Thursday, 26 March 2020

Those whom the gods........

We would like to send our regards to all of you out there who are involved in the great struggle for the freedom and survival of our Folk - may the Gods and Goddesses guide and guard you through these troubled times. 

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad" - a self-centred society where self-preservation and self-interest comes before anything else is doomed to die. Add blind panic and fear, and the lack of any form of self-discipline and the end comes even nearer. Any further comment on this seems rather a waste of time, so I am here going to look at this in another light, a more positive light that may show the way for the few over the many - which is what really matters today.

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf

The individual must feel and be part of a whole, an integral part of a mighty dragon. Self-interest and self-preservation must give way to the interest of the whole - of the Folk-Nation. Here I am talking not of the 'Nation State' nor of 'State Nationalism' but of the Folk-Nation which is based upon the concept of blood-kinship, shared language and shared culture and identity. There can be no sense of any kind of identity in a 'multi-cultural society' which is where everything breaks down because there is no feeling of the bonds of blood-kinship which binds a people together. A Folk-Religion can also give this feeling of blood-kinship, and give people a feeling of belonging to something greater than themselves. 

Many of us have already prepared ourselves for some form of disaster or catastrophe and have some stocks of food ready at hand. This has made it far easier and has proved our ideas to be right in the end, even though some scorn such preparations. But we have to beware that when this problem is over complacency must not be allowed to set in; this will no doubt not be the last time that we need to be fully prepared for. We may not be able to change things out there, but we can change ourselves, and at this point we can get our point out to some others who may now be more willing to listen. Of course, most will go back to sleep again!

The answer to the problems we face in the future lies in a return to some form of Folk-Tribalism leading to the recreation of the Folk-Nation; the 'nation-states' of Europe today are in the main false and artificially created. The best that we can hope for, I feel, is the creation of the a Folk-Nation within a Nation-State, made up of the 'solitaries' of today who can one day come together, as Nietzsche stated in his works. The Folk-Community is the basis for this, and starts with such groups as the Woden Folk-Community. 

What I am saying now may seem impossible at this time, but all that is needed is a 'blueprint' for the future, something to look towards as a goal. To bring sanity back into this land we need to look towards the ideal, towards something that will work because it is tried and tested. This must start with the Family Unit which has to be saved from extinction, since this basic unit is today threatened by sinister forces working against it. The Family is the basic unit of society, and should itself strive to become as self-sufficient and self-reliant as is possible, growing one's own food is the very basic start for this. Moving away from the produce-and-consume society by taking up a much more simple way of life is a way to go forward.

The next level is the Folk-Community which has unfortunately been almost lost today; this is what held people together in the past, in which they felt part of a community bonded by blood, culture, and identity, and which thus helped them to work together in times of disaster, without the 'everyone for himself' attitude prevalent today. The Folk-Community should be able to provide for itself at a local level, self-reliant and self-sufficient in food, jobs, schools etc. and held together by their own Folk-Religion. The transport of goods would mainly be local, and where this is not possible at a national level. Only where this cannot be done should trade outside the nation be needed. The level of pollution would be drastically reduced. 

The family, the local folk-community, the regions and then the Folk-Nation, all part of a working whole, self-reliant and self-sufficient at every level. The wealth of a people would be judged on their work-effort for the whole, when everyone would be an integral part of the whole, with no 'class-system' based upon economics, but with a true Aryan Caste System based upon worth and not upon birth. We have to return to our roots, return to the ways of our forefathers, and how they lived in the Teutonic Ways. 

I am not impractical enough to say that we can change things overnight because the weight of resistance to change is firmly stacked against us. Every small move we make is countered by a mighty wave of resistance that crushes all opposition to the plans for the World State. We have seen how disastrous their plans are, but we are faced with the most unholy powers of destruction at this time. It is thus logical to face facts and accept that it is the 'solitaries' or 'lone-wolves' that are necessary today, those who will one day be able to awaken what is left of our Folk to fight the last and final battle against the Powers of Darkness and Chaos - when the Last Avatar appears at the very start of the Age of Aquarius. 

What we all need to remember is that every problem, disaster or catastrophe that happens in our time is carefully used in order to further the Global Agenda, and that the powers-that-be are either behind this furtherance or are being manipulated behind the scenes by the 'Hidden Hand'. We will probably never know the true causes of such problems, but what we do need to know is how they are used to further the aims of those seeking to create a World State. The only way out seems to be to try to break away from this society as best that we can, and to become as self-reliant and self-sufficient as possible - in regard to your own individual circumstances. And this is important because, although it is easy to say this, it is certainly not always easy to achieve. For myself I would like to go as far as I can with this, but I am also practical in that each and every one of us has an individual destiny within the whole, and for myself I have to forge ahead with what I know I have to do. And that means I can only do so much in regard to this because I need time to do other important things too. 

It is certainly important to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient, but it is also important that we work at other levels, and there is only so much time anyone can put towards this -

  • We need to study and learn in order to further our Folk-Religion, to regain the Ancient Wisdom that has been lost, and to create some form of Folk-Community which to an extent can work together through these times.
  • It is essential that we expose the Dark Powers that are behind all this, since only through their being brought into the Light can they be defeated.
  • We have to leave some form of record of our work for future generations, since this is an Eternal Battle; if we do not record what we have learned, and put it down in writing for the future, then all of the work will be lost. We cannot rely upon electronic means since these are more easily erased than books - even though books may be 'old-fashioned'. 
There are certainly some evil minds who have exploited the present situation in order to boost their profits, and this does not only apply to Global Corporations and Big Business. There will be evil minds working towards how they can now exploit the situation for their Global Agenda. But, in the same vein we should now be looking towards how we can assess what has happened, take careful note of what we ourselves could have done to make thinks easier for our families, and for others of like-mind, and to start (as soon as things have got better) to prepare for future problems which could  be as bad or even worse. We can only learn by our mistakes, so we need to learn lessons from this, and act upon them as soon as things start to improve. 

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