Tuesday 9 February 2021

Ecology & Spiritual Leadership.

Guido von List postulated that throughout the ages there had existed a Spiritual Priesthood called 'The Armanen'. I think this idea should be looked at more carefully because it is perhaps more important to us today than ever before. If we take the prefix AR to refer to the Black Sun, then this was a High Priesthood of the Black Sun. Whatever the case, such a priesthood would have consisted of wise men and wise women who could be referred to as 'seers' - 'see-ers'. They were descended from the most ancient Rishis  or 'Wise Men' who appeared at such times as natural disasters, when the world needed rebuilding again after catastrophic change. Guido von List tried to revive this ancient Aryan Priesthood in the modern degenerating era. 

Today we are all ruled by the polar-opposite to this wise priesthood, by the 'economists' whose only interest is in economics and gross materialism. Even when these people realise that what they have been doing is not sustainable forever, they can only switch their mode to the socialistic 'sustainable society' that today they are trying to push as their Global Agenda. (*) Those involved are 'economists', the very people who have laid waste to our planet! Where they maintain that the human population should be lowered they fail to tell us that it was their policies of humanitarianism, liberalism and the idea that everyone has the right to live, no matter what, that actually caused this great rise in the human population. Had Nature's stern laws been upheld this would not have happened. The drive for 'equality' has created a stagnant society where any form of genius is crushed ruthlessly. Where once we had a hierarchical society based upon the Caste System, where everyone, no matter what caste, had an importance, but where there were levels of society, each one having its own role, each one having its own importance to the whole. 

(*) True to form these people are 'shape-shifters' who can alter their shape and form at will in order to further a set agenda. This is why we find so many bankers and billionaires backing socialist and 'green' movements. They are not people of honour, their motive is not a set ideology, but a flexible agenda that works towards one aim - a World State in which they are the masters and we are the slaves. 

Since we have entered the 'Age of the People' there is no doubt their changes are something that will inevitably come about due to the new world-age. But again, the power has not been transferred to the 'People' but is still in the hands of the same old economic materialists, albeit with a new 'clothing'. The 'People' are still being manipulated by the power-elite. Whereas this 'sustainability' is being packaged as necessary for the 'Climate Crisis' when we look closely at it this is merely a way to impoverish the mass of people making the gap between the 'haves' and have nots' wider and wider. This will create a society of masters and slaves. 

"Under a 'Climate Lockdown' governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose severe energy-saving avoid such a scenario we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently'.

Mariana Mazzucato (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

Under the threat of 'Climate Lockdown' this 'sustainable development' would be imposed upon us all on a world-wide scale. What on earth has the 'consumption of red meat' got to do with 'Climate Change'? We can see how this plan has unfolded because prior to the 'Covid 1984' affair we had the billionaires funding 'Climate Change' and the hundreds of 'academics' organising this. Of course, old Klaus Schwab lets the cat out of the bag -

'Youth activism is increasing world-wide, being revolutionalised by social media that increases mobilisation to an extent that would have been impossible before...The young generation is firmly at the vanguard of social change. There is little doubt that it will be the catalyst for change and a source of critical momentum for the Great Reset.'

Of course, this 'Youth Activism' will do this on its own initiative, and not being guided and manipulated by the 'academics' and funded by the 'billionaires'. What bloody codswallop! It should be clear to anyone that mass-demonstrations need funding, organisation and the means to organise people into a collective quickly - billionaires, academics, and the social media. These people thus unwittingly do the work of the Global Elite. 

This is the reason that we need to build an alternative leadership, a new 'Armanen' that will act as spiritual leaders, thus being true to the Spirit of Man and not based upon economic materialism which has been the destructive force for far too long now. The 'produce and consume' society locks mankind into the material world, and is destructive to the Earth at the same time. We can see how, even with various different organisations, these all have the same Global Agenda, and all work towards the same aim - a World State. Our role within this falling society is to recreate the Divine Order of the Gods through working as spiritual leaders to those who hear the Call of the Blood. 

There is growing unrest all over the world, and here in England a new wave of unrest has started recently. But there is no leadership nor direction, just rising anger at what is going on. These measures are not going to end, and 'Climate Change' will come back with a bang in order to further the next stage of the Global Agenda. The people now need spiritual guidance, they need an alternative to the world of economic materialism and the produce-and-consume society that is so destructive of the Spirit of Man and of the Mother Earth. 

In the first quote by Mariana Mazzucato we can see how 'governments would limit...' but how many would question why business-orientated economists would have the power to tell (elected) governments what to do? Governments are not in control, and clearly it is these unelected business-orientated economists who are in control - at least at one level. We can see how far we have gone since having wise men in the main positions of power, Spiritual Leaders who ruled as priests and philosophers. 

We can also see the hand of Bill Gates involved here, since he owns around 60% of the farmland in the USA, and is also involved in the growing 'fake meat' industry where plant-based 'meat' is produced, and will clearly replace natural meat. Yes, there are problems with the mass-production of meat, but nothing that cannot be put right by a return to farming rather than agri-business. And with this 'Fake Meat' taking over from real Natural Meat, where does this leave the sheep? And what about the cow, are we to see this disappear from our landscape after thousands of years - the demise of the holy symbol of the Great Mother? No doubt hunting wild animals would be banned; thus the link between the Hunter and the Hunted broken forever. The Hunter - the earthly representation of the One-Eyed Hunter-God, Woden. (This is shown clearly in the figure of Robin Hood who is an archer and a hunter of the 'King's Deer'.) 

Bill Gates is typical of the Global Elite, and has his hands in very different 'pies' -

  • High-tech industry - mass surveillance and mass control.
  • The farmland industry - ready to increase the production of plants for 'Fake Meat'; based upon genetically-modified plant growing, of course.
  • The 'Fake-Meat' industry which will be a 'growth-industry'.
  • Through an associate organisation we are now informed that breast-feeding is 'unnatural'; by coincidence the Gates Foundation is now involved in producing 'Fake Baby-Milk'. 

Now we need even more people who are spiritually inclined since this madness cannot go on for much longer without disastrous consequences to everyone and to the planet. The only consolation we have now is that it would be very very difficult to totally enforce the rules they will apply, as we see today in the 'Lockdown'. And more people are getting tired and fed up with their lives being shattered by the globalists. Politicians and the police must be the most hated people today due to the 'Lockdown' measures. Anger is brewing everywhere, but they have the power to control this at the moment.

But there is one thing that sits at the back of the mind: they are obviously working to a set plan which entails going with the current - the Power of the People in the 'Age of the People'. But this could well be a very dangerous game, for should the people become aware of what is going on, and thus follow the right type of leader then the whole thing will turn back on them. This could have been nearer if the spiritual forces that exist already had not been, in the main, based around 'antiquarianism' where living in the past overrides being aware of what is going on in the present, and more importantly, doing something to combat this tyranny. It is all well and good keeping our spirituality alive, but we are both spirit and matter, and both should be in harmonious working. There are individuals who can both upkeep the 'Viking World' or 'Germanic World' and also work in some way to expose the forces that oppress us today, but again there are many more who have done nothing at all but resurrect the past whilst ignoring what is going on. 

These globalists are the real 'terrorists' who are instilling terror in the people, and as this goes on there will be people who start to question this society and its materialistic form, and will turn towards the spirit. They will, of course, have to control such a change in some way, but with the rise of true Spiritual Leaders this will be made less possible. As people start to become aware of the truth, and that they are being lied to, and become aware that for decades these lies have been propagated, they will start to wake up, or at least a proportion will start to awaken. 

It is necessary to recreate that mystical link between the Sacred Blood and the Sacred Soil of the Homeland. This must be our basic task, to regain that link between Man and Nature. But it is also our duty to expose the false 'Green Agenda' and to get to those who are already in some way receptive to the problems we all face with the destruction of Nature. Not only is this destruction through the endless materials used in a mass-production society, but this is also through the measures coming into place that divorce Man from Nature, those outlined above about Bill Gates (he is not the only one). There are many who do have an empathy with the Earth, but unfortunately there are amongst these a majority who have no idea how to abide by Natural Law. Their empathy for the Earth seems to be more based upon pity rather than anything strong enough to change things - this applies to animal welfare and to wild animals. Pity does nothing but insult! The Earth, Nature and Natural Law are one and the same, and this is sacred to us because it is permeated by Gods and the Gods. 

There seems no point whatever trying to heal the wounded Earth if we cannot recognise the wrongs they have done through their idiotic agenda. Great problems have been caused by breaking the local eco-systems through bringing in species from other lands. Some can see this, and yet cannot see that this applies to the species of man too. This is due to our being divorced from the Natural Order, and learning from the Old Testament that man is above Nature and thus must dominate all life. Such a man-centred religion has created the disasters we see today. Of course, they have done the usual Old Testament trick again; we - the people - are to blame for this Global Disaster. We have become the scapegoat, to blame for what they have done, and to take the guilt from their shoulders. This seems clear from the measures taken today due to 'Climate Change'.

It has been their produce-and-consume society that has given rise to the vast amount of energy needed to power their high-tech gadgets. It has been their produce-and-consume society that has given everyone the chance to own a car. It is their produce-and-consume society that has been responsible for the vast amount of global travel needed to send goods all over the world, goods that could just as well have been produced locally and thus saved the need for this global transport of goods. And now - this is our fault, so we must makes sacrifices to change this. There is no doubt they will not be involved in these sacrifices and will continue their luxurious lives as usual. They can continue this ludicrous living-style whilst we have to sacrifice ours to 'save the planet'. This would be fine if they too were to give something up - no chance of that!

Our aim is to create a New Order based upon the holy concept of Blood and Soil, upon the link between the Folk and the Land. A harmonious society created around the Heildom or Halidom where there is a wholeness, not a society broken into factions. Every part working in harmony with the other parts, every part as important as the others, and yet with a form of natural hierarchy based upon the Eternal Laws of Nature. The 'Climate Crisis' is coming back, and we have the opportunity to try to awaken the people to what is going on, and more importantly, to give them an alternative. The great problem with the 'Left-Right' structure of our society is that anything to do with the ecology and to the climate is seen to be 'Left-Wing' and thus often rejected outright by the 'Right-Wing'. In doing so they allow the 'Left' to have a monopoly on ecology and this has resulted in this movement being manipulated and used by the globalists in order to further their Global Agenda. This has to change if we are to stop this destruction.

But even here we must take into consideration the spiritual aspect of this, promoting the Spirit of Nature and not just the physical and material side. Again, on the surface some 'greens' appear to be spiritually inclined, but when this is looked at they are totally divorced from Nature and Natural Law. We have to replace such ideas with those of our Folkish Religion, where we are bound by Natural Law and to obey Natural Law, not try to overcome Nature. And, of even more importance, we have to expose to the light the agenda of the Servants of Darkness. None of this has come about by accident. 

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