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The Sons of God

'For the blood of the Numenoreans became much mingled with that of other men, and their power and wisdom was diminished, and their life-span was shortened....'

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien.

The above statement concurs with that of those made concerning the Atlanteans and other Lost Races of the ancient past. These statements merely suggest that a High Race of the North - the Sons of God - mixed their Sacred Blood with the 'earthly races' and thus this Sacred Blood lost its potency and power. These Sons of God were the Aso or Asen who were a transparent race having the Ingeous Blue Blood - the Fiery Blood of the Vril. When they mixed with the lower races on the Earth their bodies became more physical and this Igneous Blood turned into a physical form. We can find other sources of what happened in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch.

'And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

That the Sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair: and they took them wives of all which they chose...

...There were Giants in the earth in those days: and after that, when the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare them children of them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.'

Genesis 6: 1-4.

This statement is almost word for word as that found in the Book of Enoch, but there are certain points in the latter which clarify this somewhat -

'But after sons had multiplied on the earth, and their daughters did appear beautiful to the eye, then did the Children of Heaven look upon them, and they became enamoured of those fair women....

Then did they debate whether they should adjure the sacred command; but they resolved to do so, and to contract marriages with the daughters of those who renounced God...

...and they descended to the number of two hundred, upon Ardath, which is near Mount Ar.

And the women whom they took brought forth giants, 
Mighty men and terrible:
And these giants begat the Naphilim,
And from the Naphelim the Eliudi sprang....'

Book of Enoch IX:2, 5, & 7.

There are certain points here that seem to make it clear as to what happened in the far distant past, and also why it happened. In Tolkiens work, and in the other accounts of Atlantis the High Race mixed their Noble Blood and thus lost their ancient powers; this is also found in the Prophecies of Sajaha. In the other accounts we find that the Sons of God (High Race of the North) mated with the daughters of men these became 'mighty men' and 'men of renown' which seems to make no sense when we see 'God' wishing to punish them for this. The 'giants' mentioned would have been tall in stature, but the name stems from 'gigans' meaning 'earth-bound'. I believe that the word translated as 'giants' is Nephilim which we shall look at now.

The Book of Enoch makes it somewhat clearer because it is here stated that the Sons of God 'brought forth giants' (earth-born) and these giants 'begat the Naphilim'. The word Nephilim or Naphilim appears to mean 'fallen angels', from which the Eliudi sprang. In order to understand this we need to look to Miguel Serrano's works where he makes this quite clear.

The key seems to lie with the place these Sons of God descended - Ar-dath near to Mount Ar. This is obviously the Midnight Mountain of the North, named after the Black Sun - Ar. It seems to be quite clear from the Eddas that Asgard was not a 'heavenly realm' at all, but was a realm situated in the Far North, but not a physical realm. This was the First Hyperborea which was a spiritual realm situated in another dimension. The Second Hyperborea was created as a physical realm in a later time. When the Aso or Asen descended into the physical realm they became the Aryans who created the ancient civilisations.

The one thing that shines forth from the Old Testament is the seething hatred towards these ancient civilisations, from Sumer, Babylon, Akkad, Asher, Persia, to the later Roman Empire. Everything is directed towards destroying these ancient civilisations, bringing them down to dust. In so many ancient texts we find bearded white men who bring knowledge and wisdom to lower peoples, helping them to build great civilisations. In Genesis and even more so in the Book of Enoch we find these peoples demonised and that 'God' wishes to punish them. In the film Noah starring Russell Crowe we find the 'Watchers' (another name for the Nephilim) aiding Noah at the time of the Great Flood, and it would seem this went against the grain.

Miguel Serrano sees this as a deliberate step by the Asen-Gods ('Children of God') to counter the Demiurge who had control over the physical world, a step designed to wage a Holy War in the realm of the Demiurge. This seems to be borne out when we notice that the Sons of God 'debated' as to whether they should do this and break the 'sacred command' in doing so. It seems that they committed the Racial Sin and this is what caused the Earth's axis to tilt and the Great Catastrophe that destroyed ancient Hyperborea-Thule. This is why these Sons of God had to go through spiritual initiations in order to hold on to some of their ancient powers which were gradually being lost as they fell more and more into the material world. As Aryans they were the 'Twice-Born' who had undertaken the Solar Initiation. As the Black Sun of Thule slowly lost its ancient power, which was gradually transferred to the Golden Sun, these powers faded and faded, and less and less of the Ancient sages appeared upon the Earth. 

The sinking of Numenor in Tolkien's Mythology happened after Sauron raised a mighty force against Minith Ithil and destroyed the White Tree of Isildor. Isildor escaped with a seedling of this tree which was planted in secret. In the place of the Sacred Centre, Sauron built a Dark Temple which was a place of vast blood-sacrifice of those who opposed the Will of Sauron. Their grew out of this the 'mightiest tyrant, Ar-Pharazon, King of the Land of the Star. It was this tyrant-king, guided by the Will of Sauron, who led the Numenoreans against the Gods, the Valar. This caused the High God - Illuvater - to destroy the lands of Numenor (Atallante or At-al-land) which were also called 'Elenna of the Star of Earendel', 'Andor' (Land of Gifts). The Land of the Gods and Land of the Elves were removed from the sight of men, taken into another dimension. 

The Land of the Star which was At-al-land and was named of the Evening Star called Earendel. This refers to Venus as the AEfensteorran or 'Even-Star' where we get the Old English - Eala Earendel Engla Beorhtest - which means 'Hail Earendel Star Brightest'. This star was associated with the Waene-Gods and thus to Ingwe and is the double-star of Ingwe-Freya - the Morning Star and the Evening-Star. This is the Star of Hope and the Star of Regeneration. This, of course, takes place long after the fall of Hyperborea-Thule, and it would seem that at this later stage mankind developed the 'I' and became self-conscious, a necessary step towards the higher evolutionary jump to the God-Man or Sonnenmensche. This is why most religions and spiritual teachings, corrupted by the Servants of Darkness, teach of the dissolution of the ego - the 'I' - into the 'One', i.e. into the world of the Demiurge. 

When it became quite obvious that the Earth was not created 6,000 years ago the idea of man being descended from the apes was introduced. Whenever there appears more evidence of great civilisations built upon the Earth in very ancient times these become the work of 'aliens' or 'extra-terrestrials' in order to cover up the truth of our past. This is where the figure of the Aryan Krist comes in, for he descends to Earth as an Avatar in order to release the Spirit of Man from the material world ruled over by the Demiurge. Judaeo-Christianity twisted this by making 'Jesus Christ' the son of the Old Testament Shaddai, and thus the world bowed down before the Demiurge. 

This is why I always emphasis that the White Race is not the 'Aryan Race'; it once was but today there are more amongst our own who have become the 'Servants of Darkness' than there are those who retain their Aryan Spirit. This is best explained through Miguel Serrano -

'Because the Will depends upon Spiritual Race and Blood, not on biological blood and biological race. In the most critical moment of the Initiatic Drama of Return, what counts is the Spirit.'

Julius Evola was somewhat ahead of his time when he saw Spiritual Blood and Spiritual Race as the important thing. However, at that critical time around the Yuletide of the Cycle of the Ages, Biological Blood and Biological Race did matter, since the defeat here on this material world needed a victory in the 'Other World', and the Halls of Valhalla needed to be filled with Divine Heroes. Today what matters is not Biological Blood and Biological Race but Spiritual Blood and Spiritual Race. Evola was quite right but this seems not to have been achievable in the short space of time that was allowed, since after the Yuletide the Dark Forces would sweep over the world and take full control - as we have witnessed ourselves in these times. At this stage of the War-Age or Kali-Yuga we have been left with the greatest struggle against the Forces of Darkness, as the 'solitaries' who will herald the coming of the Last Avatar and the advent of the Superman in the Age of Aquarius. 

Since all of this is retained in the Blood Memory even if there has been a mixing of the blood over the ages; only when a people is utterly destroyed will that Blood Memory be destroyed. If we are to believe Miguel Serrano, and I see no reason why not to, then it is too late for this to happen anyway. The way he sees it is that there is merely a remnant of the Viras (Divine Heroes) left on Earth, and these are there to keep this struggle going until the appearance of the Third Sargon or Kalki Avatar. These are the 'solitaries' of Nietzsche who are mentioned in the Sajaha Prophecies. 

But in order to distort this Blood Memory it is no doubt necessary to put into its place such ideas as 'The Rapture' where only those who have faith in the Christian 'Jesus' will be saved - as if mere 'faith' is the answer. In fact, the Aryan Krist made it clear that 'to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life" which means to those that struggle to overcome their humanity will be given immortality, as Nietzsche told us. On the other hand, for the ones who do not follow the Christian line, i.e. the 'New-Agers' and modern 'spiritual believers', there is a common belief that the whole Earth will be making a great change and that everyone would become spiritual beings - as if that could be the case. Logically, and we have been given this faculty for a reason, the Earth seems to be a 'training-ground' for the Spirit of Man, and only those who 'overcome' will live upon the New Green Earth when it rises from the Waters of Absu with Odainsacre, the Asmegir and Lif and Lifthrasir. Thus, those who overcoming the limitations of matter will join those who were taken away into the 'Other World' when the Golden Age ended. This will become the 'New Earth'. It is also possible that, as AEfric Avery says, that the spiritual earth will then become the new 'material earth' where those left over will have their time to evolve further too. 

This shows how our struggle can never be 'racist' because, as Miguel Serrano tells us, the Asen 'fell' in order to counter the Demiurge and also to help some of the 'earth-born' to evolve spiritually too. We are in fact seeing more and more peoples of other folk recognise that there is an onslaught upon the White Race, and they too are helping to make others aware of this. The 'Race-Hate' that is being propagated is being done by the Servants of Darkness against the White Race in particular, but it will be directed against anyone who defies the Will of the Dark Lord. 

The evolution of Man is connected to the Fire-Serpent and its awakening; and this is where we need to concentrate our efforts. When you look at the many spiritual exercises connected to this that abound today, these are invariably centred around arousing the Kundalini from the bottom upwards, where it rises up the central column. It seems clear to me now that the ALU-Formula that we have created in the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag is correct in that there is first a downward-movement of this energy, and only then an upward movement (ULA). This seems logical in that this brings the Spirit down into Matter in order to spiritualise it, in order to awaken Baeldaeg in the 'Nether-World'. Both Miguel Serrano and Sri Aurobindo mention this in their writings, and the latter openly advocated an evolutionary jump to the Superman. (*) This is perhaps why it is usual to see this as ALU rather than ULA

There is also a hint that the word ALU is the same as 'Ilu' which means 'Ray of Light', which itself refers to the God-Head or All-Father (Alu-Father). In fact there is a runic formula found with the sequence ALU-GOD which seems to prove this right. 'Alu' is thus aimed at awakening the God-Force within us, as the 'Sons of God' (originally). This has to be brought down from the Head-Centre (Odroerir = ANSUZ) to the Base Centre (Earth = UR) which is thus spiritualised. Any kundalini-awakening is thus spiritual in form and thus not forced which is when complications happen. The aim must surely be for us to regain the lost connection between the God-Head and Man. (**)

(*) When dealing with the works of Sri Aurobindo it is wise to keep in mind that his work may have distortions after he came under the influence of 'The Mother'. As Edward Bach, famous for his 'Bach Flower Remedies', once stated, when a teacher gives to the world a sound teaching there appears always another counter-teaching to this, and that it seems we are given a choice to choose the right one. 

(**) In regard to this our Folkish Wodenism recognises the High Godhead as Wr-Alda (The Primal Ancient One), Alu-God, or All-Father as being the 'One God' known to Tolkien as Iluvater or Eru. We see the close connection between Woden as 'All-Father', but as 'The Son of the Father' in truth. If we see Woden as the High God, then we have to see Ingwe as 'The Son', his manifestation upon the Earth. We need draw no fine line between these seemingly contradictory concepts - 'All Gods are One God' as the Hindus teach. This is why Folkish Wodenism recognises a High God and Racial Gods of our own, which are emanations of the High God. 

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