Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Need of Ing

I was at first sceptical about doing this particular article, since I really have no idea of the importance of the things that it concerns. I decided to do this so as to place these ideas into print and thus keep them alive for a time when the true meaning comes out. 

This all started on Monday 18th December 2017 when I took my dog, Sam, out for his morning walk to the local woodlands. It was a day started with a very hard frost and the roads and pavements were white with this. As I walked up the road I happened to glance up to the skies and there were a number of vapour-trails which clearly formed a pattern in the sky. The pattern marked out was one that featured the following Runes -

An Ing-Rune in the English version (XX) but with an extended line on which was the Nyd-Rune.

Just below this was a Gyfu-Rune.

There are two important messages here -

1. The 'Need of Ing' - This is the Sword of Need which is called Nothung ('Need of Ing'). This was the name used by Richard Wagner in his Ring Cycle.

2. The 'Gift of Ing' - Here, again, we have reference to the 'Gift of Ing', which here is the Sword - 'Need of Ing'.

The 'Need of Ing' is obviously the 'Destiny of Ing' and this links to an article in the latest Spear of Woden magazine which features the 'Broken Sword'. The article is based upon the fact that the sound ng was once a single letter whereas today it has been 'broken' into two different letters - 'n' and 'g'. This is the 'Broken S-Word' ('Sun-Word'). 

According to Nostradamus' prediction for 1999  (Century 10:72) the 'Great King of Terror' (Black Sun - Solar Eclipse) would come from the sky and bring back to life the 'Great King of the Angles' (Ingwe/Ing). We should note the statement 'bring back to life' which suggests a resurrection. This event would resurrect Ing, King of the Angles. 

The next 'coincidence' was that I was sent a DVD called 'Gaelic King' which was a typically low-budget British film using third-rate actors and third-rate acting. However, there was a very interesting symbol used as the Sign of Kingship of Dal Riada which featured a Christian Cross bound with what we call the Ang-Rune which is a variant of the Ing-Rune and which appears to refer to the 'Three Royal Lines of Anglia'. Dal Riada was the area occupied by the Scoti who also occupied the area of Northern Ireland. The name of one of the Pictish Kings - OEngus/AEngus - is also interesting in this respect. I assume that this symbol is one made up for this particular film, but the synchronicity here is strange indeed.

I had the strange feeling throughout this day that it was my late father who was guiding me towards these things, since December 18th was his birthday. Whatever the case the figure of Ingwe once again comes into the light, and this can be no coincidence, can it? 

The Ang-Rune is one quarter of the Gar-Rune; put another way there are four Ang-Runes that make up the 'Gift of Ing' (the meaning of this rune). We call this the 'Ang-Rune' since the stave is shaped like an 'A'. If the 'A' - shape has a vertical line extended from the point (making a 'Y') this becomes the ur-glyphic YR-Rune. The 'Y' represents the Three Tribes of Woden - Wolsungas/Wulfingas/Heardingas; the two offshoots that remain - Wulfingas and Heardingas - make up the 'V' that is part of the Ang-Rune. It should be noted that the Wolsungas give us the name Walsingham (Norfolk), the Wulfingas are the Wuffingas of Suffolk, and the Heardingas give their name to Haddington, just north of Edinburgh in Scotland. These were the areas occupied by the Angles. 

Since the Germanic Ing-Rune is the diamond-shape which is attributed to the ancient shape of England then this represents England itself, and this is the 'Gift of Ing' given to the English Folk by their Divine Ancestor - Ingwe. The 'Broken Sword' can also be equated with England and the English Folk, and the re-forging of this 'Broken Sword' is necessary to create an English Awakening. The key to this English Awakening is the Symbol of Ingwe - The White Dragon.

I have mentioned before, and not the only one to do so, that Vortigern may well have been a Heathen King opposed by the growing Judaeo-Christian influence led by the Celtic 'King Arthur' (not the Hyperborean King Arthur). The place in Wales that honours the name of Vortigern, Gwrtheyrn in Welsh, is Nant Gwrtheyrn which is, coincidentally, in the Llyn Peninsular which is the area once occupied by the Gangani-Tegeingl. If Vortigern ruled in Wales and invited Saxon mercenaries to fight for him - in Wales - then this makes far more sense that all this taking place here in England, a place totally devoid of Welsh names! The name 'Gwrtheyrn' means 'Over High King' or something like that. In most films the flag used by Vortigern is the White Dragon. 

The 'Broken Sword' is actually the Sword of the Wolsungas since it is Siegmund and the Sigurd who wield this sword. So the 'Broken Sword' is associated with one of the Three Royal Tribes of Woden, in fact the 'trunk' of this lineage. The sword is first plunged into the Barnstock Oak at the centre of the House of the Wolsungas, plunged into the trunk of the tree by Woden himself. According to Richard Wagner it is Woden (known as Wulfe) who sires the Wolsunga Royal Line, accused by Frigga of doing so in the great Germanic Forests. The Grail Lineage also seems to be of this Royal Lineage, if Wolfram's statement that they descend from Waelas is correct, Waels being 'Wols' and thus Waelsingas or Wolsungas. Parsifal is of the Wolsunga Line, and Parsifal is the Divine Fool or Pure Fool - The Hooded Man. He is 'The Beginning and the End', 'The First and the Last'. 

The sound 'ng' is in itself unique, for it is both a nasal and an oral sound; the 'n' is sounded by putting the tongue on the roof of the mouth, the sound thus coming through the nose; the 'g' sound is done through a quick exhalation through the mouth. If we see the nose as a lunar sound and the mouth as a solar sound then the 'ng' is the balance of opposites; with the splitting of the 'n' and the 'g' the balance is broken. Thus the renewal of the sound 'ng', the re-forging of the Broken S-Word, creates the Heildom once more. Ing is thus the balance of opposites united in wholeness.

The Spear of Woden is made up of four Ang-Runes representing the Ur-Tribes of Ingwe; the Germanic Ing-Rune represents England, the Land of Albion - the White Island. The Ang-Runes are each 'spearheads' pointing at the centre - the Sacred Centre of the White Island where the Mystical Sacred Mountain stands, invisible to the eye of the profane. At the Sacred Centre stands the Sacred Oak Tree at the Beran-byrig, atop the Mystical Sacred Mountain. Here is the centre of the White Dragon of Ingwe. 

I started this post on December 19th, the day after these signs appeared in the sky; as I finish writing this it is December 20th - the Night of the Mothers'. Some destiny is unfolding as can be seen by the Signs in the Sky. The Destiny of Ing is unfolding as we enter the Night of the Mothers', guided by the Three Sisters of Fate. The Web of Wyrd is being woven anew, and despite all of the dark signs around us the Light shall be reborn anew, and the Sons of Light will arise from the Darkness of Night. Tomorrow is the Winter Sunstead and, so I have been informed by Steed, according to the Daily Mail Saturn and the Sun are in an alignment, the last time this happened being 1664, two years before the Great Fire of London. The Daily Mail promised doom and gloom for this Holy Sunstead, but we rejoice in the Rebirth of the Sun, and in the coming of the 'Son of Man' - Ingwe. 

We are about to enter the year 2018 which means the Woden's Folk has been going for 20 years now, and we celebrate our twentieth year throughout this one. This is Year 18 of the Age of Ing; there is significance in this number - 9 x 2 - and in this coming year we shall renew our Sacred Oaths that we took when WF was founded. The 'Conception of the Age of Ing' occurred in 1999, just 18 years ago. Woden's Folk was founded in the knowledge that it was necessary to prepare for the Man to Come - Wid-Ar the Avenger. This preparation means the foundation of a new Folkish Religion based upon a new archetype - The Crowned and Avenging Son of the Sun. 

'Soon you will hear from another who will undoubtedly speak of his religious beliefs. Perhaps even at this late date, the power of a religious creed can save Western Man, or perhaps Divine Providence will indeed lend a hand. If not, then those who rebel against tyranny must still accept the consequences with a shrug, or they are neither patriots nor men. I say no more....'

David Lane Wodensson.

For - The Man To Come

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