Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Secret of Power

The secret of power is to foresee the course of things to come, to recognise what we call Becoming through recognising Archetypal Myth which moves in cycles, history repeating itself. Then it is necessary to shape your own life in accordance with what is foreseen, being prepared to sacrifice all. Spiritual power is set in motion by the act of self-sacrifice. Spiritual power is set into motion through the Will. 

We are all individuals with an individual destiny; but we are more than that, for we are part of a mighty dragon - the White Dragon - and as individuals we matter far less than the survival of the Folk. The Folk-Destiny is what matters, and in that respect self-sacrifice must come before self-survival and self-interest. 

Power is accumulated through the heroic deeds we do throughout our lives; every act that is part of this struggle makes for a stronger individual, and thus a stronger Folk. Spiritual power is more important than physical power; a spiritual movement will be far stronger than one based firmly in the physical world. This is why it is so important to create a new Folkish Religion for our Folk, a religion based upon a strong and virile archetype. 

This archetype is more than just a symbol, it is something that has to be worshipped in order to give life to it. The term 'worship' is not used in the sense used by the Judaeo-Christian Church but in its true sense of 'to emulate', this being what the Old English weorthscip really means. Of course, the symbol, once created, has a life of its own, and the archetype gains power through its use, and through it being worshipped, i.e. through people striving to become that archetype.

We can see how this works with the White Dragon which was revived through the White Dragon Kindred and Odinism, and then taken up by Woden's Folk and Folkish Wodenism when it became the prime symbol of English Nationalism. The symbol itself means the Folkish Movement; it is the Folkish Movement; it has gained power along the way, like a snowball rolling and rolling and becoming an avalanche. It is the most powerful symbol of the English Awakening, and indeed it has spread beyond the borders of England as a Germanic Symbol. The attacks upon this symbol show how much power it has gained and how it has become a problem for our enemies.

Power and Will are in the realm of Ingwe (Agni) whose Fiery Will dwells within the Sacred Blood. The importance of Ingwe has yet to be fully recognised; he is not only the Divine Ancestor of the English but also the Divine Hero who ruled over At-al-land. The rising of At-al-land is the key to the awakening of the English Folk. The archetype of Ingwe is an ancestral atavism that arises within the Blood of the English Folk. 

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