Friday 12 February 2021

"Over the Hills and Far Away"

There's place for all who hear the drum,
For those who volunteer to come:
To 'list and fight the foe today,
Over the hills and far away.

O'er the hills and o'er the main,
We'll fight in forest, town or plain;
England commands and we obey,
Over the hills and far away.

When duty calls us we must go,
To stand and face this deadly foe,
But part of me will always stray
Over the hills and far away.

O'er the hills and o'er the main,
We'll fight in forest, town or plain,
England commands and we obey,
Over the hills and far away.

If I should fall to rise no more,
As many comrades did before;
Then ask the pipes and drums to play
Over the hills and far away.

O'er the hills and o'er the main,
We'll fight in forest, town or plain,
England commands and we obey,
Over the hills and far away.

So fall in lads behind the drum,
With colours blazing like the Sun:
Along the road to come what may,
Over the hills and far away.

O'er the hills and o'er the main,
We'll fight in forest, town or plain,
England commands and we obey,
Over the hills and far away.

(Repeat Chorus)

(The words have been changed to suit today's world, but the essence is the same today as it was then. All nations have fought throughout time to keep their freedom, and we must remember our own at times like this when we are threatened with destruction.) 

Tribe fought against tribe, Nation fought against Nation, Folk against Folk; Woden swelled the ranks of the Einheriar who wait in Valhalla for the call to arms when the Army of the Dead will march out of the Doors of Valhalla to fight the Final Battle. Over the last centuries wars have been fought between our Nations, guided by the Hidden Hand of Global Finance. The destruction of our Folk is at hand, and the Nations must now work as one to halt the destruction, and to fight for the freedom of all peoples. We stand tall before our Gods and Ancestors who call out to us to take up this glorious struggle for freedom and the evolution of our Folk. 

Whatever we think about the past of all our Nations, their errors and their judgement, and how they were sometimes manipulated, their conquests were done honestly through force of arms, and win or lose they fought as warriors. Today we are ruled by cowards who hide behind their wealth and power, using others to do their dirty-work, controlling through fear and terror. Only through the rebirth of the Might of the Ancient Nations will their reign of terror come to an end. 

Lest we forget our forefathers who fought and died to keep this nation free; we call to them in this hour of greatest need, and they call back to us to take up the struggle once more in this, the Final Conflict.

Thursday 11 February 2021

The Mystic-Warrior


Bring Hope to those who have none,

Freedom for those in chains,

Justice for those who are wronged.

(Word-Sword of The Hooded Man)

"One Land - One Blood - One Folk!" We all know what we see as the only future for the Nations and the Folk. We all know what we have to do, our role in the great struggle for freedom from the Global System. We can see what is wrong, we can see the evil that is being perpetrated upon all peoples through the draconian measures imposed by the Hidden Global Elite. But how can we oppose such a world-wide control over all peoples? 

I can only speak for what is happening here in England; there is growing opposition and growing anger at the terror-tactics being imposed upon the English Folk. But this opposition is not organised by any group that has a purpose, an ideology, and ideals. This opposition opposes without anything to replace what they wish to overthrow. This, of course, is no bad thing at this particular time, whether this comes from 'left' or 'right', since this society must collapse before anything positive can be built from the ruins. In the meantime, in the words of Julius Evola we must raise ourselves 'Above the Ruins'. But for something positive to arise out of the ashes of destruction there must be some form of 'blueprint' for a New Order.

After what is going on politicians of every level will become more and more distrusted because of the lies and misinformation, and because they are continually stringing the people on. This distrust of politics could lead to a shift in attitudes towards religious and spiritual movements. People can also see that it is not just politicians but the 'elite' from every level of this society who are forcing upon us measures that we do not only see as wrong but as something they preach about but do not abide by themselves. We have to weather this part of the storm, keeping alive the Flame of Freedom whilst, where we can, acting as Spiritual Leaders of the Common Folk. This is not a time for the weak, it is a time for the strong; this is the Survival of the Fittest. 

Withstand! Resist! Our worst enemy, and this no doubt applies to all of us, is doubt and the ideas that arise within the mind that tend to make us hesitate and doubt what we are doing. We know that we are right. What we have said for decades (some of us at least) has now come to be, so we cannot be wrong in what we do. We have been smeared, attacked in the press and the media, looked down upon by the brainwashed and controlled masses. As 'solitaries' we will be shunned and no doubt hated by the cowardly conformers; there is no doubt that many new 'bullies' will arise to try to make us conform. Here we must recognise that a bully can only continue bullying so long as the victim cowers in fear; when the bully is given back what he gives, greater if possible, then it is they who will cower in fear and become useless. An aura of strength will put any would-be bully off from acting at all. 

What has come about is that group-activity has been severely curtailed due to the draconian measures imposed upon us all; 'curtailed' but of course not necessarily stopped altogether. At one level we have to do things differently, and in such stressful times the best way to go about this is through meditation, because this lowers stress levels. This can be done as individuals, and should be done if we are to keep our sanity in an insane world. There is no doubt in my mind, with the ever-increasing madness that is going on around us, that some very powerful evil force has now swept through the world, led by the Servants of Darkness, and by the White Traitors who have betrayed their people. Swept along are the weak, unthinking masses who cannot but be pulled along by the power of this force. Like the Salmon of Wisdom we swim upstream against the current, upstream against the march of Time - Men Against Time. Through daily meditation and contemplation we can look more clearly at what goes on, analyse what is happening, and more importantly, find ways to increase our own strength and power. 

When we are young we tend to go for the physical side of the Warrior Arts, but as we get older this must turn to the esoteric side because we do slow down a bit and we cannot do what we did when we were younger - to some degree anyway. We are all warriors in this great struggle, fighting against evil has to take many forms, not just the physical. We are constantly under a psychological attack from The System, the mainstay of which is the army of psychologists who guide and make the decisions that our 'elected' politicians obey without question. Such attacks cannot be opposed except by psychological means. Whatever we may think about this, such attacks are nothing less than Black Magic. The Norse Symbol below is the 'Helm of Terror', named so because it is not just a defence, it is an active defence designed to throw back the attack. 

I have mentioned before that I believe this symbol to be based upon the Thorn-Rune which, at one level, is a 'Cursing-Rune', and this is empowered by using three-strokes (Thorn is the third rune) on the eight arms, the end of which is an Eohls-Rune. This active force is the Trident of Woden (Trident of Shiva), and this is a destructive-force of great power, destructive of those who use such psychological attacks. The psychic attack is thus warded off in the eight directions, through the eight arms. This is a very powerful symbol of psychic defence, since it has also 24 cross-staves (Elder Futhark) plus eight arms (32) and the central point (making 33, the runes of the Ar-kan). Of course, the Eohls-Rune is the 'antenna' that 'sends' this force outwards to ward off the attack. I would strongly suggest that our people learn this symbol and use its power at this time. 

As you can see here, we are not powerless to counter this attack, especially when we realise that we are under psychic attack. Their power, never forget, is through the power-centres they control, the press and the media, but we can raise just as much power ourselves if only our people would make the effort to do so. This power has to be stronger and sent by the Force of the Will, because we do not have the means open to The System. 

The Nithing-Pole

The Mystic-Warrior must learn the symbols to use against the enemies of our Folk, the Sacred Symbols that invoke awesome powers of creation and destruction. Thunor, the Aryan Thunder-God, is the most feared by the Dark Joten, the strongest and most powerful of the Gods. And so is his symbol, the Fylfot-Swastika - the Hammer of Thunor, wielded against the enemies of Gods and Men. The Nithing-Pole and the Need-Rune invoke the Power of the Underworld, the Serpent-Power or Dragon-Power. 

The Thorn-Rune is that of active-protection since the 'thorn' pricks and hurts; the shape is that of this active-protection that is gathered from above and below, and then channeled through the 'arrow' towards the target. The Ancient Runes are our weapon of defence and attack; they are the Bane of the Joten, and as such they are the means by which we can awaken some of our own people, since they lay deep in the consciousness of the Folk. What we lack in power on the physical plane we must make up for on other levels, remembering that whatever happens at one level affects other levels too. 

Let the ancient Tribal Banners of the Aryan Nations arise once more from the ashes of a dying world, giving hope to those who have none in these troubled time. The power we can wield is in the Ancient Runes, and we must all become Mystic-Warriors in these great times, when we have been chosen to live at this hour, when the Forces of Light are rising against the Servants of Darkness. This is the greatest hour of our Folk, and we should be proud to have been born into these times, no matter how hard that is, and no matter what they throw at us.

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Ecology & Spiritual Leadership.

Guido von List postulated that throughout the ages there had existed a Spiritual Priesthood called 'The Armanen'. I think this idea should be looked at more carefully because it is perhaps more important to us today than ever before. If we take the prefix AR to refer to the Black Sun, then this was a High Priesthood of the Black Sun. Whatever the case, such a priesthood would have consisted of wise men and wise women who could be referred to as 'seers' - 'see-ers'. They were descended from the most ancient Rishis  or 'Wise Men' who appeared at such times as natural disasters, when the world needed rebuilding again after catastrophic change. Guido von List tried to revive this ancient Aryan Priesthood in the modern degenerating era. 

Today we are all ruled by the polar-opposite to this wise priesthood, by the 'economists' whose only interest is in economics and gross materialism. Even when these people realise that what they have been doing is not sustainable forever, they can only switch their mode to the socialistic 'sustainable society' that today they are trying to push as their Global Agenda. (*) Those involved are 'economists', the very people who have laid waste to our planet! Where they maintain that the human population should be lowered they fail to tell us that it was their policies of humanitarianism, liberalism and the idea that everyone has the right to live, no matter what, that actually caused this great rise in the human population. Had Nature's stern laws been upheld this would not have happened. The drive for 'equality' has created a stagnant society where any form of genius is crushed ruthlessly. Where once we had a hierarchical society based upon the Caste System, where everyone, no matter what caste, had an importance, but where there were levels of society, each one having its own role, each one having its own importance to the whole. 

(*) True to form these people are 'shape-shifters' who can alter their shape and form at will in order to further a set agenda. This is why we find so many bankers and billionaires backing socialist and 'green' movements. They are not people of honour, their motive is not a set ideology, but a flexible agenda that works towards one aim - a World State in which they are the masters and we are the slaves. 

Since we have entered the 'Age of the People' there is no doubt their changes are something that will inevitably come about due to the new world-age. But again, the power has not been transferred to the 'People' but is still in the hands of the same old economic materialists, albeit with a new 'clothing'. The 'People' are still being manipulated by the power-elite. Whereas this 'sustainability' is being packaged as necessary for the 'Climate Crisis' when we look closely at it this is merely a way to impoverish the mass of people making the gap between the 'haves' and have nots' wider and wider. This will create a society of masters and slaves. 

"Under a 'Climate Lockdown' governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose severe energy-saving avoid such a scenario we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently'.

Mariana Mazzucato (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

Under the threat of 'Climate Lockdown' this 'sustainable development' would be imposed upon us all on a world-wide scale. What on earth has the 'consumption of red meat' got to do with 'Climate Change'? We can see how this plan has unfolded because prior to the 'Covid 1984' affair we had the billionaires funding 'Climate Change' and the hundreds of 'academics' organising this. Of course, old Klaus Schwab lets the cat out of the bag -

'Youth activism is increasing world-wide, being revolutionalised by social media that increases mobilisation to an extent that would have been impossible before...The young generation is firmly at the vanguard of social change. There is little doubt that it will be the catalyst for change and a source of critical momentum for the Great Reset.'

Of course, this 'Youth Activism' will do this on its own initiative, and not being guided and manipulated by the 'academics' and funded by the 'billionaires'. What bloody codswallop! It should be clear to anyone that mass-demonstrations need funding, organisation and the means to organise people into a collective quickly - billionaires, academics, and the social media. These people thus unwittingly do the work of the Global Elite. 

This is the reason that we need to build an alternative leadership, a new 'Armanen' that will act as spiritual leaders, thus being true to the Spirit of Man and not based upon economic materialism which has been the destructive force for far too long now. The 'produce and consume' society locks mankind into the material world, and is destructive to the Earth at the same time. We can see how, even with various different organisations, these all have the same Global Agenda, and all work towards the same aim - a World State. Our role within this falling society is to recreate the Divine Order of the Gods through working as spiritual leaders to those who hear the Call of the Blood. 

There is growing unrest all over the world, and here in England a new wave of unrest has started recently. But there is no leadership nor direction, just rising anger at what is going on. These measures are not going to end, and 'Climate Change' will come back with a bang in order to further the next stage of the Global Agenda. The people now need spiritual guidance, they need an alternative to the world of economic materialism and the produce-and-consume society that is so destructive of the Spirit of Man and of the Mother Earth. 

In the first quote by Mariana Mazzucato we can see how 'governments would limit...' but how many would question why business-orientated economists would have the power to tell (elected) governments what to do? Governments are not in control, and clearly it is these unelected business-orientated economists who are in control - at least at one level. We can see how far we have gone since having wise men in the main positions of power, Spiritual Leaders who ruled as priests and philosophers. 

We can also see the hand of Bill Gates involved here, since he owns around 60% of the farmland in the USA, and is also involved in the growing 'fake meat' industry where plant-based 'meat' is produced, and will clearly replace natural meat. Yes, there are problems with the mass-production of meat, but nothing that cannot be put right by a return to farming rather than agri-business. And with this 'Fake Meat' taking over from real Natural Meat, where does this leave the sheep? And what about the cow, are we to see this disappear from our landscape after thousands of years - the demise of the holy symbol of the Great Mother? No doubt hunting wild animals would be banned; thus the link between the Hunter and the Hunted broken forever. The Hunter - the earthly representation of the One-Eyed Hunter-God, Woden. (This is shown clearly in the figure of Robin Hood who is an archer and a hunter of the 'King's Deer'.) 

Bill Gates is typical of the Global Elite, and has his hands in very different 'pies' -

  • High-tech industry - mass surveillance and mass control.
  • The farmland industry - ready to increase the production of plants for 'Fake Meat'; based upon genetically-modified plant growing, of course.
  • The 'Fake-Meat' industry which will be a 'growth-industry'.
  • Through an associate organisation we are now informed that breast-feeding is 'unnatural'; by coincidence the Gates Foundation is now involved in producing 'Fake Baby-Milk'. 

Now we need even more people who are spiritually inclined since this madness cannot go on for much longer without disastrous consequences to everyone and to the planet. The only consolation we have now is that it would be very very difficult to totally enforce the rules they will apply, as we see today in the 'Lockdown'. And more people are getting tired and fed up with their lives being shattered by the globalists. Politicians and the police must be the most hated people today due to the 'Lockdown' measures. Anger is brewing everywhere, but they have the power to control this at the moment.

But there is one thing that sits at the back of the mind: they are obviously working to a set plan which entails going with the current - the Power of the People in the 'Age of the People'. But this could well be a very dangerous game, for should the people become aware of what is going on, and thus follow the right type of leader then the whole thing will turn back on them. This could have been nearer if the spiritual forces that exist already had not been, in the main, based around 'antiquarianism' where living in the past overrides being aware of what is going on in the present, and more importantly, doing something to combat this tyranny. It is all well and good keeping our spirituality alive, but we are both spirit and matter, and both should be in harmonious working. There are individuals who can both upkeep the 'Viking World' or 'Germanic World' and also work in some way to expose the forces that oppress us today, but again there are many more who have done nothing at all but resurrect the past whilst ignoring what is going on. 

These globalists are the real 'terrorists' who are instilling terror in the people, and as this goes on there will be people who start to question this society and its materialistic form, and will turn towards the spirit. They will, of course, have to control such a change in some way, but with the rise of true Spiritual Leaders this will be made less possible. As people start to become aware of the truth, and that they are being lied to, and become aware that for decades these lies have been propagated, they will start to wake up, or at least a proportion will start to awaken. 

It is necessary to recreate that mystical link between the Sacred Blood and the Sacred Soil of the Homeland. This must be our basic task, to regain that link between Man and Nature. But it is also our duty to expose the false 'Green Agenda' and to get to those who are already in some way receptive to the problems we all face with the destruction of Nature. Not only is this destruction through the endless materials used in a mass-production society, but this is also through the measures coming into place that divorce Man from Nature, those outlined above about Bill Gates (he is not the only one). There are many who do have an empathy with the Earth, but unfortunately there are amongst these a majority who have no idea how to abide by Natural Law. Their empathy for the Earth seems to be more based upon pity rather than anything strong enough to change things - this applies to animal welfare and to wild animals. Pity does nothing but insult! The Earth, Nature and Natural Law are one and the same, and this is sacred to us because it is permeated by Gods and the Gods. 

There seems no point whatever trying to heal the wounded Earth if we cannot recognise the wrongs they have done through their idiotic agenda. Great problems have been caused by breaking the local eco-systems through bringing in species from other lands. Some can see this, and yet cannot see that this applies to the species of man too. This is due to our being divorced from the Natural Order, and learning from the Old Testament that man is above Nature and thus must dominate all life. Such a man-centred religion has created the disasters we see today. Of course, they have done the usual Old Testament trick again; we - the people - are to blame for this Global Disaster. We have become the scapegoat, to blame for what they have done, and to take the guilt from their shoulders. This seems clear from the measures taken today due to 'Climate Change'.

It has been their produce-and-consume society that has given rise to the vast amount of energy needed to power their high-tech gadgets. It has been their produce-and-consume society that has given everyone the chance to own a car. It is their produce-and-consume society that has been responsible for the vast amount of global travel needed to send goods all over the world, goods that could just as well have been produced locally and thus saved the need for this global transport of goods. And now - this is our fault, so we must makes sacrifices to change this. There is no doubt they will not be involved in these sacrifices and will continue their luxurious lives as usual. They can continue this ludicrous living-style whilst we have to sacrifice ours to 'save the planet'. This would be fine if they too were to give something up - no chance of that!

Our aim is to create a New Order based upon the holy concept of Blood and Soil, upon the link between the Folk and the Land. A harmonious society created around the Heildom or Halidom where there is a wholeness, not a society broken into factions. Every part working in harmony with the other parts, every part as important as the others, and yet with a form of natural hierarchy based upon the Eternal Laws of Nature. The 'Climate Crisis' is coming back, and we have the opportunity to try to awaken the people to what is going on, and more importantly, to give them an alternative. The great problem with the 'Left-Right' structure of our society is that anything to do with the ecology and to the climate is seen to be 'Left-Wing' and thus often rejected outright by the 'Right-Wing'. In doing so they allow the 'Left' to have a monopoly on ecology and this has resulted in this movement being manipulated and used by the globalists in order to further their Global Agenda. This has to change if we are to stop this destruction.

But even here we must take into consideration the spiritual aspect of this, promoting the Spirit of Nature and not just the physical and material side. Again, on the surface some 'greens' appear to be spiritually inclined, but when this is looked at they are totally divorced from Nature and Natural Law. We have to replace such ideas with those of our Folkish Religion, where we are bound by Natural Law and to obey Natural Law, not try to overcome Nature. And, of even more importance, we have to expose to the light the agenda of the Servants of Darkness. None of this has come about by accident. 

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Antarctica & UFOs

"The whole of South America was reduced to a state of panic when seventeen squadrons of UFOs flew silently by at a height of about 300 metres.

I have told you about these implosion machines: where they were built in 1943-5, who built them in 1943-5, and who destroyed them at the end of the war on the orders of Field Marshal Keitel."

Viktor Schauberger - "The Fertile Earth".

Those who are familiar with the works of Don Miguel Serrano will be aware of his ideas on the importance of Antarctica, and also his ideas on the UFOs that he seems to feel come from this area. In the above statement by Viktor Schauberger, which is in a book about alternative forestry and nothing to do with UFOs, we find a statement that the Germans had been building UFOs during the war, or rather what we could call 'Flying Saucers'. Not only that, a vast formation of UFOs was seen over South America after the war had ended. One important point to notice is that the Aryan Science of Implosion was used to build these crafts.

Over the past few years it seems that scientists may have found the remains of ancient civilisations under the ice of Antarctica. From Duruk, Argentina, scientists uncovered the remains of a massive stone structure and other artefacts estimated at 4,000 years old. The famous Piri Reis Map of Antarctica seems to show the area in a slightly different position, much of which was ice-free. There has been suggestions of a pole-shift or displacement of the Earth's axis of rotation. NASA images are said to show possible human settlements some 2.3 kilometres below the ice surface. 

Piri Reis Map

There have also been other new revelations on YouTube, one about a pyramid-structure, but here we need to err towards caution. The problem lies in that "Conspiracy-Theorists' take up the platform and some of these have way-out ideas and vivid imaginations; we know that some 'Conspiracy Theorists' have today been proven right about the 'New World Order', but when it comes to UFOs some tend to go far too far. We just need to be aware of this when dealing with such a subject. But we should not reject everything simply because of the crackpot-theorists. (*)

(*) It is not out of the question that The System would put into the public domain images and articles which are false; they would do so in order to confuse, and no doubt later 'expose' these as frauds, thus negating any real evidence that comes up on the subject. We should certainly not believe everything that is put out.

The synchronicity here seems to be that over the past year UFO sightings in the UK have doubled, and no doubt in other countries too. This will be put down to the present 'Lockdowns' where people have had more time, but since many have not been out and about as much then this does not ring true. We have here both the Antarctic Civilisation postulated by Don Miguel, and the massive surge in UFOs also mentioned in his works, UFOs coming from the area of Antarctica.

Antarctic Electric-Blue Cloud

Don Miguel Serrano goes into great detail on his visits to Antarctica, which is where he seems to have entered another dimension of time and space, and where he gained his enlightenment and his ideas on Esoteric Hitlerism. 

Tuesday 2 February 2021

Stay Home - Stay Safe - Oh Yeah!

We are constantly being bombarded with the slogan - Stay Home - Stay Safe - Save the NHS. Now, if our forefathers had taken up the 'Nanny-State' slogan 'Stay Safe' they would never have achieved what they did. No-one would have climbed Everest, nor any other mountain for that matter; they would not have crossed the world in ships in the most violent storms; they would never have lived through the Ice Age. In fact, they would never have achieved anything at all. The 'Nanny-State' that they have created has been done for one sole purpose - to weaken our Folk to the extent that they can be completely enslaved. Hence the attack upon the menfolk of our people. 

To achieve anything means facing danger of one kind or another; sometimes this means risking our lives to overcome such dangers. With the accident-rate with cars and other vehicles this is a risky business in itself, hence why they are trying to create robot-cars that drive themselves and could be no doubt safer for it. But do we really want to be 'safe' all of the time? Do we really want to get to that stage when everything we do is done for us, and everything is 'safe' and 'easy'? The end result will be our final destruction. 

Our forefathers (and some still today in the wilder areas) were facing wild predators such as bears, wolves and boars; everyday life was a dangerous struggle. Gradually man has become the predator, but in some wilder places the dangers are still there. Let us look at this from the point of the animals, some of which are today the prey because man has developed more powerful weapons. Not only that, amongst the animals there are hunters and the hunted, predators and the prey. Animals face danger at all times still. Why the hell should we be any different? We are part of Nature, and Nature is the Survival of the Fittest which gets rid of the weak and allows for stronger individuals and packs. This is a stern fact, even though there are those (in power) today who believe that they can dominate Nature by changing everything to suit their own agenda. This will lead to disaster and catastrophic destruction.

The Stoics, as I have mentioned before, put themselves into strange and even dangerous situations in order to prepare themselves for anything that could happen to them in the future. We need only look at the young warriors of the Germanic Mannerbund who went into the wilderness alone or in small groups to fend for themselves, to survive everything that was thrown at them, and to live off the land. They put themselves into a very dangerous situation in order to overcome all obstacles. 

Are we in fact safer at home? Well, since the Covid-Cops are busy nicking anyone they see drinking a cup of tea on a park bench the crime-rate has gone way up again since a decline with the first lockdown. Criminals do not take notice of laws. Therefore, here in England, we may well not be so safe in our homes now! The best way to stay healthy is to get some fresh air, and especially sunshine (not seen much of that lately) which produces Vitamin D which itself boosts the immune system. 

There is one more thing and that is the eating of onions; Red Onions (eaten raw) contain high levels of quercetin which has natural anti-viral properties. In fact, Ebola and Zika virus's were successfully treated with quercetin; of course this would have been chemically isolated rather than using the natural thing, no doubt making a good profit to boot. There is an old story about the 1919 flu epidemic which killed around 40 million people. When others were going down with the flu a doctor went to one farmhouse where the whole family was well and sound; what they had done is to cut red onions up and put them around the house, and to the doctor's surprise he found the onions contains the flu-virus. The onions had absorbed the virus from the atmosphere - or so it is said. 

Now, sceptics may well say that this was not really true, and we have no way of verifying such a story, but maybe there is something that seems to bear this out. During the Black Death or The Plague, which was a bacterial pandemic, it was said that people carried garlic with them and this was later seen as a way to ward off the bacteria that caused it. Both Red Onions and Garlic have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. They must of course be eaten raw to be effective. Whether it is true that onions will absorb the virus or bacteria in the air is debatable, but it seems that garlic was worn around the person during the plague, so maybe our modern scientists are not quite so smart as they think. Maybe! 

Quercetin - "Oak Forest" from "Quercus" meaning 'Oak' - STRENGTH.

  • Red Onions,
  • Dill,
  • Fennel,
  • Watercress,
  • Kale,
  • Broccoli,
  • Organically-grown tomatoes,
  • Radish leaves,
  • Citrus fruits,
  • Apples,
  • Green Tea,
  • Grapes & Red Wine.
Quercetin helps to boost the immune system, to help with high blood-pressure, and to maintain good health, and many more benefits as far as I can see. But whatever we can do to help in these troubled times we may be wise to do, since there is no harm in having better eating. 

Why I have mentioned this, and gone into it in some way, is that it is all well and good stocking up with antibiotics and other medicines when prepping, but since medical supplies would dry up the best way would be to find natural alternatives now. Knowing what can be used, keeping a record of these, and recognising them in the wild would be essential to all of us, especially when we see the NHS no longer dealing with some people who do not have Covid-19. (I can vouch for this since I had to have an appointment at the Eye Clinic every six months to check up on my duff-eye, and also check the good eye. Having had this done for the last few years since this happened my doctor sent to the hospital to remind them I was around 18 moths overdue. I got a letter from the hospital to say that I had been discharged, and that I should attend an optician once a year for an eye test!!! Great stuff, so much for the NHS!) 

Alternative Medicine is always being criticised by the establishment and materialistic doctors and scientists. Sometimes this criticism is well founded, since there are some who seem to be making money out of a lack of knowledge, but in most cases I do not think this to be true. Alternative Medicine goes by two distinct and different methods than materialistic medicine -

  • The aim is to affect a cure and not to treat the symptoms; more so, to help prevent the disease taking hold in the first place, by boosting Nature's Gift of the immune system. 
  • The medicinal plants used are used as a whole, the chemical components not being isolated and used on their own. This is because sometimes one chemical can be more harmful, but when used with the whole plant make-up this is not so, being balanced by other chemicals. This is simplicity, since it is the wholeness that creates harmony and balance, and materialistic scientists and doctors tend to break down the wholeness - as this society does from top to bottom. I have mentioned before how the IE Root *da- means 'to divide', and that this is the root of words such as 'epidemic' and 'pandemic'.
Basically, the point we should all consider is our attention to what we eat, to create a balanced diet of good wholesome food, especially grown ourselves, foraged from the wild, or caught in the wild. Where we cannot do so the best way (as far as we can afford it) is to get our vegetables and meat from small outlets rather than the Global Corporations. This is not always possible but as far as we can go we should.