Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Covert Operations

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."     

Benjamin Franklin.

"Governments worldwide are quarantining banknotes as the coronavirus pandemic puts the spotlight on the germ-spreading properties of 'real' money."

Over the past decade or so the use of paper-money has declined in favour of the debit-card or credit-card. This is no accident, and as usual the public take the easy way out and go along with the herd, headed towards the edge of the cliff, or in this case headed towards total slavery.

"Banknotes may be spreading the new coronavirus so people should try to use contactless payments instead, the World Health Organisation has said."

The Telegraph - March 2nd 2020.

"The World Health Organisation has advised the public against using paper money."

The Daily Mail - March 8th 2020.

Other news outlets have repeated the same or similar claim, since these rely upon news agencies which can ensure that these give out the same information to the public. The use of cash has halved in the past week, and before most businesses shut down 'card only' signs were popping up in pubs and shops all over the UK. The larger chain-shops started to do so, and many smaller shops have followed suit. 

The Daily Mail - March 8th 2020.

"Will coronavirus be the death of cash" quoting The Times (Money Mentor) - March 27th 2020. The following quote is from the article from the same newspaper - 

"The crisis has forced us to change our spending habits...."

"Some shops are refusing to accept cash during the crisis demanding that customers pay by card only." 

The Guardian.

So this is the claim -

"The World Health Organisation have advised people to use contactless payments instead of cash to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission."

And now the fact -

"The World Health Organisation advises the public to wash their hands after handling money, or handling and eating foods. But they have NOT issued a warning against using banknotes."

Woden's Folk has had first hand experience of the smears and lies that come from the mouths of such press-outlets as The Telegraph, so we know they are hardly bastions of the truth. These people think nothing of making something up in order to further an agenda, and in this case it is a Global Agenda. But to use such times as these to further their cause is downright evil, which shows just what these people really are.

Now let us see what the Bank of England has to say about this -

"Like any other surface that large numbers of people come into contact with notes can carry bacteria or viruses. However, the risk posed by handling a polymer note is no greater than touching any other common surface, such as handrails, doorknobs or credit-cards."

How many people handle the mail we are still getting? And the parcels which are still being delivered. And the other goods which we have to get delivered in these times. And the door-handles on the shops, the shop-counters, the food in the shops which are touched by untold hands? When we go out, which we must do when necessary, and some are forced to do because they have vital work to do, we will touch something, somewhere. Washing hands as often as possible is common sense. Cash poses no more of a threat than any of these things, but it is cash that has become the focus of attention in these times. Why?

"Sweden is winning the race towards becoming the world's first completely cashless society...'  BBC Report.

Sweden is being used as an experiment that will become widespread afterwards. The Electronic Fund-Transfer System has been in use for many years, and was designed as part of this drive towards a Cashless Society. Where the problem lies is that at this time it is possible for the individual to take his or her own cash out of the bank, and if necessary keep this safe somewhere. When there is no cash money goes into the account and it is held by the banks, thus become theirs to use, and it will gain them even more interest and more profits. We will have no choice as to whether this happens. But, as we shall see, this is again part of an ongoing process, and the end-result will be even worse.........

"Who is the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him."

Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars).

We can expect some or all of the following changes to be made; whilst these problems are going on certain elements are busy furthering a Global Agenda, and using the opportunity to gain ground in their drive for a World State. 

1. Sweden is geared for a 'Cashless Society' around 2021 so we can expect this to be spread across the world.

2. A good number of small businesses will not be able to continue, furthering the monopoly of the Global Corporations. No doubt some larger companies will also suffer, and the self-employed, but the Global Corporations will be backed up by the bankers.

3. The seeds of a Police State have just been sown, and further surveillance will be added, since more drones are being employed. These measures never go away after such a crisis.

4. There will also be moves to force vaccination upon the people, as some countries already do. This is one of the more dangerous moves since some have been proven untested and unsafe.

5. There could be a financial crisis which will be carefully engineered by the bankers; this could affect us all since it is our money they may steal in doing this. However, such a thing needs some care because when people lose everything they revolt, and this has happened in the past and nearly gave the money-lenders a bloody-nose. In such a situation people move towards the extremes. Billions are made out of stock-market crashes, and these have been engineered in the past, so this cannot be ruled out.  

Whilst this pandemic has been going on it seems that a comet is coming near enough to the Earth to be seen in April-May. The news outlets have dubbed this COMET C19 which is a name very close to the technical name of the virus - COVID-19. Fox news made this remarkable statement - 

"Despite its coincidental name and the discovery date the comet has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic that results in the COVID-19 disease sweeping the globe." 

Such a comment would seem odd since it is doubtful if many would have made that association, especially since the real title of the comet is COMET C2019  Y4 (ATLAS). Only by a clever trick of shortening '2019' to '19' would this link be made. The name COMET C2019 Y4 is used after the Great Comet of 1844 named COMET C1844 YI because it is thought that this latest one is a fragment of the same source. 

With the usual dramatic headlines 'Harbinger of Doom' and 'comet headed straight towards the Earth' there is an element of scare-mongering which no doubts add fear to what is already happening. The comet is not headed straight towards the Earth, and that it is a 'harbinger of doom' depends upon how you look at it. This idea has been firmly embedded in the collective unconscious, and must have had its source somewhere in the very distant past. Let us look at this logically. Halley's Comet passed over in 1066 and this was no doubt a 'harbinger of doom' for King Harold who was slain, and the English who lost the Battle of Hastings. But it was hardly a 'harbinger of doom' for the Normans who won and gained control over these lands, in fact it was the polar-opposite. I think this is best understood by those who have watched Rise of the Vikings where a lunar eclipse takes place and it is declared to be a bad omen; Redbad replies by saying 'Yes, but for whom'. Exactly, it cannot be a 'bad omen', nor a 'harbinger of doom' for both sides of a conflict

"Wolf's Jaws engulf the Hanged God
The cycle ended by the Dog.
The Blue Star shines brightly in the sky.
The Hanged God now he must die."

Wulf's Prophecy


In the Secret of the Vedas Sri Aurobindo covers the Eternal Conflict between the Aryan Gods & the Arya against the Dasyus, the Eternal Conflict between the Powers of Truth, Light and Right Order against the Powers of Darkness, Matter and Chaos. In this the name Dasyus is said to stem from *das- / *da- which means 'to divide'. Looking further into this I found the following meanings stemming from this root-word -

  • Democracy.
  • Demiurge.
  • Epidemic.
  • Pandemic.

We are witness to the various ways that these Dark Forces 'divide' everything, from the 'splitting of the atom' down to the various agendas designed to break down everything in our society. Working through 'activists' they divide by turning -

  • Right against Left.
  • Workers against Bosses.
  • Capitalism against Socialism.
  • Women against Men.
  • Children/Youth against their Parents.

Against this stand the Aryan Gods and the Aryan Race; the name itself stems from the IE Root *ar- having one meaning of 'to fit together'. The Aryan Gods and the Arya 'fit together' that which has been 'divided' by the Dasyus-Joten. If we recall that the original gods of India would have been the Asuras (who became the 'demons' with the mixing of cultures), which is clear when we consider the parallel Ahura-Mazda of Persia, then the opponents in the Persian Lore are the Dews whose name most likely stems from the Root *da- featured here. 


"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man may buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six-hundred, threescore and six.'

Revelation 13: 16 - 18.

This short piece gives rise to the number 666 being associated with 'The Devil' and to 'Satan'; this hides the real truth behind this piece of 'prophecy' (or agenda). At the present time of the evolution of the 'Cashless Society' we have the use of the Debit Card or Credit Card, but this is merely a stage in a much greater plot. As far back as 1975 (maybe well before this) it was envisaged that it would take the number sequence XXXXXX   XXXXXX   XXXXXX (6-6-6) to give everyone in the world a unique number, and this has already been used on some 'Bar-Codes' which was also a stage in this agenda. 

Why was it necessary to have every individual dog here in Britain injected with a 'microchip'; this was 'marketed' to the masses by telling them that it would stop the theft of dogs. It has not, indeed, from what I am hearing around this country dog theft has gone up in many areas, not gone down, or completely eradicated as was suggested. It has done absolutely nothing to stop the vile theft of dogs, but it has achieved far more at a different level. If this were used on people they could have this 'Number of the Beast' implanted in a microchip, but it could extend far further than just for the use in a 'Cashless Society'. 

Obviously, from the above we can see that anyone who refused to have the mark could have their 'Credit-Number' revoked and thus could not 'buy or sell'. Taken further, anyone who refused to 'toe the line' and accept this rotten, corrupt and degenerate society (and the agenda pushed by its 'Activists') could have this 'Credit-Number' taken away too. With a microchip this could be easily stopped, just as a Debit Card or Credit Card can be stopped by the banks if they wished to do so. But this can go even further since a small microchip can also contain much more than just a 'Credit-Number' - it could be used for surveillance, for instance. How would we know what is put onto such a thing, and no doubt it would be finalised when it has been perfected for various uses, and able to be changed when necessary to further enhance the various ways that it can be used. 

There is no doubt that before this can come about everyone will have to be issued with an ID Card; this is already well on its way since students and others have to have these now. At this time the Debit Card - Credit Card also doubles as an ID Card, as witnessed when youngsters wish to buy alcohol. Again, this has all been 'marketed' as the means to stop 'alcohol abuse', and has it? Here in Britain it has certainly not done this, and amongst some of the young this is a problem. (Drug-abuse and alcohol-abuse are part and parcel of the control-methods of this society, so this is no problem to them.) Sweden is 'winning the race' but this will soon spread across the globe, so the only thing we can hope for is - time to prepare ourselves in some way.

I am not going to go into ideas of what we can do in order to make things easier for ourselves in the future, as individuals and also as part of a Folk-Community. This would go on too long and no doubt get boring. From experience people do not listen when we point out what is going on, it is as if a 'shutter' comes down to halt any form of heretical thinking. But many people will suffer through this, and this will cause unrest amongst the people because their 'cosy' life has been shattered. People will look for something else, and we have to put forward an alternative to this anarchy and chaos. Only a new Religious Movement can solve this problem, and the creation of a Folk-Community of Blood Kin.

In the meantime, out there in the real world, people are putting rainbows in their windows to 'cheer up passer's by' (when anyone can pass by due to the 'lockdown').....why don't we all become happy slaves........Don't forget, these were probably the same selfish morons fighting each other to get toilet rolls and as much food as they could when this started.....

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