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The Mark of God


Most people are aware of the Mark of the Beast - 666 which is found in Revelation 13: 16-18. We know that this refers to the Electronic Fund Transfer System which is now developing into the Central Bank Digital Currency which will bring in tighter and tighter controls by the Central Bank. What many people are not aware of is another 'mark' mentioned in Revelation 7: 3-4 -

"...Hurt not the earth, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

And I heard the number of them that were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty-four thousand...."

Now, in order to understand that the so-called 'Christian Bible' was rewritten in the time of James I, and that it is usually understood that one of those doing so was Sir Francis Bacon, who was an occultist. In the above statement we have a very strange wording - 'till we have sealed the servants of our God', strange since Christians are always blabbing about there being only one God. This statement here parallels that of the 'new name of God' mentioned earlier about the 'White Stone' (White Stone of Ing - the Firestone). Neither of these statements makes any sense when considered own the light of the 'monotheism' of Christianity. 

This mark, like the 'Mark of the Beast' is placed on the forehead, but this is a seal and not connected to the same ideas as the Central Bank Digital Currency, is is there to protect the bearer. I am going to try to shed light on this since well before I had even studied Revelation I had a very strange dream of a Horned God placing a 'Mark' in my forehead - the Circle-X as in the image at the start of this post. This I never understood before, but some strange things happened over the past couple of days that seem to bring some light from this mystery. What follows here may well be a bit chaotic but please bear with me since this is guesswork in the main but seems to begin to fit a pattern of interest.

I have looked at this before but will go through this with some new ideas that have come to light. Firstly, there are a number of Info-European Roots which give a clue as to this - these are used in regard to Folk-Etymology and not 'Academic Etymology'. 

IE Root *gheu- 

To yawn, to gape.

To call, to invoke. (Leading to the word 'God'.)

To pour an offering.


IE Root *ghai- (old form *ghae-i-) 

To yawn, to gape.

Old English gina/ginian and Germanic *ginon 


Old Norse gap meaning 'chasm', Old Norse gapa meaning 'to open the mouth'.

Old English coma meaning 'jaw'. 

Old English gidig/gydig meaning 'giddy', in the original sense of 'Possessed by a God'. 

IE Root *ghud - meaning 'gut'. Germanic *gut and Old English guttas meaning gut or intestines. 

IE Root *gheus - A gust of wind, a cold blast of wind. *gudan meaning 'god'. 

Clearly, here we have root-sounds that are linked to 'God' and to 'The Void' - known to us as Ginn-Unga-Gap. We can add to these the Old Norse Ginn which refers to a Divine Power, and also to a 'Fool', and to 'Folly' (Wind-Bag). Ginn-Unga-Gap, as I have shown before is the 'Gap - Offspring of Ginn'. So, in the Be-Ginn-Ing we have the concept of Ginn, which seems to me to be linked to the Cosmic Joker in one sense, since this is the power ruling over our era - the Age of Chaos and Dissolution. Since we find the twin opposite forces of Ice and Fire that are there, but since there is no movement ('ok gustr') they do not interact. It is the movement by which the Cosmos is whisked into being - the 'Big Bang' if you like. The 'Gaping Void' is Chaos, which was there at the Be-Ginn-Ing and returns at the end of a Cosmic Cycle. 

The circle is an 'enclosure' which in 'Nought' (Not - No-Thing) but which contains 'All' within itself. The Number Sequence starts at O = The Void, the No-Thing, 1 = The All, and then 2 = Duality (Ice and Fire - The Conflict of Opposites). The Circle-Dot was symbolic of 'God' as The One in The All.

The 'X' within the Circle is the Gifu-Rune or Gebo-Rune and the word 'gift' stems from the IE Root *ghabh- which means both 'to give' and 'to receive'. This is important since this shows a two-way idea - to give out and to get back. From this we get the Old English giefan and the Old Norse gefa, as well as the Goddesses Gefion and Gefn. The letter-change within the Germanic Tongues is akin to the English elf and German alb. The Gyfu-Rune shows up no less than 8 times within different runes -

Gyfu - Gar - Edel - Stan - Daeg - Man - Haegl - Ior.

The Ginfaxi Symbol used in Grima Wrestling is based upon the Ginn once again, and the key to these mysteries seem to lie in The Primal Void or Ginn-Unga-Gap. One of Woden's by-names in Ginnar, and through my own experience Woden is the April Fool - 'The Hooded Man'. The Ginn-Faxi is the Swastika, and this seems to be a prime symbol of the Hidden Force in The Void - the Force of Creation. This is the Fire-Whisk by which Mundelfore whisked the Cosmos into Creation - Mundelfore, in my own view, is Waendal, and thus linked to the Long Man of Wilmington. The Gar-Rune (Gift of Ing) is, as I have shown before, possibly shown as a 'Hidden Swastika', just as the Gibo-Rune in the version used by Guido von List is used as a 'Hidden Swastika'. 

'God-in-the-Blood' - The DNA Spiral shown here symbolised by the Ing-Rune, made up of Twin Gyfu-Runes. XX Chromosomes - Female, and XY Chromosomes - Male. These are shown on the White Stone of Ing, where the 'gift' given to our Folk is 'FIRE'. 

Does the 'X' within the Circle refer to Ginn that existed at the Be-Ginn-Ing within The Void; if so then this is the Creative Force or Pure Intelligence known as All-Father, and also God (from which we get 'Godan' or 'Guodan'). Gyfu-Rune - Edel-Rune - Daeg-Rune, all three of which contain the Gyfu-Rune. The word 'God' comes from the IE Root *gheu- as does 'The Void', 'Chaos', and 'Ginn'. 

In Hindu Lore we find the offering of what is 'clarified butter' - Ghee; however, this is symbolic in its origins. This seems to be linked to *gheu- through sound alone, though the root-word is the IE Root *g(w)her- which means 'to heat', 'to warm' or 'to burn'. The symbolism is here linked to Fire, and thus to expansion (X = multiply). 

'The Abyss' - i.e. 'Gaping Chasm' - is always seen to be downwards, and is linked to the Ap/Ab of Sumer-Babylon which is the Waters below the Earth and above the Abyss. Woden's 'Cry' or 'Shout' - AEPANDI NAM is linked to these ideas -

AEP = The Waters.

ANDI = 'Ond' or 'Anda' = 'Vital Breath'. 

Woden hangs upside down upon the Windswept Tree which again gives us 'wind' or 'gust of wind' and the movement of air that fans the Fires of Creation. We must recall that the Primal Waters were the Primordial Ice or Primal Ice originally, and these turned to Water when subject to the Primal Fire in Muspellheim. There is some small thing that does not sit right here, and that is the 'Primal Ice of Niflheim'. 'Nifl' is the same as 'Nibl' or 'Nebl' and from this comes 'Nebula' which is a cloud of gas and dust in space, from which new planets and stars are created. We should perhaps see this as the Primal Mist since a 'mist' or 'fog' is water that is near freezing. 

This is, in fact, very interesting, since the Welsh Wild Hunter-God is named 'Gwyn man Nydd' - 'White, Son of the Mist'. Nydd (Welsh) is Nodens (England) or Nuada (Ireland), and both Nydd (Nudd) and Nuada are said to have lost one hand, which is replaced by a Silver Hand. The treasures that Sigurd the Wolsunga won by slaying the Dragon Fafnir were the Treasures of the Nibelungs - 'Sons of the Mist'. This 'Freezing Mist' would be the 'Rime' which is freezing water or the 'Cool-Cold Sea' of Hvergelmir. 

Some scientists are now postulating not one but two 'Big-Bangs', one of which brought into being the material universe, the second bringing into being a parallel universe. Science still does not understand Dark Matter or Dark Energy which they theorise to be there but which does not seem to affect the material universe, and which, they say, moves through matter. The Black Sun is said to be the Sun of the 'Inner Earth' - a parallel universe. What does seem to be the case is that the impetus for the Creative Force originates in 'another world' and then manifests itself in this material world to change the course of history in some way. 

The Black Sun is the Void of Creation; just as the god Buri was created by Audhumla - the Cosmic Mother - so this Creative Force walks The Void for Eternity. This is the Ur-Force or Primal Force of Creation, and these Mysteries are found in the Feoh-Rune and the Ur-Rune, both associated with 'Cattle'. The Primal Void will remain in the Blood-Memory, and the figure of Woden, dressed in Black Cloak and Black Hood with a Void where the face should be, is symbolic of The Void, and his power to use the Primal Force of Ginn. Woden himself contains the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness held in balance as the Power of Creation and the Power of Destruction. 

This is why it is so hard for most to even consider how such a Force of Creation and Force of Destruction can work here in Middle-Earth. This goes beyond 'Good and Evil' as Nietzsche said. Woden is very much like the Hindu Shiva and Vedic Rudra who is the 'God of Creation' and yet also the 'God of Destruction'. The name Ygg parallels that of Ughr which is a title of Rudra-Shiva. Rudra-Shiva's 'Dance of Destruction' is a terrifying act to see, a whirling-dance by a sword-wielding daemonic power

The Cycle of the Ages goes through 24,000 to 26,000 years in a downward decline until the Warg-Age or Kali Yuga whence the Waters of Dissolution (Great Flood) takes place, and in our own cycle the Destruction by Fire overwhelms the Nine Worlds. This is an ending, but also a new beginning, and from the word 'be-ginn-ing' we can see that the Primordial Chaos returns, out of which arises a New Order and New Cosmos - a New Creation. 

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