Saturday 12 March 2016

The Mysteries of Ingwe

I have several times mentioned that Ingwe/Ing could be connected to the name 'Ygg' or 'Igg' which is a by-name of Woden and the root of 'Yggdrasil' or 'Iggdrasil'. The Gothic rune for 'Ing' is Yggws which may have been pronounced 'Yngwas', and we have the Greek letters 'gg' being pronounced 'ng'. The name 'Ygg' is said to mean The Terrible One and 'Yggdrasil' is the Steed of The Terrible One. Since 'steed' infers a horse, it may be relevant to mention that the old children's word for horse is 'gee-gee' (g-g), and we may well ask where that term came from. 

We need to look at the underlying archetype of Ingwe if we are to gain further knowledge of this. I have suggested the following sequence -

Ingwe - Sceaf - Woden - Hama - 'Son of Man(nus)' - The White Krist

I would like to suggest that Ingwe is a very old name given to the same archetype as Woden. Indeed, since we find a close link between Krist (as the Hanged God) and Woden (as the Hanged God) this links both to the 'Cross' (the Sign of Ingwe is the Cross of Fro-Ing) or the Wolf-Tree. This would explain in part the obscure references to Ingwe in certain weapons -

Gungnir - 'Gift of Ing'

Mimming - 'Memory of Ing'

In some way these references to Ing/Ingwe suggest that this archetype is very ancient indeed, and his memory is all but veiled in an ancient mist. Since we can find this same archetype in the 'Celtic' names Aengus/Oengus/Angus then it is just a step further in seeing Ingwe as the God of At-al-land, the memory of which can be found within the Lore of the Frisians, and also we may surmise in the 'Celtic' Lore that has been recorded here in Britain. References to 'sunken lands' can be found this side of the North Sea too. It is also to be noted that a by-name of Rudra (Shiva) is Ugg - Rudra is a very ancient archetype that pre-dates Shiva, and this archetype is that of the Wild Hunter-God. 

When we look at the figure of Odin portrayed by many Odinists it seems to be totally different from the Wild Hunter-God or Wolf-God that has arisen as the new Woden Archetype within Folkish Wodenism. The Woden Archetype is far nearer to Rudra who is also a wild, chaotic figure, whose by-name 'Ugg' is very similar in sound and in meaning to 'Igg'. Woden rides an eight-legged steed (horse) whereas Rudra rides a Bull. What I am saying here is that this is a far more ancient concept of this archetype.

The incarnation of Ingwe as Wid-Ar - the Crowned and Conquering Son - is made clear through the events of August 1999, the Solar Eclipse, the Perseid Meteor Shower, and the Sign of Ingwe in the skies. We can see another side of this archetype when we consider the Greek Perseus to be the Archetypal Divine Hero (born of a God and a Human Woman) - he is the Archetypal Parsifal or The Divine Fool. We have now entered the Age of Ingwe or The Age of the Son, and the primary archetype of our Folk is the Warrior-Hero mounted upon a White Horse, carrying a shield bearing the White Dragon, and the Flaming Sword in his right hand. 

The White Stone of Ing is the 'Gift of Ing' which is - Fire! Fire is an element which is esoterically associated with movement and action, which (as Steed has also mentioned) is connected to the suffix -ing which is always used to denote 'movement' or 'action' and thus 'change'. As Steed suggests, this connects to Woden and the Woda-Force (which is 'movement'), but it also links to Irmin whose name may stem from ermin (at one level) meaning 'to put into motion'. We may also mention here that the name Iring, using the suffix ing suggests that Ir is 'put into motion'; when we find that Iring's Way is the Milky Way we can see that this is a coiling, swirling motion symbolised by the Swastika. Ir or Irmin is the God of the Arya. (Note that Arya stems from the Aryan Root *ar- which means 'movement' as well as 'to plough'.)

In one sense Ingwe is the Life-Force which is in constant motion and change; constantly moving, swirling and changing. This is the Virile Force (Vril) which is the Force of the Hero (Vira/Wera) connected to the Ur-Rune (note here that Rudra rides a 'bull' and this rune is that of the Ur-Ox or Primal Bull). [*] In this respect the Ing-Rune actually means 'hero'. Ingwe is the Archetypal Hero or Divine Hero

[*] A post on the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag Blog will be based upon Vril-Vira-Ur Rune ideas - coming soon.

The Symbol of Ingwe is the White Dragon or more precisely the White, Winged Coiled Serpent and this links to the name 'Iggdrasil' which can be said to mean -

Igg - Ing

Dra - Dragon

Sil - Sun

Which gives us - Sun Dragon of Ing. But, since the word 'sil' developed from 'sele' in the name 'Silbury Hill' then it is also possible to see 'sil' as selig meaning 'holy or 'blessed', thus - Holy Dragon of Ing. The Listian term sal suggests 'salvation' and again we can see here a link between Iggdrasil and 'salvation', through Lif and Lifthrasir that dwell within the trunk of the Holy Tree. Iggdrasil is the White Tree as well as the White Dragon.

The Inga-Fire is the 'Inner Fire' within all life, and it is also the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini (The Kan-Fire as on the White Stone of Ing). In Kundalini in the Physical World Mary Scott suggests that the Kundalini (which is a word connected to 'to turn' or 'to coil') is like a 'screw' (which 'coils' or 'twists') in space, which suggests the concept of the worm-holes (wyrm/worm = a dragon = 'to turn') postulated by Quantum Science. This idea also connects to the 'coils' found in dowsing ancient sites and 'ley-lines' (Heilig Lines). Since ratio was the basis of Ancient Mathematics we should note the following sequence, based upon the 3 1/2 coils of the Fire-Serpent -

3 1/2 : 7 : 14 : 28 : 56 : 112

In English Gematria the Number 112 means The Hooded Man - is this really a coincidence, or synchronicity? The Hooded Man holds within himself the 'Balance of Light and Darkness', which holds true for his Weapon of Power - the Sword Albion - and at one level the Archetypal Myth of Ragnarok is based upon the conflict and union of opposites, which forms the basis of the stage prior to the separation necessary to achieve the Resurrection of the Hero (Ingwe). 'Albion' is the ancient name for England. 

The Inga-Fire is symbolised by the Lightning-Bolt (Sig-Rune) which is the Fire of the Superman (The Coming Man). This, as we have stated, is the Vril-Force at one level.

The Lightning-Bolt is the Power of Thunor, just as the Swastika or Hammer of Thunor is the moving power of Mjollnir - 'The Crusher' or 'The Miller'. This is the power that 'grinds', the power of the World Mill, 'grinding' down in order to re-create - the Power of Destruction-to-Recreation. Thunor is the Archetypal Hero-God who the Warrior of Woden worships and emulates in order to become 'as the gods'. 

We have seen how (at one level) the prophecy in Voluspa of the coming of The Mighty One ('The Strong One From Above') relates to Hama (Heimdall) as found in the references in Voluspa which match exactly to Hama. The 'e'en Greater One', as I have stated, refers to Wid-Ar, and thus to Ingwe if what I say is correct. This archetype is that of The Terrible One and we can see this in the oft-quoted stanza attributed to Nostradamus -

"In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come the great King of Terror (Solar Eclipse - Black Sun). He will bring back to life the great King of Angolmois (King of the Angles, i.e. Ingwe). Before and after Mars reigns supreme."

Ingwe will be 'brought back to life' through the King of Terror - the Black Sun or Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999. The omen surrounding this will be the reign of the War-God (here named Mars). This has certainly shown to be true since the events afterwards have been a Reign of Terror going under the title 'War on Terror'. It was the Power of the Black Sun that brought this Ancient Archetype back to life or resurrected. This was also the conception of the Age of Ing - The Age of the Son.

As yet, the importance of Ingwe has not been recognised; he is the most ancient archetype of the English Folk, and it is the English Folk that bear the Inga-Fire and the innate Power of Ingwe. This is why the English have always been adventurers, conquerors, battle-hardy and victorious, bearing the Inner Fire (Inga-Fire) within them. What we call the 'English' of today are a pale relic of this once ancient people, but that Inga-Fire (Fire of the White Dragon) still burns within the Folk-Soul. Today it yet remains a smouldering 'ember', but an 'ember' that can be fanned into a flame through the application of the Power of Ingwe. To 'fan' an ember into a flame it is only necessary to apply wind or the movement of air - the Force of Woden. 

The Inga-Stone (White Horse Stone) has been seen as the 'Birthplace of England' and in a sense this is very true; it marks the place where Hengest and Horsa defeated the Britons and started the ascendency of the Germanic Folk here in England. Again, through Hengest and Horsa being the Divine Horse Twins we are back to the Horse Totem of Igg/Ingwe. Indeed, hidden within the name H-eng-est is the name 'Ing' or 'Eng' (Eng-lish). Hengest could be seen as the Geist of Ingwe - Spirit of Ingwe. This indicates that Hengest was the Incarnation of Ingwe which is why he is connected to the founding of the English Nation. As an ancient archetype he came as Sceaf to aid the English Tribes on the Holy Island (Scandi) at the end of the Golden Age, to bring agriculture (The Arya) and the Secret of Fire. Indeed, as well as the physical element of fire, Sceaf-Ing brought down the Inga-Fire which dwells in the Soul of the English Folk. He was resurrected as Hengest in order to counter the growing power of the Joten - Forces of Chaos - wielding the Sword of AEtla which was passed on by the Hun-Lord, Attila as the Wyrd of Attila

As we can see from the Symbol of Iggdrasil, the Horse ('Steed') and the Dragon are interchangeable symbols, so the White Horse and the White Dragon are also interchangeable. So the Symbol of Ingwe is the White Dragon or the White Horse, the latter featuring on the flag of the Old Saxons, as seen by the modern Flags of Saxony. (Here we should note that the Saxons and Engels were often seen as the same.) This is also proven by the famous Nursery Rhyme that concerns Banbury Cross -

Ride a cock-horse (coch-horse = red horse) to Banbury Cross,
To see a Fine Lady (*) upon a White Horse.

(*) The 'Fine Lady' is Lady Godiva or God-Gifa whose name contains the Gyfu-Rune which crops up throughout these ideas. She is the 'Gift-Goddess' Gefion or Freya.

When we consider that the White Stone of Ing(we) is not of the type of stone found anywhere in the area that it was found (Steyning), there could be a possibility that it has come from further north, maybe even from At-al-Land which is an interesting thought. This is perhaps made clearer by the use of the name Cuthman which stems from a very complex root -

Old English cyththu - 'knowledge'.

Old English cyth - 'known' (pp of kunnan - 'to know'.

Old English cythan - 'make known'.

Old English cyththe - 'native land', 'kindred'.

From these we get the English word 'kith' which forms the saying 'kith and kin'. We still use the term 'uncouth' which is 'un-couth' meaning originally 'one who is not known', a stranger. The letter 'y' in the above would be sounded as 'u' as in 'us'. The terms 'Kith' and 'Kin' derive from the same root, and originally in the Ken-Rune or Kin-Rune. (Note that this can be found on the White Stone of Ing, suggesting that the rune also represents the 'Known Man' - Ingwe.) The twin meanings of cyththe - 'native land' and 'kindred' must remind us of the concept of Blood (Kin) and Land (Kith). 'Kith and Kin' can thus mean 'Land and Blood' just as in German this is Blut und Boden. We see the very same mystical link between Man and his Land - this is the root-essence of the Arya. 

The idea that the White Stone of Ing may have originated in the sunken lands we know as At-al-land may well be hinted at in the use of the Ken-Rune on the White Stone of Ing. This is not the usual Ken-Rune of either the Common Germanic Futhark nor the Old English Futhork, but a variant which can be found in the English Runes and which seems to represent a Fire with smoke arising from it. 

It seems reasonable to assume that the English Tribes would have known full well who Ing/Ingwe was - their Divine Ancestor. The White Stone of Ing would have been left to us as a 'key' to discovering the Mystery of Ingwe when the time was right - i.e. at the End of Time. The Gift of Ing is the DNA Code which to us contains the Blood Memory. The blood, to us, is not just a physical element that courses around the body, it is the vehicle of the 'spirit' (just as oxygen is taken around the body through the blood). In this way we can see the Blood as the Igneous Blood (note the word igneous related to Agni) which is the Fire of the Black Sun. We have here a direct link between Ingwe and the Black Sun, as in the Prophesies of Nostradamus. The Black Sun is the power that awakens Ingwe and we can also find this once again in The Prophecy 88 where it is the power of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth that melts the ice that imprisons the Goddess of the New Dawn - Idunn. It is the Dawn-Goddess that brings into being the Divine Child - the Last Avatar. 

Is it any wonder then that our enemies fear the power of the Black Sun; but they also fear the power of Ingwe symbolised by the White Dragon. This explains, even if done unconsciously, the attacks upon the English Awakening which was symbolised by the growing use of the White Dragon. It also explains the return to a 'British Consciousness' that has followed - this symbolism being the Red Dragon. The symbol of the White Dragon was already being distorted at this time, but their actions have assured that it is now being taken up by the more Folkish elements, which means it is rising once more but this time in the right way. 

As found in Revelation the White Stone is symbolic of Ingwe (Ing) and tells us that Ingwe is the 'new name of God', i.e. the new archetype for this new world age. Since it seems likely that Wid-Ar is a god-force (archetype) that 'resurrects' every 26,000 years (a Great Year) then we can assume that this also applies to Ingwe. This cycle is made up of four periods of around 6,500 years which is a time not very far off that linked to the cycle of the Hale-Bopp Comet and the sinking of At-al-land around 7,000 years ago. Again, we are back to the idea that Ingwe was the God of At-al-land, and that there is no doubt that he led his people out of the sinking lands to safety - 'Eastwards across the waves' maybe. This would have led this remnant out of the area to Scandinavia and Northern Germany, the later 'homeland' of the English Tribes. Some of the peoples would have remained here, no doubt, and the later 'invasions' were merely a return to their original Homeland or 'Racial Lands'. 

If I am right here then the Legend of Ingwe is very ancient and has still been remembered in the English Rune-Row under the rune called 'Ing'. The English version of the Ing-Rune (shown below) is in fact the Germanic Ing-Rune with a downward-pointing arrow (Sinking of At-al-land/Ingwe) and an upward-pointing arrow (Rising of At-al-land/Ingwe) combined into one symbol -

The rune is also a glyph of the Edel-Rune shown downwards (Sinking of At-al-land) and upwards (Rising of At-al-land) which again combines the very same idea, but this time using the Rune of At-al-land itself. Combined in this one rune is the concept of Blood (Ing) and Land (Edel). Also, hidden within the Rune of Ing are the Twin Kan-Runes of the Inga-Fire (Kan-Fusion) and, when the rune is turned around, the Twin Ur-Runes of the Vril-Force (Ur-Fusion). In both cases we see a 'Union of Opposites', the Ken-Runes representing Male-Female (penetrating-receiving) and the Ur-Runes also representing Male-Female (the same but seen as upward-downward/heaven-earth). Ingwe thus represents the Union of Opposites (Ragnarok) which separate creating the God-Man or the Resurrection of the Hero. The separation is represented by the downward arrow and the upward arrow separated by the Sign of Ing (Germanic Ing-Rune which is here the 'Seed of Creation'). 

It is again relevant to note that in the twisted and distorted Merlin TV Series the sign attributed to the High Priestess of the Old Religion who dwelt upon the Isle of the Blest was the Old English Ing-Rune with a 'seed' (dot) in the centre, in this case using the Ur-Fusion version (the above rune turned around). The High Priestess was named Nimwe if I recall rightly. It is made clear here, taken from Celtic Lore that holds these mysteries, that the Isle of the Blest was the last stronghold of the 'Old Religion' which in the series was represented by the White Dragon. It may be, as I have said before, that the Isle of the Blest were the last to sink into the North Sea - and maybe the first to rise again from the Waters of Chaos. If Nimwe represents the White Dragon (seen with Morgana, another Priestess of the Old Religion) then the Isle of the Blest would be the last stronghold of the Cult of Ingwe. 

Here we should recall the alternative symbolism contained in the Edel-Rune - the Balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. This is twin Sig-Runes facing each other. This is the Rune of The Hooded Man as mentioned by Hamasson. We only need to 'crown' the above Edel-Rune to create the Ing-Rune and thus the Crowned and Conquering Son. The Edel-Rune represents the sunken lands of At-al-land but it also represents the 'key' to understanding the Mysteries of Ingwe, since adding the 'crown' represents Ingwe, which suggests the link between Sacral Kingship and the Land (Sovereignty). We can see this when we use the Ing-Rune as the Rune of Kingship and the Edel-Rune in its alternative version - Erda - as the Rune of the Earth Mother. This is the Sacred Marriage of the Sacral King to the Land (Sovereignty). 

This photo shows the Sun-Symbol at Banbury Cross, and in another post I saw this as maybe being the Black Sun as well as the White Sun (White Horse/White Dragon) and the idea that it is the Power of the Black Sun that awakens Ingwe suggests that this may be a valid idea. The idea that Banbury (Beran-byrig) links to the Sacred Centre of England, and that this is the centre of the House of the Wolsungas (Barnstock Oak/Branstock Oak) also links it to the World Tree - Iggdrasil - and thus to Ingwe. Indeed, Bran, Ban etc. are names of the Celtic figure who is beheaded and whose head then guards the Land of England. It was said to have been buried in the Tower of London. Bran is associated with the Raven, and the last ravens that are in the Tower of London are Huginn and Muninn - the Ravens of Woden. The solar-symbol here actually suggests the 'centre' since the Sun is the centre of our solar system. 

Ingwe is the Inner Fire that burns in the heart of the Inga-Folk, and in the core of every star - the Life-Force - everywhere the centre whose circumference is nowhere. Ingwe is the Fire-Snake, the Secret Serpent which is coiled, waiting to spring (spr-ing) into action. Ingwe is an Ancient God, a Primal Force, the 'Terrible One' later known as Woden, also known as Rudra, tamed to Shiva, but still the 'Wild One', the 'One-Eyed Hunter-God' whose symbolism is that of a Dark God standing upon his Left Leg, holding his Left Arm behind his back, and peering through his Left Eye in the Crane-Stance which is the Magical Gesture of the One-Eyed Hunter-God, the Wild Man of the Woods, the Lord of the Trees, the Lord of the Animals - the Wolf-God. His awakening is symbolised by the Wer-wolf (werewolf) which like the god Wid-Ar suggests the God of Resistance - the resistance to this vile regime that oppresses our Folk and seeks our final destruction. Ingwe, Wid-Ar, HelgiH, The Hooded Man - these are all forms of the same Archetypal Hero who appears in order to resist an oppressive regime and to lead the English Folk to the Final Victory. 

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Ingwe & the English Folk-Nation.

'When hemp is spun - England's done!' This was an old prophecy which I believe stems back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I. It was fulfilled some years ago when Paul McCartney used the cannabis plant (hemp) for making handbags. Let us be very clear here, England is done and finished! This should seem obvious to anyone, and there is no point whatever in trying to revive a corpse. Whilst this should be made clear, the English Folk is an Eternal Being, and lives on so long as there is English Blood in our veins. 

Our lands are occupied by an alien elite whose policies are hell-bent upon the destruction of the English Folk altogether. This is just a part of the plan now known as White Genocide which is aimed at all of the Nations of Europe and the White World. We are not the only ones who face the problems created by mass immigration, and we should not isolate ourselves from the other European Peoples, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the other White Nations who share our struggle for survival. 

If the English Folk are to survive then we need to define who we are, and we need to recognise our roots in Germania. So let us now define who the English really are, something that few can seem to do. The English are, as their name implies, the Sons of Ingwe, the Seven Tribes of the Ingas who came together in these islands into a people that eventually formed the English Nation. Ingwe is the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk, known to the Norse as Ingvi-Frey and to the Germans as Fro-Ingui. The name means 'Lord Ing' since Frey or Fro is a title meaning 'Lord'.

The Seven Tribes of Ingwe come from Germania and Scandinavia, and the English (as history records) are made up of Swedes, Norwegians, Saxons (Germans), Danes and a mixture of Germanic Tribes who occupied these lands in very ancient times, whose tribal names may have differed somewhat. In Wodenic Lore we use the term Seven Swords of Wayland for these Seven Tribes of Ingwe, with the Seventh Sword as the 'Sword of the Wolsungas', a sword which unites these tribes into the English Nation. This is also named Albion which is a very ancient name for England. Albion was the name used by the ancient Germanic Tribes that occupied these islands in ancient times. 

It is important to understand the meaning of the name Albion, because it can mean 'White Island' and it can also mean 'Island of the Elves'. Both are important meanings, but when we consider that Ingwe is the High Lord of the Elves then we can understand why England was called 'Albion' in the ancient past. (This is rooted in the word alb which is a Germanic term for 'elf'.) Those English who have been critical of our use of the name 'Albion' do so because they don't seem to recognise how far back into the ancient past the proto-English go back in these islands. 

I believe that one obstacle that we face in awakening the English lies in those who still hold to the Judaeo-Christian Religion, simply because this is not only an alien religion originating in the Middle East, but also because the English cannot recognise their roots in a Heathen God or Heathen Divine Being if they reject Heathenism. Ingwe is a very ancient Germanic God - the Divine Hero, and the Divine Ancestor of the Ingvaeones (Ingwines = Friends of Ing). He figures in the Royal Line of the Ynglings of Sweden, and also the most ancient kingship of Norway. In fact, if we trace the areas where Ingwe seems to have been linked to we can see that there is a clear hint that he was the ruler of the lost continent of At-al-land. 

The importance of the White Stone of Ing has not as yet been realised amongst the English Community; indeed, so far I have seen no-one else take up this theme. This stone, found in the porch of a church in Steyning, West Sussex, has the message 'Gift of Ing' upon it, with the meaning of this as the Ken-Rune which is the rune associated with fire, the serpent, the dragon and also the Fire-Serpent. The Ing-Rune is also the glyph of the DNA Spiral, hence this is the rune representing the genetic code and our own unique destiny within that genetic code. This too is the 'Gift of Ing'. Since the church is dedicated to 'Cuthman' whose name really means 'land-man', suggesting that he is connected to the Land and to the Folk through Blood & Soil ('Kith and Kin'), and his legend is the Legend of Ingwe as found in the Old English Rune-Poem, the importance of this Holy Stone cannot be overestimated. 

If Ingwe is Sceaf, and we have no reason to doubt this, then he was the one who came to Scandi ('Shining Island') in very ancient times, maybe at the end of the Golden Age, to become the Sacral King of the English. He was what we term an avatar and also an archetype who incarnated in order to aid the English Folk at a critical time. He appears in a boat, he comes over the waters, which has always been symbolic of the Waters of Chaos which refers to a period when everything dissolves into the Primordial Chaos in order to effect a new creation and a New Order. He brings agriculture to his people, and he also brings fire which (as we have seen) he is connected to directly as a God of Fire. 

And yet Ingwe is not even known to most of the English Community, let alone given the due honour that he deserves. Indeed, how can the English be awakened without knowing who they are are where they come from? That Ingwe (Ing) is connected to fire can be found in the idea of the inglenook which stands at the side of the hearth-fire; his is the Fire of the Hearth, which is the central focus of the house. Fire is expansive, ever-moving, bringing light and warmth, and above all is a symbol of the Eternal Flame of Life. The Eternal Flame had to be kept alight or it symbolised death. In our knowledge of Ingwe we have kept alight the Eternal Flame which must not go out if the English are to survive this onslaught. 

Ingwe is a phallic god and here the phallus represents more that merely fertility and virility, for it represents creation and the will to recreate. This is of extreme importance since when we do recognise that England and the English Nation is dead, then it is just a step to recognising that such a concept cannot be revived - it has to be re-created! To do this it is necessary to go backwards in time, a regression of time, back to the point of Creation; at this time, a time when this land has been plunged into the Primordial Chaos, the next phase can only be a new creation and a New Man. As I have stated over and over again, this entails a change in ourselves. We have to move away from the bonds of this oppressive regime, move away from the Old Order, discard everything that holds back our re-awakening and which has been a hindrance to our destiny. This also entails rejecting the oppressive slave-religion of Christianity and its roots in Judaism and the Old Testament. 

We can see the dangers of a Christian revival in the creation of organisations designed to create conflict between Christians and Muslims - organisations such as the English Defence League and Britain First. But this can work for us in that such a conflict should destroy the power of both sides - and so long as a strong force - a Third Force - is built that will fill the void this would end in our Final Victory. The 'War on Terror' has been used as a means to inflict upon us the most oppressive measures seen in Europe since the 'Witch Hunts' and the vicious Christian attacks upon the Heathen World. This has been an excuse to bring in more and more oppressive laws, just as the street-action that creates conflict between 'Right' and 'Left' will also be used to do the same. When your enemy is far larger you do not face them head-on, what you do is to use guerilla warfare. In which case it is futile to meet a thousand-strong force with a very much smaller number. Since the British Police are doing everything to hinder street-action, and are on the side of the multi-racial society, then the only way to do anything positive is through 'flash-demos' which do not need police permission, and cannot give the enemy a chance to muster large forces. This has been taken up by the more forward-thinking people and should be an example to everyone else now. (Of course, if this type of action does show signs of achieving anything The System will just move the 'goalposts' - bring in new laws to stop this.)

Two of the most bloody World Wars have been created in order to destroy the peoples of Europe. World War I entailed the killing of soldiers in the main, whilst World War II extended this to the mass destruction of civilians (we cannot put the whole blame on Germany and it would be a good thing for people to study what really did happen). The 'War on Terror' today entails terror against ordinary people caught up in bombings and mass-killings, as well as the mass-killings by the Anglo-American alliance aimed at Muslim countries. It is these that have resulted in the movement of hundreds of thousands of 'refugees' that have totally destabilised the whole of Europe. This has been no 'accident'. 

Europe has been thrown into chaos, we are going through a period of dissolution and of total destruction. At such a point we need to take stock and to recognise what exactly is happening. The old nations of Europe are collapsing, are being destroyed, but when we consider this in perspective this is the chance we need to recreate the true and original organic nations of Europe, whilst the artificial constructs are dying. The time has come to recreate the Tribe of Ingwe under the divine guidance of Ingwe. In a sense I see Ingwe as Woden, as one of the guises of the All-Father. We have seen before how Ingwe (or rather certain figures named like him) is shown as a One-Eyed figure, just like Woden. Ingwe may also be linked to Ygg, a very old name of Woden. This is not out of the question since the alternative spelling of 'Ygg' is 'Igg', and that in the Greek Tongue 'gg' is pronounced 'ng'. Indeed, the Gothic spelling of Ingwe is Yggws, as seen in the Gothic Runes. We have proof that the Goths knew of Ingwe from a bracteate found with his name on it. This states a clear link between the Goths and Ingwe. 

The British State is itself an artificial construct, indeed created by a Scottish King who ruled over England - James I. We have suggested an alternative and that is the unity of all of the Germanic Folk in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, all of those people who can claim a Germanic descent. This can only be done through dropping the false divide of 'German' and 'Celt' and realising - through the Call of the Blood, that these islands have a far better claim to a Germanic past than historians would have us believe. This cannot be done through sticking to the false history of the English, but only through the recognition that we have to go back to the most ancient time before the sinking of At-al-land when Ingwe ruled this area of Europe. 

Before the great attack upon the English Awakening it became the norm to use the term 'Britain' and 'Brit'. Now, those who are a little older will remember a time when to be 'British' and to raise a 'British Flag' was to be called a fascist. How times change. But this was a deliberate change that only happened when there was a danger of a true English Awakening, as the White Dragon began to rise again after 500 years. When this started to happen The System quickly revived the idea that we are 'British', and this has stuck ever since. Indeed, after the problems within the English Community a move to being 'British' followed, which was no doubt deliberate. I have also noticed a move away from the use of the White Dragon Flag in some circles, no bad thing really since we do not wish to have it seen as a 'British' symbol - it is an English symbol. 

The symbolism of the Eternal Conflict between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon needs to be fully appreciated. The Red Dragon, at this time, represents the New World Order (Old Order) whilst the White Dragon represents its opposition from the Sons of Ingwe (Germania). The promotion of the White Dragon Flag is essential to this struggle. The Sacred Centre of the White Dragon is at Banbury Cross in England. This is the place where the Power of the White Dragon dwells; this is where the Power of Ingwe dwells. 

That the White Stone of Ing(we) was discovered in our time (as prophesied in Revelation) is no coincidence. In legend the Black Stone of Mecca was a White Stone originally, but through corruption it turned black. This tells us that the White Stone represents a New Creation and a New Beginning a 'resurrection' or 'rebirth'. Here we can see that this applies to the English Folk-Nation which is the dead English Nation 'reborn into new form'. This is the Destiny of the English Folk.

Sunday 6 March 2016

The Fall of Troy - An Archetypal Myth.

Myth is not a 'lie'. Myth is the Eternal Truth. Myth is an Eternal Archetype. Archetypal Myth is played out in historical events. As William Shakespeare said - 'All the world is a stage' and we are the 'actors' upon that stage. We are the actors in an Archetypal Myth. 

"Listen, people of the South,
The Word comes from the Horse's Mouth;
This land shall sink beneath the waves
So seek not shelter in the caves.

When the Silent Pool shall rise,
Storm-Clouds gather in the skies:
Raging seas crash through the Downs,
White Horses followed by the Hounds."

Wulf's Prophecy.

This part of the prophecy came after a vivid dream of a mighty crash of waters that came over the South Downs whilst I stood watching the scene from a place on the top of the Downs. I was not alone in this type of dream since others in Woden's Folk, over the years, have had similar dreams about a flood. At first I, like many others, took this to be an omen of a future flood of waters like a tsunami. But over time I came to look at this as maybe symbolic rather than literal, and this is how I see my good friend Wotan's Krieger has interpreted it in one of his posts. Looking at the above part of the prophecy again, this starts to make more sense.

Over the past few years we have seen a massive influx of 'refugees' into our country; the media have used such dramatic phrases as 'a flood of refugees' or 'a flood of immigrants', or even 'the floodgates are opened'. This has been done for effect and to attract the attention of the masses, but it is something that has also sprang up from deep within the psyche. Rather than a literal 'flood of waters' this (at this particular time) is a 'flood of outlanders'. The same thing is prophesied in Norse Myth where the 'flood' comes before the coming of Wid-Ar the Avenger - 'an ever Greater One' as the wording says. This great flood heralds the appearance of Wid-Ar the Avenger. This event happens all over Europe as we can see today, where all of the old Nations of Europe are being thrown into chaos and disorder. 

We are told in the prophecy that this is 'When the Silent Pool shall rise'; now it is some years since I have visited the Silent Pool in Surrey, but the last time I did it was totally empty, so after all the rain we have had over the last three years it is most likely that it has actually risen again. The 'Storm-Clouds gather in the skies' must refer to the heavy rains and storms that have lashed England over the past three years at least - we have had a tremendous amount of rain, far more than usual. 

The reference to 'White Horses and the 'Hounds' seems at first glance to refer to the 'white horses' or waves of the seas, but the 'hounds' seems to infer that this can also refer to the Ride of the Wild Hunt or the Ride of the Wild Army. This seems to be backed up by the reference to 'storm-clouds' gathering in the skies - connected to the Wild Hunt. 

Such a massive influx of alien peoples is set to destroy the gene-pool of the English Folk, and to the European Folk as a whole. Mass 'integration' will certainly achieve this aim (and 'aim' it is). But there is also the fact that this mass immigration and influx of 'refugees' has been brought about by the lunatic policies of attacking Muslim lands and created havoc and disorder, thus making these peoples flee into Europe. This is no accident. But these people contain elements of Muslim Extremists and Muslim Terrorists, so effectively we are allowing the enemy into our midst - they are now an enemy within......

What sort of idiots would create such a situation as to let an enemy into its own ranks? What sort of idiot indeed. This is exactly what has happened, and the future is set to be chaotic, violent and destructive due to the idiots who rule this country, and indeed the countries of Europe and the White World - these idiots are the White Traitors! The Bifrost Bridge has broken and the Hordes of Chaos have crossed into the Land of the Gods. Black Surt wields the Flaming Sword as he comes from the South. And the enemy are within.......

'Near the middle of the world was constructed that building and dwelling which has been the most splendid ever, which was called Troy...Twelve kingdoms were there and one High King, and many countries were subject to each kingdom. In the city were twelve chief languages. The twelve rulers of the kingdoms were superior to other people who have lived in the world in all human qualities...'

Edda - Snorri Sturlason.

Snorri goes on to tell us that these 'twelve rulers' were the Norse Gods. It is usual to dismiss the words of Snorri because, of course, the Norse Gods are here portrayed as humans. This may well be so, but I feel that we should not dismiss this whole thing and the links to Troy without delving further into the meaning of the name Troy. The word stems from the same root as our word 'three' and the Latin 'tri' which mean 'to twist', 'to turn' and 'to coil'. This is why the labyrinth is called a 'Troy-Town'. Hence the link to the Sacred Centre - 'near the middle of the world'. Not only does Snorri Sturlason give this mention of Troy, but various European Dynasties have all been said to descend from Troy, and here in England the ancient legend of Brutus tells us that he was from Troy. 

What is Troy most famous for? The Fall of Troy. In a ten-year siege the Greeks besieged the citadel of Troy, but could not penetrate the walls of the city. Then, from within the walls of Troy, Helen plotted with Odysseus to aid the Greeks against the Trojans. Odysseus came up with the plan of making a wooden horse, filling it with his best warriors, and getting it into the walls of the city so that these warriors could open the gates. This plan devised, the Trojan Horse was filled with soldiers led by Odysseus, and whilst the Trojans thought that the Greeks had stopped the war and retreated, and were revelling in a night of drinking, the plan came into being. The Greeks opened the 'floodgates' and let their armies into the walls of Troy. The Trojans had allowed the enemy within..... 

The rest is history - or rather Archetypal Myth. Troy fell and her peoples were massacred, all due to the letting of the enemy into their ranks. All due to allowing the enemy within. The term 'Trojan Horse' was given to a computer virus that destroys everything - aptly; allow this 'enemy within' and your whole works are destroyed. The Trojan Horse is the enemy within....What sort of idiot would allow the enemy within their ranks?

But there is a 'silver lining' to every 'cloud'. The Romans traced their origins to Aeneas who was a Trojan Leader who escaped the massacre and, aided by the gods, managed over many years to lead his followers to what is modern-day Italy. There he is said to have founded Alba Longa, and his descendants are said to be Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, and thus the greatest empire the world has ever known. Aeneas is said to be Wid-Ar (Vidar) by Snorri Sturlason, which is something that is of extreme importance.

Now, it seems to have been completely overlooked that Storri equates the story of Ragnarok to Troy. In the Edda he links all of the Trojan and Greek heroes to the gods, and in one piece tells us - 'What they call Surt's Fire was when Troy burned'. Maybe, just maybe Snorri Sturlason understood more of this than many give credit for, since our own times seem to prove his words correct. It would seem that Snorri recognise that the Fall of Troy was an Archetypal Myth and that this was the same Archetypal Myth as Ragnarok

What we have today is the 'floodgates' opened and the enemy rushing into our lands, a flood of peoples, many hell-bent on causing disorder and chaos, and (as we can see in various videos and accounts) hell-bent on setting the lands of Europe alight. In our own case we witnessed the events of 2011 when the cities of England burned. This was just a taste of what is to come. Surt's Fire is when Europe burns! Surt's Fire is when England burns! What Snorri knew was that the Fall of Troy was not merely a historical event, but an Archetypal Myth acted out over and over again throughout the Cycle of the Ages. And we are 'actors' upon the stage of this Drama of Life. 

It is Wid-Ar (Aeneas) who escapes the Fires of Surt, who takes the remnants of his followers and travels to another place where he founds another great Empire of the North. When Snorri equates the Norse Gods with the Greek Gods and Greek Heroes we should not take this literally, but in the knowledge that he knew that historical events are played out in Archetypal Myth. We are today witnessing the 'floodgates opening' and the 'flood of refugees' into our lands - the Trojan Horse (enemy within) has come into our lands and the stage is set for the final destruction of what is called 'Western Civilisation'. Do not mourn this, since it has to come about. What is important today is to sow the seeds of a New Creation and a New Order. Wid-Ar will escape the conflagration and he will arise as the New Folk-Leader who will lead the Fight for Freedom to the Final Victory. 

Ragnarok is the Koran-Gar - the 'Spear of the Koran' - and is the trigger for this great struggle; it is the key to understanding why this enemy has come amongst us, into the Land of the Gods. It is the key to understanding how the Myth of the Bifrost Bridge tells us that it is broken and the Hordes of Chaos thus can enter the Land of the Gods. This all happens at Ragnarok - the Doom of the Gods. The word 'doom' means 'destiny' as well as 'ending'. Wotan's Krieger came up with the idea of Walhalla and its reflection Allah-Law and again this is a key to understanding the Ragnarok since it is 'Allah's Law' (Shariah Law) that is promoted by Muslim Extremists, laws that are not Germanic Law, and thus as alien to us as Roman Law and Judaic Law. I have been criticised when using the idea of Ragnarok - Koran-Gar, but Wotan's Krieger's idea backs this up completely. 

We know that the Islamic problem is not the cause but is a symptom of what is happening; the problem has been deliberately brought into our lands. The fall of Troy was achieved not so much by the Greeks but by allowing them into the city in the Trojan Horse. They allowed the enemy within and this was done by stealth and cunning. There was opposition to the Trojans allowing the horse into the city, but their words were not heeded, as today the words of the wisest amongst us are not heeded. 

Walhalla is the aim for all those on this path, and this is a spiritual concept of extreme importance; Allah-Law is the earthly and physical manifestation of its opposite on this planet, as Wotan's Krieger has intimated. It is the 'punishment' if you like, for those who cannot accept the duty and responsibility for taking up the struggle and standing beside the gods in this struggle. Those who have taken up this great struggle will have a place in Walhalla, sitting and feasting with the gods, and training for their next 'resurrection' into the Eternal Conflict.

Today we are witness to the enfolding of the Archetypal Myth of the Fall of Troy - the Ragnarok. The Bifrost Bridge has broken and the Hordes of Black Surt from the South are flooding into the Land of the Gods. 'Surt's Fire' is the burning of Troy, the burning of the Land of the Gods - Europe. Disorder and chaos reign now throughout Europe - 'We told you so' - and now is no time to sit back and do nothing. Now is the time to get up and get active, to rally support from all quarters. There is a growing youthful movement here in England that appears to have arisen at the Eleventh Hour, at the crucial time when all seemed lost and when nationalist movements were in disarray and the regime in power had gained control of the 'opposition' too. 

"World Peace? I mock your empty words,
This land will fall by Fire and Sword...

The Mighty One, nursed of the dew,
Scorned by the mass - held by the few;
An e'en Greater One shall come,
When the Wolf devours the Sun."

Wulf's Prophecy.

This section now seems to be coming clearer and clearer, and is indeed in complete order of what is happening. The Fenris Wolf swallows Woden at the Ragnarok, but this is the trigger for Wid-Ar to appear, to rip open the Jaws of the Wolf, and to allow the resurrection of the Spirit of Woden. Woden thus appears, not as the old wily wizard, but as Wid-Ar the Avenger, the Warrior-God, the Warrior Hero riding a White Horse and carrying the White Dragon Banner of Germania. 'The Sun' is here symbolic of Woden, but it is also interesting to note, again using the Ragnarok-Koran-Gar/Walhalla - Allah-Law idea that the spelling that I have used - Wid-Ar is reflected by Ra-Diw, and that 'Ra' is the Egyptian Sun-God and 'Diw' is a spelling used by the Welsh for 'God', a word cognate with Tiw

"When all seems lost, all hope is gone,
Then shall arise The Hooded One: 
When the Silent Pool shall rise,
Stars align o'er Northern Skies"

Wulf's Prophecy. 

Woden is The Hooded One and The Masked One and we see today the influence of Woden in various manifestations of the fight back against the happenings here in England and Europe. The Silent Pool features twice in this prophecy, both times within the bounds of this section of the prophecy. This has to be the key to certain hidden secrets within this work. The term 'Silent', of course, is given to Wid-Ar! He is The Silent God because he does not speak, he meditates and contemplates. Again, here we may have a symbolic meaning rather than a literal meaning, and the 'Silent Pool' should thus be taken as symbolising Wid-Ar the Silent. 

The Silent Pool is fed by a natural spring which wells up from the Earth; Wid-Ar is the son of Woden and of Grid - the Earth-Force. Wid-Ar arise from the Inner Earth where the Gods moved after the Great Catastrophe. This is why in Hindu and Tibetan Lore the Last Avatar comes from Shambhalla which is within the Inner Earth. 

"The Milky Way our galaxy,
Born at the Centre of the Tree;
A Man-Child - Virile Warrior,
Son of the Wolf, the Mother bore."

Wulf's Prophecy.

Here we have a reference to the Milky Way and the 'Centre of the Tree'. The 'Greater Wolf's Jaws' are a constellation centred around the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, around the Womb of the Mother. The 'Centre of the Tree' may well be a reference to the Centre of England which in my studies is Banbury Cross. I have shown before how the name 'Banbury' stems from Beran Byrig of which the 'beran' means 'to bear', which is a concept always linked to the Sacred Centre. The Banbury Cross is a very powerful spot and it has come to my knowledge that it has begin to emanate a Great Power at this time - a power associated with Ingwe. (I will not reveal more here since this is something I was told by a WF Comrade.) 

The above is a photo of the Sun Symbol associated with Banbury; I am here inclined to see this as the Black Sun since this can be found in another section of the Wulf's Prophecy. 

Banbury is the Branstock Oak or Barnstock Oak which is the central Oak Tree of the Wolsunga House. This is of extreme importance since this represents the Seventh Sword of Wayland - Albion - which unites the Tribes of Ingwe. The Wolsunga Tribe is the Divine Tribe of Woden, directly descended from the god Woden, and saved from extinction through the intervention of Frigga. This is the Centre of the Tree mentioned in the prophecy. 

At one level, the most secret level, Wid-Ar is Ingwe. They share the same Archetypal Myth in some ways, and are similar (though not quite the same) archetypes. The Destiny of Ingwe is now unfolding, as prophesied in Wulf's Prophecy. Many years ago a secret ritual was performed which entailed taking the Power of the White Dragon from Dinas Emrys in North Wales (Fortress of Emrys) down to Banbury Cross, where a talisman containing the White Dragon was placed. This power was centred at the Sacred Centre of the English, at the Mighty Oak of the Wolsungas. Here is the place where the Sword of the Wolsungas was first plunged by Woden, and removed by Sigmund, then reforged by Sigurd the Wolsunga. 

"Son of Woden - Son of Earth,
The Womb of England shall give birth:
The Child of Light shall wield the Sword,
From out his mouth shall come The Word."

Wulf's Prophecy.

We have the mention of the 'sword' wielded by the Child of Light, the 'Son' - Ingwe (Wid-Ar). Also, as the Silent God he sits in meditation and contemplation, until at the right hour he springs into action - he utters The Word. 'In the beginning was the Word' - this implies a New Creation. The disorder and chaos that we witness also has a hidden meaning, a meaning that comes clearer using ancient symbolism. Ingwe, as Wid-Ar the Avenger, will utter The Word that will set into motion a New Creation. The Old Order will give way to a New Order. But significantly, the old must give way to the young, Woden now becomes the Young Warrior-God, renewed and vital. This time will bring the Final Victory - the End-Sieg!

The 'waters' or a 'flood' have always been symbolic of a regression to a formless state, i.e. a state of Primordial Chaos. Water cleanses and purifies. This is a symbol of the cleansing and purification process, in this case a Purification by Fire. This is a paradox. INRI - 'All of Nature renews itself by Fire'. This is not just a dissolution but a preparation - a preparation for a New Creation. This will entail a rebirth to a new form. This is symbolised by the two runes Lagu and Ing, which come together in the rune-row. 

"Wolf's Jaws engulf the Hanged God,
The cycle ended by the Dog;
The Blue Star shines bright in the sky,
The Hanged God now he must die."

Wulf's Prophecy.

The 'Wolf's Jaws', as I have said, is the 'Greater Wolf's Jaws' that look over at the Galactic Centre, ready to swallow Woden as the 'Hanged God'. The 'death' of the 'Hanged God' results in his resurrection as Wid-Ar the Avenger. This cycle is thus 'ended by the dog' which may refer to the Fenris Wolf, or it may refer to the 'Dog-Star' - Sirius. The latter seems to fit with the Blue Star which is Sirius, one of the brightest stars in the night sky. The Fenris Wolf is an Agent of Destruction and offspring of Loki the Joten. Here this force is perhaps the Hordes of Black Surt that come into the Land of the Gods. We are bang on target with this part of the prophecy.

"At the Centre of the Tree,
The Black Sun shines for all to see:
Through the Triangle shall come
Wid-Ar - the Avenging Son."

Wulf's Prophecy.

We are back to the 'Centre of the Tree', and if this represents the Galactic Centre this is symbolised by the Constellation of Cygnus the Swan which is in the Summer Triangle. This seems to represent the Galactic Birth of the Last Avatar, directly linked to the Sacred Centre of the English at the Beran-Byrig (Banbury Cross). Banbury Cross represents the Cross of Fro-Ing (Ingwe). This point connects to the Black Sun of the Inner Earth. 

"The Hallowed One, bearing The Word,
He who wields the Broken Sword:
Forged anew by Wayland wise,
Whose sparks light up the Northern Skies."

Wulf's Prophecy.

This is a reference to 'The Hallowed One' - Helgi H (Spirit 88). He will wield the 'Broken Sword' reforged by Wayland the Smith. Again, we have a reference to The Word and thus to a New Creation. This also hints at the hidden meaning of Wid-Ar breaking his silence and uttering The Word of Creation. This is connected to Hama-Heimdall who blows the Gjallarhorn which is symbolic of a New Creation. We find this symbolism in the 'Angel Gabriel'. In the Tarot Card The Last Judgement we find the symbolism of the 'Horn-Blower' also, significantly, the Cross of Fro-Ing (English Cross). 

As we see in this card, the Horn-Blower awakens the dead, in this case the Dead Heroes - the Einheriar. What we are seeing today is the awakening of the Spirits of the Dead Heroes who are arising in the English Youth (and the Youth of Europe) and who have resurrected to take up this struggle at the Eleventh Hour. Note the significant number '20' which is in Roman Numerals - XX - the Sign of Ingwe. 

"Sent by the Gods to kindle war,
Helgi wields the Flaming Sword;
The Wolfing leads a Mighty Force,
Mounted on a pure White Horse."

Wulf's Prophecy.

World Peace is broken and the Gods send HelgiH to kindle a War against the Joten. HelgiH - The Spirit 88 - wields the Flaming Sword, which is clearly the same as the Broken Sword, and is the Sword of the Wolsungas. Like the White Krist he rides a White Horse - which is also a symbolism of Romulus and Remus as the Divine Twins. 

This effectively ends this section of the Wulf's Prophecy, but it shows how this part is full of meanings that are today coming clear, and more precisely coming forth. Surt's Fire can also be seen as symbolic and here I am led to the newer prophecy The Prophecy 88 in which the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth melts the Eternal Ice and frees the Sleeping Goddess (Idunn), who then brings forth The Avenging God. 

The Destiny of Ingwe is today enfolding and the key to this is the Gift of Ing - the Spear of Woden. This is the Gar-Rune (G-Ar) and represents the figure of Parsifal (The Divine Fool) who wields the Spear of Woden and destroys the power of Klingsor. The White Dragon is centred around the Sacred Centre of the English at the Banbury Cross - the Cross of Ingwe. This is the time when the Wild Hunt will ride, a time of chaos and disorder, a time of trial by fire, and a time of destruction-to-recreation. The Spear of Woden is the weapon of the One-Eyed Hunter-God who leads the Wild Army of the Dead Heroes. This is the TIME OF THE WOLF!