Thursday 21 December 2017

The Sons of Bor

Legend has it that there was an island in the Far North inhabited by the Hyperboreans, ruled by a kingly-line named Boreades, the descendants of Boreas. This was a long time before At-al-land appeared in the North-West, the latter appearing after the destruction of Thule-Hyperborea.

Woden-Will-Weoh are the Sons of Bor and Bestla - of Boreas and "Best Blood' (Vargs Vikernes translation of Bestla). The Hyper-bor-eans are the 'Sons of Bor', the 'Sons of Buri' who was the Primal Man. I have quoted a Bulgarian Legend before on several occasions but for the sake of this post will do so again -

Seven Aryan Tribes survived the Ice Age; they formed a tribal alliance called idel (*); their emblem was the sarman or surban (swastika) which represented the Sun's victory over the Ice. The mightiest of these Aryan Tribes was called Alp Buri - 'People of the Wolf'.

Here 'Buri' means 'wolf' and is an Indo-European word from which we get 'boar' and 'bear'; its original meaning would have referred to a wild beast. The legend tells of a time after the Ice melted away, after the destruction of Hyperborea and the Aryan Lands of the North. 'Bor' is merely another version of 'Buri'. We are the 'Sons of Bor', descended from the Gods of the High North. 

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