Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Waes thu Hael!


"A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud."

George Orwell.

Fear, panic and terror have been fed into the minds of the masses, by the media, press and all other outlets concerned with the mind-control of the people. This is what led to the fighting over toiled-rolls, the stripping of the shelves of food without regard for the elderly who cannot get so much at a time: self-interest and self-centredness, engrained into the people over the decades by the very same press, media and education institutions, made this even worse. This fear, panic and terror has another effect, it numbs the minds of the people, thus not allowing them to think properly; it also (no doubt) has a negative effect upon the immune system of individuals, which is hardly what is needed during a pandemic. 

All forms of oppression are based upon the instilling of fear in the people, but it is also the case that those that control such a state must also live in total fear that the masses may awake and rise up against them, that is why the aim is rather to create a World State akin to Huxley's Brave New World where the masses accept this willingly, even happy to be a slave. This is part of what is happening at this time - the State Police are using Orwellian  tactics, whilst a good part of the masses are willingly accepting their new-found slavery, and some indeed are helping the cause of the oppressive regime by trying to force others to obey the new 'laws' or acting as grasses - indeed these people could fill a very large lawn! 

Over the past decades we have seen the growth of a massive underground 'Hidden Government' which has been carefully built up through infiltration of every facet of the State System. We can see today how this 'Hidden Government' is now in control of things, mainly through the press, the media, the state police, the education system, and the army of psychologists working for their 'Hidden Agenda'. Certain sections of society, the most needed in such a crisis-plan, are being elevated to a higher status and thus driven by ego-centredness; an example is the Metropolitan Police clown who was harassing a journalist taking photos of a young girl being dragged away for some trivial offence (no doubt too close to someone else?). This idiotic 'cop' screamed 'We're Saving Lives!'; this is how this is being done, and it is extended to the masses through press, media, Google etc. - 'Stay in - Save Lives'. 

It seems quite clear now, after over a month of this, that the State System is still working as usual, and many of the Global Corporations are also working as usual - some even busier because they use Online Shopping. Again, this switch to Online Shopping could prove to be yet another means of controlling what we do, since it encourages people to stay in rather than go out shopping. And through this 'crisis' this is the way many companies are going. Like the Cashless Society this is another part of this agenda. There are certain things that make no sense at all, which most do not even question -

  • Would anyone in their right mind shut down everything which would mean a breakdown in the economy of a nation? Of course not, not unless it was really necessary and nothing else could have been done. But this is not a total 'lockdown' since some are working and some are not, even in the private sector. 
  • Since there seems to be a trained team of psychologists out there working on 'behaviour control' of the masses, surely this could be used positively rather than for control. If the masses need this, which I am afraid to say they do (*) then use it to change their behaviour over hygiene and safety. Use it to make people aware of what they should do for their health and for the health of others. 
  • That the people in charge are not really concerned with our health is clear from the 'junk-food' and 'fast-food' (one and the same) that is readily available. It is also clear from the fact that people like the multi-billionaire Bill Gates has a hand in the pharmaceutical industry, especially concerned with vaccines. The whole of the 'Health Industry' is centred around the production and use of drugs, and billions are made out of this each year. 
  • If these people were concerned about this, why do they not give advice (not commands) on how people can boost their immune system in order to combat this. Fear, panic and terror are more likely to inhibit the immune system rather than helping it - and yet this is the way it has gone. Fear means control
  • There is another thing about this, and this relates to any flu virus, for this takes hold when the body temperature drops. This is also true of colds, which are caused by bacteria, but which take hold as the body temperature drops. The first and major symptom of coronavirus is a high temperature; this happens because the body temperature rises in order to combat and kill the virus before it takes effect. So what is the very first thing that these people advised - take paracetamol. Now, this is the easy way out because a high temperature causes a great deal of discomfort, and in this stressful society people try to get through such a stage and carry on as they do, though the best way would be to go to bed and 'sweat it off' as the old saying went. The high temperature and fever kills off the virus before it takes hold properly. Not so long ago the same people were saying that colds have nothing to do with getting cold; experience tells us otherwise, since when we go out into the cold and wet of winter our body temperature drops considerably, and the bacteria responsible thus take hold and we get a 'cold' - that is why people in the past called it a 'cold', but the 'progressives' know better, of course.
  • A 'useful practical guide' has been issued by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) called 'What constitutes a reasonable excuse to leave the place where you live'. This can be found online through the NPCC (National Police Chief's Council) and the 'College of Policing' (basically the driving-force behind the State Police). In it you can read some of the ludicrous 'rules' that have been set down for the police; they are so vague as to be absolutely unworkable, but 'officers are required to use their discretion and judgement' in this matter - which means that these 'rules' (they are not laws) can be interpreted in any way that is needed. Obviously, some 'cops' (like the Met Muppet) will do this in a different way that others who are more sensible and who see themselves as being there to help the public. Basically, like the slogans used through the press, media and online media, these are commands rather than advice. 
  • One of these silly rules is rather revealing; you can buy 'several days' worth of food, including luxury items and alcohol'. Alcohol - well has the 'Health Industry' not been pushing people to drink less, commanding people what they can drink, which has not worked since alcohol and drugs are a major problem, especially amongst young people. Now would have been the chance to do something about this, but here we see them specifically telling people they can buy alcohol. Add to this the fact that (around here anyway) even when the shops were short of some goods, the alcoholic shelves were still packed out. Even though the small, rural pubs will suffer, and we shall lose more of them, no doubt the large breweries will get though because they still have the supermarket outlets. 
  • Bill Gates blamed the 'global shift towards nationalism' as making the coronavirus response worse. Had we still have clear borders, boundaries and Folk-Nations this could never have happened on a world-wide scale. It is Globalism that has made this worse, but on the other hand it could be Global Elites behind the whole thing; create a problem and you already have the solution. 
  • Bill Gates, one of the outspoken ones of the Old Order, predicts that there will be a 'Second Wave' of the coronavirus; we may well ask how he would know this, but let us recall that in 2015 he predicted that the next global catastrophe would not be a Nuclear War, but an influenza pandemic that would kill 10 million people world-wide. According to his wife, Melinda, in an interview with BBC Radio Online, he was so sure that he stocked up food in his basement. Prophet and a Prepper? Or does he know something we do not know? (In regard to a 'Second Wave' we need to consider carefully the Sajaha Prophecies regarding a 'Second Flood'; this is being carefully pushed by the press, media and online media.) 
(*) When people become solely reliant upon the State System and Global Corporations (one and the same) their ability to think for themselves is taken away, and they are so used to being told what to do that they have no idea what to do in a crisis. In such cases there may be the need to use psychological methods to change their behaviour to face such a crisis. But when this is done it is for the sake of the Folk and not for total control over people, control for the sake of control.

I have mentioned that a 'Hidden Government' has been built up for decades now, and this is readily covered by most of the 'Conspiracy Sites' and 'Conspiracy Theories'. But this is merely one further level in the Globalist Pyramid, for above this, and working on a far more secret level, is yet another Hidden Cabal. Their guiding hand is clear from the subtle symbolism used at the start of this 'crisis' - the Rainbow is a good example, as is the command to stay 6 foot/ 2 metres apart. We must remember that this hydra-headed serpent works at many levels - both physical, mental and on a religious level too. 

May the Hammer of Thunor protect the Folk!


I have used the spelling 'hael' rather than the usual 'hal' because it is nearer to the original sound which would have been like heil. The word hael stems from a common root with our English heal, health, healthy, hale, whole, wholesome, wholeness, as well as such greeting as hello. The raised right arm salute refers to this mysterious force known as Hael, which is why we unconsciously use this when shouting 'hello' to someone a distance away. Waes thu Hael means 'Be Thou Whole', and gave rise to the term wassail and wassailing.

In this time, when the existence of our Folk is at stake, we need a Healing of the Folk. What is often not pointed out is that when we consider the Germanic Cosmology the Cosmos (macrocosm) has the same make-up as the Human Being (microcosm). This these goes right through every level from the individual, the tribe and the Folk. Each part of the whole is based upon this same As Above - So Below. This is found in the Divine System of Caste based upon the human body. Thus, if the human body sends out antibodies that kill off any 'intruders' into the body, then this also applies to the Folk. Above all, the key to health is found in the old saying 'prevention is better than cure', and prevention comes from the human body being healthy in the first place. Thus, this also applies to the Folk.

Such things as this will hit our people hard because they are not healthy in body, mind or spirit. And this is an important point, for all of these are important for a healthy individual. I have mentioned the terms health, healthy, heal etc. but the term Hael/Heil is also related to Halig meaning 'holy' or 'sacred'. The Old English halgian means 'to hallow', 'to consecrate', or 'to bless', and is from the same IE Root *kailo-. These relate to the spirit in particular, and to spiritual health. Body-Mind-Spirit. 'Healthy Mind - Healthy Body' - this starts in the mind, which then affects the body. 'Mind is Everything' as the Buddhists tell us. This is where Positive Thinking can affect the health of the body. 

HAEGL - Health & Healing

The Haegl-Rune (Hagal) is used on some ambulances as a symbol of health and healing; this would have been done originally for this purpose, but today it is doubtful if this meaning is known. This, in the Armanen Runes is the 'Mother-Rune' from which all of the 18 Runes can be found - it represents the whole. It is a symbol of balance (male-female/heaven-earth); even if we use the Ar-Kan Haegl this has the same meaning - Ur-Ur - male-female/heaven-earth. 

Woden, of course, is a Healer-God who uses the 33-Runes as healing tools, as shown in the Nine Glory-Twigs below -

For the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag this shape is the 'Mother-Rune' from which all 33-runes manifest themselves. 

A snake came crawling, it bit a man.
Then Woden took Nine Glory-Twigs,
Smote the Serpent so that it flew into Nine Parts.
There Apple brought this to pass against poison,
That the Serpent nevermore would enter the House.

Nine Herbs Charm

Woden is here the Serpent-Slayer, the slayer of the Serpent of Evil which here enters the 'house', which can be the human body, or it can be the Folk at a different level, and the 'house' can also be the Soul.  The tool that Woden used to 'smite the serpent' is the Nine Glory-Twigs which is the shape here, and represents the 33-Runes of the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag. It seems obvious here that, though vague, the Apple also plays a key role in this healing; the Apple is sacred to the Goddess Freya/Frigg/Idunn (Venus). 

The apple, when cut in half, gives the symbolism of the Five-Pointed Star or Pentagram. This is one of the symbols of Venus, the other is the Eight-Pointed Star. 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' - perhaps it could do more than that! Chanting the 33-runes is in itself a good form of meditation, and when we regard this as the 'whole' it is also a way to heal and to health

All of the runes are formed from either Ken or Is - Fire and Ice, and apart from these two runes each one can be seen to be made up of Ken & Is. Each rune is thus 'whole' in that it is made of the opposites - Fire and Ice. The Ken-Rune, in the Elder Futhark, is a 'Broken Is-Rune' suggesting movement from a static state. 

Friedrich Nietzsche exclaimed - "God is Dead!". When man 'killed' God he has nothing to look up to, he sees himself as everything, as supreme, and thus the ego takes over, as seen in the society that we live in today. This is why our Folk-Religion is so vital at this time, since this will give hope to those people who are more awake than the rest. All political forms of resistance have failed, because we are not merely opposing a political takeover. Behind the scenes there is a far more Hidden Hand. The problem lies in the distortion of the Folk-Soul of the Germanic Race. This distortion creates ill-health in the whole, and it also creates problems in the mind too. To get through these Dark Times I feel it best to step back a bit and look at these events from a distance in order to see the full picture, and also not to get up-tight and over-stressed since this creates a negative atmosphere. We need to heal the Folk-Soul of our People through each individual becoming whole once more, thus creating the Halidom. 

'Hope - It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little Hope is effective, a lot of Hope is dangerous. It's fine, as long as it is contained.'

Hunger Games. 

Hope conquers Fear! As long as we have hope then we can carry on the struggle to the bitter end. This is why, in the Hunger Games, they did not just kill a number of people indiscriminately, because they gave a little hope to the enslaved masses, the hope of survival. But this could not be allowed to get too strong, because, as the Director states, this would be dangerous. Hope is a driving-force, a very powerful driving-force. 

I have covered what is usually called the Astral Earth which is a parallel-dimension akin to our Earth. Creative ideas and creative drive comes from this Astral Earth into our physical realm. These other realms, at this level, are not spiritual worlds, but are worlds having a slightly higher vibration, and at some levels creation is done through the mind. This is how magic works, because it bridges the two worlds. There is a gateway to the Other-World.

The one thing that permeates society in this time of crisis is fear; a people held in fear are easily controlled, because their thinking faculties are numbed. But in such times people lose all hope, they start to despair, and they lose control of their minds if this goes too far. 

Oft Hope is born, when all is forlorn.

Aragorn - Lord of the Rings

Waes thu Hael - Brave Folk of Freya!

Be Thou Whole!

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