Wednesday 27 December 2017

Yuletide Rites

This may seem to be a strange time to look at the Yuletide Rites, since we have just passed the Yuletide for another year. But I suggest that people look towards the next one now so that they can get ideas of how to improve their Yule Rites. There are some things that I would like to bring up that may help for the 2018 celebrations.

The use of a Yule-Wheel is important, so anyone who does not as yet have one should think about this. This is not really a 'Yule' wheel since it can also be used at the other points of the year, as I will show later. But it should be a six-spoked wheel bought from a source that makes them, or from an 'antique shop' (you know the ones, they buy 'rubbish' from you and then sell them as 'antiques'). You should also get a forked stave about 2-3ft high which fits into the hub of the wheel. A smaller wreath is hung from the forked stave and this is decorated. Do this early and it will be ready to use throughout the year. The best source for its use comes from the 'SS Handbook' which tells all about the use of the wheel.

I always decorate my Yule-Wheel with evergreen twigs; now, I would suggest using pine, spruce and holly and not fir since fir-twigs shed their needles all over the place within a few days. The others do not and will last across the Twelve Nights of Yule. Make a note of this for next year if you have not already found this out the hard way - as I have. I also cut up small (9" long x 3" diameter) logs of birch which I drill out and put the same evergreen twigs along the logs. Holly is also hung around the room too. This brings greenery into the house for the Twelve Nights of Yule. 

The best time to start doing these things is around 2-3 days before the Winter Sunstead (21st December); this is so that not too long a period and not too short a period is left to prepare. It is wise to do it at around this time as as to prepare the mind for the coming rites and celebrations. But it is wise to get hold of the materials such as the birch-logs and the wheel-stave well before so that they have dried out. 

The other thing to consider for next year is the kindling of the Need-Fire through the use of Friction-Fire. In a comment made on 'The Triple Godhead' our Langbard Comrade, Dragonerosso, mentions the most ancient use of the Swastika in birthing Agni, the Fire-God. This can be done with the use of a Swastika-Wheel made with a central hub which produces Friction-Fire when the wheel is turned quickly. This could be tried as an experiment.

As I said before, the Yule-Wheel can be used for rites throughout the year - Easter, Midsummer, Ancestral as well as Yule. To do this another wheel should be made, shorter than the one that hangs from the top parallel to the wheel, and this should be made into a 'Sunwheel' by crossing it with two staves. The wheel is decked out with flowers and other things for each festival - see the 'SS Handbook' for this. 

The following is the Agni Myth which refers to the Winter Sunstead and the Triumph of Light -

Agni (The Fire) is the son incarnate of Savitri (The Sun), conceived and born of the Virgin Maia, and had the carpenter Twasti (Maker of the Swastika) as his earthly father. In the Cave of the One of Twin-Sticks, which has the name 'The Mother', lives the Goddess Maia, the embodiment of Creative Power, who gives birth to the Son under the influence of Vayu (Spirit), the breeze of the wind, without which the fire cannot be lit. The first spark that came from the cavity (cave) of the sacrum of Maia, by turning the Fire-Twirl (Pramantha) represents the birth of Agni; this spark is called 'The Child'. 

Sunday 24 December 2017

Hereward the Wake

Harold Godwinsson is the hero of Englisc Nationalism; as the last 'Anglo-Saxon' king he is still honoured today at Battle Abbey each year by many Englisc Nationalists. What has always seemed strange to me is the complete rejection of the Danish and Norse influence on the English Folk. This seems strange in view of the background of their hero - Harold Godwinsson. 

Harold Godwinsson was the son of Godwin, Earl of Wessex, and Gytha Thorkelsdottir (Gytha - Daughter of Thorkel) who was the sister-in-law of King Cnut of England and Denmark, descended from the 'Vikings'. Gytha's brother was Ulf the Earl who married Cnut's sister, Estrith. Even the name 'Harold' stems from the Danish Vikings. Anglo-Saxon-Dane might be more appropriate, and thus the input of the Danes and Norsemen placed into its rightful position in English history. Harold Godwinsson was 'Anglo-Dane'. 

With the death of Harold Godwinsson the power of Wessex decreased somewhat, and the pockets of resistance against the Norman outlanders arose mainly in the Danelagh where they held out for seven years against the Norman oppression. The heroes of the time were Robin Hood, Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough, William of Cloudeslee, Edric the Wild and the famous Hereward the Wake who held out in the Fens of East Anglia. 

Hereward the Wake was Lord of Bourne and of the ancient family of the Wake; his symbol was the 'Wake Knot' which is in the form of a 'W'. His lineage is not clear from history, since anything English was heavily suppressed by William the Bastard. The most famous (fictional) book written on Hereward the Wake is that done by Charles Kingsley, and he traces Hereward's lineage to that of Leofric of Bourne (Leofric of Mercia) and the famous Lady Godiva. Hereward also seems to have had some Danish ancestry. Most of the names of the followers of Hereward the Wake are distinctly English, Anglo-Saxon names in areas ruled by the Danes, proving how far integration between Anglo-Saxon and Dane had gone by this time. Scholars have also suggested that he was of Anglo-Danish descent. 

Hereward's following was made up of unruly brawlers - Geri, Winter, the Wulfrics, the Wulfards, the Azers and other wild fighters. Hereward is described as being short but strong-chested, having one grey and one blue eye, and long locks of golden hair that marked him out as being 'of ancient royal race'. His wrists and throat were tattooed in blue patterns, which, like the statement made by William of Malmesbury, shows the English to have tattooed themselves. He wore a gold ring around his neck (torc, worn by Germanic Tribes in this area) and gold rings on his wrists. At least this is the way he is described by Charles Kingsley. 

I am not going to go into the history of Hereward the Wake since it should be pretty well known, and would take up too much space in a short post. Kingsley has him slaying a bear, which takes us straightway into Archetypal Myth. History now becomes myth and legend -

"And they talked and sung of The Wake, and all his doughty deeds, over the hearth in lone farmhouses, or in the outlaw's lodge beneath the hollins green; and all the burden of their song was ' Ah that The Wake were alive again!' for they knew not that The Wake was alive for evermore; that only his husk and shell lay mouldering there in Crowland choir; that above them, and around them, and in them, destined to raise them out of bitter bondage, and mould them into a great nation, and the parents of still greater nations in lands as yet unknown, brooded the Immortal Spirit of The Wake, now purged from all earthly dross - even the Spirit of Freedom, which can never die."

"England A-Wake!" This was the rallying cry we have used since Woden's Folk was first formed back in 1998. This was spelled as it is to incorporate the great English Folk-Hero - Hereward the Wake - into our Wodenic Myth. The 'Immortal Spirit of The Wake' does live on, it lives on in the blood of those Englishmen and Englishwomen who today stand true against tyranny and the loss of freedom that we endure, a direct parallel to the times of Norman tyranny some thousand years ago. Kingsley calls him 'The Last of the English' which is fitting, but today we shall proclaim ourselves as the 'First of the New English' as the phoenix rises out of the ashes of destruction. 

The Merovingian Franks

In a spurious work called The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail the authors attempt to link the Merovingian Kings to the 'Bloodline of Jesus'. This is done through the 'Priory of Sion' which is supposedly a secret society and offshoot of the Knight's Templar which held the 'secret' of this bloodline. Unfortunately, the theme has been taken up by others and continues to spread these ideas to the masses. There is a problem with this theory, and a theory it is - not fact. The book itself hints at the true origins of the Merovingian Franks -

'It is just possible that, in the Merovingians, we may have a dynasty of Germanic Heerkonige derived from an ancient kingly line of the migration period.' 

The authors quote this statement from Wallace Hadall (The Long-Haired Kings page 171) and go on to ignore it and get on with the theory that the Merovingians descended from the 'Bloodline of Jesus'. There seems far more proof that this Frankish Royal Line descended from the Wolsungas than this 'Jesus' of the Christian world -

  • On December 23rd 679 Dagobert, King of the Franks, went hunting in the Forest of Woevres. He lay down to rest at the foot of a tree. One of his servants, his godson, acting on the orders of Pepin, pierced him through the eye with a lance. This tells us of an archetypal myth being played out here since Dagobert's Legend is the same as the Legend of Siegfried. Thus, the Merovingian Franks were a 'dynasty of Germanic Heerkonige derived from an ancient kingly line of the migration period' - the Wolsungas.
  • If this is not enough the title of the Franks was the Sigambrian Franks or Sicambrian Franks, which suggests that they were descended from Sigi the sire of the Wolsungas. 
  • The Origins Legend of the Merovingians suggests a link between them and the founders of Rome - Romulus and Remus. I am not going to go fully into this, but I have featured it some years ago and will perhaps look further into the legend. 
The Judaic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - all await their 'Messiah', so it would be in their favour if the royal line of the French were to descend from 'Jesus' rather than from an ancient Germanic Kingly Line. Especially since there are certain prophecies that indicate that the French Royal Line will be the reinstated (after being overthrown through the French Revolution). 

Dagobert was slain in order to destroy this Germanic Royal Line, and the Carolingians took over from the Merovingians, the latter being the true and original Royal Line of the Franks. The Merovingians were the 'Long-Haired Kings' and their symbol was, amongst others, the Tribal Spear, the Spear of Woden. The legend of the Spear of Destiny stems from this time, and indeed has been dated to this period by experts. These were Sorcerer Kings and similar magical objects have been found amongst their grave-goods as have been found in the Sutton Hoo Ship-Grave of the Wuffingas. 

There is one part of the Archetypal Myth which may interest us here, and that is Dagobert's death by being pierced through an eye, not through the back as we find in the Legend of Siegfried. Dagobert is not the only one to die through being pierced through an eye, for King Harold Godwinsson was also pierced by an arrow through the eye - or at least this what legend tells us. It has been suggested that this was added to the Bayeaux Tapestry, and this would be even more proof of its importance as an Archetypal Myth.

There is a quatrain from the Prophesies of Nostradamus which mentions a death through being pierced through an eye -

Dessouuz de chaine Guien du ciel frappe,

Non loing de la cache le tresor:

Qui par longs siecles avoite este grappe,

Trouve mourra, L'oeil creve de ressort.

This prophecy mentions an 'Oak Tree' (OF chene for 'chaine') struck by lightning where a treasure lays hidden; when found a man will die, his eye pierced by a 'spring'. Any piercing of the eye, and thus blinding in an eye, suggests the god Woden, of course. I have quoted the original French version because translations are not always accurate; not having a knowledge of French I am not in a position to translate. Another translation of 'chaine' could be 'chain of mountains' but this hardly fits with the 'blasted oak'. 

It is also interesting to note that the 'Forest of Woevres' is where Dagobert was said to be slain. The word 'woevre' (I think) means 'serpent'; Miguel Serrano mentions Woevre Saelde which appears to be the original Germanic name for 'Isalde' or 'Isolde', the lover of Tristan. This forest has a long connection to the Druids I think. 

Thursday 21 December 2017

The Sons of Bor

Legend has it that there was an island in the Far North inhabited by the Hyperboreans, ruled by a kingly-line named Boreades, the descendants of Boreas. This was a long time before At-al-land appeared in the North-West, the latter appearing after the destruction of Thule-Hyperborea.

Woden-Will-Weoh are the Sons of Bor and Bestla - of Boreas and "Best Blood' (Vargs Vikernes translation of Bestla). The Hyper-bor-eans are the 'Sons of Bor', the 'Sons of Buri' who was the Primal Man. I have quoted a Bulgarian Legend before on several occasions but for the sake of this post will do so again -

Seven Aryan Tribes survived the Ice Age; they formed a tribal alliance called idel (*); their emblem was the sarman or surban (swastika) which represented the Sun's victory over the Ice. The mightiest of these Aryan Tribes was called Alp Buri - 'People of the Wolf'.

Here 'Buri' means 'wolf' and is an Indo-European word from which we get 'boar' and 'bear'; its original meaning would have referred to a wild beast. The legend tells of a time after the Ice melted away, after the destruction of Hyperborea and the Aryan Lands of the North. 'Bor' is merely another version of 'Buri'. We are the 'Sons of Bor', descended from the Gods of the High North. 

The Hammer of Thunor

In the above photo I am wearing a Thor's Hammer, to the right of which is a 'Thunor's Hammer' which I have just bought from Scyld at WyrdArt (*). History and archaeology tells us that the Vikings and Norsemen first brought the Thor's Hammer over to these islands - history and archaeologists are wrong! This Thunor's Hammer was found in a sixth century grave in Kent, this being the time when the Anglo-Saxons were still heathens, and obviously worshipped Thunor the Thunder-God. 

Osgar first mentioned that this Thunor's Hammer has been held in a Liverpool Museum for some years, marked as an 'amulet', even though it is clearly a Thor's Hammer. Osgar has been doing a great deal of research on this to bring this into the light, and Scyld has taken this up by getting these pewter amulets (around 3") out to our Folk. 

Once again our true history is coming to light, breaking through the lies and distortions that have succeeded in distorting our true English Identity. English Wodenists can now wear the Thunor's Hammer in pride, beside the Thor's Hammer of the Vikings. 

(*) You can get the amulet from Scyld at WyrdArt and thus help to promote this symbol next to the Thor's Hammer. Invariably, the Anglo-Saxon period of our history is pushed to the back, and it needs to be brought to to the fore again now. 

Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Triple Godhead

We can see the Triple Godhead in the trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, where Brahma represents creation, Vishnu represents preservation, and Shiva represents destruction. In Folkish Wodenism this would be Woden representing creation, Heimdall representing preservation, and Thunor representing destruction. Or at least this is one way of looking at this, since as within Hinduism the god-roles overlap considerably.

But as with the so-called 'Tripartite System' of the Indo-Europeans the three naturally implies a fourth, which suggests that spirit comes prior to manifestation into matter. This is also true of the runic systems since there are Three AEttir, and yet we have a Fourth AEttir within Folkish Wodenism, as if the spiritual world breaks forth into the material world through the fourth.

So, how does this change things with the Triple Godhead, since there has to be a fourth and a specific role for the fourth. Creation-preservation-destruction is a linear sequence unless we add a fourth - renewal. We can thus see now that the role of Wid-Ar has been omitted within Odinism which sees this as a future role, but within Folkish Wodenism we see Wid-Ar as having a role in our times -

Woden - Creation.

Hama/Heimdall - Preservation.

Thunor - Destruction.

Wid-Ar - Renewal or Recreation.

Woden, of course, is swallowed by the Fenris Wolf (Chaos or Technology); but his spirit is released when Wid-Ar rips open the Wolf's Jaws to allow him to escape. Thus Wid-Ar is the reborn Spirit of Woden, but resurrected in a new form as the young and virile Warrior-Hero. The archetype of the Hanged God has given way to the Crowned and Avenging Son of the Sun. Thus Wid-Ar appears every 26,000 years at the ending and beginning of a new Great Year Cycle. 

The Secret of Power

The secret of power is to foresee the course of things to come, to recognise what we call Becoming through recognising Archetypal Myth which moves in cycles, history repeating itself. Then it is necessary to shape your own life in accordance with what is foreseen, being prepared to sacrifice all. Spiritual power is set in motion by the act of self-sacrifice. Spiritual power is set into motion through the Will. 

We are all individuals with an individual destiny; but we are more than that, for we are part of a mighty dragon - the White Dragon - and as individuals we matter far less than the survival of the Folk. The Folk-Destiny is what matters, and in that respect self-sacrifice must come before self-survival and self-interest. 

Power is accumulated through the heroic deeds we do throughout our lives; every act that is part of this struggle makes for a stronger individual, and thus a stronger Folk. Spiritual power is more important than physical power; a spiritual movement will be far stronger than one based firmly in the physical world. This is why it is so important to create a new Folkish Religion for our Folk, a religion based upon a strong and virile archetype. 

This archetype is more than just a symbol, it is something that has to be worshipped in order to give life to it. The term 'worship' is not used in the sense used by the Judaeo-Christian Church but in its true sense of 'to emulate', this being what the Old English weorthscip really means. Of course, the symbol, once created, has a life of its own, and the archetype gains power through its use, and through it being worshipped, i.e. through people striving to become that archetype.

We can see how this works with the White Dragon which was revived through the White Dragon Kindred and Odinism, and then taken up by Woden's Folk and Folkish Wodenism when it became the prime symbol of English Nationalism. The symbol itself means the Folkish Movement; it is the Folkish Movement; it has gained power along the way, like a snowball rolling and rolling and becoming an avalanche. It is the most powerful symbol of the English Awakening, and indeed it has spread beyond the borders of England as a Germanic Symbol. The attacks upon this symbol show how much power it has gained and how it has become a problem for our enemies.

Power and Will are in the realm of Ingwe (Agni) whose Fiery Will dwells within the Sacred Blood. The importance of Ingwe has yet to be fully recognised; he is not only the Divine Ancestor of the English but also the Divine Hero who ruled over At-al-land. The rising of At-al-land is the key to the awakening of the English Folk. The archetype of Ingwe is an ancestral atavism that arises within the Blood of the English Folk. 

The Need of Ing

I was at first sceptical about doing this particular article, since I really have no idea of the importance of the things that it concerns. I decided to do this so as to place these ideas into print and thus keep them alive for a time when the true meaning comes out. 

This all started on Monday 18th December 2017 when I took my dog, Sam, out for his morning walk to the local woodlands. It was a day started with a very hard frost and the roads and pavements were white with this. As I walked up the road I happened to glance up to the skies and there were a number of vapour-trails which clearly formed a pattern in the sky. The pattern marked out was one that featured the following Runes -

An Ing-Rune in the English version (XX) but with an extended line on which was the Nyd-Rune.

Just below this was a Gyfu-Rune.

There are two important messages here -

1. The 'Need of Ing' - This is the Sword of Need which is called Nothung ('Need of Ing'). This was the name used by Richard Wagner in his Ring Cycle.

2. The 'Gift of Ing' - Here, again, we have reference to the 'Gift of Ing', which here is the Sword - 'Need of Ing'.

The 'Need of Ing' is obviously the 'Destiny of Ing' and this links to an article in the latest Spear of Woden magazine which features the 'Broken Sword'. The article is based upon the fact that the sound ng was once a single letter whereas today it has been 'broken' into two different letters - 'n' and 'g'. This is the 'Broken S-Word' ('Sun-Word'). 

According to Nostradamus' prediction for 1999  (Century 10:72) the 'Great King of Terror' (Black Sun - Solar Eclipse) would come from the sky and bring back to life the 'Great King of the Angles' (Ingwe/Ing). We should note the statement 'bring back to life' which suggests a resurrection. This event would resurrect Ing, King of the Angles. 

The next 'coincidence' was that I was sent a DVD called 'Gaelic King' which was a typically low-budget British film using third-rate actors and third-rate acting. However, there was a very interesting symbol used as the Sign of Kingship of Dal Riada which featured a Christian Cross bound with what we call the Ang-Rune which is a variant of the Ing-Rune and which appears to refer to the 'Three Royal Lines of Anglia'. Dal Riada was the area occupied by the Scoti who also occupied the area of Northern Ireland. The name of one of the Pictish Kings - OEngus/AEngus - is also interesting in this respect. I assume that this symbol is one made up for this particular film, but the synchronicity here is strange indeed.

I had the strange feeling throughout this day that it was my late father who was guiding me towards these things, since December 18th was his birthday. Whatever the case the figure of Ingwe once again comes into the light, and this can be no coincidence, can it? 

The Ang-Rune is one quarter of the Gar-Rune; put another way there are four Ang-Runes that make up the 'Gift of Ing' (the meaning of this rune). We call this the 'Ang-Rune' since the stave is shaped like an 'A'. If the 'A' - shape has a vertical line extended from the point (making a 'Y') this becomes the ur-glyphic YR-Rune. The 'Y' represents the Three Tribes of Woden - Wolsungas/Wulfingas/Heardingas; the two offshoots that remain - Wulfingas and Heardingas - make up the 'V' that is part of the Ang-Rune. It should be noted that the Wolsungas give us the name Walsingham (Norfolk), the Wulfingas are the Wuffingas of Suffolk, and the Heardingas give their name to Haddington, just north of Edinburgh in Scotland. These were the areas occupied by the Angles. 

Since the Germanic Ing-Rune is the diamond-shape which is attributed to the ancient shape of England then this represents England itself, and this is the 'Gift of Ing' given to the English Folk by their Divine Ancestor - Ingwe. The 'Broken Sword' can also be equated with England and the English Folk, and the re-forging of this 'Broken Sword' is necessary to create an English Awakening. The key to this English Awakening is the Symbol of Ingwe - The White Dragon.

I have mentioned before, and not the only one to do so, that Vortigern may well have been a Heathen King opposed by the growing Judaeo-Christian influence led by the Celtic 'King Arthur' (not the Hyperborean King Arthur). The place in Wales that honours the name of Vortigern, Gwrtheyrn in Welsh, is Nant Gwrtheyrn which is, coincidentally, in the Llyn Peninsular which is the area once occupied by the Gangani-Tegeingl. If Vortigern ruled in Wales and invited Saxon mercenaries to fight for him - in Wales - then this makes far more sense that all this taking place here in England, a place totally devoid of Welsh names! The name 'Gwrtheyrn' means 'Over High King' or something like that. In most films the flag used by Vortigern is the White Dragon. 

The 'Broken Sword' is actually the Sword of the Wolsungas since it is Siegmund and the Sigurd who wield this sword. So the 'Broken Sword' is associated with one of the Three Royal Tribes of Woden, in fact the 'trunk' of this lineage. The sword is first plunged into the Barnstock Oak at the centre of the House of the Wolsungas, plunged into the trunk of the tree by Woden himself. According to Richard Wagner it is Woden (known as Wulfe) who sires the Wolsunga Royal Line, accused by Frigga of doing so in the great Germanic Forests. The Grail Lineage also seems to be of this Royal Lineage, if Wolfram's statement that they descend from Waelas is correct, Waels being 'Wols' and thus Waelsingas or Wolsungas. Parsifal is of the Wolsunga Line, and Parsifal is the Divine Fool or Pure Fool - The Hooded Man. He is 'The Beginning and the End', 'The First and the Last'. 

The sound 'ng' is in itself unique, for it is both a nasal and an oral sound; the 'n' is sounded by putting the tongue on the roof of the mouth, the sound thus coming through the nose; the 'g' sound is done through a quick exhalation through the mouth. If we see the nose as a lunar sound and the mouth as a solar sound then the 'ng' is the balance of opposites; with the splitting of the 'n' and the 'g' the balance is broken. Thus the renewal of the sound 'ng', the re-forging of the Broken S-Word, creates the Heildom once more. Ing is thus the balance of opposites united in wholeness.

The Spear of Woden is made up of four Ang-Runes representing the Ur-Tribes of Ingwe; the Germanic Ing-Rune represents England, the Land of Albion - the White Island. The Ang-Runes are each 'spearheads' pointing at the centre - the Sacred Centre of the White Island where the Mystical Sacred Mountain stands, invisible to the eye of the profane. At the Sacred Centre stands the Sacred Oak Tree at the Beran-byrig, atop the Mystical Sacred Mountain. Here is the centre of the White Dragon of Ingwe. 

I started this post on December 19th, the day after these signs appeared in the sky; as I finish writing this it is December 20th - the Night of the Mothers'. Some destiny is unfolding as can be seen by the Signs in the Sky. The Destiny of Ing is unfolding as we enter the Night of the Mothers', guided by the Three Sisters of Fate. The Web of Wyrd is being woven anew, and despite all of the dark signs around us the Light shall be reborn anew, and the Sons of Light will arise from the Darkness of Night. Tomorrow is the Winter Sunstead and, so I have been informed by Steed, according to the Daily Mail Saturn and the Sun are in an alignment, the last time this happened being 1664, two years before the Great Fire of London. The Daily Mail promised doom and gloom for this Holy Sunstead, but we rejoice in the Rebirth of the Sun, and in the coming of the 'Son of Man' - Ingwe. 

We are about to enter the year 2018 which means the Woden's Folk has been going for 20 years now, and we celebrate our twentieth year throughout this one. This is Year 18 of the Age of Ing; there is significance in this number - 9 x 2 - and in this coming year we shall renew our Sacred Oaths that we took when WF was founded. The 'Conception of the Age of Ing' occurred in 1999, just 18 years ago. Woden's Folk was founded in the knowledge that it was necessary to prepare for the Man to Come - Wid-Ar the Avenger. This preparation means the foundation of a new Folkish Religion based upon a new archetype - The Crowned and Avenging Son of the Sun. 

'Soon you will hear from another who will undoubtedly speak of his religious beliefs. Perhaps even at this late date, the power of a religious creed can save Western Man, or perhaps Divine Providence will indeed lend a hand. If not, then those who rebel against tyranny must still accept the consequences with a shrug, or they are neither patriots nor men. I say no more....'

David Lane Wodensson.

For - The Man To Come

The Web of Wyrd

Tonight, December 20th, is the Mother's Night dedicated to the Wyrd Sisters or Norns who came to the Divine Child, Helgi, at this hour to wind the web of his Wyrd, the destiny of the great Folk-Hero. The English called the Wyrd Sisters by the name Waelcyrge which is the same as the Viking Valkyries -

Blood rains,
From the cloudy web
On the broad loom
of slaughter.
The web of man,
Grey as armour,
Is now being woven:
The Valkyries
Will cross it
With a crimson weft.

The warp is made
Of human entrails:
Human heads
Are used as weights:
The heddle-rods
Are blood-wet spears:
The shafts are iron-bound.
The arrows are the shuttles.
With swords we will weave
 This web of battle.

The Valkyries go weaving
With drawn swords...
Spears will shatter,
Shields will splinter
Swords will gnaw
Like wolves through armour.

Let us now wind 
The web of war.....

It is horrible now
To look around,
As the blood-red cloud
Darkens the sky.
The heavens are stained
With the blood of men,
As the Valkyries sing their song.

Njall's Saga

'Might of the AEgishjalm - the Helm of Ygg - ward off all evil forces from the Folk. As the Golden Boar wards off the Darkness of Night and Terror, ward off all ill-will and ill-luck, and send it back to whence it came.'

May the Helm of Ygg - The Terrible One -

protect our Folk and drive away the 

Darkness of Evil.

May the Sun triumph over the Darkness!

Hail to the Sun!

Hail Light!

Sunday 17 December 2017

The Coming of Wid-Ar.

Wulf’s Prophecy

1. Here now this my prophecy,
’tis now the time for all to see:
The truth was long ago foretold,
In ancient lands by men of old.

2. 20-12: the End of Time,
Harken to this eerie rhyme:
False prophets spreading doom and gloom
I bring new hope – Wyrd spins the loom.

3. One World! One Sex! One Race! – They cry!
Cease! False prophets – stem your lies!
World Peace? I mock your empty words,
This land will fall by Fire and Sword!

4. Listen, people of the South,
The Word comes from the horse’s mouth:
This land shall sink beneath the waves,
So seek not shelter in the caves.

5. When the Silent Pool will rise,
Storm-Clouds gather in the skies:
Raging seas crash through the Downs,
White Horses followed by the Hounds.

6. The Mighty One, nursed of the dew,
Scorned by the mass – held by the few:
A e’en Greater One shall come,
When the Wolf devours the Sun.

7. When all seems lost, all hope is gone,
Then shall arise The Hooded One:
When the Silent Pool shall rise,
Stars align o’er Northern Skies.

8. The Milky Way, our Galaxy,
Born at the Centre of the Tree,
A Man-Child – Virile Warrior,
Son of the Wolf, the Mother bore.

9. Son of Woden – Son of Earth,
The Womb of England shall give birth:
The Child of Light shall wield the Sword,
From out his mouth shall come the Word.

10. Wolf’s Jaws engulf the Hanged God,
The cycle ended by the Dog:
The Blue Star shines bright in the sky,
The Hanged God now he must die.

11. At the Centre of the Tree,
The Black Sun shines, tho’ few can see:
Through the Triangle shall come
Widar – The Avenging Son!

12. The Hallowed One, bearing The Word,
He who wields the Broken Sword:
Forged anew by Wayland wise,
Whose sparks light up the Northern Skies.

13. One World! World Peace! – They cry in vain,
The Lords of Law arise again:
False princes – Tremble on this Earth!
The galaxy is giving birth.

15. Sent by the Gods to kindle war,
Helgi wields the Flaming Sword:
The Wolfing leads a Mighty Force,
Mounted on a pure White Horse.

16. When helmet of the Hunter-God,
Appears once more on Downland Sod:
When spear is shaken, splintered shield
The Sword of Wrath this God will wield.

17. Inside the Treasure-Box is hid,
Beneath the Wooden Casket’s lid:
Dark Goddess – Ruler of our time,
The Torcs from He she seeks to hide.

18. But she shall hide the Rings in vain,
The Golden Torcs are found again:
The age is ended – Hail the Dawn!
The Dragon slain – The evil gone.

19. Awaited long, the Golden Age,
Prophesied by many a sage:
The Child of Light shall end the old,
The Rightful King – The Warrior bold!

The Hooded Man Prophecy

'In the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!'

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993 - Horam, East Sussex.

All prophecies are vague and proven only when they come about; this is the way of prophecy I am afraid. The first 'End of the World' happened in 1999, proven to be merely the turn of the millennium but at an inner level as the conception of a New Age - the Age of Ing. This coincided with the conception of a mighty Aryan Force that would herald the coming of an Avatar - Wid-Ar the Avenger. This was on August 11th 1999 when a solar eclipse occurred over Europe. 

Then we had another 'End of the World' on December 21st 2012, and again what did happen was at an inner level rather than some great catastrophe as predicted. There have been signs of change, of an awakening throughout Europe, though here in England this is very slow. Our enemies have sensed this and stamped down hard here, though such tactics can prove futile because they can often have the opposite affect. 

The 'Age of the Hanged God' is dead and gone; this is made clear in the prophecy. Whether this applies to Christ or Odin matters not, there is a new archetype for a New Age, and that archetype is the 'Crowned and Avenging Son of the Sun. No longer the god hanged upon a cross in dejection and humiliation, but a virile male warrior-god, mounted upon a White Horse, wielding a Flaming-Sword, Wid-Ar, the Son of Woden. If we see Woden as the God of Light associated with the Sun and Light then on December 21st 2012 the Sun-God was 'swallowed' by the Wolf's Jaws (which look askance at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy). The Spirit of Woden was released by the 'Opening of the Mouth', and was resurrected as Wid-Ar the Son. 

This is not a long prophecy concerning various events, it is a prophecy that has been reinstated from various sources in order to herald the appearance of the Last Avatar upon Earth. Parts of this have already come true, other parts have not. There is an emphasis upon the rising of the Silent Pool which is a pool in Surrey situated in Albury, Surrey, some four miles from Guildford. Some years ago, due to a very dry spell, the pool was almost dry, but has no doubt filled up again since. It is fed by a natural spring and part of two pools, the Silent Pool being the original and the Sherbourne Pool being a later addition added to it. It is not clear what this is all about but it does seem important in view of its being repeated in the prophecy.

I have numbered the verses, which number nineteen; but the first verse merely introduces what is to come, so in reality we could say there were eighteen verses. The 'dog' mentioned in verse 10 could be the 'Dog-Star', Sirius, although this is by no means certain. The 'Blue Star' could also refer to Sirius, although other explanations have been made for this. As with any prophecy, multiple meanings are also possible. 'Dog' is 'God' spelled backwards, if that is anything to go by. 

Whatever the case, the future looks rather bleak when viewed from these prophecies - catastrophe and civil war loom on the horizon if these things do come about, and the Final Battle for Middle-Earth as seen in verse 15, where HelgiH leads a 'mighty force'. None of this, of course, is our doing, indeed these things are coming about due to the catastrophic policies made by our politicians, by the policies and leadership of all levels of this society, and by the cowardly acts of the masses who have ignored the warnings of the wise and chosen to do nothing. Profit and greed have brought the world to its knees, to the brink of destruction. Now the debt must be paid!

The Prophecy 88

'When the Ice of the Darkness of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poisoned apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness.'

The Prophecy 88 - November 9th 2014, East Sussex.

The 'Sleeping Goddess' is Idunn, who sleeps under the White Wolf Skin, under the White Snow of the North. She is here likened to 'Sleeping Beauty' who is sent into a deep sleep or coma when eating a 'poisoned apple'. When this falls away she is awakened and renewed by the 'Golden Apples of the Immortals'. The 'apple' is symbolic of Venus which is the 'Star of Resurrection'. It is symbolic of Freya-Idunn. Of course, the theme is from Revelation but has been restated in  new heathen form. But the astronomical points - 'When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun (which does refer to Venus as the Morning Star) - stand true in any context. 

I have chosen to restate these three Wodenic Prophecies at this time because we English face today our darkest hour. Like the Yin-Yang Symbol where there is but a Point of Light in a Sea of Darkness, the Darkness has enveloped our lands. Only the Point of Light is left, yet we have passed the Great Yuletide and the Forces of Light are waxing again, growing more powerful by the day. The 'Dark Empire' is, like the Roman Empire, falling away, decaying, passing into its last and final phase. 

I have stated many times before how 'The Hooded Man Prophecy' has 58 Words and 58 Letters in the altered section - The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him.' The name 'ROBIN' adds up to 58 when we use English Gematria (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc.) The name 'Wid-Ar' does not add up to 58, it adds up to the Number 55. This suggests that, in archetypal terms, The Hooded Man and Wid-Ar are different archetypes. I have said this before, hinting that maybe The Hooded Man is a Folk-Leader who comes to his people to lead them in the time of greatest oppression, and Wid-Ar is an Avatar who comes at the end-beginning of a cycle to aid the world as well as to lead his Folk in doing so. Both, of course, can incarnate in the same figure.

Miguel Serrano suggests that the Number 55 is the Number of Hyperborea, as well as its extension - 555. The Number 88 - In Folkish Wodenism - relates to the avatar-figure of HelgiH. This is Wid-Ar the Avenger. Although it is not explicitly stated that HelgiH is an 'avatar', the Legend of Helgi Hundingsbane suggests that he appeared at the end of one era at the time another cycle begins. We do indeed have a similar figure, but one who is explicitly stated to be an 'avatar', in the sense that he is destined to return when his people need him most - Holger Dansk. Holger Dansk is Helgi the Dane and he is the same archetype as Wid-Ar. 

Holger Dansk is the King Asleep in the Mountain like Barbarossa, Wensleslas and Arthur; his legend became intertwined with Arthurian Myth. He became linked to Tristan's sword 'Cortaine' through the name of his sword 'Cortana', a word meaning 'short'. Interestingly, the English Monarchy laid claim to the Sword of Tristan, and a sword named Curtaine was used at coronations. Of course, Woden is the King Asleep in the Mountain and the name 'Ogier' (an alternative) may be Ygg or Og (the version found here in England). The name 'Oddgeir' (Od-geir) is also used.

King Arthur is a legend that goes back to the Polar Mythos and is associated with Arcturus in Bootes. Since Bootes is the Constellation of Ingwe then the figure of Arctur (as we should perhaps spell the name) is Ingwe. This is why, even when the Legend of Ingwe was suppressed and replaced, the same archetype remained true to its destiny, living through the 'King Arthur' legends here in these islands. Bootes is - The Coming One, is Ingwe, is Wid-Ar. 

The Irish Legend of Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn mac Cool) tells that he sleeps in a mountain/cave surrounded by the Fianna. The time shall come when the Dord Fiann will sound three times and Fionne and the Fianna will awake to save Ireland. This is a recurrent Aryan Legend found all over the world; the importance lies in it being an Archetypal Myth. To awaken the Sleeping Hero a horn must be sounded three times, or in the case of Sir Francis Drake, Drake's Drum must sound. At the start of each Wodenic Blot the Sounding-Horn is blown three times.

There are two 'Sleeping Heroes' directly connected to The Hooded Man who is The Divine Fool - William Tell (Switzerland) and Kau Khusrau (Persia). This links this archetype to The Hooded Man Archetype. There is also the latest version of this archetype in Aragorn of Lord of the Rings, the film being shown at the turn of the new millennium. 

The Vedas know Arcturus by the name Swaati/Swati which is said to mean 'The Good Goer' or 'The Sword' (if the two very dissimilar meanings make any sense). Sweorth means 'sword' in Old English, so maybe there is a link. (*) To some other traditions Bootes is the 'Spear-bearer', and he is a huntsman bearing a club/spear/staff with two hunting-dogs. He is also 'The One Who is Coming'. In Greek Mythology, or at least one version, he is Arcas or Arkas, the Ancestor of the Arcadians. Arcturus is the 'Guardian of the Bear', the Seven Stars of the North. 

There is an Arkadian Heroine, a huntress and the favourite of Artemis, named Atalanta. She is suckled by a she-bear, found and then brought up by hunters. Her name stems from the Greek atalantos said to mean 'equal in weight'. Arcadia/Arkadia was said to be the area roamed by Pan who is Lord of the Forests, Lord of the Trees, and the Herdsman (Lord of Animals). 

All three of these Wodenic Prophecies relate to the coming of a Folk-Hero, a Folk-Leader, and an Avatar of Woden. They encompass the work of Woden's Folk in preparing the way for this figure to arise here in England. This is Archetypal Myth dealing with an Aryan Myth known in various different traditions. The myth is of the Sleeping King who sleeps in a mountain or cave, and must be awakened by sounding the Horn of Awakening. Strangely enough the meaning of Bootes (Ingwe) seems to be 'to clamour' or 'to bellow', both of which suggest 'to awake'. Now, the same myth is linked to that of the Seven Sleepers who are obviously linked to the Seven Sons of Mimir. 

These myths centre around Bootes (The Awakener) and the Great Bear/Plough/Big Dipper (The Seven Stars). Sleeping Beauty is guarded by the 'Seven Dwarfs' which could refer to the Seven Stars of the Great Bear. Since Arcturus is associated with King Arthur, who is the archetypal 'Once and Future King', then the star and its constellation, Bootes, must be associated with the Coming Avatar. The figure of Ingwe is obviously not given as much importance as he should be. 

The Seven Sons of Mimir are an active force at Ragnarok; they awaken at this time and take up their Seven Swords to go into battle. In Wodenic Lore we see these as the Seven Swords of Wayland; these are the Seven Tribes of Ingwe who have been brought together in these islands to arise at the critical time when our lands and people face total destruction - Ragnarok. 


'Koran-Gar' ('Spear of the Koran') is the catalyst for the coming change and disaster; it is the key to understanding the Archetypal Myth of Troy where the Home of the Gods is destroyed by allowing the enemy into it, as was the case with the destruction of Troy. The Bifrost Bridge breaks and the enemy of the gods pour into the Land of the Gods. Both refer to the same thing, that when the enemy is allowed to enter the Lands of the Folk then this will cause the destruction of our Folk. It does not matter who was behind all this, since it is the happenings that will create a dire situation where our survival is threatened, what matters is that we recognise the peril that we are in.

To understand what is going on we need to consider why an enemy, a force that openly admits that it wishes to destroy 'Western Civilisation', has been allowed to enter the 'gates' of our lands and work from within to destroy it. And this has been done without a hand being raised to stop it. This land prides itself upon its resistance to anyone who sought to invade, or sought to impose itself upon us, as we are reminded time and time again when we 'fought a war for freedom'. We most obviously did nothing of the sort, or we would today be free, and not threatened by a force far worse than our Germanic Kinfolk. We do not wish to uphold 'Christian Civilisation', nor this 'civilisation' which is itself alien to us; but on the other hand we do not wish to have another, though different, tyranny imposed upon us. 

The people are held in a kind of stupor; using a form of Black Magic the Occult Forces have hypnotised the masses into non-action, into being 'drugged' with propaganda that makes them do nothing. Mind-control is nothing new, but today it is being perfected, and it has been used to control the masses, and thus make them inactive, unable to do anything about their plight, even though deep down most must feel something is wrong. 

The key to this is the awakening of our people; the horn must sound. In some legends, particularly that of the Ulster Hero, Cu Chulainn, it is the cry of a severed head that awakens the Ulstermen who have been cursed and unable to awake. Before Ragmarok, Woden consults the severed head of Mimir, and we are told that the Seven Sons of Mimir awaken to fight. Whatever the case, and whatever hidden meanings lie here, it is not our place to shut up and say nothing!

'We do hold hope for Woden's Folk, we hold hope for what remains of Germanic Spirit in the Isle of Albion, in England, not the Corporation of Britain....Miguel Serrano also held hope for Woden's Folk and England, which he thought to be one of the last remnants of Aryan Land....'


(*) In regard to the 'sword' connection with Arcturus I have just published an article for the Spear of Woden centred around the 'Broken Sword'. This is the 'Broken S-Word', the letter 'ng' which has been 'broken' into two - 'n' & 'g'.