Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Triple Godhead

We can see the Triple Godhead in the trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, where Brahma represents creation, Vishnu represents preservation, and Shiva represents destruction. In Folkish Wodenism this would be Woden representing creation, Heimdall representing preservation, and Thunor representing destruction. Or at least this is one way of looking at this, since as within Hinduism the god-roles overlap considerably.

But as with the so-called 'Tripartite System' of the Indo-Europeans the three naturally implies a fourth, which suggests that spirit comes prior to manifestation into matter. This is also true of the runic systems since there are Three AEttir, and yet we have a Fourth AEttir within Folkish Wodenism, as if the spiritual world breaks forth into the material world through the fourth.

So, how does this change things with the Triple Godhead, since there has to be a fourth and a specific role for the fourth. Creation-preservation-destruction is a linear sequence unless we add a fourth - renewal. We can thus see now that the role of Wid-Ar has been omitted within Odinism which sees this as a future role, but within Folkish Wodenism we see Wid-Ar as having a role in our times -

Woden - Creation.

Hama/Heimdall - Preservation.

Thunor - Destruction.

Wid-Ar - Renewal or Recreation.

Woden, of course, is swallowed by the Fenris Wolf (Chaos or Technology); but his spirit is released when Wid-Ar rips open the Wolf's Jaws to allow him to escape. Thus Wid-Ar is the reborn Spirit of Woden, but resurrected in a new form as the young and virile Warrior-Hero. The archetype of the Hanged God has given way to the Crowned and Avenging Son of the Sun. Thus Wid-Ar appears every 26,000 years at the ending and beginning of a new Great Year Cycle. 

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