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The 'New Normal' - The Great 'Initiation'.

'Reality' is just a word, and you shouldn't use it without quotation marks around it anyway.' 

Joseph Campbell.

Joseph Campbell's wrote The Hero with a Thousand Faces which covers the form of archetypes that Carl Jung worked on and it contains much information upon ancient Initiation. However, at the end we find this statement -

'The community today is the planet, not the bounded nation.......

...The whole thing is being worked out on another level, through which is bound to be a long and frightening process, not only in the depths of every living psyche in the modern world, but also on those titanic battle-fields into which the whole planet has lately been converted....'

I am not going to make comment upon this since I read the book many years ago and will need to go through it again in order to sift out the underlying current that it moves upon. But as the above shows everyone is now going through some form of 'Initiation' process due to the drastic changes that have suddenly come upon us. But, we should be aware that this is being forced upon people as the means to completely transform society into how the 'Hidden Elite' want it to be

1. Isolation - the individual is isolated from society as a whole, this being done here through the 'Stay-at-Home' and 'Social Distancing' commands, as well as the new measures where shops, warehouses and factories will be restructured to keep people apart with barriers of some sort. This is also being applied to planes, and no doubt buses will also have to change too. This process of Isolation is in line with the Warrior-Initiate or Shamanic Initiate who moves away from the tribe, as Leonidas does in The 300, goes through a period of isolation, and eventually returns to the tribe as a king, prince or shaman. 

This stage entails the suspension of the normal rules of living to which one is used to. In doing so one is forced to confront one's own inner self. At this stage the wearing of animal skins can form a part of the Initiation, as we find in the Legend of Sigmund. But at this stage the wearing of masks is also a part of the process. This helps to aid the process of the 'death' of the old identity, in order to prepare for the 'rebirth' into the 'New Normal'.

2. Transition & Transformation - At this stage the 'Old Self' dies and the individual moves into a kind of 'void' where the norm of the past is left and this leaves a gap that has to be filled. This stage entails a reprogramming and a transformation of the individual. This is the liminal period which is when the 'Old Self' dies, ready for the next stage.

3. Re-integration - After this period of 'reprogramming' and 'transformation' the individual is then re-integrated into society, just as the Warrior-Shaman was reintegrated into the Tribe. In doing so he enters the 'New Normal' which is the phrase being hammered into the masses at this time. 

The above video is something everyone should watch; it clearly shows how the 'Occult Agenda' is the force behind this, indeed, behind the 'Hidden Government' that has taken control of the world today. These people are what we have called the Counter-Initiation - those who in very ancient times stole the Ancient Mysteries and twisted them for their own use to use against the Race of Light. This is certainly being 'worked out on another level' since this is where the changes can be affected and which will become 'reality' here on Earth - the New Normal.

We have all been thrown into this situation so what we have to do is to adapt it to our own uses. As soon as this 'lockdown' happened I got straight on with my own garden and allotment, and have managed to get ahead of this for once; this is the drive towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency. But another thing happened which is no bad thing, because of the lack of resources at this time one has to improvise, to become more creative rather than just going out to buy something one needs. I had to use the 'rubbish' that I had lying around, and to use make-shift methods to get things done. Both of my neighbours were also busy doing jobs they had put off before. There is a positive side to this, at least amongst the ones who are less dependent on The System. 

I have still managed to get out without problems when I need to, which is necessary for all of us. The problem is with the 'Stay-at-Home' policy the affect will be far greater upon those with problems such as depression, although in some cases this may even be turned into a positive thing. But many will suffer, and the uncaring regime will care nothing of this. Any form of drastic change like this needs to be adapted for a purpose, and that will not be for the purpose they are doing this for. 

We are all now in the Isolation stage, so it is now down to us to use this in a positive way. We need to go 'within' and to become aware of the Inner Self - the Higher Self, which is the Valkyrie in the male and the Hero in the female. This sudden 'jolt' will destroy the old values, and these people seek to fill the void with values that help their control over everyone. Within ourselves we need to throw off what is not necessary, keep what is necessary, and fill the void with new values for the coming Golden Age. It seems clear that they have acted through knowledge of astrology, and this is where we can move along with the flow of Wyrd. This is obviously the best time to do so. 

Woden is 'Grim' which means 'Masked One', so the wearing of masks is not alien to our Folkish Initiation. This means that if these are made compulsory we need only cover the mask with the Death's Head Mask which are readily available as used by Biker Clubs. The above 'Masked One' was from a photo taken by Vicaxe many years ago at Wayland's Smithy (which we now seem to have been 'banned' from thanks to the press and media). This is not actually an 'apparition' as such but seems to be some form of 'reflection' of a physical object, which is all the more strange since it has appeared in 'mid-air'. Look at this and there are three distinct features (which I have never really noticed before) -

  • The Masked One which has the right eye covered.
  • The 'Holy Mountain' at the back (which is one of the sarsen-stones of the Smithy).
  • The 'Tongues of Flames' below the figure.
  • The 'orbs' within the Tongues of Flames.
  • There is a large 'orb' above the 'headband'.
  • The bottom of the 'face' is masked (possibly over a 'beard').
  • We thus have the 'Masked One' - the 'God of the Holy Mountain of the North' (at a certain time of night Woden's Waen/Chariot of Ingwe appears right between the two stones at the entrance of the Smithy). 

The above is the original photo of which I have taken a section with the Masked One. At the front is a WOTANSVOLK flag which confused the 'lefties' who thought we were this group from the US (sorry about that lads). This photo is one of many that have been taken at Wayland's Smithy and which have featured many mystical images. Let us get back to the main theme -

At this stage, when we seek and find our HE/SHE the 'Sacred Marriage' will come about, according to the ideas of Don Miguel Serrano. Just like the Goddess of Light, forced out into the 'wilderness', who gives birth to the Divine Child of Light ('Son of Man') we too must give birth to the 'Son of Man' as taught by Don Miguel himself. This is the Transformation stage which is the uniting of the HE/SHE - the Divine Marriage. Whereas this is a 'reprogramming' in terms of the 'Occult Agenda' for us it is a means of attaining a higher awareness, especially as to what is going on around us, and where necessary of trying to change our Wyrd in order to become even more effective Warriors of Light. And this is of vital importance - this is an Eternal Conflict between the Powers of Light and Order and the Powers of Darkness and Chaos, and we are here to prepare for the Last Avatar - The Third Sargon. Whilst most will drift purposeless towards the creation of a race of docile slaves to consumerism, we have a set purpose and meaning to our lives. 

When we look at this Initiation Rite in comparison to that of the Cultic Warrior of the Germanic Mannerbund the aim here seems to be a worldwide shift in behaviour-patterns. Since the SARS Virus also started in China (coincidence of course) the Chinese are already geared to the daily wearing of masks; I am not suggesting here that they were chosen as an experiment the last time. But the Chinese, having born the terrors of Communism (where some 30 million were killed off), are a far more docile slave-race as can be seen in how their production works. This is the Capitalist-Communist model par excellence. In the Cultic-Warrior Initiation there is a vast difference, for the Warrior-Hero plays a divine role in fighting this Eternal Conflict on an earthly level. He is actually initiated into this role which is his destiny on this Earth. The Counter-Initiation have, true to form, twisted this into a psycho-war in order to gain even more control, at an even quicker level. 

It is clear that the transformation-stage - for the Warrior-Initiate - is based upon the union of HE/SHE which is the 'Sacred Marriage' with one's Valkyrie. This is part of the ongoing process, and the next step is certainly not a reintegration into this society and its 'New Normal'. At this stage, the transformation must prepare us for the 'separation' in which we become Nietzsche's solitaries, those who now move further away from the 'New Normal', rather than integrating with it. But, at the same time, this stage - for the Warrior-Initiate - should also entail a 're-integration' into the Folk that remain true to the Higher Cause. Most people must already feel themselves 'different', and also feel that others will never understand them, and this has always been part of this ongoing process. Both in Nietzsche's works, and the Sajaha Prophecies there is an emphasis upon the 'solitaries' who remain true and retain their Honour & Loyalty. But, as Nietzsche stated, these will become the New Man in time.

Thus, we have the Counter-Initiation whereby the Ultimate Man (The Slave-Man) is created, and on the other hand we have the Warrior-Initiation whereby the Superman (The Master-Man) is created ready for the next stage. The fundamental difference in these Initiations is that the road to the 'New Normal' entails the masses living in fear, panic and terror (the 'long and frightening process' of Campbell) whereas the Warrior Initiation entails the overcoming of fear in which the individual faces these catastrophic changes without resorting to negative emotion that overrides rational thinking and plunges the mind into Chaos. 

There is mention of 'The Way' here, and this is the key to how the 'Occult Agenda' is being driven; there has to be a radical change in the human mind in order to move into a 'New Normal', which is really a 'New Reality'. This is where many 'New-Agers' and "Modern Spiritualists' will be deceived into believing that this is the way to a 'higher consciousness' and an 'awakening'. These people, many now within key sections of The System, have been working along these lines for many years. This is a hydra-headed monster whose individual parts seem often so contradictory, which is where we need to step back and view the 'whole' from afar. 

One of the key processes involved is repetition - 'Stay-at-Home', 'Stay-Safe', 'Protect the NHS', 'Save Lives', 'Lockdown', 'Covid-19/Coronavirus', 'Social Distancing' and now 'The New Normal', repeated over and over again in order to get these ingrained in the human mind ('robot-mind' might be a better phrase). As stated in the above video, the whole process need not be consciously done, unlike a Warrior-Initiation where the candidate will know what this is designed to achieve and the true purpose of it. This is overseen by a 'High Priest' and thus this is firm proof that the 'Hidden Government' is not the highest driving-force behind the process, and this is where the 'psychologists' and behind these the 'Occult Agenda' comes into play. Much of the 'conspiracy-theories' out there do not see this 'Hidden Hand', which goes even deeper than this. Repetition helps to 'hammer the spell home' - spell - yes this is a Global Spell placed upon the masses, which is why they are in a kind of daze, unable to see or understand what is going on. Indeed, many are helping the process on.

Basically, the whole world has been plunged into Chaos, where no-one knows what is going on for sure, information is being bombarded upon us from all angles - confusing information. There is information - and there is disinformation. This is Orwell's 'controlled insanity' in action. Insecurity is rife, from which most seek to trade their freedom in order to gain security. This is the easy way out - go along with the current. The Salmon of Wisdom swims upstream against the current. 

In the enfolding situation we have today there is a definite agenda and fixed plan which has to move in a current suited to such a 'world-initiation' process, and this seems to entail going through the sequence given in the video - isolation, transformation, reintegration. Most of the players in this great game will be convinced that they are doing this for the benefit of all humanity, rather than recognising that they are being deceived by the Great Deceiver - Great Liar. This, of course, will make them feel superior to the mass of people, which is the only way this can work. At one level some sections of society, throughout this chaos,  are being hyped-up in order to make them feel more important, and it is these that further this agenda by trying to force others to comply. 

"If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter."

George Washington. 

This indeed was the first stage of this process here in England, where our freedom of speech has been eroded over decades and today almost lost altogether. Then came the next phase which we are going through now.

We certainly face a great onslaught upon us at this time, but we have already been prepared for this due to the suppression of our ideas and ideals, and the constant attacks upon us for our worldview. All this does is to change the intensity of this onslaught, and we thus need to adapt to this in a positive way. When freedom is outlawed - only the outlaw is free. We are Wolf's Heads in a World in Chaos. And remember another thing, the very essence of any form of initiation is the this death-to-rebirth process can only take place in the Darkness of Night. Birth of the human, or the germination of the seedlings, takes place in the darkness - from out of this darkness shall come forth the Light of Day. 

Something seems to have forced the Dark Forces to move so quickly; in Revelation there is a 'War in Heaven' where the Dragon-Slayer defeats the Shaitanic Red Dragon, which is them thrown down to the Earth. There this Dark Power sends 'The Beast with wrath' because 'he knows the time is short'. Then comes the 'Mark of the Beast' and then the Coming of the Avatar - at least we have some form of time-scale now. There are many distortions in these biblical works, but since much of this has been coming true we should not ignore it altogether. World War II was lost here on Earth, according to Don Miguel in order that the battle be won in the other-world. This fits perfectly with these ideas here. A good friend and Folk-Comrade (who sent me the above video) mentioned Saturn in regard to this being the 'Ruler of the Golden Age'; Saturn is the 'God of Time' and Don Miguel tells us that this planet is enchained by the Demiurge. In Revelation time is said to be speeded up for the sake of The Elect, and this would entail the intervention of Saturn. This is indeed food for thought, and needs some meditation. The word 'Sat-urn' contains the prefix 'sat' which refers to Being; this is enchained and transmuted into Satan which is really Shaitan-Shaddein. We shall go no further with this here because it is a different subject. 

'The acceleration of time will bring the end even before we think or could expect.' 

Don Miguel Serrano.

There is yet another angle on this, and one that appears to suggest that even though the Counter-Initiation has this timed to its purpose, this also applies to the Cultic-Warrior Initiation. 

'Wulf's Jaws engulf the Hanged God,
The cycle ended by the Dog.
The blue star shines bright in the sky,
The Hanged God now he must die.'

Wulf's Prophecy.

H.P. Blavatsky gives an interesting piece of information which I have mentioned before but will repeat in this new context. The above prophecy tells us that at this point the 'Hanged God' must die. HPB gives an account of two figures - Krestos and Kristos, and here we shall look at this in relation to what has been said already. 

  • Krestos is the 'Suffering God', the 'Hanged God', hanged in suffering and torment. He is in fact the 'Dying God'. In this context he symbolises the death of the lower, personal nature.
  • Kristos is the 'Triumphant God', and he represents rebirth into a new form. In this he represents the rebirth into the New Normal (Counter-Initiation) or the rebirth into the Superman (True Initiation). The Counter-Initiation is a sick parody of the True Initiation, as is the case always. 

But this goes even further, for not only does this work at a human level, but this also goes for the Birth of the Avatar - the 'Son of Man'. Basically, at one level Wulf's Prophecy foretells of the process going on right now, though this was never clear until it happened. This process, whilst part of the True Initiation, will also bring into manifestation the Divine Child of Light. 

Walpurgis Night - April 30th 2020

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