Tuesday 2 February 2021

Stay Home - Stay Safe - Oh Yeah!

We are constantly being bombarded with the slogan - Stay Home - Stay Safe - Save the NHS. Now, if our forefathers had taken up the 'Nanny-State' slogan 'Stay Safe' they would never have achieved what they did. No-one would have climbed Everest, nor any other mountain for that matter; they would not have crossed the world in ships in the most violent storms; they would never have lived through the Ice Age. In fact, they would never have achieved anything at all. The 'Nanny-State' that they have created has been done for one sole purpose - to weaken our Folk to the extent that they can be completely enslaved. Hence the attack upon the menfolk of our people. 

To achieve anything means facing danger of one kind or another; sometimes this means risking our lives to overcome such dangers. With the accident-rate with cars and other vehicles this is a risky business in itself, hence why they are trying to create robot-cars that drive themselves and could be no doubt safer for it. But do we really want to be 'safe' all of the time? Do we really want to get to that stage when everything we do is done for us, and everything is 'safe' and 'easy'? The end result will be our final destruction. 

Our forefathers (and some still today in the wilder areas) were facing wild predators such as bears, wolves and boars; everyday life was a dangerous struggle. Gradually man has become the predator, but in some wilder places the dangers are still there. Let us look at this from the point of the animals, some of which are today the prey because man has developed more powerful weapons. Not only that, amongst the animals there are hunters and the hunted, predators and the prey. Animals face danger at all times still. Why the hell should we be any different? We are part of Nature, and Nature is the Survival of the Fittest which gets rid of the weak and allows for stronger individuals and packs. This is a stern fact, even though there are those (in power) today who believe that they can dominate Nature by changing everything to suit their own agenda. This will lead to disaster and catastrophic destruction.

The Stoics, as I have mentioned before, put themselves into strange and even dangerous situations in order to prepare themselves for anything that could happen to them in the future. We need only look at the young warriors of the Germanic Mannerbund who went into the wilderness alone or in small groups to fend for themselves, to survive everything that was thrown at them, and to live off the land. They put themselves into a very dangerous situation in order to overcome all obstacles. 

Are we in fact safer at home? Well, since the Covid-Cops are busy nicking anyone they see drinking a cup of tea on a park bench the crime-rate has gone way up again since a decline with the first lockdown. Criminals do not take notice of laws. Therefore, here in England, we may well not be so safe in our homes now! The best way to stay healthy is to get some fresh air, and especially sunshine (not seen much of that lately) which produces Vitamin D which itself boosts the immune system. 

There is one more thing and that is the eating of onions; Red Onions (eaten raw) contain high levels of quercetin which has natural anti-viral properties. In fact, Ebola and Zika virus's were successfully treated with quercetin; of course this would have been chemically isolated rather than using the natural thing, no doubt making a good profit to boot. There is an old story about the 1919 flu epidemic which killed around 40 million people. When others were going down with the flu a doctor went to one farmhouse where the whole family was well and sound; what they had done is to cut red onions up and put them around the house, and to the doctor's surprise he found the onions contains the flu-virus. The onions had absorbed the virus from the atmosphere - or so it is said. 

Now, sceptics may well say that this was not really true, and we have no way of verifying such a story, but maybe there is something that seems to bear this out. During the Black Death or The Plague, which was a bacterial pandemic, it was said that people carried garlic with them and this was later seen as a way to ward off the bacteria that caused it. Both Red Onions and Garlic have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. They must of course be eaten raw to be effective. Whether it is true that onions will absorb the virus or bacteria in the air is debatable, but it seems that garlic was worn around the person during the plague, so maybe our modern scientists are not quite so smart as they think. Maybe! 

Quercetin - "Oak Forest" from "Quercus" meaning 'Oak' - STRENGTH.

  • Red Onions,
  • Dill,
  • Fennel,
  • Watercress,
  • Kale,
  • Broccoli,
  • Organically-grown tomatoes,
  • Radish leaves,
  • Citrus fruits,
  • Apples,
  • Green Tea,
  • Grapes & Red Wine.
Quercetin helps to boost the immune system, to help with high blood-pressure, and to maintain good health, and many more benefits as far as I can see. But whatever we can do to help in these troubled times we may be wise to do, since there is no harm in having better eating. 

Why I have mentioned this, and gone into it in some way, is that it is all well and good stocking up with antibiotics and other medicines when prepping, but since medical supplies would dry up the best way would be to find natural alternatives now. Knowing what can be used, keeping a record of these, and recognising them in the wild would be essential to all of us, especially when we see the NHS no longer dealing with some people who do not have Covid-19. (I can vouch for this since I had to have an appointment at the Eye Clinic every six months to check up on my duff-eye, and also check the good eye. Having had this done for the last few years since this happened my doctor sent to the hospital to remind them I was around 18 moths overdue. I got a letter from the hospital to say that I had been discharged, and that I should attend an optician once a year for an eye test!!! Great stuff, so much for the NHS!) 

Alternative Medicine is always being criticised by the establishment and materialistic doctors and scientists. Sometimes this criticism is well founded, since there are some who seem to be making money out of a lack of knowledge, but in most cases I do not think this to be true. Alternative Medicine goes by two distinct and different methods than materialistic medicine -

  • The aim is to affect a cure and not to treat the symptoms; more so, to help prevent the disease taking hold in the first place, by boosting Nature's Gift of the immune system. 
  • The medicinal plants used are used as a whole, the chemical components not being isolated and used on their own. This is because sometimes one chemical can be more harmful, but when used with the whole plant make-up this is not so, being balanced by other chemicals. This is simplicity, since it is the wholeness that creates harmony and balance, and materialistic scientists and doctors tend to break down the wholeness - as this society does from top to bottom. I have mentioned before how the IE Root *da- means 'to divide', and that this is the root of words such as 'epidemic' and 'pandemic'.
Basically, the point we should all consider is our attention to what we eat, to create a balanced diet of good wholesome food, especially grown ourselves, foraged from the wild, or caught in the wild. Where we cannot do so the best way (as far as we can afford it) is to get our vegetables and meat from small outlets rather than the Global Corporations. This is not always possible but as far as we can go we should. 

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