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Ingwe & the English Folk-Nation.

'When hemp is spun - England's done!' This was an old prophecy which I believe stems back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I. It was fulfilled some years ago when Paul McCartney used the cannabis plant (hemp) for making handbags. Let us be very clear here, England is done and finished! This should seem obvious to anyone, and there is no point whatever in trying to revive a corpse. Whilst this should be made clear, the English Folk is an Eternal Being, and lives on so long as there is English Blood in our veins. 

Our lands are occupied by an alien elite whose policies are hell-bent upon the destruction of the English Folk altogether. This is just a part of the plan now known as White Genocide which is aimed at all of the Nations of Europe and the White World. We are not the only ones who face the problems created by mass immigration, and we should not isolate ourselves from the other European Peoples, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the other White Nations who share our struggle for survival. 

If the English Folk are to survive then we need to define who we are, and we need to recognise our roots in Germania. So let us now define who the English really are, something that few can seem to do. The English are, as their name implies, the Sons of Ingwe, the Seven Tribes of the Ingas who came together in these islands into a people that eventually formed the English Nation. Ingwe is the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk, known to the Norse as Ingvi-Frey and to the Germans as Fro-Ingui. The name means 'Lord Ing' since Frey or Fro is a title meaning 'Lord'.

The Seven Tribes of Ingwe come from Germania and Scandinavia, and the English (as history records) are made up of Swedes, Norwegians, Saxons (Germans), Danes and a mixture of Germanic Tribes who occupied these lands in very ancient times, whose tribal names may have differed somewhat. In Wodenic Lore we use the term Seven Swords of Wayland for these Seven Tribes of Ingwe, with the Seventh Sword as the 'Sword of the Wolsungas', a sword which unites these tribes into the English Nation. This is also named Albion which is a very ancient name for England. Albion was the name used by the ancient Germanic Tribes that occupied these islands in ancient times. 

It is important to understand the meaning of the name Albion, because it can mean 'White Island' and it can also mean 'Island of the Elves'. Both are important meanings, but when we consider that Ingwe is the High Lord of the Elves then we can understand why England was called 'Albion' in the ancient past. (This is rooted in the word alb which is a Germanic term for 'elf'.) Those English who have been critical of our use of the name 'Albion' do so because they don't seem to recognise how far back into the ancient past the proto-English go back in these islands. 

I believe that one obstacle that we face in awakening the English lies in those who still hold to the Judaeo-Christian Religion, simply because this is not only an alien religion originating in the Middle East, but also because the English cannot recognise their roots in a Heathen God or Heathen Divine Being if they reject Heathenism. Ingwe is a very ancient Germanic God - the Divine Hero, and the Divine Ancestor of the Ingvaeones (Ingwines = Friends of Ing). He figures in the Royal Line of the Ynglings of Sweden, and also the most ancient kingship of Norway. In fact, if we trace the areas where Ingwe seems to have been linked to we can see that there is a clear hint that he was the ruler of the lost continent of At-al-land. 

The importance of the White Stone of Ing has not as yet been realised amongst the English Community; indeed, so far I have seen no-one else take up this theme. This stone, found in the porch of a church in Steyning, West Sussex, has the message 'Gift of Ing' upon it, with the meaning of this as the Ken-Rune which is the rune associated with fire, the serpent, the dragon and also the Fire-Serpent. The Ing-Rune is also the glyph of the DNA Spiral, hence this is the rune representing the genetic code and our own unique destiny within that genetic code. This too is the 'Gift of Ing'. Since the church is dedicated to 'Cuthman' whose name really means 'land-man', suggesting that he is connected to the Land and to the Folk through Blood & Soil ('Kith and Kin'), and his legend is the Legend of Ingwe as found in the Old English Rune-Poem, the importance of this Holy Stone cannot be overestimated. 

If Ingwe is Sceaf, and we have no reason to doubt this, then he was the one who came to Scandi ('Shining Island') in very ancient times, maybe at the end of the Golden Age, to become the Sacral King of the English. He was what we term an avatar and also an archetype who incarnated in order to aid the English Folk at a critical time. He appears in a boat, he comes over the waters, which has always been symbolic of the Waters of Chaos which refers to a period when everything dissolves into the Primordial Chaos in order to effect a new creation and a New Order. He brings agriculture to his people, and he also brings fire which (as we have seen) he is connected to directly as a God of Fire. 

And yet Ingwe is not even known to most of the English Community, let alone given the due honour that he deserves. Indeed, how can the English be awakened without knowing who they are are where they come from? That Ingwe (Ing) is connected to fire can be found in the idea of the inglenook which stands at the side of the hearth-fire; his is the Fire of the Hearth, which is the central focus of the house. Fire is expansive, ever-moving, bringing light and warmth, and above all is a symbol of the Eternal Flame of Life. The Eternal Flame had to be kept alight or it symbolised death. In our knowledge of Ingwe we have kept alight the Eternal Flame which must not go out if the English are to survive this onslaught. 

Ingwe is a phallic god and here the phallus represents more that merely fertility and virility, for it represents creation and the will to recreate. This is of extreme importance since when we do recognise that England and the English Nation is dead, then it is just a step to recognising that such a concept cannot be revived - it has to be re-created! To do this it is necessary to go backwards in time, a regression of time, back to the point of Creation; at this time, a time when this land has been plunged into the Primordial Chaos, the next phase can only be a new creation and a New Man. As I have stated over and over again, this entails a change in ourselves. We have to move away from the bonds of this oppressive regime, move away from the Old Order, discard everything that holds back our re-awakening and which has been a hindrance to our destiny. This also entails rejecting the oppressive slave-religion of Christianity and its roots in Judaism and the Old Testament. 

We can see the dangers of a Christian revival in the creation of organisations designed to create conflict between Christians and Muslims - organisations such as the English Defence League and Britain First. But this can work for us in that such a conflict should destroy the power of both sides - and so long as a strong force - a Third Force - is built that will fill the void this would end in our Final Victory. The 'War on Terror' has been used as a means to inflict upon us the most oppressive measures seen in Europe since the 'Witch Hunts' and the vicious Christian attacks upon the Heathen World. This has been an excuse to bring in more and more oppressive laws, just as the street-action that creates conflict between 'Right' and 'Left' will also be used to do the same. When your enemy is far larger you do not face them head-on, what you do is to use guerilla warfare. In which case it is futile to meet a thousand-strong force with a very much smaller number. Since the British Police are doing everything to hinder street-action, and are on the side of the multi-racial society, then the only way to do anything positive is through 'flash-demos' which do not need police permission, and cannot give the enemy a chance to muster large forces. This has been taken up by the more forward-thinking people and should be an example to everyone else now. (Of course, if this type of action does show signs of achieving anything The System will just move the 'goalposts' - bring in new laws to stop this.)

Two of the most bloody World Wars have been created in order to destroy the peoples of Europe. World War I entailed the killing of soldiers in the main, whilst World War II extended this to the mass destruction of civilians (we cannot put the whole blame on Germany and it would be a good thing for people to study what really did happen). The 'War on Terror' today entails terror against ordinary people caught up in bombings and mass-killings, as well as the mass-killings by the Anglo-American alliance aimed at Muslim countries. It is these that have resulted in the movement of hundreds of thousands of 'refugees' that have totally destabilised the whole of Europe. This has been no 'accident'. 

Europe has been thrown into chaos, we are going through a period of dissolution and of total destruction. At such a point we need to take stock and to recognise what exactly is happening. The old nations of Europe are collapsing, are being destroyed, but when we consider this in perspective this is the chance we need to recreate the true and original organic nations of Europe, whilst the artificial constructs are dying. The time has come to recreate the Tribe of Ingwe under the divine guidance of Ingwe. In a sense I see Ingwe as Woden, as one of the guises of the All-Father. We have seen before how Ingwe (or rather certain figures named like him) is shown as a One-Eyed figure, just like Woden. Ingwe may also be linked to Ygg, a very old name of Woden. This is not out of the question since the alternative spelling of 'Ygg' is 'Igg', and that in the Greek Tongue 'gg' is pronounced 'ng'. Indeed, the Gothic spelling of Ingwe is Yggws, as seen in the Gothic Runes. We have proof that the Goths knew of Ingwe from a bracteate found with his name on it. This states a clear link between the Goths and Ingwe. 

The British State is itself an artificial construct, indeed created by a Scottish King who ruled over England - James I. We have suggested an alternative and that is the unity of all of the Germanic Folk in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, all of those people who can claim a Germanic descent. This can only be done through dropping the false divide of 'German' and 'Celt' and realising - through the Call of the Blood, that these islands have a far better claim to a Germanic past than historians would have us believe. This cannot be done through sticking to the false history of the English, but only through the recognition that we have to go back to the most ancient time before the sinking of At-al-land when Ingwe ruled this area of Europe. 

Before the great attack upon the English Awakening it became the norm to use the term 'Britain' and 'Brit'. Now, those who are a little older will remember a time when to be 'British' and to raise a 'British Flag' was to be called a fascist. How times change. But this was a deliberate change that only happened when there was a danger of a true English Awakening, as the White Dragon began to rise again after 500 years. When this started to happen The System quickly revived the idea that we are 'British', and this has stuck ever since. Indeed, after the problems within the English Community a move to being 'British' followed, which was no doubt deliberate. I have also noticed a move away from the use of the White Dragon Flag in some circles, no bad thing really since we do not wish to have it seen as a 'British' symbol - it is an English symbol. 

The symbolism of the Eternal Conflict between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon needs to be fully appreciated. The Red Dragon, at this time, represents the New World Order (Old Order) whilst the White Dragon represents its opposition from the Sons of Ingwe (Germania). The promotion of the White Dragon Flag is essential to this struggle. The Sacred Centre of the White Dragon is at Banbury Cross in England. This is the place where the Power of the White Dragon dwells; this is where the Power of Ingwe dwells. 

That the White Stone of Ing(we) was discovered in our time (as prophesied in Revelation) is no coincidence. In legend the Black Stone of Mecca was a White Stone originally, but through corruption it turned black. This tells us that the White Stone represents a New Creation and a New Beginning a 'resurrection' or 'rebirth'. Here we can see that this applies to the English Folk-Nation which is the dead English Nation 'reborn into new form'. This is the Destiny of the English Folk.

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