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The Occult Agenda

The Light of Ostara-Freya-Idunn shines brightly from the Even-Star - the 'Star of Hope' and the 'Sign of Hope' to the Warrior-Heroes. This is Her time - Easter - and through Her alone can we make contact with the 'Bull of Heaven' - the Ur-Power of the Gods. The Goddess Freya (Arduina-Idunn/Ardvi Sura Anahita) is the 'Soul of the Aryan Folk', a Light-Emanation from the High God, Ilu-Father (Ahura-Mazda). 


In the post 'Covert Operations' I outlined some of my ideas on the present world situation and how the Covid-19 or 'corona-virus' (*) pandemic has been carefully used to further the Global Agenda. This is how I see it, and many others see it, but this is just at one level. Here I am going to look deeper into this and show how this is a mere part of a greater plan, and a far worse situation that will come out of it - but not for those who act now to break free of this 'New World Order'. 

What I am going to show here is the underlying agenda or plan that stems from the Occult World - the Illuminati if you like. Aleister Crowley termed himself the Epopt of the Illuminati and his degenerate lifestyle tells us more about him than anything else; but his Book of the Law (which was a 'channeling' in 1904) and some of his other ideas have been altered by Kenneth Grant who took over as head of the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis). It is Kenneth Grant who I am going to look at here, especially his works Nightside of Eden and Outside the Circles of Time (the latter which I read many years ago and this is how I remembered some important ideas that come to light today). 

Firstly, Crowley's Book of the Law seems to be a 'Solar-Religion' based upon The Will, and the names within it are Egyptian Gods, though Horus becomes the Chaldean 'Hadit'. Crowley called this the Aeon of Horus who was the 'Crowned and Conquering Son'. There is stuff in it which is rather prophetic, and some of it has come true in the past; Grant's was not the same 'current' as this, for he called it the Typhonian Trilogy, Typhon being Set, the anti-god to Horus and Ra, and Typhon being the Serpent of Evil. Grant actually took some of this work and interpreted it entirely differently, which must make us more wary still of his works. It is through his works that we can see how this Occult Agenda is working out today. But, when we find that Aleister Crowley claimed that it was he who gave to Winston Churchill the 'V for Victory' sign which was the 'Sign of Apophis the Destroyer', Apophis being another name for Set or Typhon, then he was certainly involved in this Occult Agenda, even if this may not have been so originally. 

(It is possible that Crowley's original work centred around the Book of the Law was different from his later work in which he used the Enochian Keys to invoke demonic entities. He certainly based his life around the idea of The Great Beast and he may perhaps be seen in the light of such a figure as Saruman in LOTR, where he was once the 'White Wizard' but became corrupted by Sauron, wrongly thinking that the Dark Lord shares his power and control - which he clearly does not. This may explain the seeming contradictions around this figure.)

Before I go into this it must be made clear what I am talking about when I use the term 'Occult', which means 'hidden' or 'concealed'. I have already covered the ancient Kingdoms of Light which were ancient kingdoms in contact with the Divine Source (Ilu - Ilu-Father) and were hence High Civilisations created by the Ancient Aryans or 'Giants'. These Kingdoms of Light were created by the Arya and the Aryan Gods. When they lost their inner-force or inner-energy, and the contact with the Sacred Centre, then the Dark Forces began to gain ground and eventually these kingdoms were destroyed. But these 'Dark Forces' do not just 'get in', they have to come into this dimension through 'portals' or 'gateways', summoned by Dark Sorcerers - Dark Sorcerers like Kenneth Grant in our modern times. 

Howard Philip Lovecraft seems to have come from an occult background, and his dreams seem to have taken him into some very Dark Worlds. These terrorised him, which shows to me that he was not actually part of this, but (like Pippin in LOTR) he looked through a 'Palantir' and saw the work of these Dark Powers for himself. From the little of this that I have read he was trying to warn us of these 'Great Old Ones' who were waiting on the 'outside' for these portals to be opened so that they could enter this realm. Kenneth Grant obviously saw his dreams for what they were and used them as rituals to open these Dark Portals. 

Another point that has to be made is that these Dark Forces are directly opposed to the Creative Forces (The Goten/The Gods) and are Forces of Destruction. But, they will pass their work of as 'creative' because this is how the have to work - they work by lies and deception. Whilst there is an Inner Cabal (**) which controls the 'Net' that spreads outwards around the world, enslaving everything as it does so, the Dark Lord - Shaddein-Shaitan (***) - is deceiving them too - as we find clearly in the Lord of the Rings. There is no doubt these people, from the 'inner' to the 'outer' are being themselves deceived into seeing their work as part of the 'evolution of man' - as I am going to show here. This can be found in the Archetypal Myth of Numenor where the kings and rulers are deceived by Sauron to work against the Gods.

The one thing that unites these Occult Forces is their use of the Hebrew Cabala, and this goes for Dion Fortune, Crowley, Grant and other well-known occultists. But in looking at this we have to recognise that the root of the Cabala is the 'Tree of Life' which has a 'hidden side' that connects itself through Daath (****) which is on the other-side of this Tree of Life. And this is the side that these Dark Sorcerers are working with. Grant mentions a 'Black Sun' in regard to this, but this is not the same concept as we have been working with. (This needs to be understood.) He is also of the 'Left-Hand Path' but, again, this is a far different concept than the Left-Hand Path we talk of, indeed it is a complete parody of our work. In The Ninth Arch Kenneth Grant claims that there are Black Tunnels on the reverse side of the Tree of Life which are inhabited by Dark Energy Matter Spiders (*****) that are the 'true masters of the universe'. Here we have the real meaning of the 'Shadow-Side' which is where these 'Dark Forces' dwell. The phrase 'the true masters of the universe' refers to the physical universe which Miguel Serrano sees as being created by the Demiurge.

Dark Spider - 1

Dark Spider - 2

In many major cities around the world these 'Dark Spiders' have appeared; of course, the spider is an insect that is feared by so many people that there has to be an underlying subconscious reason for this to be so - it is not rational. The appearance of these Dark Spiders is no coincidence. We find these creatures as part of the Dark Forces is Tolkien's works - Ungoliath, who is responsible for extinguishing the Light of the Two Trees, and in LOTR there is Shelob. Here we need to recognise the subtle underlying meanings that are used as symbolism. In Iceland loki was a common name for 'knot' or 'tangle' and spiders were often called loki because the spider's webs were seen to be like the 'fish-net' made up of 'knots'. This is important. When we study this we need to keep in mind the terms NET  and WEB, which are the underlying means of control over us today - The Net or the World Wide Web. Loki the Dark Joten had a mother called Nal which means 'needle', the tool of which 'nets' are made. In one myth Loki turn himself into a 'fly' that 'stings', but when we look closely the fly does not 'sting' but some spiders do. His equivalent in Finnish Mythology is a 'stinging insect' which is obviously the Spider. In many mythologies the Trickster-God is the Spider. 

Crowley and Grant were obviously of the Counter-Initiation but there was one True Initiate who warned of what was to come - Peryt Shou. Peryt Shou, in a series of articles for Psyche magazine (October 1923 to February 1924) foretold of a coming great transformation marked by racial, moral and cultural degeneration. He said that mankind would be stung by the Cosmic Spider and a 'great stream of destruction' would be unleashed. What interests us here, in view of the words of Kenneth Grant, is the Cosmic Spider - Loki the Dark Joten. Loki is a trickster, a deceiver and a great liar - yet he portrays himself as being 'the innocent fool'. (Here we need to beware of seeing Loki as one of our gods; he is a 'Dark Joten' who became 'blood-brother' to Woden and thus used this position as the 'Enemy Within'. He is akin to a virus that works from within, destroying the host.) It is interesting to note that the Counter-Initiation see Sirius as the 'Star of Set' (Shaddai-Shaitan) and in Norse Sky-Lore the star Sirius is called Loki's Brand (Lokabrenna). We could perhaps see Loki as the force behind the 'White Traitors' who are needed in order that the Dark Cabal can gain access to the 'Race-Mind' of our Folk. This cannot be done from outside, but only from within. Miguel Serrano recognises this fact although he does not put it in the same way as I have done. 


"Once established, the NET will radiate a field akin to magnetism in the genes of the Race of Man. By subtle atomic and molecular adjustments it will unlock the yet unused potential of the human brain, stimulate the human quality called 'genius', and vastly enlarge the capacity of Man on all planes'.

Soror Andahadna in an unpublished paper Mysteries of Maat.

Firstly, 'Andahandna' is of the Counter-Initiation, and here we see the deception used through the Egyptian Maat who is a Goddess of Truth and Justice. Like the 'Ministry of Truth' that promotes 'Lies and Deceit' (Orwell) they use a slight-of-tongue in all their dealings. Thus they turn Horus into Set and such deceitful tactics in their work. She goes on -

"The Mutants will have the additional sense faculty of the Pineal Eye awakened, a material manifestation, as it were, of the Ajna Chakra. Those who are reading these words have this accomplished already, but the children of Heru-Maat will enjoy it in the bulk of their numbers...The Eye will perceive the NET; perception inevitably leads to union. In uniting with the NET they shall unite with each other, and Man shall achieve godhood as a race..."

Now you see the deception - 'man will achieve godhood as a race'. This is definitely not their aim at all, indeed it runs counter to this. Let us now look at this in terms of what is happening today. The aim is clearly to cause a mutation in the human genes, and this could only be done through some form of radiation that affects the human gene - perhaps something like the 5G Network? This seems to increase the levels of radiation to an abnormal level, and since it is being set up during a world crisis - 'corona-virus' - in a time when we are in a 'lock-down' (Loki = 'Lok') certain suspicions are immediately aroused. 

Now, in the past I have shed doubts upon some of the ideas concerning the Fire-Serpent (Kundalini) and the opening of the Pineal Eye; my doubts concerned the aspect of a spiritual awakening as opposed to a physical form that has been widely publicised in 'new-age' and 'spiritualist' circles. The forced awakening, which was promoted by Crowley and others, may well be a far different concept than a true Spiritual Awakening. We should remember that the Pineal Eye  is the centre of communication and would thus be the ideal tool to use to further the ends of the Dark Cabal, as I am going to show here.

"...the developing genius of the race may proceed, unimpeded, to its next phase - the World Mind. The means of achieving this stage will emerge from the planetary network of the Double-Current...."

Soror Andahadna.

"The World Mind" - this is their aim, the agenda for the next ten years or so, in which a world-wide 'network' will be created where the human brains will be linked through Artificial Intelligence (AI), and thus produce the Race of Slaves over which the Global Elite will have complete control. What seems rather obvious is that the means of 'communication' will involve opening the Pineal Eye at a purely physical level rather than a true Spiritual Awakening. Grants talks of "Webs of Darkness" and "The Net" and we can now see why the 'World Wide Web' was created, in order to pave the way for the true nature of this - world control, control over the human brain at a world-wide level. 

But this goes further, because at this 'time of Jubilee' the 'Star-Brothers will come". 

"Each Star Race of the Comity shall send a delegation unto Man. There shall be no fear save in the few throwbacks that remain.

Three of these (throwbacks) shall strive to destroy the Union of Man and the Star-Brothers. They shall call it (i.e. that Union) blasphemy and treason to the earth. They will gather arms, and recruit the Incomplete Ones to their cause. The Final War will then occur...these few destroying themselves in hatred and fear."

Let us translate - after this 'World Mind' has been created the Dark Forces from the Shadow-World will then enter this world themselves in order to rule over their 'Race of Slaves'. There will be a few 'throwbacks' (The Heirs) who will oppose this, and they will wage a 'Final War' against this, but will destroy themselves in 'hatred and fear'. is just these Dark Forces that work through 'hatred and fear' and they fear the forces that oppose them now; this is clear from how they try to suppress any opposition to their work, and their hatred shows in what they are doing to the Earth today. There is as much propaganda in their films against the opposition as there is indoctrination for their Global Agenda

Do they consider, like we all do, the effects of such radiation upon all life upon this planet? The birds, the bees, the animals, the trees, the plants, and every other form of life that would be affected by radiation. No, they care nothing for life, since they are the forces of anti-life, the 'Anti-God', the Demiurge, that which breaks down that which is whole and healthy. If they cared anything about human beings they would have been promoting ideas to boost the immune system against this 'pandemic', not inducing fear and panic amongst the people, as their press and media has done (they control this completely, as well as the 'World Wide Web', 'YouTube' and 'Facebook' which give out as much disinformation that will create a sense of not believing anything that is put out by those of the people who are already wary of the World Press and World Media). Their concern is certainly not with the Evolution of Man, this we see in the Old Testament (Genesis) where 'God' halts any attempt at Man becoming 'as gods', i.e. Man attaining Immortality, as is the aim of the True Initiation, and which the True Krist spoke of. 

The means by which this is coming about is through the subtle form of propaganda used by the press, and much more by the media; the latter have the more powerful tool of imagery

"Predictive programming is the subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarised with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion."

Alan Watts. 

This puts 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' (Orwell) and 'Brave New World' (Huxley) in a very different light, although these were early examples of this technique. The modern versions are far more sophisticated - "Altered Carbon" (Netflix), the "Hunger Games", and "Westworld" are fine examples of the much more effective media techniques, and this is why today there are so few entertaining films, and far more propaganda films. Another angle is that the Hollywood Movies are today full of sex, violence and drugs, and even some famous Hollywood Actors like Marlon Brando ["Wild One" and "The Godfather" etc.] (******) have come out against the extreme violence in today's films. I recently watched the latest Rambo which goes far beyond the violence in the earlier versions, and is a typical example of this 'progression'. No doubt they are feeding this to the public that they will get used to the increasing violence in this world.

This 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI) would make mankind into mere robots which are easily controlled by the 'New Elite' (Dark Cabal). Thus we would have an elite ruling over a Race of Slaves - a rootless, race-less, sex-less race of controlled robots. This can be seen from the above works, and this was earlier 'foreseen' in one of H.G. Wells books, and he declared himself to be behind the idea of a 'New World Order' as another book-title shows. The media, through films, is far more powerful than these books though. But these aims, as seen from the history of the past, will lead to the eventual destruction of all life upon Earth, as may have been the case with other planets in the far-distant past (Mars is said to have had the means to sustain life). If their plans work then this planet will pass through the ether devoid of all life

(*) - The Corona-Virus. The word 'corona' means 'crown' and just before this broke into a world-wide pandemic I was putting out blog-posts about the 'Northern Crown' (Corona Borealis) and the 'Once and Future King'. Posted on YouTube and I believe Facebook (although we need to be aware of disinformation used in these 'Web Outlets') was a piece where Chinese scientists stated that this virus affected more people with Blood Group A than that of Blood Group 0. Blood Group A is a Scandinavian Blood Group!!! Together with the name 'Corona-Crown' this does seem rather a 'coincidence'. We are all aware of the obvious destruction of the Northern Folk, but we should also be aware of the unfolding Archetypal Myth that is playing out here. At the transition period of the Age of Aries (The Ram - The Sheep) and the Age of Pisces (The Two-Fishes) there appeared the figure of the Krist and in order to try to stop his incarnation King Herod ordered the 'Massacre of the Innocents', the destruction of all those children born around this time. This is not restricted to the Christian Bible since this tale is also told of Krishna in India (perhaps the origins of this). We are in the transition period between the Age of Pisces (The Two-Fishes) and the Age of Aquarius (The Water-Pourer) and thus the same Archetypal Myth has to unfold as we await the coming of the Last Avatar - Kalki-Avatar, The Third Sargon, or HelgiH the Third. This is the 'Second Coming' of the Aryan Krist, but this time as the Warrior-Krist (Wid-Ar the Avenger). 

(**) - The term Cabal may well stem from the Cabala which is based upon the 'Tree of Life' but has on its reverse side the 'Tunnels of Set (Shaitan-Shaddai)' accessed through Daath which is numbered 11. 

(***) - Shaddain-Shaitan is the 'Shaddai' or 'Shaddein' mentioned in the Sajaha Prophecies, and this name became 'Satan' which is not really correct, since the name has to have the Hebrew Sh (shin) which is the 'Triple Fire-Tongue' that appears in the name. The name 'Jesus' is, in the Hebrew, Jeheshua which is JH-Sh-Vh containing the Letter Sh, a very subtle means of changing the True Krist to the 'Son of Shaddain'. Shaddain is the 'Lord of Shadows' who appears in various different names which are emanations of the Dark Lord. This is why some early Christians rejected the Established Church and its doctrines. 

(****) - Daath is, of course, the name of the 'Dark Lord' in the Star Wars Films, or at least the earlier Star Wars created by George Lucas. The later films clearly show a definite distortion ('Predictive Programming') where the 'enemy' now uses the Black Sun in its symbols. The whole thing has been turned upside-down, a good example for people to see for themselves. The name 'Daath Vader' means 'Daath-Force' or 'Daath-Energy', where 'vader' is the same as 'wad'/'wod' etc. 

(*****) - These Dark Energy Matter Spiders bring into mind the idea of 'Dark Matter' or 'Dark Energy' which makes up (today) a great proportion of the cosmic-matter and cosmic-energy that permeates the physical universe. 

(******) - Like Brigit Bardot, the famous model and star who later recognised how she had been used by the media in her youth, and came to see that innocent animals were far better than many human beings, and thus bought herself an island and set up an animal sanctuary. She once stated that she had given her youth to man and her older age to the animals. She had become disillusioned with those who run the press and media. 


The Spiritual Sun

The above ideas are my own but when we see that something said back in 1980 (when Kenneth Grant's Outside the Circles of Time was first published) comes true today then this is no coincidence. Since it is a clearly stated plan then it is thus not a 'prophecy', but a Global Agenda. There will be those who see no way out of the 'World Mind' but this is not true at all - there is hope and this lies in a Spiritual Awakening that must now be hastened. 

Like Dion Fortune's work outlined by Gareth Knight in The Magical Battle of Britain this is aimed at the Group-Mind which is why they access this through the 'White Traitors' that work with them. This is a very shallow level and one that does not reach the deeper level of the Group-Soul or Race-Soul, which is what Miguel Serrano called the Blood Memory. The Group-Mind can be altered by distorting the archetypes, but this does not affect the Group-Soul. The moves to create a 'World-Mind' can only be done through psycho-physical means as we see through the '5G Network' and 'AI' which, as stated, is artificial - these forces cannot create, only plagiarise. This is why it is so necessary now to work to awaken the remnant of 'The Heirs' who will be the 'throwbacks' referred to here - those who oppose this tyranny. 

When a God-Force (Avatar) incarnates upon the Earth everything changes, because this force is far stronger than anything man can muster; and especially since the High God will incarnate when the odds are so stacked that the gods themselves need His interference. This Avatar will wield the Spear of Woden this time, just as Parsifal wields the Gral-Spear. This is the ultimate power since we find that it is only the Spear of Woden, wielded by 'Day' that can slay HelgiH the Second, thus paving the way for the Last Avatar. When the Third Sargon wields the Spear of Woden these Dark Forces will be destroyed, as shown in the Sajaha Prophecies. At this time a New Will shall be awakened in the Folk. 

The deception that joining together billions of mediocre minds worldwide would make Man into a God-Man is merely a sick parody of the evolutionary-drive towards the 'Overman' or 'Superman', which has to be done through the basic 'union' and then going beyond into 'separation', creating the Ultimate 'I'. The awakening and arising of the Fire-Serpent is a gradual process that happens with the Spiritual Awakening of the individual, and is not to be forced, a process that clearly works at a much lower physical level. When we look at the means by which the 'Counter-Initiation' makes contact with these Dark Forces it is done through the Astral Plane (if we are to believe what they tell us). It is actually known that the Astral World is not a spiritual realm, and has a slightly higher vibratory level to our physical world. This itself has Light and Dark levels.

We should also note that Asgard is not itself the highest level, and has to be protected from the Dark Joten by a wall. That this is so shows clearly in the lore of Ancient India where the Asuras (Joten) take over the Three Cities of the Gods, first allowed to take these by Brahma. Only when these Three Cities (Tripura) align can their power be destroyed by the Arrow of Shiva at the behest of Brahma. It is only the highest levels that are the Spiritual Worlds that lie beyond the Evil Forces that today rule this world. The book of Revelation hints that these Dark Powers ('Satan') assault the heavens, where there is a 'War in Heaven' after which 'Satan' is thrown down to the Earth, where the Final Battle takes place that will destroy this Evil Power. 

This is why our work is not done on a physical level any more, though we have to work at this level too. Our work must be done at a spiritual level which is beyond the reach of these Dark Powers, and which will free mankind from the thraldom of the Kingdom of Matter. This is why it is important to spread to others a new Folkish Religion and create the Woden Folk-Community that will centre here in England, but whose Word will spread amongst others who awaken to this Spiritual Path. 

Venus - The Evening-Star

In Tolkien's works the Silmaril, which he equates with Earendel and thus the planet Venus, contains the Light of the Two Trees which was put out by the 'Spider-Demon' named Ungoliant. The Even-Star thus holds within Her the Ur-Light of our Folk, and is thus the Star of Hope as the figure of Aragorn is that of 'Hope' for a new awakening and renewal of Nature. The symbol of the New Age is the Star Venuris which is the Eight-Pointed Star of Venus. 

It seems clear that the awakening of the Third Eye is important not only to us but also to those Dark Forces that seek to unite the human brain into a 'World Mind', which seems to be the agenda for the next decade. But what they seek to do is to cause a mutation in the human genes, no doubt made easier by the various films centred around 'mutants' ('X-Men' etc.) where this is made 'acceptable'. This is thus done at a physical level of the human gene, and does not (despite their deceptions) work at a spiritual level. Note that the change works through a 'field akin to magnetism' (electro-magnetism) working through the human genes. They are thus attempting to cause a mutation in the human genes. Again, this has no affect whatever at the meta-genetic level. Soror Andahadna actually states that there will be a physical manifestation of the Ajna Chakra. This is all working at a physical level and thus the need to create a Spiritual Awakening amongst our Folk - the material masses will be lost in this 'World Mind'. 

To explain this 'Occult Agenda' to the mass of people would be futile, since only a very few will understand this, those who have a working knowledge of the esoteric. This has to be done at an esoteric level, but there are others more prominent who are countering what is happening, though some of these have misled people by claiming that anything esoteric is part of the 'Illuminati Conspiracy'. This is certainly not so, and we can see this in the ancient Kingdoms of Light which were clearly Heathen, and which were eventually infiltrated by the 'Enemy Within' and destroyed first from within and then sometimes from without, by brute force (using other Nations to do the work of destruction). We have to go beyond the 'economic' view of this agenda to find the 'power-basis' for the drive towards a World State. 

As I said, it is hardly logical to assume that uniting the brains of billions of mediocre minds will create anything higher, and this is solely aimed at world control where the Elite Cabal and their 'underlings' rule over a Race of Slaves. Linking the minds will ensure a complete control of their thoughts, which are already being prepared for this move through the psycho-war used over the past few decades. But this is not, and will not affect everyone, and this is where the last and Final Battle will have to come about in the future. What they have overlooked is the Final Battalion mentioned by Miguel Serrano - when Gods, Men and the Spirits of Light will face these Dark Forces and usher in a new Golden Age. 

Matthew 24:22 states - "And except those days shall be shortened...but for the Elect's sake those days shall be shortened..." At this crucial time it is clear that time itself shall be shortened, and this probably refers in some way to Saturn who is the 'God of Time' because he devours his own 'sons'. Time is the great devourer of life. This comes after a piece mentioning the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel. At this point the 'angels' (i.e. 'messengers') are sent to "...gather together his Elect from the four winds, from one end of the heaven to the other...." 

This may be the time of greatest threat to our Folk, but it is a time when we have to fulfil our Divine Mission here on Earth, when we must try to awaken as many of the Folk as possible through our work. This is the 'Darkest Hour' and yet the Divine Light cannot be put out; the Light of the Two Trees shines through the Even-Star awakening the Blood-Memory within those who shall hear the Call of the Blood. The Spirit of Man is about to awaken as the Hooded Man rides within the Soul of the Folk. 

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