Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The Wolf's Head

We have all been plunged into a worldwide Police State almost overnight; everyone knew that one day something would happen but even so this was very very quickly done. Unfortunately, most of the 'covid-iots' have been taken in by this, and some are even helping by acting as super-grasses or trying to show up anyone who does not obey the 'rules'. In my own area many people are getting out again, and there are people I speak to who are questioning this now. 

I have tried to show what I feel is going on, from my own ideas and others who have analysed the situation carefully, so we have no need to keep going with this because it will become negative in time. What I am going to do is to go through some ideas that may help people to get through this, and even better, improve themselves in doing so. 

The first thing is that we are Folkish Wodenists, and we should all believe firmly in the power of our Gods and Goddesses. 'Prayer' is not just a Christian thing, it is a religious act that communicates between the individual and the Gods/Goddesses. This can be just a meditation dedicated to a God or Goddess of your choice; it can be for protection (Thunor), advice (Woden - use the runes), or to bring light (Freya - Goddess of Light). These are just examples, use what god-names you are familiar with. The gods will protect and guard you.

Many heathens feel that our lives are not subject to fate, but the saga of Egil Skallagrimsson says otherwise. Egil is told by the Norns that he will die by his horse, so he kills the horse and buries it. By doing so he feels that he has cheated fate, but at the end of his life he is bitten by a poisonous snake that comes out of his buried horse's head. Clearly, one cannot cheat fate. If we are fated to die of an illness then then our fate has been worked out, so there is no point whatever in fretting over this, like some are doing around us. 

The unwise man thinks that he ay will live,
if from fighting he flees:
but ails and aches of old age dog him
though spears have spared him.

Everyone has to die sometime, and better to carry on a struggle until we die, than to give up and do nothing. It is not just death in battle that allows a place in Valhalla, waging this Eternal Struggle will give us a place in Valhalla. 

The unwise man waketh all night,
thinking of this and that -
tosses, sleepless, and is tired at morn:
nor lighter for that his load.

Before going to bed try to relax and not keep thinking about the things that are happening, because sleep is essential to keep us healthy. Sleep, fresh air, sunlight (Vitamin D), relaxation, exercise, and good food. 

What this is doing is to isolate us so that we go 'within', and this is enhanced by fear and even terror that is being pushed from every quarter. This process was taken up by the press, media and online media, but there are many companies out there now pushing propaganda upon us - be aware of this and analyse what they are doing to the mind. They are trying to 'reprogram' the minds of the masses, so we must all now take control of our minds. There are ways that this can be done and I will go into this on the Woden Brotherhood blog, for anyone who wishes to start doing this. (This blog is going to be used for some active work that can be done in regard to meditation, ritual and control of the mind. Give me a couple of days to get this done.)

There is fear and even terror about; a man gave me cash today in an envelope, because his wife advised it, working for the NHS. His hands were trembling as he did so. It is the way of the 'collective' that this type of thing spreads, and can affect the whole as this goes on. We should ourselves act calmly and be as cheerful as possible in such times, ignoring what is going on around us as best we can. We should be the calm-centre in the midst of the chaos. 

In times of tragedy and disaster, in in the turmoil of war, people tend to move towards spiritualism and the like; at this time we should all act as Spiritual Leaders and this is the time to show people that our Religious Faith is what keeps us going through this without fear of death. We need to help those around us first and foremost - family and friends. Wear your regalia, Thunor's Hammer or whatever, and show pride in this, and show others that there is still strength in this world. 

The next stage here in England may be that masks will be compulsory for people going out. This is no problem since out in the wild this cannot be enforced, and myself I am going to wear a Death's Head Face-Mask over anything they tell us to wear. Anything as an act of defiance! This mask is, of course, the next stage for us in the 'Ritual Death'.

We are organising a Folk-Moot at this time in blueprint; as soon as they give just a bit we shall hold a Folk-Moot in some area of the country. People who attend will need to know the 'rules' and what to do to ensure they can get there without problems. At the first opportunity that any demonstrations are set up  by any organisations get out and get active! Anger will grow from all sides. Take this time to make preparations for when the grip loosens a bit. This time is for the 'Keyboard Warriors' but this will not win us our freedom. 

Keep in touch with each other on a regular basis, swap phone numbers and talk to each other. During this time also try to organise yourself and your life, and to make plans for the future. Give yourself a purpose, and give yourself goals that you will strive to achieve. Build up your own self-confidence, and self-discipline, and self-reliance. It is clear from around my area that many people are locking themselves in and losing their freedom through their own stupidity, when the authorities are not stamping down here as in some areas. Where this is so take advantage and free yourselves from this. Most people are enslaving themselves!

I give this advice, but many will not be in the same position as I am, living in a village next to woodlands, the South Downs and open countryside. Those living in urban areas will have more of a problem, so you will have to adapt to this. I have lived in a city, but got out of it long ago; my advice to younger people is to try to get into a more rural area. Where I am we are nearly in a large town, with the expansion in the South of England, but right next to open country which is ideal. If you get the chance, get out of the dying cities and into Rural England. The cities will be the centres of disease and oppression.

This is the chance we have to make changes to our lives which we will decide on; decide now where you would like to change your life, and set yourself goals to do so. Give yourself a purpose in life and try to become more creative. A friend near to me has just started to make catapults and to sell them; this is the sort of thing to get started on, anything that is creative and will help us in the future. 

At this point we all need to take stock, because there may well be a point where they relax this, but this is not ending, and will not end because they need to take total control of the world. If or when there is a 'lull' take advantage and sort out what you need for the future. Start to look at this now, whilst this is going on. 

Doing such things as these keeps the mind occupied on positive things, and stops the negative thoughts being pushed into the mind. These are merely ideas, and there is much you can think of yourselves. 

Waes thu Hael!

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