Monday 20 May 2019

The Warrior Gene

Some years ago it seems that certain scientists had isolated what they termed the 'Warrior Gene' which was stated to specifically apply to individuals who were more orientated to the warrior ethos. Although I have never seen anything about this since this was perhaps one of the most important finds that we could have in our own work. 

If this is so then it means that certain human types are natural 'warriors' by birth; but we can extend this because it also suggests that the Warrior Caste was made up of individuals with a certain gene which was passed on through generation to generation. This is why the Caste System was originally so rigid, because individuals were born into their own caste. By extension, therefore, this could also have been true of the other castes, each one made up of individuals with a certain gene. 

But we can go even further with this argument since it also seems to verify the Myth of Rig-Hama who 'slept' with the wives of three different types of individual and 'impregnated' each one with a different gene suited to their role within the Divine Order. This Divine Order came from the Gods and is thus right and in no way should be altered. Sadly today this Divine Order has been turned upon its head through the drive for 'equality', and today the lowest types rule over our Folk. 

We have to go back to the Myth of Ymir to understand this, since this is a typical Indo-European Creation Myth. The 'Giant' or 'Primal Being' (as it really should be) is 'dismembered', cut into different parts each of which forms part of the Cosmos and Cosmic Order. Hence the reason why the Divine Order of Men and the Divine Cosmic Order needs to be the same and thus in complete harmony. This can be seen in the Divine Order of Caste -

The Kon - The Divine King or Sacral King = The Head. The head is the seat of intelligence and thus knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and thus the ability to lead others. The rulers were elected from the next caste.

The Earls - The AEthlinga Caste or Warrior Caste = The Arms. These were the princes, sons of the kings, who were taught the warrior-arts, runes, the wisdom of the tribe, the tribal myths, and hunting not only as a means to eat but as a preparation for battle. 

The Ceorls - The farmer-provider/craftsman-artisan caste = The Groin. This caste formed the backbone of a tribe or nation and very often supplied warriors in times of war. They were responsible for the feeding of the tribe which is most important, and also figured in virility and fertility as a caste. These were the 'freemen'.

The Thrall - This was a caste of slaves who did the menial tasks; they could become freemen if they earned it, especially since they may have been taken as slaves from a losing side in battle. 

Since Ymir represents the Creation of the Cosmos, and the Divine Order is based upon this Archetypal Myth, then through the Caste System we create the Haeldom whence all is in perfect order and harmony. When this is broken disorder and chaos reigns - as we see today.

From the Myth of Rig-Hama we can see a hint that the role of Hama was far more than just creating a Divine Order by breaking society into various different parts, the myth hints more in the line of a 'genetic mutation' that created this Divine Order. The gods interfered in the genetic make-up of man, no doubt (as history seems to prove) through an intervention whereby divine figures incarnate upon Earth for a specific purpose at a specific time. They altered the genetic code of our Folk.

Unfortunately, we are so used to science today using advanced machinery to achieve any progress whatever, whereas in ancient times things were just as advanced but far more simple. The ancients no doubt knew (through the intervention of the gods) how to modify the genetic code and we can suggest that this may have been related to light, the light make-up of the human body. In doing this the Caste System was created.

We have another account of this from Aryan India where it was Manu who brought to man the Divine Order of Caste. We have the Laws of Manu to prove this, though to me this work does seem to have been a much degenerated form of the original having so many 'laws' (rules would be more exact) for almost anything one did, a sign that the original Divine Laws had been forgotten and man-made rules taking its place. 

Manu brought to mankind these Divine Laws after a Great Flood, and this suggests that this was after a vast catastrophic change which destroyed an early race of man almost completely, and man, planet and cosmos had to be recreated, hence the reinstatement of the Divine Order by Manu. Manu is Hama, of course. Hama is Scef, Scef is Ingwe, and they are the son of Waendal or Mundilfore who is the 'World-Turner' and producer of Fire-by-Friction. 

The Cweorth-Rune is the 'Fire-Twirl' that is the tool of Waendal-Mundilfore who whisks the cosmos into being. It is thus significant that we find this rune, associated with the Long Man of Wilmington and thus Cygnus the Swan, having a hand in the evolution of our Folk. Peryt Shou, the German Rune-Magician, recognised the importance of Cygnus, and Andrew Collins, in his work 'The Cygnus Mystery', shows how Cygnus is related to evolutionary jumps in mankind. 

Change comes through Will, and if Viktor Rydberg is right in that Mundilfore is Lodur who is Will (Vili), then even this fits into this scheme of creation. The Long Man of Wilmington represents Waendal-Mundilfore who is Lodur, who is Will, and whose role is crucial to the evolutionary jumps that man undertakes through the Cycle of the Ages. The Triumph of the Will thus suggests the link to this evolutionary drive.

There seems to be some important significance in the pairing of Wudga and Hama in Old English texts, this being Witega and Heime in some Germanic legends. This will not concern us here but is a theme we shall pursue in the future.

If this is correct and the Warrior Gene does exist then the idea of fixed castes seems to be validated. Of course, there will always be the odd exception to the rule, and individuals would sometimes pass from one caste into another, but this would have been the exception and not the rule. Hereditary traits would determine the caste of the individual, hence why the Germanic Mannerbunde was based around the Race of Earls whose training involved going out into the wilderness alone or in small groups in order to learn how to survive against all odds in a hostile environment. Only the Warrior-Caste whose role was that of leadership would undertake this type of training, much like our 'Special Forces' of today.