Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Web of Wyrd

Tonight, December 20th, is the Mother's Night dedicated to the Wyrd Sisters or Norns who came to the Divine Child, Helgi, at this hour to wind the web of his Wyrd, the destiny of the great Folk-Hero. The English called the Wyrd Sisters by the name Waelcyrge which is the same as the Viking Valkyries -

Blood rains,
From the cloudy web
On the broad loom
of slaughter.
The web of man,
Grey as armour,
Is now being woven:
The Valkyries
Will cross it
With a crimson weft.

The warp is made
Of human entrails:
Human heads
Are used as weights:
The heddle-rods
Are blood-wet spears:
The shafts are iron-bound.
The arrows are the shuttles.
With swords we will weave
 This web of battle.

The Valkyries go weaving
With drawn swords...
Spears will shatter,
Shields will splinter
Swords will gnaw
Like wolves through armour.

Let us now wind 
The web of war.....

It is horrible now
To look around,
As the blood-red cloud
Darkens the sky.
The heavens are stained
With the blood of men,
As the Valkyries sing their song.

Njall's Saga

'Might of the AEgishjalm - the Helm of Ygg - ward off all evil forces from the Folk. As the Golden Boar wards off the Darkness of Night and Terror, ward off all ill-will and ill-luck, and send it back to whence it came.'

May the Helm of Ygg - The Terrible One -

protect our Folk and drive away the 

Darkness of Evil.

May the Sun triumph over the Darkness!

Hail to the Sun!

Hail Light!

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