, and we can see how this is because he is descended from the 'Elder Gods', he has their essence within him. (The 'hourglass' is also symbolic of the 'wobble' of the Earth which causes the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' and thus 'time' coming into being.)

Time, of course, is also related to the Three Sisters of Wyrd, the Norns, since they can be seen as past-present-future - 'Time'. In Norse Mythology time is also related to a figure named 'Kari' who is associated with the wind and thus with movement, i.e. 'time'. This, in fact, relates back to Waendel whose name can be related to 'wend', 'wind' (turning) and 'wind' (movement of air). The Last Avatar - Helgi the Heardinga - is married to the Valkyrie named Kara, her name meaning 'time'. These names - Kari and Kara - are related to the Hindu Goddess named Kali, whose name means 'time'. Time is the destroyer of all things.

It is also here interesting to note that the name 'Rudra' is most often seen as 'red' and 'wild', but it can also relate to the same ideas here related to Rod-Rhod-Hrod-Hrud and to the Rad-Rune and the 'Wheel of Time'. The eight-spoked wheel in used in Tibetan Buddhism. The corruption of Saturn, bound by the Rings of Ice, relates to the Dark Lord or 'Lord of the Rings' (of Saturn). His freedom will occur with the melting of these Rings of Ice. We can perhaps see the Irish god named Crom here too, a figure originally a 'Sun-God' who became a blood-thirsty god demanding blood-sacrifice of children. This perhaps also explains the concept of blood-sacrifice in ancient times, a corruption of the Ur-Religion of the Arya. 

It would seem, according to Miguel Serrano, that the six-spoked wheel becomes the eight-spoked wheel which he calls the Veneris Rune related to the planet Venus. This is the six-spoked wheel, driven through with the Spear of Woden in the Age of Aquarius. This he also equates with the 'Steed of Woden' - Sleipnir - which has eight legs. This gallops in the Age of Aquarius. I have also equated this with the Hale-Bopp Comet, which moves 'between the worlds'. This seems to have been 'sent by Wyrd' to awaken within us the Blood Memory. 

Miguel Serrano talks about 'Mars and Saturn' being 'two thieves' and corruptions of 'Tyr and Surtur', seen 'beside the Zodiacal Tree of the Crucifixion'. This we see too in the above planetary alignment of August 11th 1999. Here Tiw is in the Eagle (Scorpio) and Surtur is in the Bull (Taurus). Uranus is the father of Krodo-Cronus, and here he is found in Aquarius -

Ur - 'primal', 'first',

An - 'master of',

Us - 'to burn'.

In the Age of Aquarius the Astral Fire of the Hyperborean Blood will be recuperated through the 'Fire of the Black Sun', the 'Inner Flame' that dwells within the Blood of the Heirs - the Elect. This 'Inner Flame' is that of Agni-Inga, related to the events of August 11th 1999 and the 'Resurrection of Ingus. If we see this as the Central Black Hole, the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, and the Black Sun within the remnants of Aryan Man all of this makes sense -

'When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness.'

The Prophecy 88 (November 9th 2014).