Thursday 11 February 2021

The Mystic-Warrior


Bring Hope to those who have none,

Freedom for those in chains,

Justice for those who are wronged.

(Word-Sword of The Hooded Man)

"One Land - One Blood - One Folk!" We all know what we see as the only future for the Nations and the Folk. We all know what we have to do, our role in the great struggle for freedom from the Global System. We can see what is wrong, we can see the evil that is being perpetrated upon all peoples through the draconian measures imposed by the Hidden Global Elite. But how can we oppose such a world-wide control over all peoples? 

I can only speak for what is happening here in England; there is growing opposition and growing anger at the terror-tactics being imposed upon the English Folk. But this opposition is not organised by any group that has a purpose, an ideology, and ideals. This opposition opposes without anything to replace what they wish to overthrow. This, of course, is no bad thing at this particular time, whether this comes from 'left' or 'right', since this society must collapse before anything positive can be built from the ruins. In the meantime, in the words of Julius Evola we must raise ourselves 'Above the Ruins'. But for something positive to arise out of the ashes of destruction there must be some form of 'blueprint' for a New Order.

After what is going on politicians of every level will become more and more distrusted because of the lies and misinformation, and because they are continually stringing the people on. This distrust of politics could lead to a shift in attitudes towards religious and spiritual movements. People can also see that it is not just politicians but the 'elite' from every level of this society who are forcing upon us measures that we do not only see as wrong but as something they preach about but do not abide by themselves. We have to weather this part of the storm, keeping alive the Flame of Freedom whilst, where we can, acting as Spiritual Leaders of the Common Folk. This is not a time for the weak, it is a time for the strong; this is the Survival of the Fittest. 

Withstand! Resist! Our worst enemy, and this no doubt applies to all of us, is doubt and the ideas that arise within the mind that tend to make us hesitate and doubt what we are doing. We know that we are right. What we have said for decades (some of us at least) has now come to be, so we cannot be wrong in what we do. We have been smeared, attacked in the press and the media, looked down upon by the brainwashed and controlled masses. As 'solitaries' we will be shunned and no doubt hated by the cowardly conformers; there is no doubt that many new 'bullies' will arise to try to make us conform. Here we must recognise that a bully can only continue bullying so long as the victim cowers in fear; when the bully is given back what he gives, greater if possible, then it is they who will cower in fear and become useless. An aura of strength will put any would-be bully off from acting at all. 

What has come about is that group-activity has been severely curtailed due to the draconian measures imposed upon us all; 'curtailed' but of course not necessarily stopped altogether. At one level we have to do things differently, and in such stressful times the best way to go about this is through meditation, because this lowers stress levels. This can be done as individuals, and should be done if we are to keep our sanity in an insane world. There is no doubt in my mind, with the ever-increasing madness that is going on around us, that some very powerful evil force has now swept through the world, led by the Servants of Darkness, and by the White Traitors who have betrayed their people. Swept along are the weak, unthinking masses who cannot but be pulled along by the power of this force. Like the Salmon of Wisdom we swim upstream against the current, upstream against the march of Time - Men Against Time. Through daily meditation and contemplation we can look more clearly at what goes on, analyse what is happening, and more importantly, find ways to increase our own strength and power. 

When we are young we tend to go for the physical side of the Warrior Arts, but as we get older this must turn to the esoteric side because we do slow down a bit and we cannot do what we did when we were younger - to some degree anyway. We are all warriors in this great struggle, fighting against evil has to take many forms, not just the physical. We are constantly under a psychological attack from The System, the mainstay of which is the army of psychologists who guide and make the decisions that our 'elected' politicians obey without question. Such attacks cannot be opposed except by psychological means. Whatever we may think about this, such attacks are nothing less than Black Magic. The Norse Symbol below is the 'Helm of Terror', named so because it is not just a defence, it is an active defence designed to throw back the attack. 

I have mentioned before that I believe this symbol to be based upon the Thorn-Rune which, at one level, is a 'Cursing-Rune', and this is empowered by using three-strokes (Thorn is the third rune) on the eight arms, the end of which is an Eohls-Rune. This active force is the Trident of Woden (Trident of Shiva), and this is a destructive-force of great power, destructive of those who use such psychological attacks. The psychic attack is thus warded off in the eight directions, through the eight arms. This is a very powerful symbol of psychic defence, since it has also 24 cross-staves (Elder Futhark) plus eight arms (32) and the central point (making 33, the runes of the Ar-kan). Of course, the Eohls-Rune is the 'antenna' that 'sends' this force outwards to ward off the attack. I would strongly suggest that our people learn this symbol and use its power at this time. 

As you can see here, we are not powerless to counter this attack, especially when we realise that we are under psychic attack. Their power, never forget, is through the power-centres they control, the press and the media, but we can raise just as much power ourselves if only our people would make the effort to do so. This power has to be stronger and sent by the Force of the Will, because we do not have the means open to The System. 

The Nithing-Pole

The Mystic-Warrior must learn the symbols to use against the enemies of our Folk, the Sacred Symbols that invoke awesome powers of creation and destruction. Thunor, the Aryan Thunder-God, is the most feared by the Dark Joten, the strongest and most powerful of the Gods. And so is his symbol, the Fylfot-Swastika - the Hammer of Thunor, wielded against the enemies of Gods and Men. The Nithing-Pole and the Need-Rune invoke the Power of the Underworld, the Serpent-Power or Dragon-Power. 

The Thorn-Rune is that of active-protection since the 'thorn' pricks and hurts; the shape is that of this active-protection that is gathered from above and below, and then channeled through the 'arrow' towards the target. The Ancient Runes are our weapon of defence and attack; they are the Bane of the Joten, and as such they are the means by which we can awaken some of our own people, since they lay deep in the consciousness of the Folk. What we lack in power on the physical plane we must make up for on other levels, remembering that whatever happens at one level affects other levels too. 

Let the ancient Tribal Banners of the Aryan Nations arise once more from the ashes of a dying world, giving hope to those who have none in these troubled time. The power we can wield is in the Ancient Runes, and we must all become Mystic-Warriors in these great times, when we have been chosen to live at this hour, when the Forces of Light are rising against the Servants of Darkness. This is the greatest hour of our Folk, and we should be proud to have been born into these times, no matter how hard that is, and no matter what they throw at us.

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